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North Korea Informed Russia Via Letter of its Intent to Nuke United States

Sunday, November 12, 2017 9:04
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By Hal Turner  /  My Daily Informer

A  letter delivered by the North Korean delegation through Russian upper house speaker Valentina Matvienko to Russian President Vladimir Putin, said Pyongyang was prepared to conduct a nuclear strike against the United States, a source familiar with the talks told Sputnik.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Saturday he was unaware of a letter that was sent from the North Korean leadership to Vladimir Putin saying that Pyongyang was ready to strike the United States.

The development comes shortly after the source close to the October talks told Sputnik that Washington changed its stance on the North Korean issue after it had been informed about the content of the letter.

The letter, Valentina Matvienko has said, was handed over to her by the North Korean delegation at the Inter-Parliamentary Union assembly that was held earlier in October.

The news comes as Vladimir Putin said at a press-conference on Saturday that Russia and China have the same view on the DPRK crisis, saying that both Moscow and Beijing call for dialogue. The president has also said that it was essential to “first of all, halt the rhetoric, then halt all the manifestations of aggression from all the sides, and sitting down at the negotiating table eventually” to find solution to the unfolding crisis.

The North Korean issue was on US President Donald Trump’s agenda on his visit to the Asian countries, his longest foreign trip since the inauguration. Prior to the tour, that includes visits to countries including Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Vietnam and China, Trump said he hoped that Vladimir Putin would help resolve the North Korean crisis.

The situation on the Korean Peninsula has worsened sharply in the recent months as Pyongyang conducted its sixth nuclear test in violation of UN Security Council resolutions.


I earnestly hope my fellow Americans have heeded my long-offered advice to prepare themselves. Any attack launched from North Korea will be followed by additional attacks inside the US, by “Sleeper Cells.”  

These cells will attack our Electrical Grid, our public water supplies, key highway bridges to halt the flow of food and commerce, key railroad bridges, to halt the flow of food and war-fighting supplies, Oil and gas pipelines to shut down our ability to keep warm or to travel or deliver supplies.

They will release chemical and biological weapons to take as many of us down with them as they can.  

You and your family absolutely MUST prepare.  You MUST have:

An Emergency Food Supply

An Emergency Water Supply

Filter Masks to protect from inhaling radiation particles or Chemical/Biological Weapons

Swimmer masks or waterproof goggles to protect our eyes from Nuclear/Chemical/Biological Weapons

A source of Emergency Electrical power: A generator,  or an INVERTER to convert DC car batteries to AC electric, or Solar panels with batteries and an INVERTER.

Spare Fuel: For your car(s), Trucks, Emergency Generator fuel supply etc.

CASH MONEY ON HAND — Puerto Rico got hit by a hurricane and here we are over a month later, many banks and ATM’s are all still closed and offline. Credit cards don’t work. Debit Cards don’t work. What few stores are open won’t accept checks.  CASH IS KING.  Such will be the case nationwide in the USA if we get hit here by North Korean attacks.  No cash?  No nothing for you. Have some cash on-hand.  Not to pay bills, but to rely upon in an emergency so you can survive.

Emergency HEAT.  We are rapidly approaching the onset of Winter.  You should have at least ONE source of Emergency heat.  Perhaps a Kerosene Heater with spare fuel?  SOMETHING is better than nothing.  If war hits here . . . and attacks here in the USA are ___ LIKELY ____ you’d better have a way to keep warm if all the electric is out and if gas lines are sabotaged stalling your furnace.

Emergency Communications: Again I refer to Puerto Rico because it is an actual, ONGOING, situation and a prime example of how screwed-up things get when disaster strikes.  People on that island can’t get cellular or wi-fi, have no phones and no electric; thus cannot communicate with their loved ones.  Don’t be like them.

  • Get yourself a CB radio ($29) and antenna for each car, and a CB radio and antenna for your house.  CB does not require a license, is good for several miles and can keep you in touch with your loved ones during a disaster.
  • Better yet, get yourself Family-Radio-Service (FRS)  walkie talkies. ($15 ea.)  They’re only two watts, and the range is very limited (1/2 mile at most) but it will keep you in touch with family members nearby.

Make certain you have spare medicine to live on.  Some folks take specific medicines without which they cannot live.  For instance, one member of my family had a Thyroid removed due to cancer.  That person MUST take a Thyroid replacement drug once a day.  Without that medicine, my family member will die by day five of no medicine.  Have a month or longer supply of such vital medicines on-hand.  

Here’s the worst part:


The worst part of this situation is that you cannot tell ANYONE that you have made preparations.  The overwhelming majority of people simply will not take _any_ steps to prepare.  And when disaster strikes, they will come knocking on YOUR door, begging for help.

Many of you will find yourselves in a situation where people you’ve known for years, come begging you for food and you’ll face a stark choice: Feed THEM, or feed YOURSELF.  They had a chance to prep but didn’t.  They made that choice, they have to live (or die) from it.  Only the strong survive.  The weak and weak-minded do not.

If you make the mistake of bragging or telling anyone that you’re making preparations, they’ll stick that in the back of their minds and do nothing, figuring they can come to YOU when the SHTF.  ANd if you make yet another mistake of actually giving any of them food, THEY WILL TELL OTHERS!  You’ll quickly find yourself totally swamped by desperate, hungry people. 

HAVE FIREARMS and AMMUNITION  You should have a firearm to protect yourself and your family. When the ignorant masses start getting hungry, first they’ll _ask_ for food; then they’ll come to TAKE IT. You had better be ready to fend-off these predators.

Prepping Options

Below are SOURCES via AMAZON for the items I have mentioned above.  I am NOT the Seller of any of these items. In the interest of full disclosure, I WILL earn a $1 or $2 Commission if you buy things via my web site, but the price you pay is the same whether you buy it through my site, or directly thru AMAZON.  My Commission comes out of the seller profit, so your price is not affected.  Whether you buy through my site or somewhere else, just make sure you have these preps!

