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Eyewitness Accounts of Red Dawn Military Camps That Will Invade the US

Tuesday, April 10, 2018 13:55
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 Eyewitness Accounts of Red Dawn Military Camps That Will Invade the US


Red Dawn

Four years ago, I was contacted by an active DEA agent who had extensive experience with the forces that will be involved in the planned invasion of the United States that we call Red Dawn. This DEA special agent who is still on active status with the agency. His stated reason for coming forward is that he will not be a participant in the planned demise of the United States in which the DEA, as well as other federal agencies, will be complicit by their covert and overt participation.

Here are some excerpts from our published communications.

My DEA source was involved in drug interdiction in Peru, which is the leading cocaine producer in the world with a 325 metric tons of operation. One of his main jobs consisted of developing confidential sources (CS) into actionable intelligence information which could be used toward retarding of the blossoming drug trafficking business in Peru.

The Peruvian police and military only intercept 3-5% of the gross drug traffic and that is by design. It gives the appearance that something is being done, while a drug trafficking empire is being established in this country to a degree never imagined in the past.

Senior DEA officials are running interference for a massive drug organization known as the SANCHEZ-Paredes drug cartel and it is based out of Peru. However, not many Americans will have heard of this cartel. Yet, they have been around since 1976 and are more massive that any of the Mexican drug cartels in terms of the size and impact of its operations.


DEA senior officials are fully complicit in these drug and gun running operations. Let’s examine the leadership of Patrick Stenkamp who formerly served as the Regional Director (aka Special-Agent-In-Charge) in Peru. Peru now serves as the regional headquarters for the DEA in the region since Bolivia kicked the DEA out. Also, Peru has taken over the title of “King on Cocaine” from Columbia.

As Regional Director, Stenkamp decided what cases to pursue and which to conveniently ignore. According to my source, Stenkamp fired the last three special agents who dared to investigate the SANCHEZ-Paredes cartel. This group operates with impunity under the watchful eye of DEA leadership and if DEA special agents want to prolong and advance their careers, they better play along or they will end up like the three agents who tried to investigate the SANCHEZ-Paredes cartel, out of a job….

My previous investigation looked into the role that the Sinaloa played with regard to the present immigration crisis and it revealed three significant details:

1. As reported…, the Sinaloa have been connected to terrorist organizations since 2007 as reported in the MSM.

2. The Sinaloa, along with MS-13 have received paramilitary training at camps outside of San Salvador along with military grade hardware (e.g. RPG missile launchers, AK-47’s and anti-tank weapons. This is all supplied by the terror organization of Hamas and Hezbollah.

3. The Sinaloa and Los Zetas drug cartels are using MS-13 gang members as assassins in removing political and law enforcement obstacles in Mexico. The Border Patrol has repeatedly said that MS-13 members are being processed into the United States by the thousands by the Border Patrol who are being told to look the other way, by DHS directives, when it comes to processing MS-13 gangsters into the United States.

Thee operations became the Red Dawn base camps.

My previous investigations looked into the role that the Sinaloa drug cartel along with various terrorist groups, along with the importation of MS-13 to the US, played with regard to the immigration crisis of 2014 and it revealed three significant details:

1. As previously reported, the Sinaloa have been connected to terrorist organizations since 2007 as reported in the MSM.

2. The Sinaloa, along with MS-13 have received paramilitary training at camps outside of San Salvador along with military grade hardware (e.g. RPG missile launchers, AK-47’s and anti-tank weapons. This is all supplied by the terror organization of Hamas and Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood. This is why Jeff Sessions was visiting El Salvador.  Jeff Sessions is Deep State and he is behind the FBI raid on Trump’s Attorney (this will be released in the next 24 hours)

3. The Sinaloa and Los Zetas drug cartels are using MS-13 gang members as assassins in removing political and law enforcement obstacles in Mexico. The Border Patrol has repeatedly said that MS-13 members are being processed into the United States by the thousands by the Border Patrol who are being told to look the other way, by DHS directives, when it comes to processing MS-13 gangsters into the United States. This is why President Trump is so concerned. 

Thanks to my DEA source I was able to see how the drug running has turned into Red Dawn paramilitary camps which will be used to invade the United States in the heels of war breaking out with Russia and China.

A Former ARSOF Source

I have used a former ARSOF source since before the days of Benghazi. He is now confirming these terrorist base camps in El Salvador and Honduras.

This source says there is a two-phase plan to infiltrate the US with as many WMD-carrying sources as possible. Create a total hell-storm of terrorism with MS-13 and ISIS as the mainstay antagonists.

