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The Chinese Consolidation of Power Is Leading to World War III

Monday, April 9, 2018 8:17
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The Chinese Consolidation of Power Is Leading to World War III

The recent Chinese administration’s acquisition of total power over the government and the economy spells trouble for the United States and for world peace. Xi has recently appointed himself President for life and obtained ancillary Communist Party support.

This consolidation of power in China has led to back-room deals which will result in war with the United States.

The Consolidation of Power In China

In addition to the office of President, Xi also holds the posts of both General Secretary of the Communist Party of China and Chairman of the Central Military Commission, neither of which carries any term limit. That puts him in charge of the state, the Party, and the army, for life.

In December of 2017, the national armed police were put under the Central Military Commission as well. Formally as well as informally, Xi is set to hold all the major reins of power in China for as long as he desires. 

Deng arose out of the post-Mao China and avoided civil war as he laid the foundations for the next 30 years of  Communist Party rule by elite consensus. Subsequently, China’s next two leaders were both recruited and mentored directly by Deng namely Jiang Zemin (President 1993-2003) and Hu Jintao (2003-2013).

Deng put the people in power, who subsequently ruled China, until the rise of present leader of Xi Jinping which occurred in 2013. X represents a new style of Chinese leadership in the post-Mao era.

The present Chinese leader has obtained more power than any Chinese leader since Mao. He has used the American equivalent of RICO corruption laws to jail potential political opponents under anti-corruption approach in government. XI has transformed China from elitist, collectivist rule, with a rotating leadership to one of a dictatorial, strongman leadership (ie potential dictatorial thuggery).

In order to accomplish this consolidation of power, which was granted to XI in March of 2018, he had to make deals, particularly within the equivalent to the Chinese military establishment. We are not talking DARPA here, we are talking Chinese middle men who traffic in foreign military aid and the equivalent of outright bribery of American defense contractors with the tacit approval of the treasonous Obama administration. One must understand that today’s Chinese military is representative of “gifted” Russian technology and ill-obtained American military technology. Adaptation is the Chinese military’s greatest strength. Yes, one would be correct in discussing how China is setting up to win a war in space against the United States. But that would not have been possible without United States cooperation from the last several, globalist-serving administrations.

Xi is China’s first true post-Deng leader.   Where China’s authoritarian politics once looked very different from those of other strongman dictatorships, it now seems to be reverting to a more Stalinist-style of Communism. This makes present day China very dangerous. Heretofore, there has been a definitive overlap between Chinese industrial interests and their military interests (e.g. Nazi Germany in the early days of Hitler). These interests needed to be placated in order for Xi to gain power for life.

There is a metaphorical equivalent as well as well as a distinct historical parallel between the Xi administration’s consolidation of power and what Tojo did to pre-WW II Japan. Both countries are/were resource deficient in terms of being able to support their respective country’s needs to expand their industrialization efforts. China may have a first-world military, but they are very much a second-world (i.e. developing) nation. Like 1930’s Japan, China needs natural resources and this has become their focus.

In order for Xi to consolidate his power, he was forced to adopt a more aggressive foreign trade policy and that means a more aggressive military policy in support of this need to obtain resources and favorable trade balances. Under the guise of the New World Order, China is needed to secure power to dominate an Asian trade union, which is something that has not gotten off the ground. Right now, the globalists are trying, without a lot of success, the push for world government through regionalization (eg European Union and the North American Union as expressed through NAFTA). Here comes Trump and is reversing the trade imbalances which exist between China and the United States. From a globalist perspective, China was able to grow and become the dominant power since Kissinger and Nixon opened up China to outsiders in the 1970’s with the advent of the Trilateral Commission and full acceptance of Communist China at the United Nations.

In other words, the old line globalists support Chinese expansionsim because the establishment of Chinese rule of their region brings the globalists one step closer to fulfilling their needs and if it takes a third world war of depopulation and consolidation of power, from the globalist perspective, so be it.