Time is of the essence.  Once hostilities commence, things will get incredibly bad, incredibly fast.  There won’t be any time to cover your ass once everyone in the country is trying to cover theirs.  Store shelves will be emptied in hours. Gas stations will be empty too (just like we all saw last month when Hurricane Irma hit Florida, and “the masses” waited until one day before to even THINK of getting fuel.  Thousands of them found empty gas stations.  Don’t be like them.

PLEASE SPREAD THIS ARTICLE LINK TO ANYONE YOU CARE ABOUT.  THEY SHOULD ALL HAVE AT LEAST A __CHANCE__ TO SURVIVE AND NO OTHER MEDIA OUTLET IS PROVIDING INFORMATION LIKE THIS ON HOW TO PREPARE! Discover how to survive: Most complete survival tactics, tips, skills and ideas like how to make pemmican, snow shoes, knives, soap, beer, smoke houses, bullets, survival bread, water wheels, herbal poultices, Indian round houses, root cellars, primitive navigation, and much more at: ►►Books can be your best pre-collapse investment.


No one can survive a direct impact of a nuclear bomb.  But those close to an impact zone CAN survive; and so can those farther away . . . . IF you prepare to deal with the issues created by an attack.

In a nuclear attack, the immediate blast zone is totally lost.  Vaporized.  Nothing survives.   Within 3 miles of the blast zone, windows are instantly shattered by the force of the blast – both the wind and the sound wave.


You can minimize the danger of injury to yourself and your family from shattering glass by installing plastic coating on the INSIDE of your windows.  This coating acts to hold-together the shards of glass which would otherwise be JAGGED, RAZOR-LIKE, PROJECTILES cutting the heck out of anything in their path.

The coating makes your home windows more like a car windshield as opposed to the side window in a car: A Windshield may crack, but the glass is held together by plastic.  Side windows of a car shatter all over the place.


Once a nuke detonates, there will be NO FOOD deliveries, probably for weeks, to the affected area. Government won’t even be able to bring food in because of all the debris blocking roads, collapsed bridges and overpasses.   You need to have Emergency Food Supplies in your possession before this takes place or you will literally starve to death.

“If you are an ordinary person, then you can prepare yourself for war by moving to the countryside and building a farm, but you must take guns with you, as the hordes of starving will be roaming. Also, even though the elite will have their safe havens and specialist shelters, they must be just as careful during the war as the ordinary civilians, because their shelters can still be compromised.”

Henry Kissinger

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  • King of Shambhala

    This is great: this is the Apocalypse.
    How long have we waited?
    2000 years.

    It’s good to see the shills posting to this thread that are are known Obama shills and that are turning coat now.

    That’s good and very refreshing to see they learn from their errors and can turn coat urgently at the last MOMMENT when the boat starts sinking and the rats are jumping ship.

    There are troves of revelations of the end times to come such as Obama’s real name Barry Parks and his real birthplace in Topeka, Kansas.
    Obama’s crime of hiding his identity is the greatest crime in History and that’s Trump and Arpaio that both said that.
    It’s on par with being the Antichrist because no human except for the Biblical Satan could have coughed up so big a criminal act – not to mention that Obama also fits the Biblical description of the Antichrist as a homo (seeing the Bible calls the Antichrist the “Abomination” i.e. a homo.)

    Now judges will charge Obama for the birth forgery.
    Nothing’s holding back Trump and Joe Arpaio who both said Obama’s birth certificate is forged.
    How long did we wait for disclosure? So long.

    • Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke

      Speaking of shills… BIN’s biggest one posts first. :twisted:

    • 2QIK4U

      What crap are you spewing now? You could help earth’s overpopulation by starting with yourself ….. I still can’t find any reports saying Hitlery Clinton is arrested! Are you being a lying bhudda again because they don’t exist.

      • King of Shambhala

        Even confronted with the radiation of the world Obama’s shills keep on fighting to protect him.
        But to be saved we must reveal him to the whole wide world for the demonic being he is.
        Go on, hurry.

    • Geeper

      Tells you all you need to know about Shambles that he thinks the USA being nuked would be “great”.

      (He lives in France.)

  • Pink Slime

    The fat and short ( :lol: ) fatherless moron is trying to prove to the world that he is a man. That he is equivalent to Russia and America.

    We are being DESTROYED by women and children who want to rule US. :roll:

  • Major Headache

    As usual, no proof whatsoever. Total BS.

  • BungalowBud

    Stick close to us as I may update this within a month. Nobody has this capability.

  • 2QIK4U

    Why shoot over Japan when he can hit ALL AMERICA by firing straight across the ocean… Shorter distance?


    Good article. Being prepared is to know what you need. Do the research. Chemical/Biological suits are a must. Must have a source of unlimited water: a well is best power by a shielded generator. Long term food supplies are available and I would suggest you get enough food for those who live around you. Medical supplies will be critical. The only vehicle that will operate after an EMP would be
    the older diesels which do not have any computers: such as the Volkswagens. Diesel fuel will last a long time. Communication is a must: both local and long distance. The most important factor is your mental acceptance of reality and having the courage to accept the situation and go forward and to help those who panic.

  • billybob

    the politicians let the fukn enemy into the country what the hell does anyone expect

  • Anna Mroczna

    Haha “NO FOOD deliveries…” Are you serious? There won’t be ANYTHING. Even here, in Poland. We will die. Either European police, or Baltic one would be of no help, for they’ve been a bunch of good-for-nothings working for migrants’ sake. Also no American storied antimissile shield would safe us, unless this article’s been a mere speculation without proves. :cool:

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