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UN Takeover of US Will Coincide with Outbreak of WW III

Wednesday, April 19, 2017 6:10
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Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

I am releasing a series of articles and videos over the next 2 days which will clearly illustrate that the UN is planning to confiscate our guns and are prepositioning their equipment.  They will use terrorists as support troops to carry out their mission along with their own troops. 

This first report is a contextul background report which discusses the background, history and prepositioning of UN-controlled terrorists who came into the United States under the cover of the illegal immigration invasion from Central America in the spring and summer of 2014. The UN worked with DHS to make this happen.

The following, as I said, is just the beginning of this stunning report which will demonstrate that when WW III begins, the UN with their terroriist allies will make a move on America. Later today, you will see conclusive proof that the UN is prepositioning gun confiscation safes and that they are openly being transported in the US. 

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  • patann

    -Too late, Jesus Millennium Reign, meaning much death and dying has come upon men, after I witnessed the two beast of Rev. 13, signaling Antichrist rise as He did, Obama’s to America, even the West two weeks and seven years ending time table. That ordinary which then past 2015, into Cameron’s pending Brexit and Russia re-entry into Syria’s ally and pending nuclear tensions. That as of October 2017 there is then nothing left of Western Civilization, all that ultimate proof that the dispensation of Grace, to the church age is ended. Only now to Daniel’s final week, all the above to explain why I witnessed Jesus’ Millennium follow again, Obama’s, signaling the Antichrist’s of Daniel’s Week finale, 2017/18-2024/25, beware, get to the alters of fall out shelters…Apb,

    -Further, I don’t know if you realize it, but Asia, America, Russia and Japan, seen and predicted in a block 2002, Apb, are all in a nuclear tug of war just as the timetable of October 2017 is roaring toward fulfillment, even a pale horse judgment. The Bride can’t be here. which is why i witness nuclear bombs descend as She instead ascended up to Jesus. Beware, I know none of you want to see, hear nor know this, but an Apostle, appointed by Jesus Christ appearing Himself, I’m to warn you regardless, beware, Apb, see more here, and

    • b4

      go back into your hole demon pattann–your insane–go back to you keeper,mr satan–satan misses your presence,is lonely and needs your company you devil worshiper

    • Andoron

      Patann, since it is painfully obvious you do not carefully study the bible… learn this simple fact. An Apostle is an eyewitness to the Risen Jesus, after his Crucifixion. You are not an Apostle, there are no modern Apostles.

  • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

    Dave verifies all his facts with a magic 8 ball, so you guys should be scared.


  • Global Citizen Watch

    The UN is behind other shady stuff too. Have you seen their occult meditation room with its altar and the weird mural? There is another mural in the UN Security Council with lots of symbolism you need to see. Here’s what the artist, Norwegian Per Krohg said about his artwork:

    “The world we see in the foreground is collapsing, while the new world based on clarity and harmony can be built up.” Order out of chaos, where have we heard that one before.

    One of the images on the mural is that of a woman opening a window. It is the same woman who is now on the new Euro notes. See here: The Woman in the Window – a Hidden Message?

  • No Body

    the US will be broken up like the USSR.the US is to become a british colony the brits man trump

  • beLIEve



    IF…it was a democratic enTITy it would need a ….MANDATE from the SECURITY COUNCIL….to ……INSTITUTE “UN” POLICIES…..aka…..a….”MILITARY” PRESENCE in USA.

    There is………. NO “UN” SECURITY COUNCIL MANDATE… place “troops” of SIGNATORY NATIONS to the “UN”……… the USA.


    RATsCHILD & fellow BANKSTERS are ANXIOUS to preserve their NECKS.

    The so-called “UN”…..holds…..NO AUTHORITY….over US Residents.

    RATsCHILD & CO: mercenaries, regardless of ….THEIR GARB…..HOLD NO AUTHORITY over US RESIDENTS.


    RATsCHILD & Co:……ARE…..SCARED……OF…..THE…..PEOPLE :idea: :idea: :idea:

    Russia Says IMF Chief Jailed For Discovering All US Gold Is Gone

  • Pink Slime

    The sodomite obama committed betrayal and treason on this nation along with the 535 Congogressmen that put him in and also with the help of half this country.

    The negro needs to be arrested along with every Congogressmen that voted for the negro. What about half the people that voted him in Slime?

    That’s your civil war that is coming. :twisted:

  • Boo

    Get a grip Dave. The world is a dangerous place, but not so dangerous that sanity doesn’t descend at some point to have it’s way with making things right again.

  • truck driver

    I heard people talking about killing all Americans when America falls when I was around Toronto Ontario airport area like the flying j truck stop just north of 401 on Dixie road just south of Brampton Ontario. Yellow turban guy said the Canadian Government told us to say that. When I sat near the dark red turban with black checkers guy nobody seemed to call me an American trash taking Canadian freight from Canadian trucks

  • Markus Allen

    Take the guns? It’s made to sound so easy. I’d rather die for liberty than face what’s to come if this is true. We’ll see how easy it is to simply “confiscate” the guns out of a country built upon that fact. No other country has been defeated because this will be the first one. Are you so sure? How sure?

  • dennisR8

    Yea, Dave Hodges depending on what part of World War Three, I will wager you will be to witness such an event. The United Nations evil Globalist and Oligarchical organization will take over after the bride of Christ is take up. You will still be here on earth to watch it all happen. Left behind.

  • VirusGuard

    Is the UN take over happening before or after the invasion by Russia or is it China today and in any case you have already been taken over on 9/11 by the bankers and they own the UN anyway via bribes

    I can see you are off your meds again and knew from the title it was your post

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