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WW III Is Beginning – Fuel Tankers Are in Flight to the Middle East – Drone Bases Under Cyber Attack

Saturday, October 15, 2016 9:52
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I can count on one hand the number of times I have ever issued an emergency alert based upon breaking news. However, the following has come to me from a most reliable source and I have partial confirmations.

There is no time for embellishments, so I will get right to the point.

War May Be Starting Soon

American fuel tankers have just gone airborne as of this morning, to the Middle East, for refueling our fighters and bombers which would be presumably conducted a series of non-stop bombing missions. This is an undeniable first step preparation for war. If these actions are carried out to their logical conclusion, we can expect to hear an announcement that our Air Force has carried out attacks upon the Syrian Army.
It will be at this point that the Russian field commanders will make a decision if they will start World War III by shooting down American planes and killing American pilots.
This information coincides with information that I obtained four years ago that I updated and republished last night. I had a conversation with a source which told me that a Russian attack upon Alaska, is anticipated.  The Russians have been propositioning military assets for at least the four years that I have been reporting on this issue. I feel compelled to ask a key question:
Why would there be a fear of being attacked in Alaska if the US was not planning to make a provocative move in the Middle East?
Clearly, the anticipated retaliatory attack in Alaska is expected by our leaders because they are making a move on Syria.
Additionally, I have been that cyber attacks are on the rise between our enemies, the Russians and Chinese, and the United States. I have been in possession of this information since only this morning.
Further, I have learned that our drone bases have come under heavy attack on computer networks. 
Without hesitation, I can state these are preparations that would be made, only if war was imminent.
In the long history of the United States, we have been here before (e.g. the Cuban Missile Crisis) and cooler heads have prevailed. However, the prospects for peace seem bleak at this point.
My advice to all, right now, is to make all necessary and proper precautions. Make sure you have your food, water and all of the rest of your needed supplies, because when the shooting starts, there is a good chance that nothing will be delivered.
People will ask me when this will happen, and I must say that I do not know. However, the outbreak of war could happen at any time. It would be a mistake to think that, if this does happen, that it will occur prior to the election. In this case, there will be no election
Pray for peace!

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  • WhiteDawn

    You can imagine only Cyber WW3, really?

    • suty43

      Churchill was pure Evil and wanted to Anthrax the whole of Europe but was stopped by his own Generals, google ‘Churchill Anthrax Bomb’…

      And funny how Hitler had all those Chemical weapons at his disposal yet never used them even when facing defeat in the face, mainly because the History books lie when they talk about Hitler…

      Churchill good, Hitler bad… yeah righto!

      • deano

        Good point suty43. I always wondered about Churchill using the Royal Navy for the “GALLI-poli Campaign”. A very big “mission” to “tie-down” Ottomon Turks , while Lawerence of Arabia + UK Army CAPTURED Jerusalem.
        If they had succeeded in the “Dardenelles/Hells Point” they would have captured Constantinople, the “Hagia Sophia”, the EASTERN Orthodox Church.
        Where CONSTANTINE made it LAW to be a Christian!

        Wouldnt it be interesting to know what Churchill, Stalin & Roosevelt/Truman REALLY talked about?
        Lets Pretend we are all diplomatic enemies 4 a while(Cold War), then we can blame it on the Turks & Arabs down the road…… :wink:

        • Busta Myth

          The same Banksters funded Churchill, Stalin, Hitler and Truman

          Masonic Switzerland – Home of the Pharaohs (aka Knights Templars/KKK/NAZIS)

          • Just The Truth

            Send them all over seas so that America is wide open to attack…

  • last_layman

    In WWII both Nazis and Allies had nuff chemical weapons to wipe out each other completely but event nuts like Hitler or Stalin never used it, so why would anyone use nukes in WWIII? More likely, with the current air-defense and the long-range AT weapons and with the power of modern artillery, more likely world will see kind of re-run of WWI with the lines of trenches and landmines stretching all over the the world after first initial advances… it’s kind of war that best for the bankers, politicians and industrial.

    • Takealook

      Why did the US use nukes in Japan? Why do the US use depleted uranium all over the Mid-East?
      Why did the US government and Israel cause 911 and then use this false flag to start a massive war of terror in the Mid-East and here at home? Answer: They are insane paid pawns of the Rothschilds (Fed) bankers
      and they want you dead.

      • b4

        somebody red checked you takealook for speaking the truth–geez

        • Takealook

          Banned by for warning America about what these bankers have planned in the next few days/weeks. It won’t be pretty but congress is on vacation and so is Hillary right next to their bunkers while American people are being nuked because of them. This has always been the plan to escape the financial nightmare they created
          so say goodbye to your loved ones unfortunately.

          • VirusGuard

            The puppets might find that hitting the red button will start a militay coup and in any case I have the USA down for race wars in order for the banking elite to escape.

            A few russian nukes on Israel to cut the strings to Congress from the banksters would be the best option and when they get nuked most americans will know why it’s been done and won’t want to go all “MAD” but will be buying the Russians a drink for setting them free after 9/11

    • Iggy A

      Back then, the elite power-players were not talking about how the global population must be reduced from 5 to 7 billion down to 1 or less…

  • DK

    The VC10 fleet was retired from the RAF in 2013.

