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Obama, Clinton & Russia’s 7 Pronged Attack Upon Amerika

Tuesday, October 18, 2016 5:38
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Since I first reported on leaked information that American military leaders were expecting an attack from seven different areas/sources, more information has come to light. First, elements of the following scenarios have been repetitively practiced at the Naval War College. In each instance, America loses, badly. Here is an update on newly acquired information which has added to our understanding of what is coming and our military leaders know it, while the Obama administration, and presumably a future Clinton administration will be the first American administration to surrender the country to a foreign power and you Democrats still want to vote for her? Why do you think the globalists are throwing everything behind her? They want a piece of the America pie. Well, Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie, the game is nearly over.

Russia’s Attack

When Russian led and backed forces attack the United States, the attack will come as the result of a seven-pronged strategy and it will involve multiple allies.

What I have learned is that the Naval War College has practiced each one of these scenarios, multiple times, since I first reported on these scenarios. In every case, America becomes Amerika. In other words, surrender is the only option in order to avoid complete annihilation. Here are the seven different fronts from which Russia and her allies will launch an all out attack, which will make use of limited EMP attacks and tactical nuclear weapons.

1. The Alaskan Front will see the Russians attacking the lower 48 from Alaska after our most northern state is quickly overwhelmed.

2. The Central American Front will witness a conglomeration of 33 Central and South American states (i.e. CELAC) which will combine military strike forces, backed by Russian military supplies, weapons, technology and strategy. These forces will push north through Central America and will attack America from the south.

3. The Southeastern Front will witness an amphibious invasion following the successes of the first two fronts in which major American military assets will be deployed away from  the Southeast to defend against the scissors attack from America’s Northwest and the Southwest.

4. In a secondary and delayed attack, Chinese forces embedded in American ports (e.g. Long Beach), who have entered the country in cargo ships, will be unleashed to attack key military bases in California. At the same time, Chinese soldiers, who are embedded in the Sierra Madras will join forces with the Latin American forces as they sweep northward through Mexico and will dramatically burst through the border and then fan out to the north, west and east.

5. The fifth part of this attack, the Fifth Column, will be carried out by terrorists who have already gained entrance into the United States. Key assassinations and critical infrastructure sabotage will be carried out by these forces.

6. Russian forces will come out of the Arctic and sweep down through Canada and will attack the U.S. through Minnesota. This will allow the Russian led forces to cut the United States in half at the Mississippi River.

7. The lights will be turned out in the East, and will be particularly centered on the Eastern seaboard.

Phase One

In part one of this series, written years ago, I detailed the disabling of Alaskan defenses and the buildup of Russian troops on the border and in Alaska was presented along with the presence of Russian “Fifth Column” forces.

It is difficult to imagine that when American soldiers pursue our self-created boogey man, ISIS, into Syria, that Russia will not immediately retaliate by attacking Alaska. My deep background sources have concluded the Battle for Alaska will be over in hours/days as Russian forces will cut through Alaska, with the help of pre-positioned assets, like a hot knife through butter. Within just a few short days, British Columbia, Washington, Montana and Oregon will be imperiled.

Right now, there are efforts being made by the military that are not being supported by this administration and will not be supported by a Clinton administration.

For example, on Saturday, October 15th, air space was cleared in Montana as part of a drill to prepare to launch ICBM’s to both Russia and China.



These were the coordinates which correspond with the no-fly zones imposed on Saturday. The thinly veiled cover story was that these locations in Montana were launching rockets in support of a NASA space mission. This is a laughable excuse.

Phase Two: The Invasion from Central and South America

While we slept, Obama alienated all of our allies in Latin America. Former Secretary of State Clinton took actions that led to the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela. The President of Bolivia’s plane was forced to land by American jets, because they thought Ed Snowden was on board (please note: This was an act of war). And of course, we know the fate of Hugo Chavez stemming from his defiance to this administration’s imperialism and his “El Diablo” comments directed at several American leaders, most notably, George Bush.

The 33 Central and South American nation organization known as CELAC are combining forces and will form the vanguard of an attacking Army moving north and entering the United States through Mexico.


