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America Is Undergoing a Marxist Revolution

Friday, November 18, 2016 5:43
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If by now you haven’t figured out that Facebook and Google are in cahoots with the corrupt government, then I feel for you, but for those who are well aware of the issues it’s high time you switched over to It is a website that is similar to Facebook but without all the censorship crap. 

Dump Trump and replace his administration with a Marxist totalitarian regime which will kill America once an d for all.

Dump Trump and replace his administration with a Marxist totalitarian regime which will kill America once an d for all.

Will Trump be impeached?  Will he be forced resign?  Neither event is going to happen. First of all, Trump cannot be impeached, he has not even taken office. What is going on in America today is history in the making. The United States is witnessing an overt attempt to perpetuate a Marxist-socialist revolution led by the youth, and many of the them are being paid as evidenced by various Facebook posts and  advertisements. As I reported yesterday, this new horizon in American politics is being ushered in by Obama, Soros  and Hillary. Hillary seems happy with these riots as she called for people to never give up. In other words, don’t accept the will of the people and create as much mayhem and madness as possible.

Huey Long and the Great Depression

This has only happened in American history one time before. These Marxist revolutionary events transpired in the early days of the Great Depression. A socialist rebel named Huey Long, who reminds me of Bernie Sanders, posed a credible threat to the FDR. He wanted a 100% tax on all incomes of over $1 million per year. Long wanted to redistribute the wealth downward, as opposed to upward. He wanted term limits on politicians.  Long was gaining political momentum when he was assassinated. One has to understand that Long, an avowed socialist, was opposing FDR, an avowed socialist with a twist. FDR was taking money from the middle class and giving it to the wealthy. There were two flavors of socialism and the establishment candidate prevailed because of an assassins bullet. The implication for Trump is obvious.

Today, the populist Trump, has more free-market ideas than any politician has expressed in a very long time. Trump’s capitalist ideas run contrary to Marxist Socialist views and actions of today’s establishment. We must fervently pray that Trump does not suffer the same fate as Huey Long.

The Democrats Are Trying to Destroy America

George Soros, on behalf of the Marxist socialist establishment, is perpetuating a rising tide of civil unrest. The Democrats are absolutely intent on burning down democracy and installing traditional Marxist polices since they do not win the election. There is no question that Soros is a domestic terrorist and he is clearly behind the rising tide of violence. However, America has become so lawless that Soros, like Clinton, is untouchable, no matter how many people die.

As I have previously demonstrated, there is no shortage of evidence surfacing showing that these protesters are being paid by organizations which are bankrolled by Soros and these ads are increasing in number on Craig’s List and this is taking place all around the country. America is sitting on a powder keg that has already been lit.


There can be no doubt that this movement is attempting to supplant a legitimate political victory and produce a state of violent anarchy which will culminate in regime change. Again, the mastermind of this purposeful movement, George Soros, needs to be arrested for domestic terrorism and treason.

It is clear that America is heading towards civil war if this is not stopped. From the position of the Marxist establishment, they will soon be on the outside looking in after Donald Trump is sworn in. However, you can count on one thing, they are not going away without their revolution.

We are spiraling toward civil war if this is not stopped. Soros/Obama/Clinton led cartel of Marxists cannot allow Donald Trump to take office for if they do, the foreign (UN) troops will no longer be at their disposal with regard to employing the military option to maintain control over the people. It is for this reason that I believe we are headed towards a major false flag incident. Rioting alone will not produce regime change. However, rioting can become a catalyst to an even bigger set of events that will allow Obama to not leave the White House.

The Marxists are poised to strike. They are gathered in Chicago and they plan to congregate at noon on November 18th. We won’t have long to wait before we see what direction this “occupy Trump movement” is going to take.

If by now you haven’t figured out that Facebook and Google are in cahoots with the corrupt government, then I feel for you, but for those who are well aware of the issues it’s high time you switched over to It is a website that is similar to Facebook but without all the censorship crap. 


NOTICE:Please note that The Common Sense Show no longer uses google because of its violation of free speech and its anti-trust actions against those who bring the public the truth. We strongly recommend people use “goodgopher” as their permanent search engine.


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  • Morgana Le Fay

    Had Hillary won, all the die-hard Trump supporters would’ve been doing the same thing, and were even planning to. The political climate has become so polarized that aftermath of this election was going to be nasty regardless of which candidate won.

    • Morgana Le Fay

      The only real winners in either case—like always—are the establishment elites, Wall Street, and corporate interests.

      • bigE

        I am a winner so is America and the world because we finally have a real leader in President Trump

  • Pink Slime

    It was a long road that led up to this.

    Remove the Father (Yahuah) from your lives then remove the father (daddy) from your family lives and guess what?

    YOU END UP WITH THE FATHERLESS PUNK!! Ripe for manipulation by the GODLESS communist.

    Screw your mind with guilt, doubt, sodomy and confusion and a rebellious spirit emerges. KILL the white man, WORSHIP the negro, all hail Hillaryous!

    On your knees America!! The fatherless punk is walking by to worship at the altar of the Hillaryous!! :twisted:

    • GUNNY

      “Screw your mind with … sodomy…”

      Is that like what Senior Drill Instructor Hartman said he would do to Private Pyle?

      Gunny Hartman:

      Private Pyle, I’m gonna give you three seconds, exactly THREE (expletive deleted) SECONDS to wipe that stupid looking grin off of your face, or


      “Screw your mind with … sodomy…”

      Or words to that effect.

  • tatsmaki

    Breakdown of American dollar and economy is imminent
    New American workers’ revolution wins
    But, Don’t remain in nation capitalism system of so-called socialism
    Nov.16, 2016
    A important cosmoinfo:
    American dollar and economy will suffer breakdown soon.
    This will bring the new civil war due to the threat of survival for workers crying “We are The 99%”.
    The major part of the Fed army and States’ militia will transit to the new workers’ revolution.
    And the new American workers’ revolution will win.
    This new revolution must realize transition to the new society of everything gratuitous services
    in all areas of human life, as the Creators gave everything gratuitously for Earth too.
    The new American workers’ revolution must not remain in the so-called socialism of Marxism or
    Marxism-Leninism which was the nation capitalism of plutocratic slave domination shown by the
    ex Soviet Union and current China.
    Otherwise, the Pole shift occurs as the General cleaning by the Creators.
    Thus, the East and CA State will sink into the sea together with British islands, Japanese islands,
    the East and the South of China, Korean peninsula, Moscow and Petersburg of Russia. EU countries
    suffer annihilative hits by the enormous tsunami higher than 100m.
    After these events, according to a notice from the Creators, Earth and its invaders-rulers’ planet of
    the Lizard and their boss, the planet of Draco will disappear from our cosmos.

  • humaka

    Order out of chaos.

    Than the question is, what is chaos?

    Than one will see ALL who are perpetuating chaos…

    For but to expose only the sins of nations leave mostly only innocents hanging.

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