  1. Infiltrate the United States with as many WMD-bearing terrorists as possible. There will be a TET offensive of terrorism. They wan to get the UN to invoke the Kigali Principles and put UN troops on the ground in the US. The Kigali Principles will bring Chinese, Russian and other foreign troops to America. They will overthrow Trump, if need be.
  3. When war breaks out in the Middle East, a Latin American army, which has been training at these camps will come north and attack the US Red Dawn style.  They will combine with UN forces and end the United States once and for all.

In the remainder portions of the article, I will highlight the following:

  1. The composition of the Red Dawn force
  3. An eyewitness account of these Red Dawn military camps and what their plans are. (FEMA camps and genocide).


The Substance of the Red Dawn Strike Force

In late 2014, I published an article which clearly demonstrated that most of Central and South America had been lured away from America and were clearly in the camp of the Russians and the Chinese. These forces have entered into several strong and significant military alliances against the United States. The idea of a Red Dawn invasion force emanating from Central American is not just a theory, it is reality and it has already been organized and lies in wait. Further, these same groups are responsible for the border incursions of MS-13, ISIS and other paramilitary types that are awaiting a sign to unleash holy hell upon this country with malls, schools and public events and public transportation centers are primary domestic targets.

An Eye Witness to the Red Dawn Training Camps Comes Forward

For several years, I have known that Kathy Rubio has first-hand, eyewitness accounts of these terrorist/military base camps throughout El Salvador and Honduras. For years, she has been keenly aware of the coordinated role that the Sanchez Peredes drug cartel plays in coordinating the marriage between the Russians, the Chinese, the various drug cartels and Middle Eastern terror groups, Further, Kathy and members of her family have been to these camps and she has spoken to the participants. She is also aware of the Deep State elements  from the United States, including the US State Department that are actively working in concert with these would-be-invasion forces.

President Trump knows and this is why we troops at the border. We just do not have National Guard at the border, we have troops and special operations forces operating throughout Central America monitoring and planning interdiction strategies for this combination of Red Dawn invasion force/terrorist 5th column training base camps.

It is not safe for either of us to have this information, without spreading this story far and wide. Within 24 hours of the airing of this show, I have been contacted by ARSOF and other assorted groups who also have fragments of the extensive nature of this story. For example, I have authenticated the identify of a man who said that under Obama, we used American based military contractors (e.g. Blackwater now called Academia) to install an underground missile battery in the jungles of Nicaragua as part of this system.

When Trump began dealing with the Caravan to Madness Central American refugee march, Kathy told me to watch the northern border. And was she ever right. We are getting incursions from both Russian and Chinese from Vancouver and they are presumably pre-positioning assets.  I have confirmation that I alluded to in related articles in the past week from two military personnel. In short, we are being prepared to be carved up like the proverbial Thanksgiving turkey.

Kathy’s story confirms most of what I have been able to find out on my own. However, she is a direct eyewitness and this is what makes her testimony so compelling. And because we both fear that if war breaks out with China/Russia, the distraction will be used to launch the 1st phase, massive domestic terrorism, followed by a direct military invasion from out Southern underbelly.

Many, who have heard this live interview with Kathy, have told me that they thought this wss my most important interview in the history of my show. It certainly ranks up there. Here is the interview I recently conducted with Kathy Rubio as to these verifiable dangers.

First-Hand Eyewitness Account to the Red Dawn Invasion Camps In Central America

Please also see the footnote of the latest, ongoing events in Mexico following this interview.


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  • patann

    Prophecy Links

    -Hours prior to greater desolations US soil, where many are snarled by their unbelief!

    -American to Western Leaders crying peace and stay that can only be followed by sudden destruction, always have had the potential to blow minds and then heads. Pres. Bush did it when he announced the country is addicted to oil, I mean blood, I mean oil, I mean blood, so Trump, go kill somebody and make American Great again, ….for our deeds are interactively evil…Cried 2016 elections, beware, Apb,

    Prophecy Links

    -And I heard in my hearing 2002-2017/18, one hour with beast, 10.2 earthquake, Mede is very dirty, don’t touch Geneva! HAMATH, it’s a hit, cities hit, Guam just did it, get ye to repentant altars, 10. 2 earthquake, America, Britain, separate them into itty, bitty pieces, major, major earthquake West Pacific Canada, Synchronize Israel, finish all schools, fifty millions will die, a Noah’s cousin, get e to repentant altars, HAMATH, wipe Canada from the map, Kill all parents, 10. 2 earthquake, The Eastern Seaboard is gone, HAMATH, major, major earthquake West Pacific Canada, smiling faces don’t last, Judgment now, NOW! A Noah’s cousin, “One hour with the beast,” (01/13/2018), fifty million will die! HAMATH, get ye to repentant altars, No further delay, A Noah’s Cousin, no further delay, no further delay, one hour with the beast, (Jan. 13th -29th), no further delay, Kill! Beware, Apb, see here,

    • Hayduke

      I am a Prophet too, and I dreamed that none of this crap was going to happen. :cool:

      • Anonymous

        Wow! You must be a true prophet! You can then confirm the validity of a vision I had.

