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Planet X Nibiru 2016 Update ''Time is Running Out''

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What the public has not been told is that the decade-long litany of global geological and meteorological calamities is caused by Planet X-provoked solar excitations. Disasters will worsen as Planet X nears its gravitational loop-around rendezvous with our Sun. NASA’s own documents named this massive object “PLANET X” even before it had been sighted by the Infrared Astronomical Satellite (IRAS). Astrologist, Ex Government officials, Political insiders are all saying the same thing… 2016 is the year we have all been hearing about.

The return of Planet X or Nibiru to some, Wormwood to others. Is John Moore correct in his statements that Planet x, or Nibiru, Wormwood are actually on a close approach of Planet Earth? Research delving into the issue of Wormwood, Planet “X”, aka Nibiru. With Obama’s recent speech on Global Warming, take notice to what he also had to say about a possible end of life as we know it here on earth. Why was this said? With so many conspiracy’s of the end times coming already spreading around the world. Why make such a statement? 

The fact is a credible source has revealed that the Vatican expects a reappearance by Wormwood at this time in history.

“It took me a good deal of time to break into the system, and when I did, I wished I hadn’t. When I entered the system, I came across a file titled ‘ WORMWOOD?’.(Yes, with a question mark.)

Thinking it to be a text file, I brought up the file with the intent of copying so I could read it later. What happened next was truly remarkable. The file sort of ‘deteriorated’ into a series of command lines that lasted approximately two minutes. Once it was done running, there it was. I had found a direct link-up to the Hubble space telescope.

Not only that, but it was pointed directly at the comet Hale-Bopp.

The program was running some kind of analysis. Taking directional notes, projecting path of travel, etc. After realizing what I had discovered, I started searching and came across an e-mail data trail that led directly to the office of the Pope himself. What was discussed, I cannot know. Over the next two weeks, I began to uncover evidence that the Vatican is very aware of the existence of the companion, and is VERY worried about it. I began to copy files and pictures that were present at the terminal, when I found a report from the United Nations to the Vatican, as well as a report from NASA regarding their concerns.”

Plus this :Kathleen Keating, the author of “The Final Warning,” revealed during a radio interview with Art Bell that she has contacts within the astronomical community of the USA.

See this excerpt: Art - All right, the Father talked many times about the signs that would be seen from the sky. Is that why the Catholic Church went and got their mountaintop telescope?

Kathleen - I really think it is. I know Pope John Paul II is very interested in what is going on overhead, and I think they are anticipating a comet in the relatively near future.

Art - A comet?

Kathleen - A comet — if not two of them.

Art - Are you referring to something that will be seen in the heavens as a sign, or a comet on a collision course with earth?

Kathleen - Both. What we are going to see soon, I truly believe, from what prophets have said and from what I have found out as far as the government is concerned, we are going to see a comet that is going to appear as though there is another sun in the sky. And the problem with this, and the reason why the observatory is there in Arizona, is the fact that scientists have underestimated the speed of this comet that will come barreling down on us. They know it’s there; they’re not releasing it, but it’s headed this way.

Art - How do you know they know?

Kathleen - The evidence is there. I have sources within the scientific communities that have pretty much told me, ‘Yeah, it’s there but what are we going to do?’ ‘It’s out there too far — it’s not going to hurt us for a long time.’ And you’ve got the professors now that are saying, ‘Oh yes, it is going to hurt us — it is speeding up.’ They are misjudging the speed of the thing. It is barreling down on us. The comment that the “comet” is speeding up fits perfectly with the info from the Zetas who describe how Nibiru basically stands still before coming under the influence of the gravity of our inner solar system and then speeds up to such an extent that the planet will pass through our inner solar system in three months only.

NASA discovered and excitedly disclosed having found Planet X. It was December 30th, 1983 that announcement was made by the chief scientist of the IRAS satellite to 6 dailies. I’ve got all the headlines in my book. Shortly thereafter, the media controllers got wind of the disclosure and clamped down by having them retract the statements.

