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Chaos Will Erupt Across America in Less than 100 Days… No Matter Who Wins the Election

Tuesday, August 30, 2016 10:52
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Tuesday, August 30, 2016
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger


(NaturalNews) The clock is ticking for America. There are 70 days remaining until the presidential election, and after the results are counted, America will be a tinderbox ready to explode no matter who wins.

What follows is an educated analysis of the political friction now escalating in America. Note carefully that nothing in this article should be construed as any intention to call for violence of any kind. I do reference such acts, however, as part of human history as well as likely outcomes in our near future. What I’m offering here is an analysis and a warning, along with a call to prepare for what’s coming.

If Trump wins, the left goes full terror

As I’ve publicly predicted numerous times over the last year, if Donald Trump wins, the radical extreme leftists go on a violent rampage that leads to the rest of us begging for martial law. After half a dozen cities burn with riots and looting, Trump invokes a national emergency, deploying National Guard troops across the most devastated urban areas, and the radical left finds itself in a shooting war with the government.

If Hillary Clinton wins, all the Trump supporters who have been violently assaulted, spat upon and physically attacked by the radical left will un-holster their concealed weapons and start shooting back. This quickly escalates into open warfare between lunatic leftist Hillary supporters and armed Trump “Second Amendment” people who basically figure they’ve got nothing left to lose anyway, so why not fight to save America?

This was all pointed out in an insightful reader comment posted to The Burning Platform on August 29th:

With the rise of Donald Trump, the plan of the political elites has been to provoke violence and blame it on him, thus scaring the normal populace. Early-on there were the road-blockings, the threatened riots, the cancelled events in Chicago and Cincinnati, the beatings, the police ordered to “look the other way”…and it has continued: The screaming harassment and physical attacks on Trump supporters as they leave his rallies. The spitting. The intimidation. The thrown eggs. The shoves and punches. The cars blocked and damaged. The hats snatched off people’s heads, stomped on, and then burned on the ground…

The people who support Trump are increasingly well-armed, and increasingly seething with justifiable rage. For now they hold back. Donald Trump himself has repeatedly observed that “the safest place in America” for anti-Trump protesters is at Trump rallies. And that is true. For now (except for the one old cowboy who punched out the protester, he was an octogenarian outlier). Why is this? Why the docility in the face of clear provocation?

It is because Trump supporters understand that any retaliatory violence now will be instantly, widely and incessantly portrayed by the whorish mainstream media as proof that “Trump is dangerous” and “Trump’s movement is violent” and “Trump invites violence.” So his supporters endure the abuse. They endure the spittle. They endure the shoves and punches. They endure the theft of their possessions. They endure the damaged cars and the incessant harassment. For now, for the sake of their political movement and the candidacy of Donald Trump, they do not strike back…

But what happens after the election? It matters not who wins. If Hillary Clinton is elected, by hook or by crook, the mass movement harnessed by Donald Trump will be free to respond to physical attacks. If Donald Trump wins the Presidency, there will similarly be no reason to continue to endure physical attacks and humiliations by the street thugs of the Democrats. Whether Trump or Hillary Clinton is in the White House, there will be no reason to hold back.

Hundreds of millions of guns across America are now in the hands of people who are fed up with being stomped on, ridiculed and marginalized by a corrupt leftist regime that’s destroying America

Do the math on this one: You’ve got 44% of U.S. households that now own guns (and not just one gun each, but several different types of guns). Over the last 8 years, President Obama’s anti-gun rhetoric has resulted in the largest surge of gun sales to private citizens ever recorded in American history. As a result of Obama’s criminal efforts to try to destroy the Second Amendment via false flag operations such as Operation Fast and Furious, more Americans than ever now own battle rifles such as ARs, AKs and PTR 91s.

People bought all these guns for a reason. And they sure didn’t buy them just to turn them over to a corrupt criminal government.

The reader comment continues:

Whatever happens after this Presidential election, it will have been unleashed by the corporate elites and their servants in the media and elsewhere. They will be responsible for blood in the streets… And many will cheer it.

What the author is saying is, essentially, America is quite likely just 70 days away from the start of the next revolution… or even events that could escalate into Civil War.

