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Putin Will Launch a Nuclear First Strike Says Paul Craig Roberts

Sunday, May 14, 2017 8:44
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Paul Craig Roberts,, Trump will be made and example of and now he is saying that Putin will strike first because he has learned that America is ppreparing a first strike. What do you think? Is this former Reagan official correct in his assessments. Leave your comments below after viewing this short video....

Paul Craig Roberts,, Trump will be made and example of and now he is saying that Putin will strike first because he has learned that America is ppreparing a first strike. What do you think? Is this former Reagan official correct in his assessments. Leave your comments below after viewing this short video….



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  • Leo

    Putin will strike first ? humm remember it was the U.S. and UK that attempted to launch a nuclear attack on Russia first just two or three years ago .

    • b4

      be quiet leo..then everybody wont know your an idiot

      • Leo

        idiot ? then it takes one to no one B 4 . still rambling and ranting as usual .

        • FraMar

          OMG Leo, you just proved b4 was right!

          • Leo

            another idiot abounds framar . You :lol:

  • beLIEve

    NOT in a MILLION YEARS will Putin strike first.

    The Russians have done everything in their power to maintain DIALOGUE with all parties in order to maintain peace.
    How Lavrov failed to sucumb to the temptation of THROTTLING that idiot John Kerry, I will never know.
    The Russians are eloquent speakers whilst US “politicians” seem to struggle to string together a COHERENT sentence.
    Russian fortitude, integrity and PERSEVERANCE has been on display in spades; for those with the eyes to see.

    A nuclear launch requires the hand of a…………NEUROLOGICAL MUTANT…….Putin does not fit the criteria.

    U SUK…….US/UK…..ashkeNAZI khazars……have the requisite amount of….CHARACTER DEFECTS…to effect a launch…and….THEN POINT the FINGER of BLAME elsewhere.


    The issue is clear in Russia you have a reformist and in the US you have a reformist, the US has been and is actively running wars, coups and murder of leaders remarkably, i Russia they have not been doing that. SO the ultimate difference is you have US aggression and Russian passivity so far as colonialism and conquest. The US reformer Trump is not able to or does not want the game plan by the deep state JFK coup which is in charge and represent the interests of the German 4th Reich with an eye to do whatever they want around the world in a resolute fashion, Russia’s Putin is trying to rebuild his depreciated country.The issue of any first strike will only come when one side is certain that a full scale attack is about to occur. We the watchers are only equipped with the internet and will likely not learn enough fast enough to predict the much, however it is unlikely that a full scale first strike attack will occur without a full scale regional war for only there would there be the potential for both sides to see and weigh the capability of the other sides strategy and weapons and feel the issue of whether the adversary is too good to depend on beating. Its a bit like boxing, if the two boxers show promise as to their skill the owners pit them against each other expecting the fight to be which side wins and bets are taken, the engine of US hegemony pushing by loansharking the US into desperate poverty/bankruptcy want to win the fight by forcing the US to do whatever they want, but the engine does not want a fight that the US MAY loose and then the engine itself will be physically destroyed, the feeling out of the adversary of the US being Russia is still ongoing, to see if they have resolve. The engine deep state & bankers will forgo a first strike unless it is guaranteed and it cannot be guaranteed so for now each side will build up and a regional war will occur, of course once it gets started it may expand and neither side knows what will happen. the deep state & bankers are likely to be killed off in the event the regional war starts to expand, they will be cliche here liquidated by both sides seeing an opportunity to get rid of their own debt and the lever of blackmail on their adversary to take the heat off them so that the needless fight will not have to continue, need I have to remind anyone here of the known fact that the US has many many many tons of paper currency of a new type buried under the ground all over the country in the event of catastrophic war, the expectations by planners were when the plan was initiated was that there would be no banks and no deep state and no monetary entities left and for that matter the intent was to eliminate them from the rebuilding process to promote rebuilding, one can only assume the Russians have a similar program. What this means is the engine pushing the war on Russia are in effect by doing so omitting suicide both physically and economically, they will be jettisoned as expendable. Of course every administration keeps back slapping the deep state & bankers to keep them under some control but when the gloves come off for a regional war it will be over for them because the owners of the fighters will realize the price is too high and use it or loose it will be throttled down. However I remind you that accident do happen and much confusion occurs during war, it is not impossible that a small group of generals or officers will be making the final world terminating decision themselves. SO despite the best efforts to contain, control and retreat if necessary it may be too little too late. The continual procedure of isolating the Russians is no more or less than a prelude to war that is true, yet the testing is not yet complete and the likely hood is that the parity will be seen clear as day and that the isolation will be resolved after that, in the meantime the deep money pushing for war are risking their lives and are likely to loose them early on if the pressure builds, getting rid of hitler mentalities will at some point soon be desirable by both sides as the issues aforesaid says for itself.