According to a March 2014 report by the Strategic Culture Foundation, a progressive, pro-Russian think tank, Nicaragua’s quoted former Sandista leader, Daniel Ortega, who reinstalled himself in 2007 as the Nicaraguan leader stated that  “We are very grateful and very much appreciate the Russian people’s support of our country.” Ortega has accepted the arrival of two Russian strategic bombers and added that more will be on the way as Russia announced that Nicaragua has announced that it will accept routine Russian patrols in both its Caribbean and Pacific ports as well as participating in the joint training of military personnel. Russia and Nicaragua have moved in the direction of a strategic economic and military relationship. In October 2013, for example, Nicaragua and Russia signed a memorandum of international security cooperation. Russia’s Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev noted during his visit to Nicaragua that “Nicaragua is an important partner and friend of Russia in Latin America,” pointing to the coincidence of views of the two countries’ authorities on many issues.”


Argentinean President, Cristina Fernández is determined to develop close economic relations with Russia as the left-wing liberal Argentinean leader has invited Russia to invest in fuel projects in an obvious attack upon the Petrodollar. Fernandez also cut a deal with Putin which previously supported Russia’s grab of Crimea in exchange for Russia’s support of Argentina’s quest to annex the Falkland Islands. If this is followed through with, this would be a direct act of war. Fernandez’s statement is most certainly a direct Russian slap in the face of our closest ally, England, and should be viewed as an attack upon NATO. Further, Cristina Fernández, added that the Crimean referendum was “one of the famous referendums of self-determination.”

Equador, Venezuela and Bolivia

Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa praised Russia as a “great nation”, while visiting Moscow in October of 2013. Putin was indeed praise-worthy because he promised to invest $1.5 billion into new domestic energy projects in Ecuador. Correa also stated that his country was planning on buying Russian military equipment. Russia has signed several billion dollars of contracts with Venezuela and supplies Bolivia, among other countries from the region with military weapons. The military package includes attack aircraft and helicopters.


Brazilian Defense Minister Celso Amorim, stated that “More than buying military equipment, what we are seeking with Russia is a strategic partnership based on the joint development of technology.” Amorim’s statement is consistent with the fact that Brazil, South America’s most populous nation, has announced that it is planning to purchase short-to-medium-range surface-to-air Pantsir S1 missile batteries and Igla-S shoulder-held missiles from Russia. Previously, Brazil has purchased 12 Mi-35 attack helicopters. Russia and Brazil have also signed an agreement for Brazil to acquire36 attack aircraft. Amorim said Russia and Brazil would also look at working together onspace technology and on defense against cyber attacks, an area that has become a Brazilian priority since disclosures that the NSA  has spied on Brazilians, their president and the country’s largest oil company. If this means what I believe it means, with regard to the development of space technology, we are speaking about the possible intention of the Russian militarizing of near Earth orbit with space based weapons. Brazil is also one of the BRIC nations who is actively participating with Russia in the demise of the Petrodollar by purchasing oil for gold instead of the time-honored practice of the Petrodollar.

El Salvador and All of Latin America

El Salvadorian President, Sanchez Ceren, has signed an agreement with Putin entitled “Federal Law On Ratification of the Agreement on the Foundations of Relations” which pledges economic and military cooperation. Ceren, is a self-declared Marxist-Leninist and is considered to be very-anti American.

Leaders from the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) and Russia declared their intention to establish a means of continuous dialogue “to discuss and synchronize positions on international issues.” CELAC includes thirty-three countries in the Americas, but the United States and Canada are excluded. This is the breeding ground of a “Red Dawn Scenario”.

 Phase Three: The Southeastern Front: Cuba and the Rebirth of the Cuban Missile Crisis

Pravda quotes Putin as stating that Russia had obtained the consent of the Cuban leadership to place “the latest mobile strategic nuclear missiles on the Island…”  Recently, the Russians surprisingly docked a Russian spy ship in Havana. This is the Cuban Missile Crisis revisited! My sources are adamant that Cuba is being militarized by Russia as I write these words. Cuba, along with deployed Russian troops and troops “borrowed from fellow Latin American countries will form the center of the invading Army from the Southeast along with the support of the Russian Navy and Air Force.

