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Proof the US is Nuked 9/23/17

Thursday, September 21, 2017 18:38
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It’s a long video, but important. I Pet Goat ii literally refers to The Next Attack on the US, because the story read on 9/11 in the classroom where Bush sat was “The Pet Goat.” This video incontrovertibly deals with 1) the destruction of America 2) Events occuring after the time of the eclipse. This video, made in 2012, is so detailed and their plan so precise that it names the hurricanes occuring after the eclipse. When Jose makes its loop out at sea by New York, specifically on 9/23, as this video shows, the attack will occur. It is worth your time, The information is so precise that it named Jose and Irma, that it shows the path of Jose… But that is not all… The detruction it predicts is upon us. If you are not right with God, please get your soul right.



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    If it happens the US will attack itself to start a war like 911, because there are many things they want to hide and the majority of Americans are not prepared to unravel it under such conditions. Pray that whoever is planning such a thing die before they pull the trigger.

    • OBEY

      Crystal clear analysis of illuminati intentions and worth heeding. Well done. 9/23

      • 2QIK4U

        A clear intention is naming Plutonium 239

    • 2QIK4U

      Yes America have been searching for a disaster for a while but nothing takes hold so they ramp it up a bit more and we still see through them. America will probably nuke themselves and say Lil Kim did it and he will go along with it. All the puppets are in place

      • Josie

        I believe that also!

      • The Real Deal

        I agree as well. America IS looking for a disaster… but for the wrong reasons. I believe that they think it will save them from this NWO, or this tyranny we are seeing play out before our eyes. These elites are 23 steps ahead anything you see. They are planning shit that will take place in 2030 by now. Why do you think the predictive programming from television shows naming hurricanes Harvey and Irma, were played 11 years ago? They so far out in front of us that we have no idea.

    • Anonymous

      I will agree with that.The way they have talked and talked about Russia this and Russia that, they want to be able to blame them. This story was done 5 years ago how would they even know about these events if they were not involved.

  • Man

    The person who made this, is laughing his socks off

    • Just me

      In a mental institution.

    • Problem, Reaction, Solution

      Yes…Laughs at you…and sociopath globalists.

  • truck driver

    East Brunswick New Jersey Turnpike Service plaza i heard Muslims say this country is ours it’s not yours anymore

    • dakota

      I believe it. Make this comment from truck driver, go viral everyone.

    • 2QIK4U

      How fast did you run over them? They make great jumps

      • ItsEverywhere

        They make great speed bumps

  • 2QIK4U

    There’s a lot of symbology that hasn’t happened also in this. But it still has about 75% correct

  • Geeper

    Happy to take your money on this if you’re up for a little wager, Mr Blueface.

    • Hayduke

      I’m a professional bettor in southern Nevada and Sweet Baby Jebus, I wish they would put stuff like this on the board so you could bet on it and win some cash instead of baseball and football all the time. I’d bet 20K right now that the world doesn’t end on Sept 23. I would also bet 20K that Nibiroobooboo isn’t within 100 light years of da flat ‘Erf. Another 20K on the sun not going out for three days and putting us in the dark. Oh, I’d throw down 50K on Yellowstone not blowing up in the next 200 years. That would be some easy money if you were a bettor. But I’m forced to bet on crap like the University of Utah over Arizona tonight. Sheeittt. :smile: :grin: :eek: :shock: :cool:

      • Geeper

        Huh? Nobody would give you odds above 1:1 for something that’s almost guaranteed to happen! You’d get great odds for the US being nuked tomorrow, though. And you’d lose your money.

        If the guy who wrote this article believed a word he said, he’d be already on a flight to New Zealand, and would have taken out a huge bet on the date of WW3.

        But nah. Looking at his article history we’ve got “12/03/16: The Entire East Coast Will Be Nuked” from last year. :razz:

        • Hayduke


          You are totally correct. But, as a side note. I am totally familiar as to how accurate Las Vegas odds makers are. When Vegas does make a mistake, they get hammered by the bettors. They rarely make mistakes, however.