        It was late in the night, and I was about to go to sleep, but then, in my mind or in spirit, I know not which, my eyes go dim, and I find myself wandering in a foul smelling, dark greenish smoke. I see a pattern of light in the distance, so made my way towards that light, wanting to get out of what seemed a very dark and poisonous cloud. As I got closer to the light, it was also green smoke, but, as if, fluorescent, the smell near unbearable. When close, it was then I saw a mysterious pattern had formed in the glowing smoke, that looked much like letters, B-I-N.

        Suddenly, I found myself again in my room, and an angel came to me. I asked that he explain the vision, and he simply said, “You saw the internet fart.” Then the angel vanished.

        I was left muttering, just quoting Colonel Kurtz, over and over, “The horror. The horror.” This left me bone chilled for hours, my mouse finger fiercely twitching, as if it had found endless screens of monetized YouTube videos I needed to click on, before the deep state deletes them, or perish. It was hideous, I tell you, hideous!

        Is the prophecy true? Is an internet fart upon us? And should this be interpreted to mean Dave Hodges? Sister Mr. Ed? Screw Diligence? KOS? An unthinkable combination of all of them and more, some dreaded, irreversible, to the bone frostbite?

        • Hayduke

          This may all mean that you pissed the bed while you were asleep. However, since I am now a Prophet on BIN I am going out on the back deck to smoke a little medical grade, then I will go take a nap and hopefully get some correct visions. Since buying a new pair of PROPHET BINNER GLASSES (although this is new technology the price is still $99.95 just like the SOLAR BINNER GLASSES). You wear these PROPHET BINNER GLASSES when you ar asleep. Then, you wake up and go WOW!!! I am a Prophet!!! These are UNANNILY accurate!!! And no, we are not getting a 10.0 Earthquake anywhere. But some country, according to my BINNERS will get a 6.0 sometime in April. According to my glasses. :cool:

          • Hayduke

            Sorry for the typos but these new PROPHET BINNER GLASSES are just so exciting!!! :cool:

  • 2QIK4U

    Dave, you know that lonely destroyer in to the Syrian range. Why only the one ship? Because when it mysteriously sink’s they will say Russia sank it with everyone on board and an instant WORLD WAR 3 Starter! A Destroyer is NEVER ALONE ! SUSPICIOUSLY SUSPICIOUS

  • Pink Slime

    I did not watch the video but read your the column.

    People don’t understand how QUICKLY a nation can fall. Literally overnight as we saw with Hitler’s blitzkrieg. All they have to do soften the targets with EMP. Blow a few major military bases and cities out and wake up the hundreds of sleeping cells to finish the finer points off and YOU’RE DONE.

    The population rounded up. The disarmed ones will be the easiest thanks to the traitorous Democraps. The armed ones will be picked off one by one using registration databases. And because your Government never raised the Militia no one is organized to repel invasions domestic or foreign.

    You will be surprised to see Trump taken out and the Negro sodomite put back in as your new leader – grinning ear to ear as he watches all white people marched to the FEMA ‘fatale camps. :lol:

  • patann

    -Be Alert, Red Alert, America West Rule this planet, 2002 Bush, into Trump, 2017 inauguration, is for a lost of fifty million, it’s more like a Red Dawn scenario, as doomsday passovers, Pearl Harbor, the Cuban Missile Crisis and the September 11th attack, all in reverse, America, West Rule Deletion come, is no longer the victor here, her enemies, beginning with God’s wine press of judgment, are overcomers, beware, beware, beware! Apb, see more here,

    -Early To Mighty, The Fields Are White Unto Harvest, ETE 5:54 AM, 04/11/2018
    All hail to the Bride reigning in heaven readying the specialty stone, the antichrist murderer

    Prophecy Link

    -And I heard In My Hearing, 04/06/2018, just as my eyes open, the song, “O when the saints go marching in,” only three days after a bird, by my widow chanted, repeatedly, “he’s here, he’s here, He’s here, “o happy day,” indeed.

    O Happy Day! Jesus is Here, Jesus Is Here, O Happy Day!

