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Pentagon: World War III ‘Almost Guaranteed’, Will Be Fast and Lethal!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016 11:18
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Pentagon: World War III ‘Almost Guaranteed’, Will Be Fast And Lethal!


Written by JayWill7497


With advanced technology and Artificial Intelligence, the next conflict involving US and Russia or China is apt to be so swift and fatal that humans will not have the ability to keep up.

Even as the world is dizzy under the assailment of violence and conflict, Pentagon has confessed that World War III is looming large, as outlined by We Are Anonymous, a group that is maneuvering the hacking of government websites.

Marine Gen Joseph Dunford, commander of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has released a statement that the US must “declare war on Syria and Russia” so that a “no-fly zone” over Syria can be executed. Does that mean that a world war may be in our near future?

“A conventional conflict in the near future will be extremely lethal and fast, and we will not own the stopwatch,” Major General William Hix stated at a future-of-the-army panel in Washington.

General Hix also mentioned that China and Russia’s armies are growing to be increasingly technological and that the Pentagon is getting prepared for violence on a scale that the United States Army has not witnessed since Korea.

His commentary wes also echoed by Lt Gen Joseph Anderson and Chief of Staff, Gen Mark A. Milley, who detailed war between nation states as “almost guaranteed.”

The US-Russia conflict is increasing, and this relationship is the worst since the Cold War with the Soviet Union. Russia started to boost its military operations in Syria in order to capture Aleppo to support the Syrian government.

Moscow attempted to keep the US from snooping in its affairs. Nevertheless, Secretary of State John Kerry nagged President Barack Obama to intervene in Syria and face the outcomes. Even a nuclear deterrent is acceptable, he recommended.

There is apparently a “proxy war”, consequently, in Syria with the daggers drawn between the Big Two. Gen Mark Milley, Army Chief of Staff, stated at the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing that a Russian official had proclaimed that Russia would triumph if it declares a conventional war in Europe.

Even in its sparring with China, the US appears to be getting into deep water. The Permanent Court of Arbitration Ruling on China’s nine-dash-line claim in the South China Sea demonstrated that the US is planning to set sail under the aegis of the Freedom of Navigation principle. It has made the Chinese livid.

Defense Minister Chang Wanquan stated that China is gearing up for an oceanic clash. There appears to be testing of nuclear weapons and drawing up plans for military drills in the region. The US has disclosed that “China has tested an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile, which is capable of striking everywhere in the world within half an hour.”

What kind of a World War would it be then, if it leaves no world behind?

Maybe we need not get too stressed about it, as we may not even be around to find out.

These People Are A Danger To Themselves And Others! Wake Up!!!!!!

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  • Dave 1963

    Washington Prepares! To make a big profit! Same thing Smedley Butler wrote about a hundred years ago. The American people really should learn their own history, then maybe they could avoid repeating it over and over again. Einstein’s exact definition of insanity!

  • Enjoykin4


    This message has arrived from some Very Powerful Friends of Humankind at this planet



    How deciphered was started ?.

    On September 27, 2016, in south Brazilian State of Parana, magnificent Crop Circles figure was found in the field and some new Brazilian enthusiasts could make shooting from height of bird’s flight and provided a quality photos and videos of this ciphered message.

    Lets take a look pictures and videos

    Here are HQ Videos

    Wow – it represent an ancient Vedic symbol known as “THE FLOWER OF LIFE” and represent that this planet known as “MIDGARD” planet or “Midgard earth” to other civilizations is LIVING PLANET.

    Below the Flower of Life was shown “DOOMS DAY” number which represent valid date of TERRIBLE DOOMS DAY event.

    Lets make some calc.

    27 Semptember plus 43 day is exactly ?

    Guess what ?

    EXACTLY 9/11 DOOMS DAY. Yes 43-th day after 27 September is exactly THE MOST TERRIBLE DAY FOR HUMAN KIND 9-th November 2016.

