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Why Are Foreign Troops Flocking Into Texas?

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UN Multinational Force Observer In Pennsylvania

Why is this UN Multinational Force Observer in Pennsylvania getting gas? For what possible reason would the UN be operating inside the United States? I have been sent this video a half a dozen times in the past 24 hours. Many Americans see this for exactly what it is.

Take a look at this video as a very aware and alert citizen confronts and United Nations Multinational Force Observer.

My Intelligence Source States That We Are About to Be Invaded Unless the US Military Steps Up

Tthis was from Decemmber of 2015). I took this sighting of the UN Multinational Force Observer in Pennsylvania to my best sources. They were of the presence of this organization operating within the United States. They told me that this UN personnel are here to “observe” during an United Nations “Police Action” on American soil. The purpose will be solely to impose undeclared martial law and to confiscate American guns.

I have reported, for years, that foreign troops were operating on US soil. Now, we are getting operational specifics.

Foreign occupation forces are training and will be training to overrun this country in a martial law scenario. Why foreign troops? Because American troops might not be able to be counted upon to carry out the orders of subjugation that will come down from this globalist inspired banker-hijacked administration

This past October over 36,000 troops from more than 30 countries participated what NATO calls its largest exercise in over a decade and the exercise is called “TRIDENT JUNCTURE”.

Trident Juncture came in under the cover of darkness and was obscured by Jade Helm 15. The following video emerged last summer.

Why Is This Becoming a Common Sight On US Soil?

The United Nations has no business being rural Pennsylvania or downtown Dallas. We are not under martial law. We have not suffered an invasion or a civil war. Or, are we about to experience one or more of these things. Is the the chest pain before the heart attack?

 The United Nations Is positioning for the takeover of the United States.

DOT CONNECTION: Secretary of State, John Kerry, Signs the UN Small Arms Treaty In Violation of the US Constitution

Secretary of State, John Kerry, signing away America's freedom, security and longevity by putting his name on the UN Smalls Arms Treaty in violation of the Constitution which states that any treaty must be approved by the Senate on a two-thirds vote.

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    • Busta Myth

      Hmm, they look like mostly German flag arm badges in that photo, maybe they are going to Bliztkreig Americans?

      or maybe all those Nazi war criminals that America hired after WW2 in Project Paperclip have done an MKULTRA job and Germanized all your Military and they are going to attack Russia just did Adolf Hitler did back in the 1940′s?

    • unidentified

      dont be surprised if they united nations (inc.) has established a well trained well funded global military structure to deal with citizens they believe are part of the existing problem

      • Roadrunner

        The UN is the only thing we deal with today. The UN can be kicked out but people just get angry with them.

    • A Commentator

      I dunno.

      Why were they 10 and 15 years ago when conspiracy sites reported the exact same thing. Implying the end is near.

      The end is always near.

      Of course, the official explanation was training exercises , that must be a cover up right?

      Except nothing happened then, and I’d be willing to bet, nothing happens now.

      Sometimes the simplest answer to a question, is the right one.

      Not always, but sometimes.

      Not everything is a conspiracy.

      Not always, but sometimes.

      • The Clucker

        You forgot to mention Dave’s head is shaped like an eraser.

        • A Commentator

          I could have gone on to explain better.

          Texas and New Mexico have a lot of desert.

          Where are the main conflicts of the world taking place right now?

          I won’t let you guess. The desert.

          That makes bases in these areas a great spot to do training exercises. When I lived in New Mexico there were ads in the paper to be extras participating in military training exercises.

          Pretty sure that’s why.

          But hey, live your life in fear.

    • doggy do

      here we go again with this crap.

    • Anonymous

      The Germans have been in Texas for years. They are stationed in El Paso. Going into El Paso, you will see billboards in German. You will also learn that a ” HOLOCAUST MUSUEM is also there; Not because Mexicans give a beaner about Jews; It is there to keep the Germans under that world wide guilt trip. Remember the Story of Samson?
      It is just that simple. The Holohoax is the secret weapon against Whites.