    Prophecy Links

    -Yes, I, Apostle THEY call me, I watched as a huge container felled on Saddam Hussein, declare him injured, without recovery, but I also watched as a US general hand off his war horse to the prophet Jeremiah, because a predicted Hussein White House, 2003/2008-2015/16 instead reigned into Prophet Daniel, final week of years, it was as well and more concerning when I watched as Israel, America Islamic Rule invaded, had to humble it’s way to the likes of a brother, enemy by the name of hamath, truly I saw that for many Millennia now, God alone is God.
    -From The Handwriting On The Wall Of America’s Designed Desolation, Jer. 37:8, into a single word, arriving in lowercase, bold, black letters, as error, as in the error of your decision making got you defeated, beware, Apb,

    -When Jerusalem, since Trump December 5th, the first Matrix ten day count, his declarations of again Jerusalem threw them into a cup of tremblings, what’s even worse, Holy Spirits have shown that since then, as been prophesied for these last days, Kingdom, world nations have all fallen prey to the final antichrist agenda, as of January 13th, 2018. They, these endtime, predestined leaders are not their own, Bush went into office to fuel without measure the middle eastern territory, Obama went into office to lay it’s siege here, US soil, now with Trump is come the prophesied this ministry these thirty plus springs, by three nights of dreaming, 1998, invasions US soil, an enemy of Islamic, Asian and Epidemic origin to disorder. This is happening, this is not a test,God’s Wine press, America, West Rule weight of blood doomsday passover after another, Israel six day war into Pearl Harbor, the Cuban Missile Crisis and the September 11th attack, no more doomsday passover, 01/26-29th, 2018, I warn and warn, this is not that, not those days gone cold, This is Jesus when he looked at his disciples and said, these are things which must come to past, and look at his people Israel and further said, when you shall see this, the abomination of their error, the error of their rebelliousness, stand in holy place, flee, escape, get out of there!
    -Therefore any leaders, religious, spiritual, political, social, parental, monetary to military making mockery of your efforts to stampede targeted areas, Jerusalem into at least 49 of the fifty states of America, you just tell them, you’re doing what God told the people of Noah to do, into the Hebrews of Moses days, into the Israelites of Jesus days, right into the seven churches of Asia Minor of Apostle John day, who were told, when they were told, come, their leaders, ‘let my people go,’ come God’s people, ‘come out of her.’ Cordially you have been invited to a barbecue, one God’s wrath, that leadeth to death immortal, at least 49 states of emergencies, America to 50, commanded reapers bearing sword like syringes of natures worse have you and have and have you. Whereas a little Miya girl of apocalypse your procrastinating vehicles long the mighty ruckus of stampeding elephant, by a translation the heart, will or a toll of two quarters, show you all the way. Secondarily, an invitation to a barbecue, that is by God’s good graces, one that leadeth into death, life immortal, that by an as usual act of divinity, as of Lot and family, right into the state of Georgia, the southeast of the US, as into a complete exodus. In case you don’t believe me, as of these thirty pus springs, Russia, China and its allies, they must do this, they’ve been predestined prophetically, one hour with the beast, Rev. 17:16-18, as victors.
    -America, West rule, seen as a Babylonian stuart, of great, bloody whoredom, warmongering along a cup of martyred blood are also predestined, prophetically, Britain and America moved into a spirit and campaign of serfdom, meaning God has no more use for them, are to be reduced into itty, bitty pieces, Whereas Canada infected, and contagious with the West abominations, is to be wiped from the planet, possibly by the 10.2 to major, major earth I was alerted, fall 2018, happen to West Pacific Canada. The brokeback mountain to 50 shades of gray, of transgender restrooms, along it”s 50 states, as of the seventh angels trumpet for three nights of it, crying, no more delay US soil, no more delay US soil and yet, a third night, no more doomsday passovers US, the the congressman trainwreck.I know, it’s has the remembrance of when Angels at Apostle John’s notice, of his testament, cried down from heaven in all likeness, ‘woe, ‘woe, and woe,” cataclysms US soil are here, are now, beware the midwest, the eastern seaboard as well as the inundated with such forewarnings US. Canada West Pacific, beware, Apb, The RAM, get it, get Jesus and get (ascend), out of it, God will only bless, escape!

    The Little Miya Girl Of Come Apocalypse, For A Toll Of Two Quarters, Into The New Error/Era Of Mankind, Their Single Fear Factor, The Salvation Of Jesus Millennium,

  • Gordon

    As the potential threat of violence comes near do consider that we retain authority in Christ.

  • beLIEve

    WHORE$ MANURE :lol:

    After War Breaks Out in Syria, the Red Dawn Invasion of the Western United States Will Commence

    Thursday, April 12, 2018 12:28

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