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Russia and China Combining Forces in Syria

Wednesday, October 5, 2016 20:33
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The Russians are preparing to win World War III. They have presently evacuated 40 million Russians who have been transported to a bunker in an effort to practice to survive and an American nuclear strike.

Meanwhile, what has Obama done to protect the lives of American citizens? The answer is that he hate America/Americans and will not lift a finger to save even one American. This is why we have no bunkers.

Hillary Clinton has promised to enforce a no-fly zone in Syria. This means certain war. John Kerry has threatened to send terrorists to destroy Russian cities. Defense Secretary, Ashton Carter, has stated that our children will live in a world that is a burned out cinder. As if Russia needed more provocation to launch a first strike against America, there are four reasons why Putin will do exactly that and all four reasons relate to Syria.

World War III Will Begin In Syria

I have read very little about the underlying motivations for what is occurring in this volatile part of the world. This article identifies the four major reasons which underlies the Russian military presence in Syria.

  1. Russia is Protecting Its Only Middle East Allies

ISIS is a CIA creation. As former Army Special Operations Officer, Scott Bennett states, “ISIS was a CIA creation, supplied by illegally-left-behind military equipment in Iraq”. According to Bennett, ISIS is funded by CIA sponsored, covert Swiss bank accounts. ISIS’ purpose was to eventually bleed over into Syria, where they would help ferment the collapse of the Assad regime. Once Syria had been toppled, Iran would be invaded and the Federal Reserve’s Petrodollar would be saved. Conversely, Syria and Iran are Russia’s only path into the Middle East. Subsequently, Putin has very cleverly turned the tables on the CIA strategy to use ISIS to topple Syria and this has provided Russia with a pretext to have a military presence in the region.


  1. Russia is Leading the Charge Away from the Petrodollar

The BRICS have attacked the sacred Federal Reserve by undermining the Petrodollar.

The BRICS have attacked the sacred Federal Reserve by undermining the Petrodollar.

At the beginning of the of the Syria/Iran crisis, all of the world’s nations used the dollar as the world’s reserve currency except for IRAN and SYRIA. So long as the world used the dollar as a prerequisite to purchase oil, the nations of the world would always prove to be subservient to the United States and its “Petrodollar”. The Federal Reserve dollar has been the world’s reserve currency since 1944. It provides the only backing for the dollar. Without the dollar being on World Reserve currency status, the dollar would hyper-inflate and crash in a very short amount of time. The lives of average Americans would be over as they have known it.

There have been past attempts to abandon the practice of purchasing Iraqi oil without first going through the Federal Reserve to purchase the Petrodollar. In the early 1990’s, France and Germany attempted to use the Euro to “quietly purchase” oil from Iraq. Iraq was invaded by the United States. When history repeated itself, Iraq was invaded again, and Saddam Hussein was executed. When Libya did not play ball with the Central banks over much of the same issue, it was invaded and Gadhafi was executed. Going back in history, Abraham Lincoln was executed for similar reasons. When JFK printed silver certificates in an attempt to bypass the Federal Reserve, he was also executed. Putin is standing tall in opposition to this trend. At the end of the day, he too, will be executed or assassinated once he has fulfilled his purpose.

While growing weary of paying higher prices for oil in order to prop up the Petrodollar, Russia, under Putin, led a bold charge away from the world reserve status of the dollar. Iran and Syria began to sell its oil for gold. India, Brazil, South Africa and most of all, China joined the revolution against the dollar and the BRICS were formed. The US postured to invade Iran under the pretense that Iran was developing nuclear weapons. Russia and China both threatened to nuke the United States and Obama backed down. All of this adds up to the death of the dollar and ultimately, World War III.

These events have resulted in Putin taking away the moral high ground from the United States and have paralyzed US military policy in the Middle East. As a result, the dollar now has a date with destiny. Putin’s actions are leaving the Federal Reserve without backing for the dollar. With a $19 trillion dollar deficit, a $240 trillion dollar unfunded and mandated liabilities (e.g. Social Security, Medicare, etc.) and a whopping $1.5 quadrillion dollar credit swap derivatives debt, the dollar, after losing much of its former Petrodollar status, is the on the verge of collapse and it could happen any day.