    More calc.!!

    2016 is 2 plus 0 plus 1 plus 6 = 9

    Wow same 9/11 reading reverse.

    Final logic conclusion 9 day 11 month 9 sum of current year so it is DOUBLE 9/11/9 DAY reading from left to right and right to left. The Feedback is closing !!

    ALL WHO READ THIS – DECIPHERED “FLOWER OF LIFE” MESSAGE is exactly the Menace day 9-november-9 (total sum of 2016 numbers).




    Take care and Best Wishes

    • ecclesiatical

      Get off the crack man and if you are sharing with white dawn,tell her my message.

  • digitalt

    Just get ready for the earth shattering kaboom. It will happen Are you ready?

  • humaka


    the commoners shall be put into an inescapable situation…

    to force them to have to seek true creator parental reality help.

    but so will the elites…

    and in doing so, the true creators plan, will forge world alliance between rich and poor, elite and pauper, satanist and godist…

    above and beyond what the puppies, all equal in free will, to create the most each can…

    and the world as one will move into infinity wealth of resource of the cosmos, not just earth wealth/resource fought over as in all days past the alive humans know of…

    as the litter of puppies round the food bowl act out, so simply do all the human beings all each one do.

    • Ugly

      Thats not the creators plan. What you described are plans laid out by “occult Illuminists”.

  • humaka

    Do they not say and scream to all, the pentagon lies, but then those same quote the pentagon, when it proves what they wish to believe as most true reality.

    Such proving their blindness to any awake.

  • putupjob

    the obama administration has been stoking a war with russia for a while now.
    the russians and now calling back children from around the world.
    they planned on a 40 million person move as a “drill”.
    when they start moving populations around, they’re getting ready for a nuclear war they plan on winning.

    0% coverage of any of this by national media. nothing.
    it’s all on alt sites, only. and it appears to be ultra credible.

    • humaka

      because they know you, so put data, in the one place they know you will deem it credible…

      controlled opposition dummy.

      world change…

      no 3 world war shall actually occur.

      but you thinking so, makes u expose your own true most loyalties…

      the name of the game…

      know thy enemy.

      to counter his move with success of self agenda.

      grow down, not up.

  • WhiteDawn

    Aliens have deactivated British and US nuclear missiles, say US military pilots


    ‘Aliens tried to save America from nuclear war’: UFOs shot at missiles in White Sands to protect Earth, claims former astronaut

    Insiders Account of UFO Shutting Down 18 Nuclear Warheads

  • Pink Slime

    You must understand if a war is coming the world wanted it in some way. Whether by greed, laziness, complacency or they just wanted a negro in.

    Now they want Hillary. Stand aside. Something is going to get blown up!

    Yahuah sends you women and children when you sin.

    • Jacko

      Wars are games for the elite. Peasants have no say in it. They’re too busy fighting the war.

  • Doccus

    Right. I was ready to move on to the next webpage as soon as I saw the post’s author but I thought I’d have a view anyways. Shouldn’t have bothered. All the opinions were given by military generals that had survived Obama’s purge. That is, ones who were still OK with his treasonous activities. He’d already made it clear , if you displayed any sort of moral fortitude against his corrupt administration, that, ironically, you’d be dismissed for “moral terpitude”! How’s that for the most utter irony ever.. :-(

  • Debbie

    Up until now that Axis of Evil has only picked on little countries that they could easily beat up and steal their wealth and then install NATO friendly puppet governments………….Russia is a whole different kettle of fish…while Obama has been devastating our military the Russians have been fortifying their military…our Air Force flies outdated bombers they can’t even readily get parts for anymore…if the Pentagon seriously attacks Russia it will be the end ……Russia has the nuclear capability to bomb America to death very fast…it will be the quickest, hottest defeat in the history of the world…..will the Pentagon actually do this? I doubt it, but it is possible….our Pentagon is full of Luciferians just like the rest of the government…….is this why Hillary has no more engagements on her calendar…are the evil ones going to their bunkers for the nuke fest they are pushing? Possibly….I have more faith in the goodness of Putin not wanting to destroy humanity than I do Soros/Rothschild owned and operated US Government haters of humanity…..