They’ve since made up an extremely simplistic story to explain away the original perturbations of the outer planets that ultimately led to finding Planet X. As far as explaining away having made the announcement, the best they could come up with is that it was misunderstood.

Planet 9 is PLANET-X? Did they indirectly confirmed that?

A planet roughly the size of Earth could be tracing a vast, elliptical orbit at the outer edge of our solar system – and astronomers in Japan think they know where to find it. 

The presence of this unnamed body has been suggested before, noted Tadashi Mukai, a professor at Kobe University’s department of earth and planetary sciences.

“We have been able to identify more than 1,100 objects beyond Neptune since 1992, and a huge number of objects are showing large orbital eccentricities and elliptical orbits,” Mukai said.

This suggests that a body with sizeable mass must be influencing the movement of these objects by exerting a gravitational pull. But the extreme distance and unusual orbit of the elusive “Planet X” have made it difficult to spot even with the most advanced telescopes. 

In a paper appearing in an upcoming issue of the Astronomical Journal, Mukai and colleagues propose that other researchers have simply been looking in the wrong place.

“We have reached our conclusions from simulations that explain the orbital elements,” Mukai said. “We are now looking in places that we have not looked before, and I think we will be able to see the planet within the next five or ten years.”

Big, But Light 

The eight known planets in our solar system are on very similar elliptical orbits and are all almost within the ecliptic plane, the geometric plane that roughly describes Earth’s orbit around the sun. “Most surveys [looking for Planet X] are concentrated toward the ecliptic plane, since that is where most solar system objects concentrate,” said Mark Sykes, director of thE Planetary Science Institute in Tucson, Arizona.

The new models, however, suggest that Planet X is circling the sun on a 20 to 40 degree angle relative to the ecliptic plane. “The discovery of new planets with higher inclinations, like [the dwarf planet] Eris, encourages more searches of those regions,” Sykes said.

(What is a dwarf planet?)

In addition to its odd orbit, Planet X should have a diameter between 6,200 and 9,900 miles (10,000 and 16,000 kilometers), according to Mukai’s team.

By contrast, Earth’s diameter is about 7,900 miles (12,800 kilometers). Despite its size, the planet will probably have a far lower density than Earth, the researchers think. 

Earth has iron at its core, but if Planet X formed in the outer reaches of the solar system, it will have stone at its center and a mantle of ice. 

The surface of the planet will probably be similar to that of Pluto – covered with ice made of water, ammonia, or methane with a surface temperature between -423.7° and -405.7° Fahrenheit (-253.1° and -243.1° Celsius).

Alternatively, if it is a “rogue” planet that took shape in the inner reaches of the solar system, the body could be mostly rock with a metallic core and its primordial atmosphere frozen on its surface. 

Planet X’s strange, oblong orbit means that it would take the object about a thousand years to orbit the sun, the researchers say, which could be one reason no one has spotted it yet.

What’s more, the body’s closest approach would bring it only within 80 astronomical units (AUs) of the sun, while its furthest distance would be about 200 AUs. (One AU equals the distance between Earth and the sun, about 93 million miles or 150 million kilometers.) 

The most distant known planet, Neptune, is about 30 AUs during its closest approach. 

Not a Planet? 

The idea of looking at higher angles than the known planets’ orbits raises the likelihood that more distant bodies will be found, said Sykes, of the Planetary Science Institute. “If this object is discovered, it would help us understand how many others there might be out there,” Sykes said. “It would be a fascinating object to visit.” “Its discovery would also cause a major stir in the astronomical world”, he said.

Like Pluto, the new body would not dominate its orbit and so would not be classified as a planet under the recently changed definition of the International Astronomical Union (read “Pluto Not a Planet – Astronomers Rule” – August 24, 2006.) 

But before that controversy can erupt anew, researchers have to actually find Planet X.