  1. Russia Is Preparing to Invade the Middle East

Russia’s excuse to eradicate ISIS on the pretense of saving the Assad regime of Syria, has provided Russia with a means to build a military base of operations in Syria and serves to provide a path in which they can invade US-friendly Middle East partner oil-rich nations who are promoting the continuance of the Petrodollar. Quite frankly, I am surprised that the United States, under Federal Reserve Board leadership, has not already launched a nuclear first strike. I fear that day is coming. The Federal Reserve will not go down without a fight. The Russian counter strategy is to occupy as many parts of the world as possible, thus, making it impossible for the US to effectively counter the BRICS economic war upon the Petrodollar.

  1. All the World Is a Stage and Putin is the Leading Man

Putin is ex-KGB. As a result, following the collapse of the former Soviet Union, the KGB morphed into the Russian mafia and ruthlessly controlled Russian politics, media and much of its foreign policy. The Russian mafia was a brutal entity. In short, Putin is a thug, a KGB Mafioso thug who has brutally murdered tens of thousands of his own people. The fools that engage in worshipping Putin are very misguided. The only reason that Putin enjoys rock star status among some misinformed Americans is because he publicly espouses the beliefs of Russian people, which also represents mainstream middle class American values. Putin is openly anti-gay, while the White House displays the colors of the rainbow after the Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage. Putin has banned GMO’s, while Congress blocks any legitimate control over Monsatan, and Putin has told the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) to go to hell, while Obama is their lap dog. Putin is actually arrogant enough and enough of a demagogue to believe that he can overcome the satanically inspired banking forces on the planet. Eventually, Putin will suffer the same fate as Saddam Hussein.

And the News Only Gets Worse

Today it was announced that Russia on Wednesday turned to Twitter to justify its deployment of advanced S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems to Syria. Russia is ready and the US is not!!

Also, who can forget this report in which it was detailed that the Chinese military is executing a military build up in Syria. All roads may lead to Rome and the all roads to war lead to Damascus. It is Biblical and it is almost upon us.


Short of divine intervention, World War III is a foregone conclusion. Each and any of these four reasons will culminate in the final date with destiny. and is if these reasons were not enough, the American establishment keeps poking the proverbial stick in the eye of Russia.

In short, Putin is being used by the BIS to move the planet toward World War III. The BIS wants World War III in order to promote order out of chaos. They want a war of political and economic unification. Putin is their unwitting accomplice to this end. At the end of the day, Putin, like Obama, will lead their respective nations to total annihilation and the final version of the New World Order will be upon us.


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  • Pink Slime

    Is our Constitution our own demise? We are just too nice and kind to our evil and wicked politicians who betray US as soon as they get in office.

    The Democrap party must be labeled what it is. A COMMUNIST PARTY and must be banned since our laws forbid and outlawed communism many years ago.

    Yet we put in their leaders year in and year out. The result is that we are laid bare and naked for the next nuclear attack but our communist enemy curiously have nuclear shelters for 40 million of them. We have enough only for our, yep, communist betrayers up there.

    THIMK America!!!!

    • Cmonsense101

      Dave, I can’t believe you are comparing Putin to Saddam Hossein (an ill advised Sunni dictator ruling over a shia majority Iraq). The strength of Russia lies in the collective determination of its orthodox Christian oligarchs ready to go any length to oppose unjustified aggression from homo celebrating pagan west. Kill Saddam and you won’t find any Sunni Iraqi to take his place. Kill Putin and you will find many more Putin minded KGB oligarchs to take his place and lead Russia from the front. Putin is just a front man at the moment to run the show for Russia. A self proclaimed journalist like you should do a little more homework before delivering to the masses.

  • Болеслава

    Yeah right…….thats how the world ends. Not very encouraging and inspirational. but then you’re assuming that world leaders are as dead pan and hopeless in their outlook for the future as you are…….

  • F16Hoser

    Someone needs to explain to the Dumb Ass in the White House what M.A.D. stands for…

  • Mayhem

    “when a fight is inevitable, you hit first” – Putin – nuff said.