Phase Four: Embedded Chinese Soldiers in West Coast Ports

Since 1997, Chinese officials have bribed and bought off senior American government officials, particularly in the Clinton administration.

Part of the bribes included the selling of Long Beach port to the Chinese along with the loss of nearly 18,000 American jobs. Multiple military sources around the country have quietly warned about the growing menace posed by the buildup of Chinese Communist forces in many of our California ports now controlled by the Chinese.

The Bundy/BLM affair was also symbolic of this buildup. The solar energy deals that were put into place by Senator Harry Reid were done in conjunction with Chinese energy companies run by the Chinese military. All personnel manning these planned plants would be affiliated with the Chinese military. This includes the inland ports (e.g. Kansas City) which are controlled by the Chinese courtesy of the treasonous trade agreement we call NAFTA.

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton gave tacit approval and participated in these actions which had their origins prior to her tenure as Secretary of State.

Phase Five: The Fifth Column

The Fifth Column, designed to sabotage critical infrastructure and carry out key assassinations of resistance figures in the media as well as uncooperative politicians, was mostly put into place last summer during the “immigration crisis” which was used as a cover to embed these forces inside of the U.S.

Not Gangsters but Terrorists Armed with WMD’s

There is incontrovertible evidence that criminal drug cartels, like Los Zetas, have not only used MS-13 gangsters as hit men and child sex traffickers, but so has the Juarez Cartel and the Barrio Azteca to enforce their will, but Los Zetas have also conducted training in parts of Central and South America, and have even allowed MS-13 gangsters to lead in operations as when “El Comandante Kilo” operated in San Fernando on behalf of Los Zetas. This training consists of two parts, military training and assassination (i.e. future Red List applications). In plain corporate language, the Mexican drug cartels are outsourcing paramilitary activities such as assassinations and terrorism.


Paul Williams, a former FBI Consultant, wrote a book shortly after 9/11 and stated that reliable reports had reached United States officials that al Qaeda operatives were able to get at least two nuclear suitcase bombs into the United States. Williams went on to state that bin Laden had previously used his vast wealth, derived from control of Afghanistan’s poppy trade, to pay off high ranking MS-13 leaders. Williams further asserted that bin Laden paid as much as $50,ooo to smuggle sleeper agents into the United states. Williams is not alone in this belief as the author of Because They Hate: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America, Brigitte Gabriel, stated that there are terrorists coming through our southern border due to the cooperation and joint efforts of MS-13  and Hezbollah and they are intent on introducing a Hiroshima event on American soil! A very disturbing and  recent report from the International Assessment and Strategy Center stated that MS-13 is moving away from handguns to the use of AK-47’s, along with grenades, rocket propelled grenade launchers, and light anti-tank weapons! The same think tank also reported that the MS-13 gang recently acquired multiple shoulder-fired SA-7 anti-aircraft missile launchers obtained from an open arms market in El Salvador from left over former civil war stockpiles. MS-13 is equipping its forces with these weapons as they can easily knockout helicopters and airplanes from the skies and these weapons can be obtained for a mere $15,000. This is chump change for a gang associated with the drug cartels. The same report went on to state that MS-13 has begun to smuggle drugs, weapons and human beings for the Zetas. MS-13 members are being trained at Zetas camps outside San Salvador and the training includes high level military training. Think TET offensive from the Viet Nam War. MS-13 is well-armed enough to take over cities by knocking out the headquarters of local police forces in a simultaneous series of attacks in which WMD’s are introduced on American soil. If you think this is far-fetched, please keep reading.