Mukai and colleagues are hopeful that the Pan-STARRS mission slated to start in 2009 will do the job. This multi-facility collaboration being led by the University of Hawaii will pool data from four telescopes based in Hawaii that will constantly scan the skies for asteroids, Mukai said. 

When the telescopes are operational, there is a good possibility that they will make unprecedented discoveries about the most distant parts of our solar system. “I agree that there is the possibility of other large planetoids out there” in addition to Planet X, he said. “We certainly cannot discount that possibility.”


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    • Captianturd

      more fn bs.

      • LifeIs

        Well, Captian…why do you suppose Israel is infiltrating Patagonia, as they once infiltrated Palestine? Before they drove the inhabitants out by mass murder and terrorism?

        Because Patagonia will have a different climate after the axis shift. Welcome to New Israel. Now, get out of New Israel.

        Why do you suppose there’s a seed bank at Svalbard, Norway, run by rogues gallery of Bill Gates, Rockefeller Foundation, Monsanto Corporation, and the Syngenta Foundation?

        Because they expect to control agriculture after the cataclysm.

        You can see many of the preparations, of governments and business leaders. You can see all kinds of evidence of the approach of the planet.

        Or, you can ignore it all, until the earth starts moving under you. And what the Bible mentions, and what Pope John Paul II alluded to at Fulda, and what Father Malachi Martin referenced on Coast to Coast in April 1997, occurs.

        And if you’re near the coast, as I am, you get to drown in ice water, as the water in the equatorial bulge relocates. If you’re not near the coast, and if you survive the cataclysm, I hope someone someday writes “more fn bs.” on your tombstone.

        • Ambicatus

          ja, strue. i do recommend everyone watch the deligthfull movie “snowpiercer” it is a metaphor, for the human race, and the whole system, suns on child sacrifice, therefore, the only way to fix this nightmare, is to derail the train, and we humans cant do a thing, we stuck, THANK HEAVENS FOR THE BLACK SUN, the “elites” think they have a handle on it, they always have, over and over, and over and over, they get drilled and wiped out and the balance restored, it is the Order of things. The Destroyer comes to restore BALANCE. between Light and Dark, and its going to be a grand old time, and according to what i can gather, everyone, who has live for the last 2000 years, is alive again today, (i refer ye to Nicodemus 1 an 2, sheol got cleaned out, to find out, read it yerself) , soooo, all the chumps ever, be alive today, to see, where they COULD be goin, and where the will go instead (2 Esdras, which chapter? POH! go read the whole thing! its short and rad), and YAAAAAAAAAAAY, the spirits eh, now, prey tell, why is the hunam body covered with a SENSORY organ? well, so that rebellious spirits, can be captured, and PUNISHED, an rewarded, with SENSATIONS. Which are the SPIRITS which rule over man? that answer is in Testimony of the 12 Patriarchs, the last chapter most interesting.

          so hunamity, we have ourselves a little show an tell on the way, its going to be wonderfull, soon all them trans-vests gonna taste hammer then fire. It is a WONDERFUL thing coming, the Cleaner of the planet! BEST THING IS! there our ground units, that come for fine tuning, to help the Great Work, while we walk the Golden Path, to get to the Rainbow Bridge. For with the black sun, comes wonderfull things, the Red Door shall open again,


          Rev 13:9 If anyone has an ear, let him hear.
          Rev 13:10 He who brings into captivity shall go into captivity, he who kills with the sword has to be killed with the sword. Here is the endurance and the belief of the set-apart ones.

          Rev 14:13 And I heard a voice out of the heaven saying to me, “Write, ‘Blessed are the dead who die in the Master from now on.’ ” “Yes,” says the Spirit, “in order that they rest from their labours, and their works follow with them.”


          The Valhalla Clause.

          The Warriors of the World will unite unite the banner of Isaiah 8:20, and they shall wage war against the sons of belial.

