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Why Hurricane Sandy is Likely Engineered

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Come check out tons of links regarding geoengineering projects worldwide at


Hurricane Sandy may affect a wide area of the East Coast, from the Carolinas to New England:

Forced evacuations, mass transit shut-downs, a paradoxical boost to the economy…public servants looked to for help, news people and meteorologists hyping doom and gloom for the most populated area of the United States…

It’s just more conditioning and manipulation for those unaware of weather related scientific advancements of the past 50 years, and for those who are aware it’s akin to yelling underwater.


This technology is part of the public record, and yet most people would not even consider the possibility that weather could be manipulated. The media covers this up, despite the fact the History Channel, among many others, have documented weather warfare possibilities. Here is a great all-encompassing introduction to the subject.



Weather Warfare





The first aspect of the geoengineering agenda that needs to be exposed is the long history. Once this is accepted, listening to an interview with Ben Livingstone, who worked on cloud seeding in the Vietnam War, could help edify those who remain uninformed.  He worked to washout the Ho Chi Min trail used by the Viet Cong to supply their troops, inundating the area with rain, and goes into detail regarding the science behind weather modification. 



Dr. Ben Livingston







A brief timeline of geoengineering rules and regulations worldwide

From Scientific American

















From The Guardian



NATO member countries happen to be where the ‘hotspots’ are located worldwide. 


Straw man arguments and skeptics will undoubtedly reply, “So all weather is fake?” “Is everything a conspiracy?” “Why would they do this?” (Hint, same reason everything else is done…profit and control)


Those who are informed can take provable, verifiable facts, and demonstrate that it is a possibility major weather systems such as Sandy are being affected, or conversely, left unaffected (when the patents and technology exist where hurricanes could be dissipated or steered). Inside the matrix of lies propagated by the media and their corporate owners, seeing a bit of truth can be the first step to moving outside of it.

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    • asmile01

      Hurricane Sandy: 10/28/12. 21 years TO THE DATE after 10/28/91 “Unnamed Storm”. 7671 days. Also 7+6+7+1= 21 (coincidnce again?) Unnamed storm “dissipated” 11/2. [11*2 = 21] So many coincidences… HAARP likes playing with numbers..




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