Obama and Clinton began to actively ignore and, by neglect, gave approval to the following:

Back in 2010, an internal memo was leaked from the Tucson Police Department which stated that Islamic terrorist groups are commencing operations in Mexico and forming alarming ties with the country’s brutal drug cartels. In turn, the drug cartels are now associated with Hezbollah. The memo also references a large weapons stockpile in Mexico as evidenced by the 2010 Tijuana arrest of Hezbollah militant Jameel Nasr, who was given the job of establishing a well-armed Hezbollah network in Mexico and South America. Nasr was apparently bringing this terror network north when he was captured. The memo also discussed the April 2009 arrest of Jamal Yousef in New York, which exposed a huge cache of assault rifles, hand grenades, explosives and anti-tank munitions. According to the report, the weapons were stored in Mexico, but only after being smuggled from Iraq by members of Hezbollah. The preceding references contained in the Tucson Police memo just answered that question. Further, as I reported last summer, the Border Patrol was not allowed to detain MS-13 gangsters despite how easy they are to identify because of their tattoos. This might be the best funded and supplied Fifth Column force in history.

Two years ago, I reported, from two Border Patrol sources that these 5th column forces, now wreaking havoc in Minnesota, were given permission to enter in groups of 8-12 after being detained.

Phase Six: Attack from the Northern Tundra

For how many years have I reported on the Russian build up at the North Pole. Not only are there vast amounts on mineral wealth, occupying the North Pole is equivalent to playing King of the Hill. As Russia can attack in any direction.

 Most are aware that the Russians are militarizing the Arctic, presumably to secure vast amounts of mineral wealth. However, there is a also a tactical advantage behind the stationing of Russian troops at the North Pole.

A move to split the U.S. would be necessary before a full invasion could be successful. The thinking of some military strategists would include the belief that a mid continent invasion is necessary to accomplish the goal of splitting up of America. I have learned in the past 6 months, that the Naval War College practiced this scenario and found there is no defense against this incursion. 

Certainly, Russian forces in the southern regions of the Arctic could accomplish this goal. The plan entails sweeping southward through Canada and entering the U.S. at the Minnesota/Canadian border. If the invasion was initiated during the coldest part of the year, this would give the Russian Arctic forces advantages over American forces who would be less equipped than their American counterparts. Why do you think that the 5th column forces of MS-13 and other terrorists have been pre-positioned in Minnesota in large numbers?

This phase gives some hint as to the time of year that we could see the commencement of the attack upon the United States. The winter would provide the best cover for invading Russian forces from both the Northwest and from due North. We are close to that right now.

Phase six is designed to move south and southeast and secure the eastern bank of the Mississippi River and effectively cut the U.S. in half.

Phase Seven: Turning Out the Lights on the Northeast

In October/November of 2013, I expressed extreme outrage at the fact that President Obama was allowing our enemies, the Communist Chinese and the Russians, who had both threatened to nuke the U.S. several times over Syria, to participate in the GRID EX II drills in November of 2013. By doing so, we handed off the keys to our power grid to our enemies.

It has been widely reported that the Russians are deploying and disseminating to its allies (e.g. North Korea), EMP weapons.

It is the belief of many military strategists that the Chinese and Russians want to capture the Eastern seaboard intact. Taking down the grid would accomplish this goal. Further, in 2013, 360,000 foreign troops trained for urban warfare in the Northeast.


IF you do not think that treason does not abound with this Administration, then as yourself, with WW III on the near horizon, why aren’t our troops from Afghanistan being recalled and repositioned for the coming conflict. Presently, these troops will be cut off and will be on their own. With most of our combat troops being stationed in Afghanistan and more being sent to fight the CIA-created ISIS, who will defend the United States? Better yet, who, or what is minding the store at home?

Further, my Congressman, Trent Franks, has desperately tried to get Obama to harden our critical infrastructure against an EMP attack and he has refused. The total cost is two billion dollars, the cost of one B-1 Bomber.

Finally, why do you think the UWEX drills are ongoing. And what are the UWEX drills? They are drills in Texas in which a multinational occupying force is fighting a guerrilla war against American military units gone rogue. Welcome to Amerika.

This article was proudly written by one of Clinton’s so-called “deplorables”.

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Total 13 comments
  • Morgana Le Fay

    I gotta hand it to you on this one, Hodges—you finally wrote an article that’s factual, comprehensive, reasonable, and not merely promoting religious-based fear porn. Good job!

