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The Military Draft Is Returning for both Men and Women – Can War Be Far Off?

Sunday, October 2, 2016 15:01
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The draft is almost upon us. Last Spring, the Senate passed a requirement that will force young women to register with Selective Service. The states are becoming more draconian in the enforcement of non-registration for young males by doing such things as denying them the right to drive.

I have covered how Executive Order 13603 will have two drafts, one military, and one civilian which will be headed up by the Secretary of Labor. Are your children 18-30? They will soon be cannon fodder if we let them. Are you going to let your children be used by the banksters in the name of profits?

From Breaking Israel News and Rabbi Alon Anava, who lectures all over the world on the end of days:

..”Asked about the connection between the US presidential election and the End of Days, he remarked, “Of course the elections have to do with end of time. Moshiach is on the doorstep and every current affair that we see… you just open our [Scripture] from 2000 years ago and it’s like opening a newspaper. Everything is written. Everything was predicted. Everything was prophesied.

“Personally, I don’t think we’re going to get to the elections. I think they’re going to declare martial law way before the elections happen. Maybe a terror attack, by financial collapse, by riots. Sixty million Americans are on food stamps. Just take that away for one month and you’re going to have 60 million Americans on the streets, creating riots. That’s very easily a cause to call for martial law…”

Rabbi Anava also feels that a war involving nuclear weapons and a possible EMP is probable. People from every walk of life feel it in their bones, something bad is on the horizon and many feel that we are not going to have to wait very long to find out.

We are on the verge of war in Syria and in the South China Sea. I have learned from one of my contacts that F-35’s are congregating in Alaska in anticipation of providing bomber support when we bomb Russia.

Things are crazy, they are beyond crazy. The challenges we are facing are in the following video.


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  • Debbie

    I hope the draft does come back, I can’t wait for all those little snowflakes and cupcakes to get drafted….all the liberals who support Hillary and Obama should be thrilled when they are in Syria under gun fire and find there are no safe places and no one gives a shlt about being politically correct – yes, that just what these little mind washed liberal….a good stint in the armed forces….they’ll be afraid to carry a weapon…it will be quite hilarious…will they get their little liberal feeling hurt…yes they will….

    • Busta Myth

      The amount of time they spend with the heads stuck in their iphones or taking selfies I can’t imagine how on earth they would last very long on a battlefield

      So Hitlery wants America to take in loads of Syrian so-called “refugees” while she sends American boys and girls to fight the Russians in Syria?

      Hmm, sounds pretty ferked up eh? Why doesn’t she and her war mongering cohorts stop blowing the crapola out of Syria and funding jihadis ?

      • Hayduke

        You watch. Every soldier will be taking selfies on the battlefield. “Look at me, look at me”!! SPLAT!

    • Morgana Le Fay

      The wise and well-to-do will ofcourse flee, and the sons and daughters of the political elite who ended up drafted and didn’t flee or manage to get out of it would never see the front lines or be put in harms way.

  • sarah

    Just say NO.

    They can’t make a person go sign up for the draft.

    As for not allowing those who do not sign up for the draft to acquire a drivers license … SO?

    Better not to die than not to drive.

    If we had a just government fighting a war for a just cause that was in the American peoples interest people would likely volunteer for the military.

    Why should we sacrifice our children on the alter of the banker demons wars for unjust, unholy, ungodly, and evil demon possessed men to become rich from the blood of our children.

    If the demons want war let the bastards send their own children to die on the alter of Satan, the Devil.

    We will keep our children at home.

    And, to Hell with the corrupt Banksters and their criminal wars.

  • wiseoldlady

    Rand Paul is nothing like his father….no comparison. What has he actually done???? Cant think of anything. Mike Lee (100% rating) and Ted Cruz (97% rating) are two of about 5 best senators in Congress. You can sure get rid of my two worthless senators Moran and Roberts from Kansas. We already lost the great Tim Huelscamp who should have been in the House forever. Was going to have a guy run in the primary BUT Bob Dole called him and told him to back off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So he didn’t run. That is how crooked DC does things. Obviously threats were made.

  • presidentofme

    Really? Women belong in the kitchen…enough said :shock:

  • truck driver

    People that can’t swim will go into the army, because people can use a stress card to complete boot camp in the army.

  • The Clucker

    The draft should start with people that have eraser shaped heads.

  • Pink Slime

    They want to weaken BOTH the military and the country at the same time. DON’T LISTEN to these mentally-ill people. Time to ignore them and think for yourself.

    Get armed, train and start making friends with Patriots.

  • charlie2dogs

    as long as americans are willing to fight and die for lawyers, politicians, bankers, corporations let them, just dont brag to me about how you fought for america’s freedom cause its horseshit

  • holeshot

    Does that include the “HEs ” that used to be “SHEs” and the “SHEs” that used to be “HEs” ?? Guess there will now be gender awareness training at Parris Island and Quantico. What do you call a female SEAL — A COW ! THAT Will go over real big with the P C crowd.

  • Morgana Le Fay

    I don’t believe in conscription or mandatory selective service registration at all. But if they’re going to have it, it should be enforced equally among men and women.

  • Leo

    With Headlines like these I can understand with the Draft is coming back

  • Brian

    I posted on your website a couple of days ago. I am not a troll.
    But for crying out loud if you have sources that know something
    then for god sake release who they are. You say our country is in
    such DANGER then get off your ass and get them to go public and get the
    real truth out. Enough is enough if these people know something
    then quit being a bunch p***sys and start speaking out. If not quit
    writing these dumbass articles that never come true. I know the country is
    in trouble all these sources dont start speaking out then its all over.

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