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Update! North Korean War Situation and Overview

Sunday, April 16, 2017 8:15
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(Before It's News)

I have noticed news articles about the notion the US will back down and seek a diplomatic solution to the North Korean crisis. In my opinion the US will not back down on what they intend to do and they are not bluffing. We must realize they have the backing of high global finance, the press, and the great majority of politicians.

There’s a new sheriff in town,
North Korea is going down.
We will attack, and we will win.
Here is what I commented on a video recently:
…It appears the word has been given to go to war at any cost. The globalist are behind schedule and want to start a war to establish their new world order. The Korean war will be considered a great success by the news media and the politicians, regardless if we have to absorb a missile attack on at least one city.
Any losses we incur will be proof to them that it was necessary to take out North Korea as a rogue state. It was allowed to fester to this point and is long over due. I would guess there is a 90% chance the US will attack North Korea in the next 2 weeks. And, if that happens there is a 70% chance we will get hit somewhere in retaliation.”
  I will add that there is IMO, a less than 5% chance we will be hit with an Electro magnetic pulse (EMP) nuke. But if we do, it is a 95% chance it was not from North Korea (NK) but a false flag attack by our own government. It is highly unlikely NK has the ability yet to make a powerful EMP nuke. But the US government and the globalists have that ability fine tuned and could easily launch a missile from somewhere or from a sub to set off a nuke in high altitude over the US and no one could prove it was not North Korea.
  I don’t believe that the US is ready for that level of emergency. They still need to go with their testing first, and see how a city absorbs a nuke and how well society can adjust to the shock. That will be a sufficient shock in itself to deal with in our nation. An EMP may be more than they want to deal with at this time. But it is not impossible.
   The North Koreans launched a missile Sunday and it exploded soon after lift off. That happens all the time with NK. This gives the US the reason to launch an attack against them now. It means NK government was willing to launch, which was one of the red lines for the US. 
It has been quiet the past 12 hours over Saturday night until Sunday morning. The vice president has arrived in Seoul, South Korea (SK).
They will talk for a while, then he will leave again around Monday or later. Pence is also scheduled to see the troops on Easter.
  Our military have quite a few B-52s, stealth bombers, stealth fighetrs, and the B1 bomber in Guam, Okinawa, Japan, and in SK.
They also have a large assortment of missiles, and at least 2 nuclear subs full of missiles ready for a preemptive attack. When that occurs they will probably use several tactical nukes on the 15,000 cannons the communist have pointed at Seoul, SK.
  I have no clue when the attack will begin, but by the time we hear about it, it could be over. Once the communist offensive ability is destroyed then we can take over the nation with the South Korean military and start over again.
  There are some wild cards in this operation, we may have to nuke some of their gung-ho troops if they take a run for the border. The NK Navy is the big issue, they could do multiple attacks against SK, and Japan. They may even land on the coast of Japan with a group of highly trained soldiers and go into a few towns and simply start shooting people on a suicide mission. But the missiles on the subs are the big issue to deal with. And my guess is he has a limited amount of nukes to use,(less than 12) so once those are launched, they might use conventional bombs on missiles to hit some US bases and Japanese cities.
  It is also very possible a few US ships will be sunk with torpedoes and damaged with missiles. North Korea does have a huge number of navy ships that can make numerous attacks against our Navy.
  There is a possibility that Kim Jong Un has planned this for a long time, and has preplaced freighters and war ships in various locations on the Pacific and Atlantic coast. He may also hit Florida and Washington DC, and New York City. It is doubtful he will waste his time or have the resources to hit cities like Dallas, Oklahoma City, Denver or Chicago. But he has said he will kill Trump, so I would assume he would have to try to send missiles towards where ever he thinks Trump is located.
  The most logical area he would be able to hit without a lot of trouble would be targets in South Korea and Japan, along with our bases on Guam and Okinawa. Rumors have surfaced from the US military they were very concerned about a nuke hit on Los Angeles and Seattle.
  They may bring in military teams off of subs to place a bomb in a city(in Japan), or blow up bridges and railways, etc. They tried this once before and the team fought amongst each other and the leader of the group had to execute some of his men. The entire special operation failed and I think a dozen or more were arrested, some killed.
  There is a massive amount of tunnels going form NK into SK, and although many have been found, the military is not 100% confident they found them all. It is possible that sabotage groups could pour into SK and cause havoc, or even place a nuke.
The possibilities on what might happen are wide ranging and very difficult to pin down. But I am confident we will win and the NK government will be destroyed in short order. But the blow back could be substantial. With that many brainwashed people there is bound to be some that get through, cause damage and kill innocent people.
  Some have been worried about the nuclear plants being damaged in NK when we attack. Others have been concerned that the nuke plants in Japan might be targets. Or even the Fukishima nuke plant damaged again where it continues to leak high levels of radiation.
  It is hard to predict any of that, but I am not worried about our bombs damaging the nuke plants in NK. If they do get hit it could be sabotage by the NK government themselves.
  It is possible the Tokyo stock exchange and transportation centers could be damaged. IMO whatever the NK military does, it can be fixed and repaired in time. I am also concerned about the widespread use of chemical weapons in SK and Japan.
That may be the weapon of choice as they run out of nukes. If they have chemical weapons on missiles, several of them hitting a city could kill ten of thousands of people.
The other issue that has not been covered is the possible use of a dirty bomb. It is quite possible they could attach hundreds of pounds of highly radioactive material onto a large conventional bomb and place it on a missile.
Once it hits it could create a radioactive disaster that could last for decades, and literally close down an entire city or region for generations. That could also be done to Seoul, New York City, Wash. DC, and Tokyo.
   The NK leader is a menace and it is high time he is removed. Trump will be flying high in the polls afterwards and that will start the nation up for the next conflict. This will benefit the globalists and help launch them into what they want next in regime change.
Unfortunately, they plan to take this victory and go into the next war with renewed enthusiasm and patriotism.
  As a side note it will be interesting to see how long it will take the hard core followers of Kim Jong Un to give up and abandon the fight. I am concerned there will be a few isolated teams around NK, and on subs that will keep on fighting.
The millions of citizens in NK will be crying a lot, some may commit suicide when they see their nation defeated. It will be a huge reversal of loyalties and attitudes. They have been told the Americans were monsters that would kill them cruelly.
  This situation was allowed to go on way too long until it created an entire nation of cult followers with guns, bombs and weapons of mass destruction to the extreme. The Chinese might be able to re-educate them easier than we can.
  A lot of researchers are thinking the Chinese will turn on us and defend the N. Koreans. But I don’t think it will go that direction from what I have seen of them recently. The same goes for the Russians that are in the area with warships and aircraft. It is possible Russia and China  will help hunt down submarines and try to get them to surrender or take them out to prevent anymore people from being killed.
  That is an overview of the situation as it stands now. Let’s hope for the best and that this can be resolved as quickly as possible with the least amount of bloodshed. After we get through this major conflict, normal days will be welcome thing for all of us. George Eaton

