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The North Korean Distraction Will Free up China to Invade Asia

Friday, August 11, 2017 14:46
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The N. Korean Distraction Will Free Up China to Invade Asia


india china map

It is well-known that North Korea is a puppet state of China. and they are formidable enough that they can tie up the combined forces of the US, South Korea and Japan. with the US tied up with North Korea they are free to control Asia.

It is also well known that China’s currencies are in crisis. The Chinese desperately need raw materials to boost their industrial output and expansion. They are in a similar situation as was Japan prior to World War II. Will China repeat history and look to conquer Asia for its natural resources?

China is definitely in war mode and has already formed an alliance with the Philippines. China has militarized the South China Sea.  China has already engaged the forces of India with border incursions in a move seemingly predicated on forcing India to attack China as an excuse to invade.

I have run this by several military experts over the past week and they think that if we engage North Korea, China will move on India, with Pakistan’s help.

Following India, China’s next move would most likely be on Vietnam, one of their arch enemies.

Putin Will Be An Opportunist

middle east map

The scenario does not end there. With the US occupied, Russia would likely make a major move to control and Syria. Also, would the unthinkable happen? Would Iran attack Israel if they knew the United States’ had only a limited capacity to respond? The Saudi’s better be asking for the US to supply nuclear weapons, because they would be destroyed in an hour.

The consensus is that China is using North Korea as a diversion.

More detail is contained in the video.




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  • Pink Slime

    You forgot one thing P*zzyhut. NorKor is the ONLY country left that has NOT had THEE Gospel preached to its people. THE ONLY ONE LEFT!!

    So, NorKor will fall, but how it will fall will be anybodies guess. Whether by a coup, military invasion, limited strike or a full-blown one. BUT I DO know this much. It shall FALL so THEE GOSPEL can be preached there. The fat boy has a very limited lifespan at this time.

    Speaking of fat, have you noticed he is the ONLY FAT GUY around everybody else there??

    The country should be left basically intact for the THEE Gospel to be preached there along with the thousands of phony ones. But I suspect it will be rapid.

    Then the end shall come.

    • Rockledge

      Bullshit. 2% of N Koreas population is Christian.

      I suspect it would likely be more but they probably know what “Christianity” in the united states is and how much of a political tool it is and avoid it like a plague.
      Western “Christianity” isn’t exactly what you would call a “good witness”.

  • truck driver

    Everyone that dies in a war the Bankers get their money. So war makes the banks rich

  • Ideas Time WE are all being played by the con artistes. Fear is their weapon to keep the masses in check. It works every time. Look for the False Flag to start the next war and cover up the criminals with the blessing of the sheeple.

  • Givys

    Totally disagree on this one. Chicoms are looking sad & losing face all around. Let me straighten you out. USA can & will wipe Fat Face’s Koreans. China can’t fight two front war, which has been conveniently arranged by USA Generals. Have you noticed large troop equipment movement in the Himalayas by Hindu Indians? Right at soft underbelly of China. No way can China take on USA/allies Japan, SKorea, Philippines, Vietnam, Australia, England, France while trying to keep India from taking poorly defended (underpopulated) areas of China right down the middle. HaHAHA- Chicoms are in a vice. Dont forget Nato could also come from Middle East/Mediterranean. This war plan is CHECK MATE. Go eat CHOP SUEY, Xi. Or some crow.

    Russians cant fight three or four front war either. USA/ASEAN in Pacific, NATO & EU (Including former Soviet pals Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Baltic States & Ukraine from EAST. Third front has been prepared with Norway, Sweden Finland from North of Russia. NATO through Mediterranean for fourth front if needed.. Russians will sit, watch, drink Vodka & eat Borscht. Iran will be quiet or destroyed by Israel/Saudis.

    Congrats Strategists

    Even better than Brezhenski plan. U.S.A/EU/ ASEAN world domination coming

    • Pink Slime

      Communist are easily defeated countries. However, China is a relatively new communist country and has never really been a player in the modern world as a military.