    • Cletis

      And the Victor Tanker which is pictured, was retired even earlier…1993….yes…23 years ago.

      • deano

        Thanks Cletis, I thought it looked like a Victor .
        My uncle -in-law flew in the Dambuster Sqn in the “Cold War “era. Flying Vulcans with Nukes all the way to the Iron-Curtain, behind an enigma, behind a Berlin Wall …..they did this for years, called off every night with a “Mission Abort-Fly Home”.
        # Before Greece was Bankrupted , they dun it too CYPRESS/Cyprus.(Turks+Russ OUT!)
        # The RAF base , the ‘Uk aircraft carrier” off the Syrian Coast.
        # The Tornado runway also shares with Predators,Hawks,Raptors…..the CIA/USAAF wing that flew the U2, now flying DRONES :wink: :wink:

  • Pink Slime

    Putin in the negro has become a liability to Americans. He has shown the willingness to surrender, to backtrack, to retreat sending signals to your enemy come and TAKE AMERICA! I won’t defend her. I am a negro.

    So, why not now before the negro leaves? :twisted:

  • Doccus

    Could the attack on Alaska be in order to mitigate the potential loss of life? I am sure Putin doeesn’t really want to engage in a slaughter, and perhaps an attack on alaska would wake people up as to the utter seriousness of the situation….
    If not I have no doubt he also has nuke capable subs on standby all around the North American coast…

    • deano

      If he does , then those X-band radar stations on the Aleutian Is chain are worthless?
      The War was already decided long ago, the Americans gave all the Bering Sea Fishing rites back to Russia, while they cook Alaska to get at its until NOW covered in ICE areas.>>gas + oil fields in ARCTIC!
      Drill Baby Drill! The Alaskan Shill ! :cool:

      • Iggy A

        It has some logical sense to it (understanding logic doesn’t mean truth):

        If the US is unable to dominate the world – but the goal is to establish a dominating global government – then the US giving up power to others – like China, the EU, Russia, and the Mid-East Oil nations – would likely be part of the plan.

        At the end of the Cold War, there was no celebration outside of the United States – and even the elements in the United States who’d long said some form of Communism should win the day eventually did not celebrate – because they fretted nobody could stand up to Uncle Sam any more…

        In short, if you just look at the surface of the foreign policy magazines of the 90s, the agenda was clear: Bring America down to the level of the other power players and everyone work together for the common good of the elites who largely control those powers…

        …..Democracy wasn’t even a goal…. In fact, as we saw with the uniting of Europe – something they’d failed at during the Cold, democracy was deemed the primary obstacle…

  • wiseoldlady

    If true Putin aim one for the City of London, UN, WH, Soros, black nobility,all Rothschild holdings and let’s not forget the banks.

  • compaid

    Who writes this garbage of misinformation ?

    • FAT AXL!!!

      Hoggie Hoggzz is his name.

      Hogwash is his game.

  • VirusGuard

    “I can count on one hand the number of times I have ever issued an emergency alert based upon breaking news.”

    Thats a bit of an under statement when we get about one a day coming in from these friends of your

    “It will be at this point that the Russian field commanders will make a decision if they will start World War III by shooting down American planes and killing American pilots.”

    if the yanks are flying where they have no right to be like in the skys over Syria then it’s the americans that have started the war and you hvae to remember that just now the USA is trying to blame Russia for a Cyber Attack without presenting any facts to back this story up in a effort to blame a war the criminals want as some how being started by Russia

    “Russian attack upon Alaska, is anticipated”

    Maybe this is because Russia is moving it’s men and missile systems that makes you think this but it’s to counter the USA who is using our soil in Europe to put missiles and men all over the place so the yanks should not start something they cannot finish.

    Please add suicide pills to your “Bug Out Bag” because if pushed too far then Russia/China/Iran and a few more will attack with nukes and you might want these pills when you hair starts falling out or if most of your skin is burned off.

    • Anonymous

      Both parties have been faking animosity for decades while they suck money out of the pockets of their fooled sheeple. Both also share the same space scam sucking even more money out of their respective sheeple population.
      I have been listening to it for 64 years and though their media propaganda machines fuel fear on a daily basis, they have never fired so much as a BB gun at each other so hopefully some people will get a clue.

  • Iggy A

    One site that keeps its own DEFCON Warnings moved it up to 3 – but the official one is still at the lowest level.

    Well, the items you listed are part of the DEFCON system. Each change in level triggers the overall military posture. It’s been too long for me to remember much about what the specifics are —- but getting re-fuelers in position and ready to launch at a moment’s notice is part of it. Getting them and keeping ones of them in the air is higher up the system…

    What are our bombers doing? Do we have any units keeping them in the air 24/7?

    What units have been recalled to base for standby?

    There are many, many tell-tale signs in military posture to let us know how close we are to pulling the trigger…

  • ConfuciousSay

    War has been going on for 15 years.

  • NewsRoom

    The US and Britain have begun massive bombings in Mosul, Iraq. This is reported in many mass-media outlets. Not a Syria thing.

  • CatHunter

    I CAN’T count the number of time on both hands and both feet how often you have been COMPLETELY wrong- about EVERYTHING!!!

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