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North Korea Can Now Hit the Continental US With ICBM Nukes

Saturday, April 15, 2017 8:49
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It is difficult to fathom how deep the threat runs from North Korea. This article will summarize only one of  the multitude of threats in an encapsulated form. The specific threat covered in this article is related to North Korea’s (NK) nuclear and missile capabilities.

The Ability to Destroy Does Not Prevent Retaliation

The United States certainly has the ability to reduce North Korea to a parking lot, and with China’s assistance the task become infinitely easier. However, and this should have been anticipated, North Korea’s destruction, does not eliminate their ability to retaliate after the fact. In fact, North Korea  may be more dangerous after they are destroyed than while their military and government are fully operational.

Does NK Have Nuclear ICBM Capability?

Much has been written about the danger that would be posed if North Korea were able to attach nuclear weapons to an operational ICBM.

It is very clear that North Korea has embarked in a new phase of their nuclear weapons technology. The photographic evidence from their recent “Day of Sun” celebration indicates that they plan to attach a nuclear weapon to an ICBM. This is a game-changing development and it brings the Western half of the United States under direct nuclear threat from the lunatic who runs North Korea.

The Daily Mail has identified missiles was similar in appearance to the Chinese DF-41, which can fly 9,000 miles.

Image result for map f the distance from North korea to the us

Image result for map f the distance from North korea to the us

The map, depicted above, shows how many miles it would take to hit Hawaii and Alaska. Double that capacity and that is now NK’s strike range.

Defense analyst, Ankit Panda, claimed on The Diplomat, that we have never seen a North Lorean missile that large before. 


Mystery device: The missile appeared similar in size to Russian and Chinese weapons large enough to strike the continental United States as far as Chicago if the missile was viable

North Korea's new ICBMREUTERS


This is a closer view of North Korea’s new ICBM at its “Day of the Sun” military showcase.

North Korea's new ICBMREUTERS


Some, that I have consulted with over these photos are concerned the it could be the case that the missile’s length provides a definitive clue to its range capabilities. 

CNN has obtained live footage of the parade and the photographic evidence clearly shows the new generation of  ballistic missiles. The footage can be observed here.  Also on display, were more advanced submarine missles that North Korea has displayed before. One can bet that the Pentagon analysts are busy deciphering the new threats.

The following statement is why CNN, despite its far-reaching news gathering sources, is not trusted by the general public. They cautioned their readers to not put too much stock into these new developments because NK has a “checkered” record of success when it comes to their missiles. Please allow me to remind CNN that it would only take one nuclear missle striking the United States to send the American economy into a tailspin. And the only reason that CNN told the truth about these discoveries is because they were upstaged by the Daily Mail and the Daily Star, and of course, in typical CNN fashion, they minimized the threat where the other two reporting agencies expressed grave concern.


This analysis does not include NK’s submarine, EMP and domestic terror capabilities. That will be covered in a future publication. Based solely on NK’s nuclear/ICBM capabilities, will NK engage the US in war?

Various sources from a multitude of publications and backgrounds have stated that the missiles on display at NK’s parade, have a range of between 600 and 9,000 miles depending on the type of missile.


The UK’s Daily Star is reporting that NK troops in chemical and  biological. Here is a photo from Reuter’s in support of this claim.

North Korean troops in NBC suits


North Korean troops in NBC suits spotted in Pyongyang

Based on these images, I would have to conclude that NK is ready for the next conflict. Additionally, there are further reasons for concern.

From March 18, 2017, satellite images of North Korea shows a nation that is clearly readying for war.

Figure 1. Event locations (approximate) vis-à-vis tunnel portals with conjectured tunnel projections.

Final Note

A day ago, I published a breaking news report that did not get a lot of attention. I claimed I was given off-the-record information that Jared Kushner was making the foreign policy decisions in the White House. My source is personal and his source reaches deep into the White House. The report was premised on the notion that Kushner is making foreign policy decisions based on the whim of George Soros. We know that Kushner and Soros have an intertwined business relationship. Soros, of course answers to the Bank of International Settlements. Taking North Korea and Syria down has much to with getting both countries into central banking.  I believed the report immediately based on what I saw on the news on 4/13. When MOAB was dropped on Afghanistan, Trump did not take credit for the decision in his press release. The military appears to acting autonomously, and Trump indicated as much. This adds credibility to the story.

IF one thinks I am making too much of this, consider CNN’s release on this topic on April 14th.

“The United States on Thursday dropped the most powerful non-nuclear bomb in its military arsenal for the first time in history.

But President Donald Trump declined to say whether he personally signed off on the use of the GBU-43/B MOAB, also known as the “mother of all bombs,” in a strike on ISIS militants in Afghanistan.