      They are now armed with modern kopykat Western technology and so is Russia, but have not been tested against the West.

      But I still expect them to be easily defeated. But that does not mean they still cannot launch massive revenge attacks on the West. :twisted:

    • Rockledge

      I wouldn’t bet on that.
      The united states might be the largest mass producer and keeper of WMD, but look at our politicians, who cannot even protect our borders.

      Intelligence, wit, and savvy win wars. Something our congress greatly lacks.
      China is being run by politicians who are pragmatic, who avoid having their society infiltrated by “undocumented workers” which is a western euphemism for “a Trojan Horse full of criminals and enemies”, and in the process avoid internal social turmoil.
      So is N Korea.

      A nation whose cities are turning to ghettos , which is being silently invaded with the aid of its’ government, which has a government at odds with itself, that cannot control its’ borders is a sitting duck in any kind of war.

      Our over confidence in our ability to imperialistically control the planet is our most blatant weak link. NEVER assume that because you have the most weapons you automatically win.

      Our true enemies are not other countries. They are within our own borders.

      Evidence: Look at what just happened when a bunch of peaceful citizens decided to have a rally to celebrate their heritage while the government is trying to erase their history by taking down public displays of what this society stands for.

      A nation is not only not invincible, it is a sitting duck when the dregs of society are in control.

  • DK

    You get to laugh off stupid articles like this bar they are designed to influence opinion. China is in partnership with Russia, all its raw material needs are met north and west and it would have a lot less needs if most of those raw materials were not exported as goods. It is not looking at conquest, the fully armed nuclear missiles it possesses mean there will be nothing worth conquering, occupying a scorched enemy nation simply means you will be feeding clothing and having to garrison hostile territory for decades – which is even worse if you do not nuke, whilst at the moment all China has to do is buy oil and Iron which are the only real items it needs to import.

    • Man

      that is the whole reason why they are building the new silk road all the way to germany.

  • Counter Analysis

    It appears to me like everyone is posturing for WWIII. Russia in eastern Europe and the North Pole, China in the South China Sea and Indian border, America greatly increasing its presence in Asia under the guise of the NK threat, and now Trump talk of invading Venezuela. The question is, who started this posturing? Who started the aggressive moves that led to countermoves and more counter moves? I tend to look at the usual suspect, the nwo criminals. Who do the nwo criminals have the most control and influence over? My guess is western Europe and the US. Out of those two, who is the most powerful militarily?

    I certainly don’t like what China is doing, but I can’t help but be suspicious that it is largely a countermove in response to America’s quest for hegemony at the behest of the nwo. I also suspect that China has been manipulated by the nwo into playing a role that the nwo anticipated and planned. What is the grand global scheme and objective of the nwo? And how do they plan to achieve it? Those are the questions in my mind.

    Everything happening must also be viewed through the lens of the incoming Planet X in my opinion. It may be uncertain how various regions of the world will be affected, thus there is a motive to occupy many areas so that control may be maintained or obtained in the aftermath. Also war and martial law are likely needed to be in place to control and distract populations long enough for the elite to bunker themselves in safety and install the infrastructures to control the aftermath.

  • Rockledge

    None of this is “well known”.
    It is all very weak and bad conjecture contrived by those with overactive imaginations and not enough intelligence to actually synthesize information into meaningful facts.
    There are only a couple of countries China would have reason to invade, and those are countries that were once part of the Chinese empire, and situations that are none of the wests business.

    China isn’t invading other countries or demanding anything of other countries.

    Guess who it is that does that……
    I can tell you, it is the same country that will cause Armageddon.

    Mystery Babylon.

    If you want to know who Mystery Babylon is, do a google search for BABYLON WEATHER RADAR.

  • beLIEve


    Rothschild Mythological Dictator Creature Kim Jong-un Crafted In “Neutral” EU Switzerland / Backchannel Masonic Cult Scripting
    Saturday, August 12, 2017 4:26

    * * *
    Ron Paul Institute: “Only Morons Believe What The US Government Says About North Korea”

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