A Hillary victory would set off an immediate popular revolt

If Hillary wins the election, it’s hard not to imagine some sort of popular revolt across America as the citizens reject the obvious criminality and corruption of not just the Clinton crime family but also a complicit mainstream media. The same media that has funneled millions of dollars into the Clinton Foundation also intentionally downplays all the Clinton scandals. The entire system is a corrupt, incestuous, rigged f–kfest that benefits the deceitful plutocrats whom the voters are sick and tired of seeing remain in power.

As world history teaches us, it would only take a tiny fraction of the American people marching on Washington to overthrow the corrupt regime and install a new interim government while arresting the mainstream journalists and calling for new, open elections. So much of America is already at the breaking point now that such a move would very likely enjoy widespread support from the population at large.

Such actions are far more common than you might suspect in other countries around the world. When the masses reach their limit on corruption and criminality at the highest levels of government, history has shown they frequently march on the capitol, arrest the traitors, and install new officials to run the government. Sometimes, these people end up being dictators or tyrants who make things worse, so such actions should never be taken lightly. Revolt should only be the very last, reluctant option after every legal, democratic method of restoring the law has been attempted and denied.

If any of this sounds surprising to you, you probably need to study world history and read about the French Revolution, the Bolivar campaign across South America, the Fidel Castro takeover of Cuba, the CIA-instigated revolutions of Central and South American nations, the Cultural Revolution of China and of course the American Revolution. If you don’t know anything about history, then you have no clue of how history reliably repeats itself as human populations re-experience the same tyrannies, the same political deceptions and the same inner call for freedom that our ancestors already lived through (or died for).

There’s nothing new under the sun… everything we are about to experience has happened before. (And the Clintons are nothing new, either. They’re the same old corrupt crony tyrants and sleaze peddlers we’ve always seen seeking power to rule over others.)

If Trump wins, the globalist banksters crash the debt bubble to unleash mass chaos

Now let’s shift gears and explore what happens if Trump wins the election. The day after the election results show Trump to be the clear winner, radical leftists break out into mass protests across America. But Obama is still in power at this point, and Trump won’t actually occupy the White House until early 2017. So for the remainder of 2016, Obama will open the borders wide and even encourage as many illegals as possible to invade the USA in a final “mad dash” to the USA.

Very soon after Trump takes office, the globalist criminal bankers will deliberately crash the global debt bubble so they can blame it all on Trump. Supported by the lying, wholly dishonest propaganda media (CNN, WashPost, NY Times, etc.), global info-terrorists like George Soros will call for Trump’s impeachment.

Trump, in turn, will likely call upon “Second Amendment people” to defend America against the globalist attempts to bring it down and destroy his presidency. This situation quickly escalates into a variety of skirmishes across America, which might include many events that could seem unimaginable today: Armed patriots taking over mainstream media broadcast centers, leftist terrorists bombing federal buildings, a rash of sudden “suicides” of high-level Trump loyalists, organized gang assaults on local police stations, the United Nations unleashing “blue helmet” troops on U.S. soil, a “surge invasion” of illegal aliens from Mexico during a time of national vulnerability, international cyber attacks on America’s power grid infrastructure, and even widespread calls for states like Texas to secede from the union.

Once the globalists declare open warfare against the Trump administration, all bets are off and anything could unfold over the next few years. Expect things to get very nasty, very desperate and incredibly violent. Life as you know it in America is about to be disrupted in a serious way.

By the way, I also predict that Edward Snowden, Julian Assange and Anonymous will all play key roles in these unfolding events, exposing mind-blowing government secrets that spur populations across many western nations into escalating their action against the corrupt government regimes they’ve foolishly allowed to rule over them. Much of the real war taking place across our globe right now is a cyber war… a “war of secrets” where the hackers and cyber activists are increasingly exposing all the corruption and criminality of governments, which maintain their power by constantly lying to the public and withholding the truth.

The political establishment as we know it today will not survive intact

When it’s all said and done, if Trump wins the presidency, the political establishment as we know it today will be obliterated on multiple levels. For starters, the people have already lost faith in the establishment system, and if things escalate, it’s not difficult to envision a near future where Hillary Clinton is imprisoned while people like Huma, Lynch and Eric Holder are tried for treason.