“Everybody knows exactly what happens. So, what I do is I authorize our military,” Trump said when asked whether he authorized the strike. “We have given them total authorization and that’s what they’re doing.”

The story can be viewed here.

I am firmly convinced that the military will appear to be acting autonomously from here on out. Who are they taking their orders from, if it is not President Trump? This is a development worthy of our attention.

In the next article, we will explore the submarine, EMP and the NK domestic terror threat

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  • Mr. R. West

    N. Korea hasn’t conducted enough missile testing … unlikely any missile’s they have are really long-range! But sub-based missiles have to be a concern … but still don’t have capability to put bomb on a missile!

    • b4


  • unidentified

    they have a lot of old technology

  • Anonymous

    Only with the zio-pigs help. You zio-fag liar. This be BillyP. Zio-pigs.

  • The Watcher


  • Elijah

    The commentators on this page are all nit picking these irrelevant details about “NK’s capacity, and Older Tech,” etc. When in reality the necessary means are all ready there courtesy of China and Russia, but have not been paraded around so as to not alert their enemies!
    The naivete and idiocy of thinking they do not possess the ability and means says a lot about the hubris and ignorance that accompanies Western thinking! Pride always comes before the fall

  • Radiance

    Absolutely and completely predictable that this type of propaganda should appear now as our fleet is closing in on North Korea. They need justification to attack.

    If they shot off their few missiles, it is even doubtful they could even hit the ocean…

  • Counter Analysis

    North Korea can cause far more damage than one or two nuclear armed ICBMs hitting the US. They can use their conventional stockpile to hit nuclear power plants in South Korea and Japan. They can use massive chemical and biological attacks. Even without the threat of missiles, they can for sure smuggle biological weapons inside the US to release deadly plagues.

    Trump is playing a very high stakes game. If the NK regime is destroyed without mass casualties of Americans and their allies, Trump will be a celebrated hero with enormous political capital to continue his military campaigns. But this game is a gamble with the lives of millions of people. If NK is left alone they will feverishly continue to develop missile and nuke capability and eventually reach the point where they pose a grave danger to the continental US beyond the grave danger already mentioned. Then there is always the possibility they could already hit America with nukes launched from submarines.

    Maybe it would be better to tone down the war rhetoric and work with China to plot Kim Jong-Un’s demise from within his own govt, and hope a more reasonable regime takes power. Perhaps the carrier group headed to NK will inspire someone on the inside to act. But push Kim Jong-Un too far and he is likely to go all out in a blaze of suicidal destruction.

    We all here about NK threats to the rest of the world. But who can blame them for developing nukes when they see country after country without nukes either oppressed and exploited or demolished, while those with nukes are given much greater respect. The globalists are responsible for the NK Frankenstein. They gave NK nuclear reactors and planted the seeds for what is now beginning to bloom. And now the globalist will take control and capitalize on the crisis which Trump is diving headlong into.

    Maybe instead of hastening the apocalypse, we should use the billions of dollars earmarked for war and intimidation to harden our electrical grid and ensure we can quickly manufacture all the components to repair it. If and emp doesn’t hit us, a powerful solar flare surely will.

    • Takealook

      You appear to be one of the 5% or so that was born with a brain. All the sheep and fools are pointing blame at Kim when as usual it is the Zionist owned USA threatening North Korea year in and year out with destruction by having massive war games right on their door step. Just like NATO putting missiles right on Russia’s border North Korea has no choice but to stand up to the terror that is right in their faces.
      The lying Jew owned MSM have lied about everything since 1913 so why would they be telling the truth about anything on the Korean peninsula? Just goes to show that even though people are smart enough to see through the ruse of the chemical attacks in Syria done by Israel and Saudi Arabia they are far too stupid to
      see this is a total fraud and the banker owned American administration is fully to blame and to blame if a nuke comes to our shores. They in fact desire a nuke strike on America and if not the deep state will do a 911 false flag which is really all they are good for.

  • Pink Slime

    Democraps have armed your enemy with your money and hard-earned technology and siphoning (weakening) our military.

    This then emboldens our enemy and invites attack (both sides) and depending who is in power will determine who takes the 1st shot.

    Little dirty game they play over and over on everybody. One day it might backfire. :twisted:

    • Judge Roy Bean

      That’s a valued way of saying Jews!

  • Judge Roy Bean

    Not to worry, they can’t hardly get a missile off the launch pad.

  • FadingShadow2

    “North Korea Can Now Hit the Continental US With ICBM Nukes” NO, Dave, they cannot. Had you done your homework, you would see that their ICBM missile exploded. Unlike you, I actually give sources for my information: Here:

    You get my point. Dave, you are a headline monger. Amazing! But Wrong.

  • billybob

    this is bullshit nk isnt going to hit the usa with a missle

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