          Yea, you weak gaylord catholic kafir heathens may outnumber us, but when Daniel 12:1 kicks in, and the Horn of summons is blown, Joel 2 shall manifest, and a army, that competes within itself, for excessive brutality and hatred towards the enemy are rewarded as the highest virtues, then we shall be free, for Fenris is chained with the thinnest cable, and when Skoll swallows the sun (fancy viking talk for when destroyers Fe cloud obscures ole sol) then the Gjallar horn shall blow, and the once dead Gauls, shall be reunited, so we can take total utter revenge on rome.

          HOOHAAA see ya in the wars.

          • Don

            Richard, you need to see the doctor asap.

            • The Clucker

              I hope he finds you in the Ragnarok, Don. :razz:

            • Ambicatus

              a “doctor” , i will never go to for advice, you should learn about doctors,


              why, would i ever, go to someone, for advice, if he sought to destroy me?

              Methinks Don, and many others, fall back on this “you need your meds” excuse/insult/cop-out , i have seen it over and over, they LOVE that line, but, to us, who see beyond the veil, it makes them look even stupider, so nay bro Clucker, i cant hate something i pity eh, Don is just falling back on a societal cliche cause he got perturbed by what i said, and felt duty bound to his continuing delusion, to publicly voice his displeasure for truth, such a reaction to truth is a sure giveaway of , well, being under the spell, a hypnosis of sorts, programming if you will, that causes a knee jerk reaction.

              and, there is a very specific list, IITM qualifies,

              Mal 3:5 “And I shall draw near to you for right-ruling. And I shall be a swift witness against the practisers of witchcraft, and against adulterers, and against them that swear to falsehood, and against those who oppress the wage earner in his wages and widows and the fatherless, and those who turn away a sojourner and do not fear Me,” said יהוה of hosts.

              so, if Don were to take an oath, the he belives the best course of action for people, who need help, is to go to a”doctor” well then yes he qualifies for that list, and thank you Don for being an example, so i can show my dear waffenbruder, how that list can be streched to apply to 96% of humanity, which makes the coming days VERY interesting, cause Clucker here, has gotten his Genetic Memory wakin up an all that,. so, our glee grows everyday, infact, our joy is directly inversely proportional to the level of fear on the planet. ie, the scarder you lot get, the HAPPIER WE GET. FA FA FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

              and “PLERGH” is what i say unto Don,, This BIN is WONDERFUL. and LFG, was TOTAL success!@! looked at, observed, trolled, qualified and Sealed! 7! Blessed Sabbath! 7! and Clucker! thats a horrible thing to say! Thank you! They truly truly truly have NO idea, and when the blackwings are given, and i may publicly troll, all these fellers here, will see richard and remember richard, and not even have a clue, its some weirdo wearin corpse paint, doing that which is Written, for the amusement of The Most High, and all the Assemblies Above, for They watch us,

              i have been told to show you Clucker, it is a scenario, not unlike THIS:


    • A_Smith

      Funny; what’s being described first passages in Revelation 12 prior to the “great red dragon” is going to happen in 2017.

    • Adolf Hitler

      Where’s the proof or evidence? where, where?

      • LifeIs

        (1) Outer planets down to Jupiter not being where they should be, thus the century or so of looking for Planet X.

        (2) Deaths of astronomers who were searching for Planet X (Robert Harrington was the first) or working with the instruments used to track it. (astrophysicist Rodney Marks was the first)

        (3) Infrared instruments deployed, on airplanes, and satellites, including IRAS and WISE and the Antarctic submillimeter telescope and the South Pole Telescope, and the LUCIFER instruments on Mt. Graham.

        (4) The Pioneer anomaly

        (5) Anomalous fluctuations in the ocean, for years, most recently January 18 off the Oregon coast.

        These include weeks of unexplained high tides on the east coast of North America in 2009.

        (6) Increased meteorites and asteroids in recent years, including the one in the South Atlantic this month, and the meteorites in New Zealand, this month.

