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The Day After The End of the Mayan Long Count | Final Conclusions [1]

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My Journey Beyond the 13th Bak’tun

Well for around ten years I have been aware of the approaching climax of the ancient Mayan Long Count calendar system on 4-Ahau 3-Kankin or our 21-12-2012. Yesterday we reached that day and along with it we had our 11:11am GMT Winter Solstice which included an alignment of sorts involving our sun, the earth, and the centre of the Milky Way galaxy. There were also some minor planetary alignments and star positioning’s of note. All of this phenomena added to the sense of expectation and excitement for the crunch point in this ancient system. That said really it is all about prophecy for me, and indeed for most people that became interested in this subject, had there been no prophecy attached to the end of the Maya 13th Bak’tun then I doubt it would have ever became well known outside academic circles, indeed the Maya people would have remained as internationally famous as the Shuar and the Arawaks, or so many other First Nations indigenous populations. We shall come back to the matter of the actual prophecy in a moment, but let me first give some personal thoughts on what 21-12-2012 was all about in the end.

    Clearly the first thing we can say is that 21-12-2012 was not the end of the world, not even the end of our current global civilisation and its basis in corporatism, consumerism and materialism – the first fact is a relief for many whilst the second is a great disappointment for others including myself. We remain on track towards some kind of human self-destruction event, our suicidal behaviour via eco-system destruction is curtailed somewhat but has really not significantly reduced in the last decade despite major warnings from various informed quarters, be that ecologists, economists, indigenous peoples or higher beings and aliens. It seems human beings really are almost unable to grasp the concept that the vast the majority of people, being now aware of the dangers ahead for their species on the current path, have a duty to immediately stop a tiny minority that are deliberately taking the whole planet into a disaster by their selfish and nefarious aims. I must admit that I despair to some degree with this entire species, there is so much that could and should have been done in the last decade, especially from 9-11 onwards and the atrocities that followed that Globalist staged false flag event. I kept hoping that by 21-12-2012 humanity would be up off its knees and pushing back the evil of those that have been accidently handed the keys to the kingdom by the deeply sleeping guardians of Pacha Mama (that being the vast majority of humans).

    For those that expected a major physical event on 21-12-2012 there is no doubt some surprise or even disappointment. I admit that I had some suspicions there might be such a thing on that date myself over the years, though I have steered away from that in my own writing, it was not something I could base on my research or even on supernormal information, all I could say is that around that time we would indeed see major change and major disasters, and in fairness we have seen that in the last few years and in the months preceding the day itself, I suspect we will see further continuance in the weeks ahead, more on that later. Though I am just one man and my thoughts are in many ways unimportant to the whole, I do feel that as a long time scholar and writer on this subject I should say a few words about the exact moment 21-12-2012 and what I see it as having been ‘all about’ even if at least to my subscribers here that kindly follow my articles. After all I have spent five years writing articles on this very matter and further to that have written a 400 page book associated with it also, it would be perhaps odd if I had no specific evaluation of the central date in my work on the following morning! Indeed I do have my personal conclusions based on personal direct experiences as much as on any information I have trawled through over the years. For me the meaning, or human requirement, for 21-12-2012 and the 11:11 solstice galactic alignment revealed itself directly on the evening of 20-12-2012, and not just to me but to my family. Each of us individually received the same central message, and spiritual instructions, and whether it was from Source (God), Pacha Mama (Mother Earth) or some energy at the centre of our galaxy (Hunab-Ku) is beyond my current knowing and probably does not really make any difference.  Let me start at an earlier point in my personal story before revealing my final revelation, let me go back to 144 hours before the 11:11 Solstice to just minutes before 11:11 on 16-12-2012.