          In the US you cannot bet on anything political like you can in England. However, three days before the last election Las Vegas stated, “we won’t put this on the board but if we did we would post that Trump is going to win the election and not only that, it’ll basically be a landslide”. This was when Hilly supposedly had it in the bag and everybody thought the election was a foregone conclusion. At any rate after hearing this I knew that Trump was going to win the election. You don’t mess with Vegas as far as their setting odds go. They are tough to beat. :eek:

          • b4

            i beat the house every time–never lose..never..go to dinner…take in a show…stay at the hotel…and never ever bet 1 dime..i win

          • 2QIK4U

            Whoever thought that Conor McGregor had a chance doesn’t have a clue about the corruption in Vegas and the corruption in boxing. Vegas + boxing = 100% CORRUPTION

      • 2QIK4U

        I’ll take your bet on Yellowstone and raise another fifty. They’re hitting Yellowstone with low frequencies to ignite an earthquake. Remember that bridge that started to sway slowly in rythm until it shook itself apart? That’s what they’re doing to Yellowstone. It won’t even last a hundred years… Knock on coffin to deliver winnings.

      • prashi

        Nice call about all the disaster idiot predictions. All the people creating false flags for obama are somewhere doing something though…Even the chem trails have stopped. They’re no doubt funding the American bolsheviks now…Yeah, the left wants Soviet style govt. in USA. The gen o cide is currently under way. They are accusing people of things they are doing…Funny how hollywood idiots suggest trump hurricane karma without considering how carribean residents are suffering. Are carribean residents now going to be forced entry into US? They would be if hillary was in. Looks like a long term plan to me. Not hard to figure out. Take virginia +13.5 tonight.

        • Hayduke

          Agreed on Virginia although I didn’t bet that game. :cool:

  • patann

    Early To Mighty, The Fields Are White To Harvest

    Listening To: Selah, More And More

    -America’s Blood Guiltiness, Cataclysmic Sentence 2001-2017, Now, Do

    Seen To Seeing 2017, the word “Now,” decorated as this blinking light of caution, as so days prior, the word “Now,” fixed into the forewarning, “Judgement Now.”

    Until A Times, Times And The Dividing Of Time Angel Gabriel 2004 Forewarn, All Is Unto Fulfillment

    -Editors Note, I have news for you, the world is not going to end on September 23rd, or anything even close to it. All the so-called prognosticators attempting to use Revelation 12 to predict any event happening now are 100% off the mark. Why? Because the events that take place in Revelation 12 happen after the Rapture of the Church, and halfway into the time of Jacob’s trouble under Antichrist, that’s why. And NONE of Revelation 12 in any way has to do with the Rapture of the Church. Article,

    -Seen to be hearing in my hearing, just before an earth directed, 9,3 class solar, :Noah Cousins, They said nothing come of solar eclipse 2017, There Has Been An Out Break Of Noah (NOAA’s) Cousins into potential extinction levels every since, Beware, God’s Judgment Won’t Relent Until Western Rule Is Finished And Daniels Week Begins… Apb

    -Apostle’s Note, here, since the revelation 12 sign even the Jews feast of trumpets, even Apostle Intrepid dream timetable, of America’s, Western rule come due blood guilt, judgement, all marks. As to herald the end of the Church Age (Dan. 12, man in Linen, timable), such is the beginning of the Brides escape, as predicted so adamantly Daniel’s final Week is come, it, Jacob’s prophesied troubles and Western Rule (AMERICA), of Kim Jong and such a company threatening, will not, even cannot, co-exist.
    -Now like you, like all on this planet, I don’t know what’s going to happen September 23rd -25th that you seeming a governor Pilate attempting to wash your hands off, out of it. I can only tell you, after 31 springs of Jesus Himself, one having healing wings, descended into me, three times telling me to come. That Apostle, Prophet have been in demonstrations of the rapture every since, come this one morning,Obama/Cameron/Trump dwindled timetable, 06/26/2015, again, after many years of doing this you see. That as I, WE entered God’s chariots, and all other persons’ gone into Georgia, the Southeast coast. though it was as those three doors in heaven Prophet Ezekiel open, time tested, blinding.
    -Briefly, I, Apostle know what I saw, I looked and I saw this date of departure. understand, both the Brides and America’s, as September 25th. I only like to say September 23-25th for those saying no man know the day or hour, but God as always will prove His Apostle, sincerely, the Bride is escaping at eye blinking speed, how is that in anyway timeable? America’s exit stage Southeast seem to be as mandatory as the Brides escape skyward, frightfully for some, come the only sacrificial escapes, God will accept or bless, beware, besides commanded reapers, what’s their stampede, I wonder? And so should you, suddenly 190 years was gone from them, Woe to all great and small, procrastinating America’s exodus, Apb…