        (7) Increased earthquakes, volcanic activity in recent years

        (8) Unusual weather

        (9) A couple of decades of (a) underground shelter building (b) financed by off the books sale of 2 trillion dollars worth of Treasury bonds

        (10) Infiltration of Patagonia by Israel

        (11) The seed vault in Norway

        (12) Historical records (Herodotus per the Egyptians) of axis shifts in the past

        (13) Geological record of cataclysms, sudden climate changes, changes in magnetism

        (14) Rapid subsidence of inhabited areas, resulting in undersea ruins

        (15) The unpublished part of the Fatima prophecy referenced by Pope John Paul II and Father Malachi Martin, concerning a cataclysm that “cannot be averted” as the Pope said.

        (16) The Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope on Mt. Graham.

        That’s part of it. Offhand.

        • LifeIs

          (17) Oh speaking of 2009, I forgot the unexplained contraction of the thermosphere.

          (18) I also forgot unexplained warming of Pluto, Neptune, Triton, Mars, and unexplained changes in Saturn and Jupiter in recent years.

          The changes in the solar system are due to changes in the flow of electricity through the solar system (see: the electric universe)

          (19) Which brings us to the speed up of the Schumann resonances, which are functions of the height of the ionosphere.

          • EOD\'s

            Lifels, you stole the verse and theory of Nibiru right outa my brain…
            So i will have to ” X” you….

            Pretty dam good sunmation youve got going there old chasp
            but still no real Planet X visible to mankind yet ???

            Youd think by now all the deep space telescopes that see so much
            in different colors and thermal heat ranges etc would have given up something ?
            But then again they don’t want an End-of-days situation where everybody goes craxy ne’ ?

            So what to do , what to do ?

            I suppose one could place ones head firmly between ones legs and kiss ones sorry ass goodbye….So long ?

    • Tedx

      If you want to learn about Planet X, I recommend visiting Marshal Maters’ productions at:
      Marshal Masters has been collecting authentic photos and tracking Nibiru (outer most planet of the brown dwarf sun) in an attempt to determine when it will arrive near Earth. The Bible thumpers are trying too hard to make scientific evidence fit the Bible. Masters just uses scientific evidence.

      • LifeIs

        There is no forced fit. Jesus said “perplexity of nations” caused by “the roaring of the sea and waves.”

        Fatima (unpublished) apparently (going by John Paul II’s remarks at Fulda) predicts the ocean killing millions at a time.

        Malachi Martin concurred, only he said, “it’s worse than that.”

        You can believe Mary delivered that message at Fatima (It’s a Roman Catholic thing, not a “Bible thumper” thing) or you can believe someone else did. (That would be an X-Files thing)

        And the government facilities moving inland, and the retirees settling inland, suggest the government expects the equatorial bulge to produce coastal flooding, when the equator moves.

      • EOD\'s


        No worries mate, Im watching CERN as well with lots of concern.

    • FirebrandOne

      Nibiru is the main planet coming our direction, however, it is a mini solar system with smaller planets circulating around it. The planet that will come closest to earth is Planet 9.

    • Captianturd

      Mmmm Well life. Since the most of the inhabitants of this great planet are going to be killed off. who will be around to engrave more fn bs. on my head stone ??????????? :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

    • Truthwalker
      • Nyyk4

        Then 2022 nothing happens and stories will come out how it will happen in 2025 – 2030 – 2045….you get the picture! It’s never going to happen because it doesn’t exist!

        • Bobwire

          REALLY can you prove it doesn’t exist ? I’ve seen what people claim to be facts that it does but haven’t seen 1 fact that it doesn’t . so until you can show your proof SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP POINTDEXTER

          • The Clucker

            I can’t provide proof that 7 green monkeys don’t rule Earth from an alien space ship but that doesn’t make it true.

            Once again, Butt Hurt Bob, as it has been explained to you many, many, many times…

            The burden of proof lies on whoever is making the claim. Someone needs to get you some ointment for your inflamed butt hole.

