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Congress Passes World War III Legislation Despite Trump’s Election

Wednesday, November 30, 2016 7:26
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When you voted for Donald Trump, didn’t you believe that this was a vote for peace and he would negotiate a mutually beneficial agreement with Russia?

Just when I thought the electoral process offered the people hope, I have learned that our vote means little to nothing.

The case in point for this new found pessimism lies in Trump’s apparent irrelevance when it comes to going to war. I thought that a vote for Trump was a vote for negotiation instead of war with the Russians over Syria. Apparently, I was wrong.

World War II Is Almost Here

hillary war pres 3
Ron Paul called Hillary Clinton “The War President”, meaning that she would be very likely to get us into World War III.

Clinton is well-known for being the best friend of the military-industrial-complex. Hillary and her staff made comments regarding going to war in Syria, and Russia be damned! in addition, in debate #2, Hillary Clinton clearly stated that she intended to impose a N0-Fly Zone in Syria. A blind man could see that a Hillary Clinton presidency would  undoubtedly put us into a direct confrontation with Russia.The mystery was over, I know there would be a World War III if we ever let her get elected. Well, I mistakenly believed that if we blocked Hillary’s path to the White House, our children would not immediately become cannon fodder in a world war that would start in Syria. Unfortunately, I was wrong.

We are going to have war, no matter who gets elected. More on that later because this statement assumes that Donald Trump will be President when war breaks out and that may not be the case.

Here is a look at the legislation that is going to bring us war.


H.R.5732 – Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act of 2016

Sponsor: Rep. Engel, Eliot L. [D-NY-16] (Introduced 07/12/2016)
Committees: House – Foreign Affairs; Judiciary; Financial Services | Senate – Foreign Relations
Latest Action: 11/16/2016 Received in the Senate and Read twice and referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations.  (All Actions)


This bill has the status Passed House  Here are the steps for Status of Legislation:

  1. Introduced
  2. Passed House
  3. Passed Senate
  4. To President
  5. Became Law

Not only has this declaration of war passed the House of Representatives, it’s identical version, except for the title has been introduced into the Senate.

S.J.Res.29 – Authorization for Use of Military Force Against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and its Associated Forces114th Congress (2015-2016) | Get alerts


Hide Overview icon-hide

Sponsor: Sen. McConnell, Mitch [R-KY] (Introduced 01/20/2016)
Latest Action: 01/21/2016 Read the second time. Placed on Senate Legislative Calendar under General Orders. Calendar No. 352.  (All Actions)

Tracker: This bill has the status Introduced


 The Case for War

The words of war are buried deep in the Congressional bill, however, after much reading  followed by lengthy scrolling, the concerning part of this intended Congressional action can be found in Section 303 of the House bill.


(a) In General.—Not later than 90 days after the date of the enactment of this Act, the President shall submit to the appropriate congressional committee a report that—

(1) assesses the potential effectiveness, risks, and operational requirements of the establishment and maintenance of a no-fly zone over part or all of Syria, including—    (EDITOR’S NOTE: THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE DECLARATION OF WAR AGAINST RUSSIAN FORCES IN SYRIA)

(A) the operational and legal requirements for United States and coalition air power to establish a no-fly zone in Syria;

(B) the impact a no-fly zone in Syria would have on humanitarian and counterterrorism efforts in Syria and the surrounding region; and

(C) the potential for force contributions from other countries to establish a no-fly zone in Syria; and

(2) assesses the potential effectiveness, risks, and operational requirements for the establishment of one or more safe zones in Syria for internally displaced persons or for the facilitation of humanitarian assistance, including—

(A) the operational and legal requirements for United States and coalition forces to establish one or more safe zones in Syria;

(B) the impact one or more safe zones in Syria would have on humanitarian and counterterrorism efforts in Syria and the surrounding region; and

(C) the potential for contributions from other countries and vetted non-state actor partners to establish and maintain one or more safe zones in Syria.

For one moment, my common sense lapsed and I believed that we might not go to war in our lifetime in Syria. This legislation shows that the intent to go to war extends much further than the preferred beliefs of Clinton.

It Is Not Likely That Trump Will Be Around for the Beginning of World War III

As I try to reconcile my belief that Trump was sincere in his stated intention to reach a peaceful accord with the Russians, I have trouble reconciling the two contradictory beliefs.

History is a great teachers and we must remember that, in part, JFK was assassinated because he would NOT give the globalists of his day the Vietnam War. Why should Donald Trump be any more immune to the same pressures for the same reasons as was JFK?

The passage of the House version of the bill was achieved eight days following the election. It is clear that the election of Trump had absolutely no bearing on the desire of Congress to provoke a showdown with the Russians.