    • Dani926

      Your last sentence is the only thing i think us americans will have to fall back on as hope if we DO end up actually being in a situation where something comes to fruition. it just all is making me so sick and maybe i shouldn’t care or look at it this way, but lately it is really bothering me more and more that we as a whole country are viewed by others as they see our arrogant, criminal, dishonest, greedy, wall-street-run country, and that just is NOT the case at all and we are NOT happy with the s*** that’s going on and haven’t been for a long time now. nobody is going to feel sorry for us or want to help us out & support us if s*** really DOES end up smashing into the fan, and that’s not fair. to think of the evil elite hanging out together in luxurious bunkers that contain 5 star restaurants, hospitals, gardens, spas, fitness centers & libraries, while the rest of us are either obliterated or left so badly off that we WISH we were obliterated, makes me think there is just no way in hell a wrong like this could ever play out and that if there is indeed a loving creator, which of course we know there is, He will intercede before things can get to that point of no return!

  • butthead

    i guess this means no international ping pong for awhile

  • truck driver

    Playing cat and mouse in Syria makes money for people selling the weapons. Why end it in world war 3 . Income source won’t be around if theirs a world war

  • Takealook

    Sound like the only way to stop WW3 is to eliminate the traitors in congress. All of them.

    • deano

      Starting with the one who is pushing/promoting this ~ ASH CARTER.

      • apache5

        you got it and notice YOU got a negative, THAT tells you the govies are watching!! LOL! they will ALL get what they deserve soon!!

        • Jacko

          If you really seriously think a negative vote must mean “the government is watching” you seriously need to see a doctor. And above all lay off BIN for a while.

  • Godzilla

    The military takes an oath to protect the fake constitution of america from enemies both foreign and domestic, yet doesnt have a fuching clue what they swore to protect. Do they know the term DOMESTIC means? Could it be the federal reserve bank? Could it be the UN? Could it be muslim nations like saudi arabia and qatar that finance ISIS? Do they know ANY FUCHING THING AT ALL????? :mad:

    GIVE ME BACK MY TAX MONEY! $6.5 FUCHING TRILLION DOLLARS UNACCOUNTED FOR! Where has it gone? To underground bases? To fund NASA? To buy how many aircraft carriers, stealth aircraft, nuclear missiles, etc? How many foriegn military bases? Do we need all this?

    Either trump wins and sorts things out, or the second amendment will. I have run out of patience for UTTER LOSERS years ago!

  • Enjoykin4


    “In the war against NATO Russia surrenders 10 days” – Lieutenant Colonel of the Ministry of Defense of the United States

    What are the chances of a direct contact with NATO?

    - The Pentagon and NATO commanders have plans for war against all countries. First of all – against aggressive and unstable. The confrontation between NATO and Russia will take no longer than 10-20 days. Alliance military budget exceeds the defense spending ten of. It will be a war against laser rifle.

    If Moscow will use nuclear missiles, some of them fly up to half, and the rest will intercept a global missile defense system. The only thing that is really dangerous – a nuclear missile submarines off the coast of Europe and the United States. But in this case we believe that we can intercept all blows.

    NATO’s response will be something like this. First, invisible to radar Stealth bombers destroy all military facilities and factories. Then using drones electromagnetic pulse switch off all electronics in major Russian cities. At that time, all military and political leadership of Russia has to be outside the country. After that, any military actions of Russia are impossible. To complete capitulation of Russia in 10-20-day conflict, no one will see any NATO soldier. Then we take the lead in the country – the election of a democratic government in Russia.

