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North Korea’s 3 Deadman Switches – Are We Ready?

Monday, April 17, 2017 8:00
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North Korea’s 3 Deadman Switches-Are We Ready?


 to protect the grid from an EMP attack?

To protect the grid from an EMP attack?

North Korea has the ability to bring down holy hell on our country. There is no question that North Korea can be destroyed by the might of the US military, however, their ability to carry out asymmetrical warfare is beyond compare to other rogue, terrorist leaning states.

The EMP Threat

Sophisticated computer hackers, like the ones from North Korea, now have the ability to generate such an effect on our power grid by simultaneously hacking into our power grid and, in effect, generating a localized EMP attack. The effect would be almost as devastating  in terms of the effects of such an attack on local utilities, especially for the providers of our power and water entities.

Some insider sources have concluded that there is a significant danger to America from North Korean hackers far beyond the disruption of our movies and corporate accounts that they have hacked.

I have learned that sophisticated computer hackers, like the ones from North Korea, have the ability to generate an EMP effect on our power grid by simultaneously hacking into our power grid and, in effect, generating a localized EMP attack. The effect would be almost as devastating  in terms of the effects of such an attack on local utilities, especially for the providers of our power and water entities.

Let’s not forget about the well documented two North Korea satellites that orbit above the United States and an EMP burst would devastate the power grid.

At one time I would have stated that one has to remember that North Korea is a proxy state of China. And China is preparing for war against the US in the South China Sea.However, that does not appear to be the case. China, too, is putting the squeeze on North Korea. I believe that this makes them even more desperate and they may be firing the first shots of WW III. Or, they could be the last shot of WW III.

I have learned from one of my sources that North Korea has deployed these weapons with a dual strategy.  In the event that North Korea is taken out, a dead man switch goes into play and all hell will break loose.

The Nuclear Submarine Threat

A few years back, many analysts expressed concern with the fact that it was difficult to track North Korea submarines. And now that we see evidence, as I reported this past weekend, there was clear photographic evidence published in many outlets of submarine missiles capable of being armed with nuclear weapons. One of these weapons is capable of wiping most of a large city.

Estimates of North Korea’s submarine force range from 40-60 craft. IT is not likely that all are equipped with nuclear weapons, but it is almost a certainty that some are.  This is a grave threat that the MSM is largely ignored. This is an excellent deterrent to attack if used in the form of a dead man’s switch.

Biological and Chemical Weapons Capabilities

North Korea has been a player in biological and chemical weapons due to their association with China. How many domestically assigned agents are estimated to be assigned to carry out a dead man’s switch attack? That information is not available in open source intelligence as far as I can determine as well as what I have been told.

With Comey reporting, last July 4th that chemical and biological weapons are in the possession of ISIS and ISIS, according to Comey, has operatives in every state, it is naive to believe that this threat does not exist from North Korea.

The Economy Would Be the First Casualty

If one nuclear weapon is detonated on US soil. If one, or more nuclear weapons are detonated in America, the just-in-time deliveries which keep our shelves stocked will come to a grinding half. America will be placed in state of Continuity of Government in such a manner that would consist of the most form of brutal martial law in American history. Cities will be cordoned off. Resources will quickly be in short supply.  Mass arrests, of perceived dissidents could take place.  It will be hell on earth.

Are you ready. Are you prepped. Do you have enough meds, etc. etc.

The threat of North Korea retaliation is real and cannot be overstated. It will be everyone for themselves.  Once again, are you ready?


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  • Knarlydawg

    If TPTB in our country wanted to eliminate those two N. Korean satellites they would be gone by now. Those satellites (if they really exist), are there for the Rothschild Global Banksters should they decide to use N. Korea as the scapegoat to trigger their next great war. Because of Star Wars Anti – Ballistic Missile systems that have been developed (remember that part of the Chemtrails programs are for missile shielding i.e. super heated plasma via HAARP) over the years, we can take out most if not all ICBMs if they want to. Cruise Missile nukes are a bit more of a challenge but they are less effective at delivering wide area EMP damage because they are generally low altitude delivery vehicles

    If everyone would put some energy and effort into identifying all of these Luciferian Rothschild Zionist Bankers, their families, heirs and minions we could all point the weapons at them every time they try to start a war. TPTB need to have drilled into their psychopathic heads that “they” and “their” families will be the first casualties of any war that starts. War starts….they and their families will be executed immediately for failure to keep the peace; that way maybe they would expend more energy and money to create peace rather than war.