  • RAIN

    Ha Ha!! Sure you can delete your old videos but..

    “Didn’t you know that manuscripts don’t burn?” – the Master and Margarita

    See all stories by Coming Storm:

    ..a personal favorite.. 12/03/16: The Entire East Coast Will Be Nuked ( Friday Nov 04 2016)
    ..and also this one….USA to Be Attacked New Years Eve (December 21, 2016)

    But this latest one does include a stellar rant: “..ALL O’ YOU GOT YOUR HANDS UP YOUR BUTTS AN’ DON’ LISTEN TO THE TRUTH NO MORE!!!”

    Priceless. See you on the 24th.

  • patann

    Early To Mighty, The Fields Are White To Harvest

    Listening To: Selah, More And More

    -America’s Blood Guiltiness, Cataclysmic Sentence 2001-2017, Now, Do

    Seen To Seeing 2017, the word “Now,” decorated as this blinking light of caution, as so days prior, the word “Now,” fixed into the forewarning, “Judgement Now.”

    Until A Times, Times And The Dividing Of Time Angel Gabriel 2004 Forewarn, All Is Unto Fulfillment

    -I have predicted that a three headed, 2x’s a Godzilla Monster, as in either a Nuclear Kim, A Natural Yellowstone and or what was described in 2013 and again only days past as Noah (NOAA”s) cousin, possibly a Nbiru/Carrington. Of which such Titanic monsters beginning America/Western rule’s complete desolation that’s to happen by Oct 2017, along the Western Coast. That same Western coast I witnessed gone from the map and just as soon these fires are burning across Country into the White house, Kennedy Space Center and Walmart’s, when soon, right along a radio broadcast it is warn that the entire eastern seabed is as well, gone. Whoever they are, whatever you are to call this apocalypse of America, Holy Spirits has for two decades deem it America’s seizure, a judgement along this outbreak of mortuary come upon America’s abominable lives, lands and churches.
    -Unthinkable horrors of which by a demonstration of rapture, 2015, I witnessed Holy Spirits by an Amazing Grace move all pending Tribulation Saints, churchians, Sandians and normalcian far into the Southeast just as they took the Bride skyward, remarkably by a September 25th date. Whatever, which ever it is, I been seeing for America’s 190 months into come judgment that it instantly ended tens of millions lives and rested 190 years of technology. Now, one would think, since Holy Spirits were like the days of Lot’s family, heading up America’s come mandatory exodus, again exit stage Georgia, Southeast mean no one want to be anything, or anywhere West, Midsouth nor Mideast of seeing only an exodus skyward and, or southeast are the sacrifices of God right now, woe to all procrastinating The Brides/America’s exodus, Apb, The RAM, see here,

  • Libsrloons


  • RAIN

    OHH NOOOO!!!

    HEY Coming Storm! The 23rd actually refers to:

    The 23rd Olympic Winter Games: Pyeongchang 2018!!! And take a look at the LOGO! Look at the big roman numeral II like I, pet Goat II

    and take a stab at what Pyeong Chang means in Ferengi (Your native language?).. Yep.. PET GOAT!!!

    Incontrovertible, holy crap.. Rocket Man gonna make Olympic Game go poof!! God save the Dotard.

    Nathan Poe

  • Mrs Clippit

    LOL believe in Pet Goat ll like it’s the Oracle of God.. Thanks for the laugh :lol:

  • beLIEve

    NUKED ?? ? :lol:

    What about the PHANTOM PREGNANCY and LIES about the BIRTH of an …..anti-christ :?: ….
    BIN has been posting copiously, for the past few weeks ?