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  • Leo

    Gosh would it be that the Russians and Chinese are weighing in on the situation ? I believe so .

  • tonyw

    a statement that is read both ways….. With that many brainwashed people there is bound to be some that get through, cause damage and kill innocent people…americans are no better

    another true statement ….They have been told the Americans were monsters that would kill them cruelly.

  • Anonymous

    The American government even use poison gas on their own citizens. Remember Bill Clinton and that Waco fiasco?

    ” Autopsies of the dead revealed that some women and children found beneath a fallen concrete wall of a storage room died of skull injuries. Autopsy photographs of other children locked in what appear to be spasmic death poses are consistent with cyanide poisoning, one of the results produced by burning CS gas.[46] The U.S. Department of Justice report indicated that only one body had traces of benzene, one of the components of solvent-dispersed CS gas, but that the gas insertions had finished nearly one hour before the fire started, and that it was enough time for solvents to dissipate from the bodies of the Branch Davidians that had inhaled the tear gas.[74]“

  • Pink Slime

    North Korea will be left intact. Time is too short to rebuild and then have THEE Gospel preached there, but it could happen, but I doubt it.

    The fat buoy will be taken out with limited or no damage, then the last prophecy can take place of THEE Gospel being preached unto all nations – THEN THE END SHALL COME.

    I ain’t worried about now. I’m worried what happens AFTER NoKo falls. Christians from SoKo will pour into that nation and convert many. However, it is NOT THEE Gospel being preached there. Along with the tares the the TRUE Gospel will get preached over the air, most likely.

    All NoKos will hear it as a witness. This is the LAST hermit kingdom of our time. The end of days is near. :cry:

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