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The Red Dawn Invasion Has Begun – Massive Violence Planned at the Border – Phase One

Friday, January 13, 2017 8:11
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Five days ago, several publications noted that the border crossing at San Yisidro, CA, was shut down twice in a 24 hour period. Gas-price protesters took over inspection lanes of El Chaparral last Saturday afternoon, traffic going north from Mexico into the United States at the San Ysidro Port of Entry.

It was clear that this was a planned event and for very specific reasons that I will be revealing in the next 24 hours, I believe that paramilitary planners from Central America are probing our Border Patrol’s response strategies as a possible prelude to invasion.

At minimum, I fear that more massive border events are planned that will result in bloodshed. At maximum, I am very fearful that this is phase one of a Red Dawn invasion of the United States.

A Mexican citizen communicated to me that the country is on the verge of revolution and that the cartels are fueling the controversy. I was directed to the following English translation from a Mexican publication. As the reader will see, if these events turn violent, the location of the trouble is just a hop, skip and a jump from the border.

From Mexico Daily News

“Gasoline began flowing again yesterday in Mexicali, Baja California, after gas price protesters were persuaded to abandon their blockade of a Pemex distribution terminal.

The protest began six days ago but the number of protesters had dwindled to about 20 by Tuesday after taxi drivers accepted a tax break and left the blockade at La Rosita.

All the gas stations in the municipality were forced to close the same day for lack of fuel.

The remaining protesters had vowed to stay until gas prices were standardized with those of the U.S.

But they changed their minds after security forces arrived and advised that if they did not withdraw they would be removed by force.

The Pemex terminal supplies fuel to El Valle, San Felipe and parts of Sonora in addition to Mexicali.

The operation was smoother than that at Playas de Rosarito last Saturday when at least 15 people were injured and 33 arrested after police dismantled a blockade at another Pemex terminal.

About 100 local residents had blocked the facility, also in protest against gas prices.”

There is not a word of these highly inflammatory events in the American fake news media.

Speaking of the fake stream media, Channel 10 (Fox-Phoenix) reported that a man with massive amounts of weapons was arrested trying to smuggle guns through the border. I think this might be related to developing a storage cache of weapons for later use.

Revealing Communication From Mexican Oil and Gas Official

Since the Central America illegal alien invasion of three summers ago, I began getting emails from Mexican citizens and others throughout Central America. Specifically, I often hear from an oil and gas official who words for PEMEX, a professor and a journalist. One of the constant themes that ties together all three is their distress of having to live in a totally compromised society, similar to the one that Obama is trying to construct in the United States.

In America, we can choose to not see the blatant criminality of organized crime (e.g. HSBC bank) and corrupt public officials. However, in Mexico, the rampant criminality is in your face on a daily basis and many live in fear. Knowing how to deal with these variables is a necessary part of daily survival. I hear from the Mexican oil and gas official on a weekly basis as he provides very lucid commentary related to many of my stories.

On January 10th, “Oscar” wrote to me with the following information which is now highly relevant based upon what I am learning.

Dear Mr. Hodges,

…. like many Mexican families, I have relatives in the drug cartels. Many of the people in the cartels have nothing to do with the drugs. Some are used for violence against uncooperative officials. Some are used to become police officers and join the military and they are paid for information. 

I have learned from two of my relatives that several of the cartel members are headed north to the American border for “revenge” and the streets will be bloody. I have heard this talk before and it is just silly bragging. I think this is different this time. 

One of my cartel relatives told my uncle that “We are going to do what you cannot do” when referencing “going north”. The same relative told me that the failure of my company to keep the gas flowing is going to get a lot of people killed. 

America is going to get blamed from my people for the problems here and the desire to kill as many Americans as possible is being openly discussed. I hear people say that your people cannot drive their cars if they are dead. I have never seen so much hate your country. 

I read your articles on most days and I think that violence at the border could be used to affect your inauguration. I know you worry about that.

Some of the cartel members also live a double life in the Mexican military and in police departments. If these people go north there could be big trouble 

My country needs a good America for Mexico to survive. Our economy is totally dependent on your economy. What I fear is going to happen is very bad for both countries. If violence happens gas will stop flowing and I will lose my job. Many more people will join the cartels. There will be great violence. 

What you have said about my country pivoting towards China in this energy crisis is true. I did not think that was true but I am seeing it happen now. We are seeing more Chinese visiting our field and plant operations. 

Our government  leaders seem to be very quiet during this time and I am not the only one to notice this. It makes me wonder what they know. I already know too much please keep my name and where I live secret. 

Paul Preston’s Revelations

Presently, I am in the middle of processing an interview I did with Paul Preston of Agenda 21 Radio. Paul has the absolute best sources when it comes to CALEXIT. I shared with Paul what I have written here and he expanded upon my concerns with information that his embedded sources within the CALEXIT movement have planned violence at the American border this Wednesday on January 18th. Perhaps this will fall apart, or someone will intervene, but Paul’s intelligence matched much of what I have printed here as well as facts that I have not yet shared with anyone.

Both Paul and I feel that what is going on is jut the prelude for something very big. We are going to be sharing this with a press release planned for later today.

Later this morning I am releasing my brief interview with Paul Preston. Paul and I are accumulating more information and plan an additional recap interview later today. Please stay tuned to The Common Sense Show for updates

Finally, I want to say to that my main purpose in putting out this information before our data gathering is complete is due to the fact that we want to save lives. If you can avoid it, do not travel to Mexico. Do not travel to the border. And if you live near the border and can take a vacation, now would be a good time to do so.