    HA$ the “birth” been cancelled….ACKNOWLEDGED AS……..FEAR-PORN ?

    * * *

    “A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head. She was pregnant and cried out in pain as she was about to give birth. Then another sign appeared in heaven: an enormous red dragon with seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns on its heads. Its tail swept a third of the stars out of the sky and flung them to the earth. The dragon stood in front of the woman who was about to give birth so that it might devour her child the moment he was born. She gave birth to a son, a male child, who “will rule all the nations with an iron scepter.” And her child was snatched up to God and to his throne.” Revelation 12: 1-5

  • 4A7777

    Do not give what is holy unto dogs.

    Nuclear technology is the the exclusive property of the Lord. Russia and other uncircumcised nations have openly shared said technology with North Korea, and we now discover why this should not have been done.

  • Buffalo

    What are you going to do on the 24th when it doesnt happen?

  • sahajprem


    “If you let go, something will happen.
    Fear is always anticipation of the unknown.
    Most human energy flow problems relate to
    the inability to relax.
    Fear of letting go.
    If you let go, something will happen.
    Fear of the unknown. Rational mind:: wants to make a deal ::
    first tell me what will happen,
    and then I’ll let go.
    Fuck you.
    No one knows what’s going to happen.
    The future — the next moment — is unknowable– unknown.
    Rational mind won’t believe that.
    He is afraid to. ”

    ….excerpted from ‘DAS ENERGI’ by Paul Williams, page 3

    pdf (download and save ebook file)

    • sahajprem

      pdf link opened for me the first time I tried it but can’t get it to open again now after i posted it. sorry.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, this video doesn’t prove anything.

    It’s already been used as a tool to try to predict several things that haven’t happened.

    All it’s good for is a source of hindsight for people that don’t understand the brains habit of making connections where none exist.

    Nothing will happen tomorrow.

  • jbw

    Ok, man, ok. Does that mean I won’t get to take my morning dump???

  • wreakhavoc

    No, nothing will happens tomorrow.

    But one things is really weird in this story, if its not the muslim it is the social globalist and if its not that, it is the communist (like the old days in 40-60′th) and there you go, seeking for a target to excuse the war.
    Doesn’t this behavior pattern looks familiar ?

    What’s next if you survive this war ? the asteroid card or the alien card ? :roll:

    • Man

      the NWO and the elites is next

  • Givys

    You arent getting dumbell action between Jose & Marie, dude. Now Marie might dumbbell (LOOKS HUGE), but not today- I’ll be enjoying TCU vs OSU & Auburn vs Missouri, UCLA vs Stanford, Cal vs USC. False prophet, wrong day, bad pizza or too much DMT. They played you, son!! Excuses please. Confess & stop setting dates & claiming cartoons are proof of anything (possibility IS ALSO A WORD in dictionary too).

    You give out some interesting info I appreciate, so dont give up. How about you figure out what these fricking locusts are. Biggest unsolved puzzle. Why the hair like women?

    Dont forget to watch the Five on FOX, back to 5PM slot on Monday-I love beautiful Kimmy & Dana.

  • Givys

    what happened to my approved post about hour ago- no cursing or ill-intent- I’m puzzled. Did author pull it?

  • Anonymous

    Will you make a sign of contrition, if it doesn’t happen, today.


    HelioFant: I Pet Goat 2 – New 2017 Decryption – Never Before Seen (Video)

    (PUBLISHED 9.21.2017)

  • AJ

    So what happened dummy? It’s the 24th now

  • AmericaWakeUpNow

    Well unless it happens with in an hour from now, chances are that this is yet another end times miss!!!

  • Anonymous

    It’s the 24th.

    No nukes.


  • desertspeaks

    well numbnuts, you got it WRONNNNNG! now fuck off and leave the internet!

  • jknbt

    Now that nothing has happened on Sept 23rd, will you doomsday false prophets of sept 23rd please kindly STONE YOURSELVES TO DEATH! This is the punishment due all false prophets.

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