It would be an over exaggeration to state that Xi avoided a coup by becoming very aggressive in the region. However, he would not have been able to consolidate his power, for life, without having done so in order to appeal to the the aforementioned hard line Chinese interests. In effect, Xi was able to avoid a coup and consolidate his power at the same time. Unfortunately, for the world, China is on a path for World War III and it will start with in the South China Sea but would very quickly expand to cover an invasion of Taiwan.

What Does An Expanding and More Aggressive China Look Like?

South China Sea

In the last 18 months, I have cataloged the increasingly hostile nature of the Chinese government to its neighbors. This began with the Chinese declaration of their private ownership of the South China Sea trade routes. The Chinese actually constructed artificial islands which serve as a permanent type of aircraft carrier to counter an American carrier task force in the region. The Chinese have threatened the shipping lanes of Vietnam, Australia, the Philippines and 11 other nations in the region, not to mention the United States.

China’s rapidly growing perimeter which will protect Chinese trade interests by illegally claiming the South China Sea as their own.

India and Pakistan

On June 27, 2017, the Common Sense Show reported the following:

Breaking news as China attacks India in an event that could culminate in World War III:

“As Prime Minister Narendra Modi was preparing to meet Donald and Melania Trump at the White House, China on Monday launched a scathing attack on the Indian Army accusing it of stopping the construction of a road in what it called its “sovereign territory” in the Sikkim section of the India-China border.”

This conflict did not remain just a war of words for long as the Russian media is collectively reporting that the Chinese crossed the border and destroyed two Indian bunkers in the Sikkim region of the Chinese-Indian border.

Yes it is absolutely true, China and crossed the Indian border and has attacked and destroyed two bunkers. This is very serious. Because of arch-rival India’s involvement, it would not take much to encourage Pakistan to become involved as well.

There is a major MSM blackout of this event. However, the Russian media is all over this story.  What are they reporting? It is in the following video.

By August of 2017, The Common Sense Show was reporting the following:

The situation in Asia just got real serious. China is pushing the envelope in Asia. What does it mean? How far does it go?

It was reported that a much more reckless China was threatening the majority of its neighbors. When trade concessions were not offered in tribute, military intimidation was employed. It was later reported that China had built a military base inside of Pakistan. This has led India to construct 14,600 bunkers on its border with Pakistan to protect against invasion as reported by Zero Hedge on Sunday.


As if it were not enough that China is forcing an inordinate amount of American military interests to be deployed to Asia because of their hyper-aggressiveness. Just last week, the Chinese have forced an unprecedented American three-carrier task force to enter the South China Sea a show of force.

Both Paul Preston and I have conclusive proof of direct Chinese involvement in Calexit which is the planned disintegration of the United State beginning with China withdrawing from the United States as a protectorate of the United Nations. This is a Chinese act of war. The Calexit movement is predicated on the financial support of George Soros interests and the Bank of China.

Further, it should be noted that the Chinese were seeking to exploit an escalation of trouble between North Korea and the United States from which I believe that they would use the distraction to militarily expand its influence in the region in other area (eg intimidating Taiwan and India into trade concessions). Trump has managed to neutralize the negative Chinese influence as Fox is reporting today that the North Koreans reached out directly to the United States to discuss denuclearization of the Korea.

The Recent Caravan to Madness

The recent caravan of an estimated 1,500 immigrants has ties to China as well. The groups to follow the disbanded civilian immigrants coming from Central America are to be followed by 5th column forces which are a marriage between Middle Eastern terror groups and MS-13 and various drug cartels. the Chinese are involved with these groups. On April 5th the Common Sense Show published an analysis of how the immigration crisis, which caused President Trump to put National Guard and the military on the border, is a direct result of the fear of an eventual Red Dawn invasion from which it is speculated would occur if the American military were to be engaged elsewhere, say in Syria. As our forces are distracted, the Chinese will strike.