    • b4

      this story is total nosense–at worst,best, russia has checkmated nato usa so they can wait til the idiots now in power get out of town–putin knows trump will work with him–just buyin time

      • Bob DD

        Yes, Trump will work with Putin. Don’t buy into the NWO left-wing Russian “Boogieman” BS. While Bush was a bozo, Putin came to the USA and hung out with the Bushes in Kennybunkport Maine. Even went on Bushes cigar fishing boat. Why do the left-wing politicians like Hillary Clinton take us for suckers? A mutual respect relationship with Russia can happen with Trump.

  • CatHunter

    You keep smokimg the Hal Linsey ganja. Name one thing you have ever predicted that came true.

  • Pink Slime

    Yes, this is not hard to imagine. Many have said how easily we could be defeated. Anyone with half a brain can see this and I have been warning Americans to get armed to the TEETH, if anything. But the ENTIRE country must do it and not rely on the SUPER GUN OWNER that own over 17 weapons that amazingly your illegal communist government is targeting recently.

    325 million Americans must be armed to the TEETH! Where is your government in this matter. Yep, busily trying to disarmament or hindering the 2nd Amendment to any degree they can.

    This process of destroying this country has been going on for a about a hundred years and took a dastardly turn when somebody ordered our soldiers on base disarmed. A soldier should be required to have his arms on him or nearby.

    The second big turn was the election of an illegal foreign negro and reprehensible sodomite not authorized by the Constitution but a plotical agenda by traitors up there.

    We are in the beginnings or even in the middle of a dire strait.

    • Redlist Renegade

      Yeah you’re right and at this point with all of the information about all of the crap that they are all trying to pull , have pulled and are Willing to pull almost nothing would surprise me ! Expect the expected AND the unexpected at this point !!!

  • Skepticus21

    Whew! Dave, what are you smoking these days? This whole scenario is really delusional. For one example, you state: “The plan entails sweeping southward through Canada and entering the U.S. at the Minnesota/Canadian border.” Easy to write those words; but think about it. How are the Russians supposed to ‘sweep southward’ from the North Pole, or Alaska? Especially to Minnesota. Do you think there’s a super-highway running thru northern Canada? It’s thousands of kilometers of wilderness, snow, brush, muskeg, swamps, and lakes. They’re just going to roll their equipment over all that? Sure, there’s the ‘Alaska highway’ running thru the Yukon, BC, Alberta, connecting to the US border. Thousands of Km that can be cut off at any point in the north, stopping all traffic. It makes no sense, Dave.
    And as to just WHY the Russians or Chinese would want to invade the USA. That makes no more sense than the USA invading either Russia or China. How could any occupation in any of those countries be sustained– i.e. a relatively small invading army trying to survive and control in a vast territory, thousands of miles from the home-land. It makes absolutely no sense!

  • Boo

    Putin isn’t that stupid. Now if you were writing this about NK Little Kim, I might give it a second look. Lets see we missed the call on the Ukraine, missed it on Crimea and weren’t even close when it came to Syria. We may be going down Dave…but the smart money is says it will be the banks that take us down first.

  • Overmind

    The US is the biggest evil for years, therefore it will fall. It’s that simple. The details of how it will happen are not that relevant.

  • VirusGuard

    But David you told us the other day that the UN is invading the USA and the other week it was China so do you think they are all in on it becase your top secret report mentions everyone from Equador, Venezuela and Bolivia plus Brazil

    Why would Russia invade when it knows full well that the USA would release nukes at Russia or do you think they are desperate to save that new breed of animal in the USA called Land Whales

    Looks to me from this detailed report that Putin must had posted you the full invasion plans so why have you not got out why you can or are the doctors holding you hostage still.

  • Anna Lyse

    The situation is very complex. The evil forces of the US have terrorised the world for over 60 years. Please let this message sink in !!! People in the US have no clue about the misery their government has caused to people worldwide. Any idea how many people became victim of this evil terror? The American public was blinded by the media who are owned by the evil forces. To a large extent they have no clue and see the world is not bigger than democrats and republicans who in fact are the same behind the screens. The military has not taken steps to free the US from the evil forces. They undoubtedly know what is going on there but likely there is treason inside the military.
    Now the big question: what possibilities has the world to stop the evil forces in the US who strive for not less than world government???
    Quite understandably the US people who know a little bit more are worried, but how many people in countries worldwide have been worried for so long. The US people unfortunately did not wake up and did not come in action.
    Internet is a blessing and it has contributed to alrge extent to more consciousness. Big question is whether this development will go fast enough so that internal forces within the US remove the evil forces? The evil forces of course do not want to wait and realise there is no time to waste … They will lose in the end. There can be no doubt. Only problem is whether the cabal can be removed without causing more people and including the palnet Earth to become victim of those criminal cabal people.