Even if Clinton does win the election and occupy the White House, the global end game is fast approaching anyway. A Clinton White House only further encourages the calls for revolt across the population, and Hillary’s deep corruption and criminality is so despised by nearly all soldiers and police officers that it’s hard to imagine her being able to demand respect from either of those groups. In fact, it’s a lot easier to imagine a military coup against President Clinton that it is to imagine a successful eradication of the Second Amendment by her presidency. Even if Clinton ordered police across America to go door to door and confiscate all the firearms of private citizens, what cop would be stupid enough to even attempt such a suicide mission?

I can’t overstate this point: Things are at a breaking point in America, and the only thing holding back a mass revolt right now is the looming election, which presents at least a glimmer of hope to the people of America that they might beat back tyranny and government oppression with a Trump victory. If that possibility is taken from them — either by the election being stolen at the ballot box or already pre-stolen by outrageously biased media deceptions — many of them will conclude that they really have no remaining option other than “refreshing the Tree of Liberty with the blood of patriots and tyrants”, to quote Jefferson.

America has nearly reached the fulcrum of rebellion

“We Are at a Point Where the Encroachment of Government Power Has Historically Resulted in Rebellion,” explains this article at The Daily Sheeple (originally from ZeroHedge).

What Washington elites utterly fail to realize is that for many Americans, they have nothing else left to lose if they lose this election. They’ve already lost their job and their health coverage. In many places across America, they’re losing their own national flag and national pride. They’ve been ridiculed, condemned and spat upon by the dishonest media and the crybully leftist f–ktards, and they realize full well that if they don’t draw a line in the sand right here, right now, they’re going to be disarmed, enslaved, impoverished and named “enemies of the state” in the very same country they once fought for (and pledged allegiance to).

The psyche of real America has reached its last straw. With the culture under attack, the Constitution demonized, religious beliefs targeted for merciless condemnation and the industrial base of America utterly gutted beyond restoration, there is nothing left to surrender to the demands of the tyrannical left. It is at that breaking point where, in the minds of many citizens throughout history, they pick up pitch forks and march en masse against the oppressors in power.

We are very, very close to that day in America. It may, in fact, unravel in just the next 100 days. No matter who wins this election, mass violence breaks out across America in one way or another.

Never hope for Civil War… be careful what you ask for

Remember: Civil War would be a disaster for America, which is one reason why globalists like George Soros are pushing so hard for it. We should never wish for open bloodshed and nationwide chaos.

As one voice of reason commented on The Burning Platform page:

The last civil war was disastrous for the US – not just in lives and destruction of property, but in turning what had been a truly positive political structure instantly into something much more corrupt. I see no reason to think that another civil war won’t do the same.

Yes, we are being pushed towards another civil war quite deliberately. Resist the push. Figure out the real problem and go after it. I do not know exactly what the problem is, but it certainly seems to be a small group of fantastically wealthy and evil people who are using the rest of us like a sociopathic 10-year-old might fry ants. These people need to be identified and blocked from power. Soros seems to be a prominent person among them, but the various other usual suspects seem likely to be the problem as well.

Questions to ask yourself in all this

How will you feed yourself if social chaos halts food deliveries to your local grocers?

Do you possess a means of self-defense that does not depend on dialing 911 and praying somebody shows up to save you?

Do you live within walking distance of the inner cities? If so, prepare to be overrun by raging, violent, angry extremists who respect no law and actually murder police every chance they get.

Do you depend on financial payments from the federal government? How would you survive if those payments stop coming?

If you own firearms, do you know how to use them effectively and safely? When was the last time you practiced with them, or cleaned them? Do you have spare parts? Ammo? Cleaning supplies? When was the last time you checked the battery on your red dot sight?

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  • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

    What will you say if this doesn’t happen, you know, like all your other doomsday stories that never happen?

    • bill-e-bob

      If, each and every day I say a house on my street will burn down- one day I’ll be right.

      • Pink Slime

        Well, one day every single house in your neighborhood will be burned down. One for each day you were wrong about the SHTF not coming.

        Believe you me you’ll get your wish and MORE!! :twisted: :twisted:

    • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

      Yeah that’s the standard BIN contributor logic.

      • greengirl

        Bet neither of you have a disaster kit either, never gonna happen, that’s what they said in pre Nazi Germany and we all know how that turned out.

        • b4

          i carry business insurance,home owner,life insurance,car insurance,a general liability insurance–i hope to never use any of it–so being prepared for possible ‘default” makes sense to me…and believe we are in a once every 300 year cycle and things could get real crazy no matter who is prez…

          • Big dog.../small fish...