            That is all.

          • Central Scrutinizer

            HEY NOW!?!?!?!?

            I thought I was your one and only true “POINTDEXTER” beau?!?!

            You been cheating on me Butt Hurt Bob???? For shame………. :mrgreen:

            • The Clucker

              Bob’s butt is hurt because of rape. :cry:

    • Kyle Schumacher

      Two things..

      First of all, we do not know for certain what will happen pertaining to a planet x. Everytime something comes near earth the doomsday’s go crazy. Not saying nothing will happen but I’m saying its not our first and foremost concern. Our first and foremost concern is to preach the gospel, and whatever may come, so be it.

      It is time to come to Christ Jesus, and let him carry your burden and worry.

      [Mat 11:29-30 KJV]
      29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. 30 For my yoke [is] easy, and my burden is light.

    • unidentified

      nibiru/planet-x is more likely an internet hoax than a rogue planetary body which orbits our sun and causes the demise of other planets in this solar system, really getting sick of these uninformed naive what-if scenarios :lol:

      • Bobwire

        then stop coming to this site MORON.

        • Anonymous

          Why would you call someone a moron just because they didn’t think like you, you moron.

          • Bobwire


            • Anonymous

              It seems your tin foil cap is too tight and has made you a little grumpy. I understand, it’s ok.

              God Bless Bobwire, Who Should Be In An Anger Management Class.

            • Central Scrutinizer

              The little key, right above the ‘Shift’ key, turns off the CAPS LOCK.

              Just say’in……… :mrgreen:

      • LifeIs

        I’m really getting sick of know-it-alls, who ignore all the information there is. And who don’t appreciate the fact that almost everything there is to know about the solar system is unknown.

    • Anonymous

      There is a planet named Nibiru,

      It’s gonna kill me, and you, too.

      It’s hiding in the dark behind a big quark.

      It’s gonna jump out and say “BOO”!!!!

      • Ambicatus

        Rad poem!

        but, im not gonna die from that thing, i get to die in a much radder way, waaaay later, stuff to, people to visit, things to fetch! Boris an i, need our hats! we very upset about the hats, consider this, the first of many mentions of our hats, and associated quests.

      • EOD\'s

        No No No ! Youve got it all wrong…..


    • G. K. Fotou

      Sometimes fiction reveals the unspeakable. Check out The Moths of the Crooked Flame. Here’s the link.

    • Jacko

      In the 80ties there where floods/earthquakes/volcanic eruptions/huricanes/etc./etc. too. Back then Nibiru was close then too??

      • LifeIs

        No, it wasn’t.

        • Central Scrutinizer

          Well, that ^^ was insightful………. NOT :mrgreen:

    • Medusafern

      For interested persons relatively new to this subject: It ISN’T “Planet 9″ per Mike Brown at CalTech & it isn’t “Planet 7X” per Gill Broussard. It IS the Planet X/Nibiru *solar system* as described by Marshall Masters at Brown & Broussard do NOT have the correct information regarding the location, composition or duration of the orbital cycle of the system. They don’t even identify it as a system. Broussard talks about “Planet 7X” having only moons in orbit, but this is incorrect. This solar system contains a brown dwarf star, Nemesis, which is approximately 56X the size of Earth & is our Sun’s smaller binary twin. Also in the system are two planets, Arboda (2.5XE) & Nibiru (6XE) & a small gas giant named Helion (3.5XE), along w/ 2 moons, Ferrada & Harrington.

      I seriously hope Christians don’t discredit Marshall Masters b/c although he is hugely spiritual he’s not Christian per se. He has received much of his data from Guides contacted through the use of gifted psychics, but also though historical documents & religious texts as well as “gamma tests” which evaluate digital camera metadata of images to determine whether objects in them are “hot” or “cold” w/ cold objects reflecting light not generating their own. Obviously photoshopped objects are going to be “cold” so it is a simple matter to determine if Planet X system images and footage are authentic or not.