    • Eggzactly

      The 1st pic was from 3 months ago. The UN trucks are from 2 years ago in Madison Ga.
      Dave, Why dont you go out there and take Your Own Picture with Your Phone or Camera and I will believe your “Old News” nonsense. :razz:

    • Column5

      Texas is being taken over by illegals and foreigners, so it would not be a stretch to see the UN patrol the state in preparation for a take over. Texans like to huff and puff their chest but in the end they do nothing to protect the state’s sovereignty, in fact they are addicted to illegal labor and it’s borders are so open you could drive complete foreign armies over those borders, just as the illegals flood across the Texas borders 24/7. :!:

    • Roadrunner

      It is the UN. As a matter of fact, I betcha their police dept. was getting them 1-2 years ago. Now, that is just the Police Dept…..

      Obama signed this bill 12 weeks ago.

      • Roadrunner

        If you are curious(lol) look it up on the UN website.


      They are going to Texas, because there is no income tax there.

    • Pink Slime

      THIS IS extremely dangerous to have foreign troops on our soil. Not only dangerous but TREASONOUS! The reasons should be obvious.

      They have no loyalty to the Constitution, they RESENT US, and would not hesitate to KILL EVERYONE OF YOU! Come to think of it isn’t that the way the negro sodomite thinks and his party? The USA communist party known as Democraps???

      You think about that…….

    • sarah

      There sure are going to be a lot of dead UN troops in America hungh?

      They can use their UN planes to fly all those UN troops dead bodies home, when Americans give them their American guns one bullet at a time.

      I sure would hate to be a UN troop fighting armed Americans on American soil.

      Americans appear to already be really be p*ssed off about American politics and politicians as evidenced by Donald Trump’s phenomenal success at the voting booths across the nation.

      If politicians allow the UN to attempt to over run Americans 2nd Amendment rights to own guns Americans may feel they have nothing else to lose and lose it.

      Sure are going to be a lot of dead UN troops.

      And there could be a lot of dead politicians too.

      It’s hard to even think about what Americans might do.

      But, I would expect things could get real crazy real fast.

    • Dave 1963

      Maybe they are here to throw the board of prisons (TDCJ), in prison for violation of Common Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions. If you have a war on drugs and 1/2 of your prisoners are there on non violent drug charges, then 1/2 your prisoners are prisoners of war. And conditions in Texas prisons violate the law. Extremes of heat, using hunger as tool, psychological torture, sexual assault.

      Or maybe they are here to snatch up George Bush and render him to the Haugue to face war crimes charges. He and his cohorts were convicted in absentia by a Malaysian court.

      But they’re probably going to train at Fort Hood outside Killeen. That’s were we trained the Mexican army personel that went on to work for the Zeta drug gang.

    • Danika

      The USA is a corporation owned by the British Crown and the Vatican. Our “Constitution” went out the window when, in 1871, Washington DC was created. In 1933, all gold was confiscated and promissory notes were given for return of gold…someday.

      What does all this have to do with UN here?

      UN is controlled by same folks who control the USA, INC… why would they NOT be here?

      We have lived under the illusion of Constitutional rights for decades. I fear we will never be “the land of the free” again…if we ever really were.

      I love my country and my fellow countrymen/women. We have a tremendous heart, collectively. United, we are a powerful force. That is why the UN is here!

      Don’t drink the “punch” another day. Educate yourselves about the truth of law and rights for the average natural American. Learn the difference between a Record of Live Birth and a Birth Certificate and go from there.

      Warning: once you venture down the initial rabbit hole, there is no return. If you want to view our world thru rose colored glasses, at least make sure you’ve cleaned the lenses first.

      Good luck and stay safe.

    • Redlist Renegade

      Danika , It isn’t the folks on this website or any of the many other’s like it that are the one’s wearing the Rose Colored Glasses . Most of US are AWAKE to ALL of these things ! It’s the vast majority at large that doesn’t know about any or most of it so each of us should be trying to wake as MANY of THEM up to all of this as possible !!! I always remember that line in Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid where Paul Newman sais to Robert Redford “Why is it I see things crystal clear while the rest of the world needs bifocals” ?!!!!


      I contacted the UN a few years ago, and suggested they put a one inch orange dot on both sides of those blue helmets. I didn’t get a reply. I feel that would not only add a bit of color to the blue, but make a great focal point. I mean anyone can hit an entire helmet, but keeping your shots inside the orange circle would be a challenge.




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