            I believe that home insurance becomes WORTHLESS during war.

        • No Body

          yeah nazijew took over the world….

  • Jango

    These comments above are an example of the whatever will be will be attitude. The uninformed and unprepared will suffer the most. It will be the same when Jesus returns, many simply will not be ready or prepared. Do you see any logic in this? Why not get prepared now. You can start here.

    • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

      Actually those comments above are from people who have seen the same thing predicted here over and over and over and over again, for years.

      After a while, it just becomes a joke.

      Oh and nice disguise for your spam.

      • You People Are Nuts

        yes, i would hope everyone start hitting the spam button for this clown

        • The Clucker

          I have been for a while. No consequences that I can see have come to fruition from it.

    • No Body

      yeah alright out of curiosity who’s your creator satan(enki) or god(enlil)
      the way i see it is satan(enki) created man that can reproduce and god(enlil) has been trying to kill us ever since so who’s good and who’s bad again……watch what you worship

  • Josie

    The government has stated that they will have snipers all around in high places to kill anyone protesting if Hillary wins. They will be blue helmets shooting they don’t care. Hopefully they will be spotted first…

    • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

      Where did they state that?

  • Pink Slime

    There is no doubt if Trump WINS the left and Democraps will surely TRASH and CRASH the system and rig it to fail with tripwires to ensure he gets off to a bad and shtty start and thereby put America and Americans in jeopardy. A house divided shall fall.

    Yet, if Hillary gets in by fraud no American should accept this either. NADA, nope, no way PERIOD! She must be removed or we will stand our last chance as Americans. This should of been done with the negro sodomite up there. But he had 8 years to distill and weaken the system.

    Yep America, this is what happens when you acquiesce to the left to be “nice” to them. You cannot be nice to them. They do not like you. You must never let them get their foot in the door. You can tell them, however, politely to BEAT IT!!!

    I hope you learned your lesson with the illegal foreign negro sodomite up there. But I’m afraid it’s too late. He gave half a BILLION dollars to your worst enemy among many other treasonous acts and betrayal the negro has done. Yet, for you Americans, the left is concerned over only silly things like who can use our bathrooms.

    • Болеслава

      wont happen- as soon as the dems lose the majority will jump ship and those who don’t will be swept in to the dustbin of history

  • worldwatchers

    It’s all in the DNA People created To live in the Jungle are given more agility and hostility. Great for sports and messing with lions, not so good for other parts of the world. The Black people in America have been under control of leftists or slavers their whole existence. There is nothing that can be done because of that. The main problem is for the last 60 They had few opportunities to advance beyond the slums that they were put in to live by the Leftists. They went to schools where few learned decade after decade and now the leftist have switch Dropped you all and now run to the Islimes. America might have a chance small as it may be a breath of fresh air. If the leftists and hate mongers get you to burn down your cities you will know that these are the Last Days

  • Bob DD

    Regular people will not rise up. The ones that goaded by community activists will. DIVIDE & CONQUER is their motto.

  • Oxnard

    Dave & Mike, great job both of you. I love your writing. There is a third possibility… we never make it to the election!

  • freedomfirst

    There is no dishonor in fighting for your country but only if you choose to do nothing

  • wiseoldlady

    Something no one is mentioning about the many store closings…. Not from a financial or grocery perspective but from another perspective. When there is no where to purchase shoes for little Johnnie unless it is on the internet or the very few crummy local places in small towns…just what happens if martial law begins and shipments stop and there is nothing to fit growing Johnnie. No way to get any shipments… I recall my father telling me during WWI when he was growing up with his brothers and sisters how they outgrew their clothes and my dad eventually had to wear his sisters very feminine shoes. He was ashamed but it was the best they could do to survive. All deceased now, they were German and Italian, born and raised in Europe. No one knows what might happen but there is so much more to this than the eye can see. I pity the children and the family pets the most. Americans have been very spoiled.

  • Syco247

    The left are a bunch of pansies and the right has lots of weapons, short lived revolt. The right would over take DC in hours so mehh, let the games begin. We could use the target practice.

  • Anonymous

    What you see today will be considered childs play tomorrow.

  • Болеслава

    this is a public service announcement – hilary hides a collestomy bag under her weird garb :mrgreen:

    • Болеслава

      though its a fact its a symbol of the dems themselves and the new world order that props them up….a collestomy bag….full of sh*t

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