    • b4

      yup–damn the zionists joos that have taken over trumps adminstration –we been had again–we know exactly where all of N Koreas subs are at all times–they are very noisy and we have sensors all over the oceans–all of them–looks like the party starts next week or maybe the nimizt,r reagan aircraft carriers are replacements for when vinsion goes to the depths this week–i hope cnn has reporters on scene so we can watch

  • jdpent01

    jdp…EMP, YES, but the chem aerial spraying with aluminum particles could short out such a blow at least defuse it over a wide area to make it just a blast with little effect. but vx gas not so easy to erdaicate there is to no or very little counter to defuse would require billions and billions of pumped in O2. uness it could be masaked with a heaver substance weighting it down in a finite area for cleaning later, perhaps h20 or if possible heat or burn up the volumn area gassed to weaken the gas or bio effects.

  • jdpent01

    jdp…just another word for dioms day=deadman switch,EMP SHORT CIRCUITED BY AERIAL SPRAYING.

  • Pink Slime

    We armed them. Look at their Special Forces. They look like ours. So does Russia and China. All their weapons LOOK LIKE OURS! WE ARM OUR OWN ENEMIES via the communist Democraps and the traitorous liberals. :twisted:

    It is not the Neocons that want war! It is the traitorous Democraps aka communist and liberals that want to set the whole world on FIRE!!!

    They know their OWN nature. :twisted:

  • Counter Analysis

    One has to really wonder at the insanity of the Trump administration. Is Trump hoping NK takes out an aircraft carrier so he can nuke and obliterate NK. Is he just going to park all these carriers off the coast of NK til the end of time? What has so significantly changed in NK that America suddenly has to go full bore into war mode, and gamble with the lives of millions of people? Who is going to call whose bluff? I fear NK is not bluffing if push comes to shove. KJU will likely go kamikaze before being deposed or allowing weapons inspectors in NK.

    From a tactical standpoint, Trump may be solving the South China Sea conflict through the NK conflict. I now suspect the attack on Syria was a deliberate sabotage on American-Russian relations for the purpose of demonstrating to Xi that America will not move closer to Russia, and that America needs and has chosen to move closer to China. China and America can be strong allies if they cooperate. China is dependent on America for its very survival through trade. Without America, the Chinese economy collapses and the govt likely also collapses. While the rising affluence of the Chinese allows them to sell more of what they produce domestically, it is still not nearly enough to sustain their economy.

    The new partnership with China is a signal that a clash in the South China Sea involving America is unlikely, and unnecessary since China will likely not be excluded from any trade deals. If China helps contain the NK threat, then the other nations in the area are likely to soften their opposition to China’s presence in the South China Sea, and be more likely to follow whatever Washington dictates to them regarding relations with China.

    I originally suspected NK was an excuse to move hardware into the region to counter China. That may still be true, but now I suspect the NK conflict is a resolution to the conflict with China.

    The danger in NK is still extreme depending on how close to the edge Trump plays it. He needs to get some kind of resolution to avoid looking like a complete idiot with no credibility. Whether any resolution without huge death and mayhem is forthcoming remains to be seen. Maybe Trump is pressuring NK for any modicum of submission. If NK is smart, it will begin negotiations to abstain from threats if America abstains from threats, and to suspend ICBM tests for some time period. If Trump is smart he will grab any concession he can get that will allow him to claim victory however dubious it may be. KJU also must be allowed to save face with his people by claiming America conceded to him. A lifting of some trade sanctions and the distancing of American forces will give KJU the ability to claim victory in his state. While Trump may prefer to destroy NK, if he can walk away having solved the South China Sea conflict without war, then he and the rest of humanity will have won.

    But as you have pointed out, Mr, Hodges, Russia is becoming isolated. It remains to be seen if and to what degree Trump has his sights set on Russia. After this Asian crisis is resolved, Russia likely comes next. Syria will likely be the continuing battle ground. If that pipeline gets put in from the Mideast to Europe, NATO will be greatly strengthened as those countries will no longer be as dependent on Russia for natural gas. Russia isn’t likely to allow its national security to be so greatly compromised. Syria is like a key military objective that could determine the outcome of a major war. It is the hill that Russia must maintain or it will likely lose the war.

    Of course, in reality, we all lose in any major war and we have already lost America to a rogue govt that uses unconstitutional war to achieve the objectives of the globalists.

  • TopDrifter

    Our defense is supposed to stop this attack before they can detonate an EMP event, let’s just hope we can before they turn out our lights. I suggest investing in a good at least 10kw generator and fuel. Stock up on lanterns that burn oil, and work on batterys and a battery charger to re-boost dead batteries. Freezers won’t work so get freeze dried food and make sure you have a good water supply.
    We have a good supply of enemies within’ and when this balloon goes up, we must be ready for that Army that Obama created to contend with the interruption of law enforcement and the Marshall Law in place. The U.S. of America will prevail but it’s going to be tough because our enemies will look just like our friends until they show their colors. It’s going to be a tough and a long fight. Neighbors and Families must merge and protect one another. Grow food and keep away from the built-up areas. Show’s like “The Walking Dead” have alerted us to watch those living humans, not the dead. The inner cities will be our greatest advisory until the Spetznatz show up.

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