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  • yourpainhasapurpose

    those whose aim is to cultivate fear, confusion and chaos are not of by or for Our Lord. Those who seek an audience instead of obscuirty, drawing men unto themselves…this is dangerous ground to dare tread. there is a pattern in your many posts and your rhetoric overall that glares of one who is lacking Holy Spirit, and the wisdom to just be quiet.

    • Rad

      One of the most sever punishments God has promised to hand out relates to someone who sees the enemy coming but does not sound the alarm. The Lord said that He will place the blood of those harmed or killed on the head of the person not issuing the warning/trumpet. Watch what you say…especially if you don’t know the scriptures well.

      • b4

        careful,heed your own words you fool–i am sure you will be at the head of the list you maggot–if you see any lightning get inside because i am sure god is trying to get your demon worthless ass

  • sitrep

    Oh How they forget, How many Veterans are in the United States of America.
    Plus Most every Veteran is Very friendly in nature, and appreciates other people, and shows respect to others.
    We know what it is like to be Wounded, Injured, so we cherish Life, and have taken The OATH.
    So they may want to think again before crossing into America, cause if they come over here thinking they going to hurt Americans, They will Meet with The United States Veterans, A Mighty Force, and well trained to deal with any Scum Army trying to Harm Americans.

    What!!!! Ehhhhhhhhhh!!!! What!!!!! You Mean to tell Us that for the Last 8 Years The current Admin, been sitting America up, for this invasion your writing about.
    Plus the Story is going Viral, Mexico Planning Blitzkrieg USA, and you say/write that there is more to this story!!!!

    OMG, Get out there and get a strategic SitRep, and report back to us immediately.
    See if you can find out what type of Gear they have, and what tactics they may use. Also Check to see if they got Airpower, drones, etc, etc
    Get the Whole Scoop, keep us informed!!!!!! Soldier Stand Fast, and Look Alive!!!!! Now Get Out there RECON and report Back ASAP.
    You Better have yourself a Reactionary Plan to elude them, best to use in plain sight Tactics, “WunSwungLow”

    Here I quoted this from the article.
    “America is going to get blamed from my people for the problems here and the desire to kill as many Americans as possible is being openly discussed. I hear people say that your people cannot drive their cars if they are dead. I have never seen so much hate your country.”

    Do you hear that?

    The Mexican Cartel must be in cahoots with the Chinese, Silicon Valley, MSM , The S&C Foundations, Jerk Offs.
    Everyone knows how the current Administration has been allowing foreigners into America – Unchecked.
    Nothing Against Legal Immigrants whom worked hard to become Americans the Legal way, and whom makes up Good Values, and Solid Foundations in America.

  • Hayduke

    Dear Brother Hodges,

    Thank you for this. This means that we have one less thing to worry about. We appreciate your predictions, it makes our planning easier. And now, we don’t have to plan for this.

  • Morgana Le Fay

    You’ve delegated yourself to the status of a broken record at this point. You’ve been saying the same thing year after year, and it hasn’t happened yet. One of these days you’ll likely get it right due to chance, but certainly not your forecasting abilities.

  • tatsmaki

    Space info:
    US dollar collapses at the end of Jan., 2017.
    Financial crisis occurs. US economy collapses.
    New civil war occurs.
    New American working people’s revolution wins.
    Earth revolution wins.
    But, extended protection of plutocratic tyranny by nation-capitalist regime of socialism is not allowed by the Creators.
    Nov. 2, 2016; Renewal: Jan.13, 2017 T. Tatsmaki (Japan)
    Various US sites are crying recently often that the economic collapse occurs in the US soon. A US site “Before It’s News” wrote: Collapse of the US has begun.
    According to a notice from the Creators, the collapse of the US dollar occurs at the end of Jan.,2017, and it becomes the nationwide financial crisis. The US economy collapses. Its process develops into the world financial crisis.
    The new civil war in the US starts from NY State and spreads across the US. The New American Working People’s Revolution wins. Workers of “We are The 99%”, “Occupy Wall Street” win.
    Global financial-economic crisis develops into the New Earth Working People’s Revolution. It wins.
    The new American revolution must realize transition to the new society of everything gratuitous services in all fields of human life, following the Destiny of the Creators and planets’ development law.
    About 20,000 planets of advanced civilization forming the Galaxy Federation are suggesting such inevitability of Earth development.
    Since the revolutions will not go along the great correct way, the General cleaning of Earth is underway. Next, measures on disappearance of Earth and its invaders-dominators: planets of the Lizard and the Draco, together with about 20 thou. planets of evil and corrupt civilizations will be taken as the cleanup of our space by the Creators.
    It’s imminent at the end of Jan., 2017.

  • Andy

    should something like this even look like happening, surely the National Guard will be deployed to the border as well as border patrol & police

    • sitrep

      Yeah, and hand out teddy bears, and all sorts of free stuff, Ehhhhh, Right!!!!!!!!!!!

      There is much chatter on the net about this, and recently……….

  • Tedx

    Yea, all those Mexican beaners climbing over the fences on our Southern border are probably Russian midgets who used a revolutionary new suntan lotion that turned them dark and died their hair. You got it right again, Dave.

    • GUNNY

      Wouldn’t it be easier if they just smeared their own poop all over each other?

      Why, it would bake on in the sun and become semi-permanent even.

      Maybe Fatts is on to something!!

  • freakneck

    Like yeah….Mexicans are going to try to invade the US….

    Smoke some more crack, why don’t you. Moron.

    • b4

      i live in cali–i can guarranteed you they already invaded! and the ones already here will be the first to shoot any more invaders! they are americans not mexicans!

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