  • VirusGuard

    No Dave

    “They have presently evacuated 40 million Russians who have been transported to a bunker in an effort to practice to survive”

    They have not been evacuated and are just training and last year they did the same thing using 60 million people

    Russia and China are not having a twosum under you bed David and China has not really helped much in Syria but i think Russia will defend Syria if the USA attacks to suport it’s moderate head choppers and the ISIS terrorists it backs and then we could indeed see some nukes flying your way.

    Rusia is not prepering to invade the middel east and is only in Syria as a guest unlike the USA who has invaded the middle east all over the place so stop talking silly and take your meds because you are seeing things again and we need you to deal with your own rouge government that was taken over by bankers on 9/11

  • Counter Analysis

    I bet the elite are trying to goad Russia into an aggressive act so as to create a more serious war. Perhaps they want to control the intensity of the war like a nuclear reactor where you use control rods to regulate the nuclear chain reaction. But there is always risk of a complete meltdown. If the elite expect a controlled reaction, Russia may respond by an overwhelming response such as an all out nuclear attack on the United States. Mystery Babylon is destroyed in one hour of one day in bible prophecy. Author Richard Coombes detailed in his books, America the Babylon vol. 1 and 2, that America is mystery Babylon and would be attacked from the outermost north region. He believed the attackers would be angelic in nature and would probably appear like extraterrestrials. Perhaps it is not angels who attack but Russia. Russia has been in the news for the past couple of years because they have been occupying parts of the arctic. My guess is they have been setting up military bases and nuclear capabilities there. I’m not sure what if any strategic advantage launching attacks from the arctic holds, but Russia is there for a reason.
    It’s also important to remember that Russia took the brunt of the punishment in WWII. I can imagine they would not be willing to go through an ordeal like that a second time. It’s very dangerous to underestimate what Russia may choose to do if it is drawn into a large scale war.

    • VirusGuard

      They will risk billions of people rising up and dealing with the traitors who run the country if they do anything but a full on sneak attack.

      People are sick of the bankers and our leaders who are taking bribes from them

  • ecclesiatical

    WW3 started in 1991 and will end 26 years(Nostradamus) later(2017) and it will end like WW2 with a bang(Hiroshima and Nagasaki) and the red dragon is not nibiru but China.

  • unidentified

    russia and china are training together that dos not mean they conspire to silently take over new world order that is propaganda/paranoia

  • LeavingBabylon

    Please leave the actual Scriptures out of your assessment.

    Too many sun-worshiping Christians have no clue about the Hebrew Israelite scriptures; they only have a religion; thus a false belief which can never counter the word of YHUH.

    Those attempting to take what they call the Old Testament (which they don’t believe in anyway) and misapply the prophecies written in it should remember what it says in what they call the New Testament, Revelation, about what happens to those who do this.

  • WhiteDawn

    All this is just a :

    Congress Quietly Introduces PROPAGANDA Bill: H.R. 5181

  • Skepticus21

    “…Putin, like Obama, will lead their respective nations to total annihilation and the final version of the New World Order will be upon us.”
    Sorry, Dave– this statement does not make much sense! If the destruction is total, then what is left to constitute the NWO?
    Also, for a ‘Christian,’ you forget that it’s Putin who is defending the faith and Christian values, while the USA is quite clearly the stronghold of Satan. Putin is NOT arrogant and reckless; that is the trait of the US president, whoever he/she is. And Russia is not planning to invade anywhere! As Putin stated, ‘the Russian Federation covers 9 time zones, why would we need to add more territory?’

    You need to get more objective in your analysis, Dave.

  • truthseeker4809

    Make sure to drop nuclear bomb in Israel and in New York first if the war ever breaks out that way the war will end quickly, and maybe Rome also, because no Jews and/or Jesuits are going to dictate where to bomb anymore. This message will also deter any possible war if they knew of these instructions. You will find how destructive the religion of Torah and Old Testament has been. You see the Christian Evangelicals start from New Testament and drift into the Old one and then went down the hill to corruption and decadence. Not one of those media evangelical moguls has been exceptions. They got rich and arrogant, and became vampires. Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Bakker, and others have followed the exact same step.

    • VirusGuard

      Yes the banker must be stopped before they get us all killied but let vote for puppets because it’s more important to your average american not that the results will change a thing.

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