    More here:

    Original link

    • Godzilla

      3000 people died on 9-11-2001 and these horeshit generals are telling us russia and china are the enemy. It wasnt even an attack by alqueda, it was an attack by our own government. When the kenyan-indonesian faggot wannabe president with his tranny wife took over and are ACTIVELY and PURSPOSEFULLY SPONSORING TERRORISTS in the middle east and calling them “moderate rebels” with my fuching tax money and sending refugees into europe and america, people in the military better get their facts straight and honor their oath to the constitution…or there will be literal hell to pay!

    • ecclesiatical

      I want some of whatever it is you are smoking.

  • Anonymous

    When you see both parties quit sharing the same space scam, you will know it is real. Until then, it is the same Organized Crime that has gone on for decades.

  • Richard Parker

    The US government is going to get their asses handed to them on this one, but it’s like Rhett Butler said, “Quite frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

  • ConfuciousSay

    Oh great, we are all going to die. (Again, every day on BIN)

    • Godzilla

      I guess you are ok then with international bankers running the nation into the groun with debt, the vatican church preaching its one world religion, muslim rapists and killers infiltrating america, no more paper currency, rfid implants to make sure you get message from the nearest control tower, etc. Presidents like ted cruz and obama that are NOT EVEN AMERICAN BORN to run your life.

      Yeah it gets old with imbeciles putting up with treason and subversion without knowing it.

  • Takealook

    A bonafide nut-case joo-owned traitor-filled government. USA, USA, USA.

  • Anonymous

    Dude u have no credibility.

  • beefree

    Every time the economy is crashing… the bankers start another war to make money… millions and millions die… a few years later… trauma drama all starts again…and again …. and one year all will figure this out… all bankers will be fired, and sent away… all be free….

  • Anonymous

    I bet Allen Dulles is spinning in his grave. TBBP. DGIT.

  • Chris B

    One thing we know for sure: World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones (and there’ll be no ‘Rapture’ or coming of the ‘True Messiah’ for the Neoconartists and ZioNazis – so perhaps that makes it 3 things we no for sure!)).

  • conscious soul

    This is a prayer for those ready to have a relationship with Jesus Christ, time is short God bless! Dear God in heaven, I come to you in the name of Jesus. I acknowledge to You that I am a sinner, and I am sorry for my sins and the life that I have lived; I need your forgiveness. I believe that your only begotten Son Jesus Christ shed His precious blood on the cross at Calvary and died for my sins, and I am now willing to turn from my sin. You said in Your Holy Word, Romans 10:9 that if we confess the Lord our God and believe in our hearts that God raised Jesus from the dead, we shall be saved. Right now I confess Jesus as the Lord of my soul. With my heart, I believe that God raised Jesus from the dead. This very moment I accept Jesus Christ as my own personal Savior and according to His Word, right now I am saved. Thank you Jesus for your unlimited grace which has saved me from my sins. I thank you Jesus that your grace never leads to license, but rather it always leads to repentance. Therefore Lord Jesus transform my life so that I may bring glory and honor to you alone and not to myself. Thank you Jesus for dying for me and giving me eternal life. so shall it be!

  • Robin

    More Fear porn. Don’t sweat it people. No WWIII is going to happen

    • ecclesiatical

      Yeap, because E.T phoned home. :lol:

  • VirusGuard

    The USA has been holding a Nuclear gun to everyones haeds for far too long and now the world is fighting back and the leaders (Banker puppets) in Washington want to join the war in Yemen because it’s proxy army from Saudi Arabia is not doing so well.

    if the americans don’t control their dog then it will be put down and its as simple as that

  • Fillipper

    So if it does happen run towards the big mushroom cloud so we all can get off this sick planet and can stop listening to all the bullsheet about government and elections and war and peace. Your killed you move on to a better realm. no more taxes no more sorrow no more elites who think they are better than we all are because they have money. LOL See you on the other side

    • Bradley Dueringer

      I’m with you….I am sooo sooo ready to leave this demonic realm of madness that I am actually looking forward to a nuclear war. ….the sooner the better

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