Isn’t interesting that China is busy buying up Hollywood production interests? And this movement was punctuated with regard to the remake of Red Dawn. The invading force was to be Chinese according to the original script. The Chinese forced a change to have the invading force be North Korean. The movie was more accurate than the Chinese new Hollywood overlords would have preferred and it was changed.

The Kigali Principles

Under the Kigali Principles, Obama allowed the UN the self-proclaimed right to enter, by treaty, the United States along with 28 other peacekeeping nations to restore order. The UN needs no other permission. Trump cannot revoke this permanently granted power. The border could become a scene of violence which would provide the preemptive excuse for the UN to come in with peacekeepers. And which nation would provide the bulk of the peacekeepers? It would be the permanently embedded Chinese military forces who are located at places like the Port of Long Beach and by dozens of Chinese solar energy firms located in the Western United States run by front companies of the Chinese military. The Reds from China could soon be wearing blue helmets and driving up and down your street in white tanks. This is the new rie, white and blue.

This is why Trump has troops at the border. He did not send the military to the border for 1,500 immigrants as well as threaten the end of NAFTA and DACA. That is a ridiculous assertion by CNN. Those troops are on the border because Trump knows that he must prevent the UN from gaining a foothold. Further the potential for violence is great in California as well. Hence, the proximity of troops in Arizona along with Camp Pendelton could see the rapid deployment of the military to quell any violent movement by forces associated with Calexit and prevent UN incursion.


This article did not even mention that through the series of Grid Ex drills, Obama showed the Chinese and the Russians how to take down our grid.

The Chinese threat is real and they are threatening the peace, not just in Asia, but they are actively undermining the Trump administration within the United states. Hence, the presence of a 3 carrier task force in the Chinese backyard.

I have some sources that say that this is all going to come to a head by the end of April. I don’t hang my hat on date predictions, however, it is hard to believe that the Russians and the Chinese are not working together to spread American military forces out all across the globe as one side is assisting the other with rotating crises (e.g. South China Sea, India and now Syria).

It is safe to say to that things are going to get interesting. I hope everyone gets prepared to become independent. If war breaks out, we are probably on our own, at least according to FEMA.


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  • Anonymous

    Good to get this heads-up of WWIII upon us, Hodges. At least now we know we’ll all be dead and none of us will have any use for that overpriced survival shit you’re always trying to peddle.

    • CUB4DK

      Now now BillyP…you’re being too pessimistic here…

  • Fringe Design Lab

    The chinese have their hands in our bread basket.. thats for sure. Hope Trump stops kissing their ass and puts them in their place before we have to nuke them or worse like Japan and Germany. They will hang their heads in shame for the next hundred years (like germany)after we are done with them.

  • Pink Slime

    All communist tyrannical nations will PULL you into war. Communist are VIOLENT people. They are godless and lawless and why our military has to be the GRATEST in the world, or they will KILL YOU and rape your wives and children and enslave the REST.

    This is what Democraps want, who are communist. This is what their Negro sodomite wanted and do not be fooled by him being a “good” Negro. He was the devil incarnate obsessed with anal sex and other men’s anuses. :cool:

  • diane

    Obama, better known as the negro sodomite needs to go to jail for giving them the training to take down our grid.

    Clinton, gave away the Long Beach Naval Ship yard. For free, well not quite free they gave the Clintons 3 to 4 billion dollars.

    Don’t these presidents just love us. HE-HA.

  • Takealook

    Oh yes Hodges….That must be China lobbing those missiles into Syria and arming ISIS.
    Oh yes that most certainly is China!
    They are starting WW3 not the US with it’s 800+
    bases around the world.

    • babar iley

      Now here is a comment I can agree with.

  • AJ

    You defiantly did not write this yourself.

  • Rockledge

    So, it is actually the evil China who is going to cause WWIII, and not western meddling in the worlds business.
    How about that, whoda thunk.

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