Will Trump be assassinated and Pence, a confirmed globalist (e.g. supports free-trade agreements and Obamacare), will give the globalists what they want, World War II, just like LBJ did after the murder of John Kennedy.

It is also clear that key committee chair people in Congress have received a push to continue with this legislation even though it flies in the face of what Trump believes. Somebody knows that Trump’s beliefs about Russia are irrelevant and that message has apparently been delivered to key members of Congress.

All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances…

William Shakespeare

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Total 14 comments
  • PaulTarsuss

    “Just when I thought the electoral process offered the people hope, I have learned that our vote means little to nothing.”

    Good Journeys

  • desertspeaks

    The US government/military have no legal basis to enter any foreign country and impose a damn thing!

  • wiseoldlady

    Just wondering if Trump has hired a food taster yet…..poisoning has been used before on presidents……

    Agree with Mark Levin that most Trump cabinet picks after Session and Pompaeo are not up to snuff but extreme establishment puppets. Seems Trump has added both Rockefellar and Soros scum….from both factions…..

    If I were Trump he needs to be asking Ted Cruz who are the most honorable men to pick. But then Trump would have to eat his words and go back on all his invented lies about Cruz. Time will show you the truth.

    • EruditeOne

      We’re fortunate there are no words that Donald J. Trumps must eat and no lies (political or otherwise) that must be retracted. Ted Cruz is not a man to contact for any reason given his parental history. It is a good thing that you are not Ted cruz so you need not concern yourself about honorable men.

  • raburgeson

    Where is international law?

  • Counter Analysis

    I believe a few days ago Erdogan was saying he would send forces into Syria to topple Assad. Turkey is a NATO member. There are many ways to force us into war. Hopefully all this is saber rattling and bluffing to get more concessions later in a peace deal, but I know that is being very optimistic.


    The US and Turkey do not have Syria’s/Assads permission to enter-invade Syria!! Damn the US and NATO!
    Putin will use nuclear weapons and it will be over in 8 minuets!. Damn-it!

  • Morgana Le Fay

    “I thought that a vote for Trump was a vote for negotiation instead of war with the Russians over Syria. Apparently, I was wrong.”

    You’ve been alive and informed about political events for how long? …And you still haven’t figured that out by now? You’re even slower than I thought you were.

    • Morgana Le Fay

      Voting in this nation has always amounted to a false choice between a Giant Douche and a Turd Sandwich, and both options of the false dichotomy were presented with will continue to take us to the same smelly cesspool.

  • Pink Slime

    Trump is no JFK, an extremely dirty cad. However, that said, Trump is not a godly man either having never read the Bible or even gone to church. Have you ever heard that mention??

    A Trump assassination means WAR is coming. Or his presidency could mean the same thing since this guy wants America first (good idea) but the communist left infiltrated as Democraps don’t.

    A clash his coming. A house divided cannot stand. We have Muslims on our soil, communist in Congress, sodomites in our churches, men in women’s bathrooms.

    In case you don’t understand – two does not equal one. :cool:

    • Wity

      Pink Slime you are on the ball again, exactly my sentiment….

      Trump is exactly that ~ the Satanic Trump card….

      Im waiting to see who makes it past XMAS ?

      Why am i thinking ~ Obama ???

      • Wity

        To the ” Minus giving Knucklehead “…






    Dammit! STOP FEAR-MONGERING! Section 303 – AS I STATED YESTERDAY ON A SIMILAR POST —– does NOT CALL FOR WAR! It merely instructs whatever President is sitting (if it every becomes law) to assess the conditions, legality, and possible outcomes of a no-fly zone in Syria which must then be reported back to Congress. It does not authorize in any shape or form, any actionable powers of combat or war.

    STOP FEAR-MONGERING in order to sell your little show and products. People like you are really starting to become the polar opposite of mainstream media. Both sides lie and twist to their own benefit be it political or for profit. Just stop it. Damn. I’m getting sick of it and I know the rest of us are too! Report the damn facts MINUS THE PERSONAL SPIN or shut the hell up.

  • dennisR8

    One generation may be twenty-five years from now. This evil will be delayed. David Rockefeller and Jacob de Rothschild will NOT see their evil New World Order come to be. These evil men will die of old age. Jesus is OUR JUBILEE. Jesus is not only our Passover Lamb HE is going to do something as great as the twelve tribes being rescued from the Egyptian Pharaoh on the first Hebrew Passover. Jubilee a world wide debt cancellation that will destroy the Venetian-London-New York City Old World Order. Praise HIM for HIS loving kindness for those that do not yet believe, but will. Poverty taken out of the hands of evil government and banker gangsters.

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