    “..presumably a future Clinton administration will be the first American administration to surrender the country to a foreign power..”

    America has been under the control of a foreign power since 1913, when Woodrow Wilson’s administration passed the federal reserve act, surrendering total control over the issuance of American currency to the synagogue of Satan. Not long after, the German Zionists approached the British government, offering to deliver America into WW1 to defeat Germany, in exchange for British support for the establishment of a Rothschild safe haven for dual citizen criminals in Palestine. Ever since then, the federal reserve has robbed America blind, issuing currency out of thin air to fund their conquest of the world’s resources, industry and workforce. The cost of these wars and the usurious interest that comes with every dollar issued has been placed on the back of American taxpayer. Countless trillions of dollars later, the moneychangers have bled their golden calf dry and now they need a major war to blame for the destruction of America, so they can move on and parasitize their next host nation with impunity. Using nations to further your agenda and leaving them too weak to retaliate against you, is part of the plan laid out in Theodor Herzl’s diaries.

    “Russia had obtained the consent of the Cuban leadership to place “the latest mobile strategic nuclear missiles on the Island…” Recently, the Russians surprisingly docked a Russian spy ship in Havana. This is the Cuban Missile Crisis revisited! My sources are adamant that Cuba is being militarized by Russia as I write these words.”

    If Russia ever did decide to put missiles in Cuba, it will be in response to the missile launchpad already placed in Romania by the US, which was a direct violation of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty. Like the first time, the US had nukes in Turkey and refused to move them. Russia put theirs in Cuba as a response. Quite frankly, I don’t believe this “Cuba being militarized” nonsense anyways. I have a friend from Cuba who was born there roughly 60 years ago, staying at my house right now. He’s surprisingly knowledgeable when it comes to global affairs and he’s very observant of things going on in Cuba. He’s heard nothing about this supposed militarization of his country.

    This “Red Terror” propaganda being regurgitated all over the mockingbird MSM is all about Russia standing in the way of an illegal and murderous, US/Israeli/Saudi sponsored regime change, which aims to turn Syria into another Iraq and Libya. Russia has given the USG a number of opportunities to cooperate in Syria, but the USG has refused, because they and their allies in the region support the forces who fight to overthrow the duly elected Syrian president. ISIS, al-Nusra, etc, etc..The position of the USG in Syria is totally indefensible and in direct violation of international law. In reality, Syria and Russia are already within their rights to be targeting US troops and aircraft operating in Syria, because US forces have no permission to be there and they have proven themselves to be a direct threat to the internationally recognized, duly elected Syrian government and their requested Russian assistance.

    How does America respond to Russia destroying their terrorist proxies in Syria? By placing illegal economic sanctions on Russia. By sponsoring Nazi terrorists to overthrow governments on Russia’s border and then blaming Russia for the chaos. By violating the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty and placing a missile launchpad in Romania. By coordinating attacks with ISIS on known Syrian military locations. By making serious allegations all over the mockingbird media, accusing Russia of hacking the US and trying to interfere with US elections, without providing any kind of real evidence to support such serious accusations.

    Why would Russia interfere with the election? Any fool can turn on their idiot box and see that American government has destroyed its own credibility. If you had an enemy who has threatened your life and you walked in on him standing on a chair with a rope around his neck, would you feel the need to shoot him? If you had an enemy who was in the hospital on life support and was expected to die within a couple days, would you go out of your way to smother him with a pillow? Of course not. The point is, the American government has completely sold out to the enemy of humanity that resides within their gates and any fool can see that what we are witnessing is the premeditated suicide of an empire. So, no outside force needs to intervene to destroy America, because America is destroying itself.

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