    • b4

      believe–observer–two excellent posts–see the difference leo you dumass

      • Leo

        B 4, Just keep rambling you expedient fool . :lol:

    • 2QIK4U

      Russia will be the last. Damascus Syria. Nth Korea. Iran then Russia is the plan… But nobody is paying attention to the sleeping dragon of China which detest the Rothschild push. Never poke a sleeping bear especially when a dragon is curled around it!

  • 2QIK4U

    The meeting Trump had with Sergov this week says the exact opposite. No Fatima prediction for you.

  • Pink Slime

    Just one sentence to all this.

    I have no respect for a cheap man that would STEAL a Superbowl Ring from an unsuspecting businessman.

    Are you telling me we have to bow or show respect to such a cheap ass? And what about the over 120 journalist it is said to have disappeared under him?

    First strike? Meh! How ’bout a slap when we get him? :roll:

    • Takealook

      Then bend over and take it from Obama again fool. Putin is the only world leader to actually fight the head-choppers “ISIS” while the black racist sodomite and Hillary started and funded ISIS. Where do you get your Putin news? CNN or ABC. Grow up and quit repeating MSM lies.

      • Pink Slime

        ISIS, Hamas, Al this and All that, etc., are all one and the same. The Russian thief only nibbling to fool people like you of what a great man he is.

        Look at your sodomite Nerogro. The West did the same to make the negro look bigger than he is. Peace award this, Courage award that, the negro did this, the negro did that, and the negro was the only one who could beat Putin.

        Bow like a sodomite, suck to a tee, oBammy is the only one who can beat his Pooty. :wink:

  • truck driver

    American people are not Russia’s enemy, just power hungry government people that hate American people like Obama and McCain. Americans lived with Russians since the 1980s also Russians settled in America in the 1800s , when Alaska was Russia , Russians woke up one morning and found out they are Alaska

  • VirusGuard

    Yes but David you keep saying the Russia or China along with ET will invade the USA so you don’t turn the place green and glowing in the dark if you want to invade it.

    Please make your mind up but yes if the fake 1984 cold war got real then Russia would use it ICBM to nuke the USA just like i’ve told you before

    Yes the EMP attack people keep talking about ! think again because the USA detonated nukes in the air to test if this could be used to protect the USA from incoming nuke missiles by creating a massive type of van-allen belt that would fry electronics in missiles long before silicon chips came out in the 1950′s using 1.2 mega ton H-Bomb

    Myth busted on EMPs and you would need losts of them anyway and not just one like some people think


    you are so blind. nothing you have ever predicted has come true. this is just more fear porn. what happened with the invasion from Mexico. You don’t have eyes to see. Putin is working very close with Trump. The whole world is a stage and Putin and Trump are using it well. Please name one thing predicted that has come to pass. I’m beginning to think that you along w/ Alex Jones are controlled opopsition. You both spew the same BS that never occurs. BTW this isn’t news it’s conjecture and speculation and opinion.

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