      Marshall Masters’ book ‘Being in it for the Species’ gives precise diagrams of where the planetary objects in the Nibiru solar system will be (positions, constellations) prior to, during, after perihelion. The book also lists in incredible detail what harbingers & events will occur leading up to the Nibiru system-induced pole shift & what events will continue to occur afterwards.

      I had supposed, for instance, that once the unimaginably devastating pole shift was over, life would get easier for survivors, but apparently there will continue to be intense earthquakes, massive meteor storms & impacts for 5-10 years after the shift. Also, prior to the shift, we will possibly see a “Winter of Ash” from a significant volcanic eruption, followed by a major asteroid impact event off the coast of Spain & France that also causes a moderate tsunami on the east coast of North America, followed by the sliding into the sea of that Canary Island volcanic land mass, causing a worse tsunami. Lots more EQ’s, Cascadia Fault, those 3 days of darkness, temporary stoppage of Earth’s rotation & many more details are in the book.

      The ‘Kolbrin Bible’ as published by Marshall Masters, which is a compilation of ancient Egyptian & Celtic revelations re: the passing of the Planet X system – is also amazing. I just started reading it & it’s very much like the Christian Bible, except w/ even more in-depth about the huge variety of tribulations people experienced & shall experience again.

      Additionally, although you might not like the source, Zetatalk has an immeasurable amount of incredibly detailed information & has been online since 1995. So pls keep an open mind. Zeta’s Pole Shift description: & Safe/Unsafe Locations information:

      From 2013, Masters’ Introduction to Planet X System: For more current interviews & videos, go to

      • Medusafern

        Oh and we mustn’t forget about the blanketing of the red iron oxide dust…

    • wreakhavoc

      The time is running out, but no one is exactly sees it.

      And even if we sees a behavior of a larger body, how long would it take before we could sees it ? especially if its near the pluto ? It would take at least 10 years more (if not longer) or so.

      Yes some time is running out for sure.

      But if we don’t sees it and still it disturbing the force could lead to another disturbing thing:
      Maby its not a planet after all, maby its a black hole.

      That would really mess up things entirely

      • LifeIs

        It is not “near Pluto.” It never has been. Its orbit is in a different plane. It is close to us now. And it affects us from many millions of miles away. It has been affecting us for years. It is affecting us more now.

        • Syx

          Lifels. Your summary of like 19 or some odd points is very good, on this situation!
          You ever feel like You are beating a dead horse, trying to give info on this subject here?

          I have resided at a different WebSite for years now. There, tolerance of name calling, by some here, does not happen. At AboveTopSecret,Com, namecalling and such juvenilistic actions are not tolerated, and are met with first, Warnigs from Moderators to stop, and second, another possible Warning, and most likely a ban from there……

          I am on forced hiatus from there currently. Seems My Wife cannot take Me having Friends of the Female persuasion! LOL!!

          Any way, Kudos to refraining from childish name calling here, unless I missed one, or two? I give a pat on the back to You, for giving solid info, that can be checked, to those here who may not have heard all of what You have freely given! Frustrations are evident, but You remained true to form of a person in the know, trying to hand out truths…
          (High 5 !!!)


    • Syco

      Ohh fear the lens flare!!! Gods help us all!!! The planet xyz is gona hit us and then we all ascend and play soccer for all time at a higher level of constipation!

    • Canderson

      Skull and Bones / CIA disinfo.

      CIA Flashback: “We’ll Know Our Disinformation Program Is Complete When Everything the American Public Believes Is False.”
      William J. Casey

      Nibiru is ancient astrotheology/ analogy.
      The Anu, Annunaki spinn.

      Alan Watt – The Reptilian Deception

      My spinn is better, the other direction.
      Albert Pike Swiss right hand Phileas Walder, Palladian Order, US Civil War & Lincoln Assassination




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