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China Threatens War-Trump Nominee Draws Ill-Advised Line in the Sand

Saturday, January 14, 2017 8:04
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It is the bad cold that won’t go away. It is the disease that has allowed to fester because inattention. And now, the Trump administration is about to begin its four-year term with the potential for not just one war, but two wars. Who’s to blame? It is none other than the greatest fraud and traitor to occupy the White House, the soon-to-be former President Obama. The Russian issue will continue to monitored in other articles. This article will deal exclusively with the China problem which just reached critical mass on Thursday with the confirmation hearing of Rex Tillerson.

Rex Tillerson, Trump’s nominee for the Secretary of State, stated during his confirmation hearing before the US Senate that China must not only stop the construction of artificial islands in the area of repeated disputed South China Sea territorial claims, but that the U.S. should also ban China from occupying these islands.

If Tillerson acted on his threats, Chinese state-owned China Daily said, “it would set a course for devastating confrontation between China and the US.”

I agree with Tillerson’s first set of demands against China, namely, the freedom of the seas principle and having unfettered access to the South China Sea. However, enforcing the banning of the Chinese from the artificial Islands that they have constructed is problematic, both from a diplomatic and a military point of view with regard to the practicality of enforcement.

There’s another thing that really bothers me about Tillerson, he sounds more like a Defense secretary than the secretary of State.

In similar circumstances, I would expect and even want Defense secretary nominee, General Mattis, to talk tough and not show any quarter. However, a secretary of State must have finesse and demonstrate some flexibility. His job is to take a range of options to the President. Further, this narrow approach only allows the Chinese two options, acquiescence and the loss of face, or war, which could be devastating for everyone on the planet. The first variable, loss of face is the stuff that regime change is made of in the communist Chinese culture.  In these confirmation hearings, Tillerson shows no finesse and absolutely zero flexibility.

What Is the Issue in the South China Sea?


China was left out of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). The TPP is a bad idea because it destroys American sovereignty and destroys the U.S Constitution. However, the Chinese have taken exception and are trying to block the primary shipping lanes of the TPP in the South China Sea. The Chinese have fortified artificial islands and would use them as a type of aircraft carrier in times of war over control of the region.

The Chinese have made it clear that blocking access to these islands will lead to war. This is why this situation is so volatile. And this may be why Tillerson is not the best choice for secretary of State.

The reader can explore this issue in more depth by clicking here.

What Trump Must Be Thinking

From what I have said in the previous paragraphs, I would expect some to comment that the Chinese have one-sided financial and trade deals with the United States that are grossly unfair and that Obama has given away the farm to China, so to speak. I would agree on both points and there should be changes made. However, if we militarily try and block China from occupying their artificially constructed Islands, there will be war.

A good musician does not strum the guitar with the same intensity with every note that is played. Trump and his appointees need to learn when to apply pressure. Pressure, in the diplomatic world, cannot be applied 24/7. And as I say these things, please be mindful of the fact that I detest and disrespect the Chinese government. However, we need not risk war and we can make some financial moves, that would squeeze China and bring them to the table for renegotiation on the disastrous trade deals.

Dealing with China

Before one can say I am soft on communism, when it comes to China, please be mindful that I firmly believe that there are places where pressure can be placed on China and not risk war, a war in which most of the few allies we have left will blame us for initiating.

If one thinks that the United states is in bad economic shape, one needs to realize that China is in horrible shape. They are are desperately trying to move to a kind of gold based economy, they cannot because their debt ratio will not permit that kind of conversion. Under the present set of conditions, short of debt repudiation to the bankers, no country in the modern world can use a gold backed currency. Individuals can greatly prosper from acquiring precious metals, but not nations, not just yet and not until the “bastards from Basel” are banished from the planet.

The Chinese are approaching a crisis of government on at least four levels:

  1. China has cut corners on the use of cleaner, less-polluting technology. This fact is going to significantly shorten the lives of urban dwelling Chinese as there are ecological and environmental conditions are an unmitigated disaster. These conditions are unparalleled inside the United States. Massive clouds of pollution related smog have led to no-work days. Here in America, we have no burn days with regard to pollution density, but the Chinese have it far worse because their zoning, city structure and total absence of environmental controls that are a disaster that is growing worse by the moment. China uses 19th century environmental controls in its industries. The United States has the means to assist the Chinese with this growing health menace which occurred because the Chinese cut every corner possible in the name of profits and now the ruthlessness of the Chinese social planners is on display for all to see.
  2. When it comes to their currency and even their new currency, their economy is in real trouble. While U.S. GDP only grew by 2.9%, most recently, extreme danger is brewing on the other side of the Pacific in the land of China. “The dangers of overly inflated housing prices are huge,” writes Hu Shuli, chief editor of Caixin Media in Beijing. “Indicators such as the ratio of mortgage payments to a buyer’s income indicate that China’s current housing prices are far more expensive than those during Japan’s property bubble, and, amazingly, are very close to exceeding U.S. prices just before the global financial crisis exploded in 2008.” Obviously, Trump and Tillerson want to play economic hardball with the Chinese because of previous trade agreements which are a disaster from a U.S. perspective. However, Trump cannot expect to roll back these deals to a significant amount. I agree that previous trade deals need to be torn up and renegotiated, but we must remember that China accounts for half of all global GDP growth at a time when the West’s GDP’s growth is approaching zero. A collapse of the Chinese economy will bring about the economic demise of the world which would play into the hands of the bankers who want a collapsed economy in order to usher in a one world government and economy. This is something that none of us want.
  3.  As China’s economy is failing, its “enemies of the state” list is growing. Suddenly China leads the world in the number of jailed journalists following an increase in arrests and is now going after the common folk who post their bleak economic findings on blogs or social media.The prison sentences generally range from one to eight years. Labor is protesting over the horrible working conditions and this has been interpreted as a sign of a troubled economy. Trump could apply pressure to this situation through the creation of a Radio Free China propaganda approach in the same manner that the CIA instituted Radio Free Europe during the cold war to offset the Russian propaganda machine. The increasing tension inside of China could be exploited. Remember, all revolutions are first won in the mind. The resulting social and political chaos could be exploited and real change could take place in China. This could produce a China that is more willing to negotiate because China will need friends in this scenario. This is where real reform can take place, not at the end of a gun.
  4. chinese ghost 1China has a growing problem with its outlying provinces which are resistant to the centralized planning that characterizes communist economies. If a revolution were to ever begin in China, it would start in its outlying provinces. And it does not help that the Chinese government, at the urging of Goldman Sachs, began to populate the ghost cities by involuntary relocations from the outlying rural areas to the previously empty cities. Resentment runs deep and these outlying areas strike fear in the heart of the Communist Party.

There is a lot the U.S. can do prior to resorting to war option.


The Chinese are “dug in” in the South China Sea. Sun Tzu, the great Chinese military strategist whose teachings are required reading at the service academies, clearly stated that one should not attack their enemies where they are strong and this exactly what Tillerson is suggesting.

The previously identified Chinese weaknesses can be exploited through a typical carrot and stick approach that is one of Trump’s favorite approaches to negotiation. Finesse and flexibility is needed to minimize the financial and trade imbalances that presently exist between China and the U.S., not the use of brute force, as a first option, that will result in what could prove to be an avoidable war.

We can work with the Chinese in helping them to attack the problems that the US has largely mastered and this can be done in exchange for reducing the debt. The real answer to the differences contain the same solutions as solving the same kinds of problems with the Russians. Namely, the three super powers should align against the NWO and begin to arrest bankers like George Soros and then repudiate the Ponzi scheme style debt owed to the bankers. I believe that this tactic is the only way to avoid WW III and provides the only means for the present leaders of each country the ability to survive the present set of crises.

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  • Counter Analysis

    Hopefully Trump has chosen his picks purely to placate the criminal elite long enough to be inaugurated. War with China is a terrible idea but may be the backdoor into war with Russia which the elite seek. Tie up America with China and Russia may be emboldened to fortify its power in Europe and Ukraine and possibly provide aid to China. If Russia fears American aggression it may even jump in the fray at some point while the opportunity is best.

    Trump needs to reassure China he will not take an aggressive stance as long as a reasonable understanding can be made. China, we recognize your domestic predicament, and will do our best to help. In exchange, we need to renegotiate trade to either bring back jobs to America or else you need to open your markets to us sufficiently to offset our trade losses. You also need to abstain from interference or the threat of interference of international trade in the South China Sea. We will ditch the TPP but retain the right to trade with whomever we wish as much as we wish. Any act of war or the malicious dumping of treasury bills will result in the cessation of all trade and the imposition of a trade embargo to be observed by all NATO members as well as our allies in Asia. We will not press the Taiwan issue so long as the status quo remains. We will form a diplomatic body between our two nations so that there can be greater cooperation and coordination in regards to trade, currency manipulations, and treasury holdings. You scratch our back and we will surely scratch your back. We must recognize and preserve the unique values and necessities our two nations hold for each other, as well as the uniqueness of our relationship which is unlike any other in the world.

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