        I was in my home town of Ambato, Ecuador, just at the end of a gruelling shamanic healing journey involving the San Pedro cactus; it was the second such healing session of a series of three that I knew intuitively I needed to do (the first having been on 12-12-12). An energy form had been removed from my stomach during the session, something that had attached to me some long time before during my bad marriage and caused me many problems, also I had been informed that we were each to face our inner shadow during the days and weeks ahead, due to this we would see many people snap, specific examples were given to me such as the recent school shootings. For some the negative inside themselves would destroy them and hurt those around them. As Jesus tells us in the Gnostic Gospels, “If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”
Though the words of the great teachers are often rather esoteric, and not readily interpreted by the masses, I feel here quite sure that most readers can see that with the above words Jesus is directly referring to the shadow self within us all (including excessive ego) and the need to transmute our own hidden negative traits, to remove any negative energies and attachments and to seek out our true luminous core of spirit energy that is divine essence. My intention was to take his advice to heart, though I am no stranger to meditation and energy healing (a part of my journey for many years) I still felt that I needed to take the risk of a potentially dangerous journey with a powerful plant spirit so as to root out any remaining internal discord, ideally prior to the end of the great cycle just ahead of me. The plant medicine had worked as required; I almost died, as usual for me with these plants, and was thus ‘reborn’ in the morning. As the experience faded I was suddenly told that the local volcano was about to explode and directed to check the time, it was a few minutes before 11:11am GMT, there was a loud rumbling boom and the glass of my windows was vibrated strongly with is, I knew that Tunguragua volcano had just erupted violently, to my mind Pacha Mama was marking the start of the 144 hour countdown to the Galactic Alignment in her own style!
     The next few days had many more rumble’s and booms, even a small quake, and volcanic dust rained down from the sky. To us it all seemed very appropriate to the point in time we found ourselves in. I should also mention that this fitted well with a remote viewing I mention in my book. In which I felt that for me December 21st 2012 would herald my being in a different home location somewhere greener and with dust in the air from some recent big earth changes event, the volcanic dust falling on me was a very good fit.
We decided that for the last day of the 13th Baktun we should go somewhere special, so on 20-12-12 we jumped into the truck and headed to Puyo . In the late afternoon we approached our intended jungle resort, a really incredible place with guest houses interspersed with styled gardens and surrounded by wild jungle, reached by crossing over a single track metal suspension bridge above a wide and fast flowing river. As luck would have it a wild storm was in effect, lashing rain was interspersed by powerful forks of lightening hitting the ground directly ahead of us, it really did have an apocalyptic feel to it! After checking in we hurriedly changed into swimming gear and ran out into the rain to let the cleansing begin with a very natural shower. I should add that the check-in office had a white board on the wall which grabbed my attention completely, it was covered by groups of 333’s interspersed with a couple of other digits in places, after questioning the desk clerk it was clarified that these were all booking for 3 people, amazingly almost every booking was for 3 people and these had clustered into groupings of 333 – the very number that has bombarded me in thousands of synchronicities for as many years as I can remember and is also associated with 21-12-12 as its own numbers can of course be reduced to 3-3-3. Even more uncannily the resort office had a note displaying the word AHOTEP, with both Daniella and I having strong ties to Egypt in our past (and current) lives we were surprised by this seeming Egyptian connection. Actually, although Ahhotep was an Egyptian queen over 3500 years ago, Ahotep turns out to actually be the acronym for a hotel federation! The next stage of our cleansing was in the form of a swim followed by hot spa and Turkish bath, very nice indeed.
As luck would have it, it turned out we were the only people on site other than the staff, we had this great location all to ourselves which perfectly suited for our intended purpose of tuning into the energies of the planet during the special moment in time just ahead of us. I had also chosen that evening for my final of the three San Pedro healing journeys, after all there is no better place to work with plant or nature spirits than surrounded by jungle.  We all had a chance to talk about the meaning of the great cycle and the sense of bringing to a close an aspect of our journey together, as a family the four of us had been through some horrific challenges in the previous twelve months and were focussed on putting these behind us for good, actually really the extreme challenges extended well beyond the previous year but we had not been together as a family prior to that time, Daniella’s two daughters being from her previous relationship. At around 10pm I drank my three small cups of the extremely bitter brew that I had already prepared (in a six hour process). I was not sure what to expect as each time is different, but I knew it was the last part of a specific three part healing cycle with a beginning, middle and end.
With the effects well under way I tuned into the energy around me, it was clear that there were many spirits amongst the trees that surrounded us; also there was a beautiful canopy of stars above. Daniella and I took a walk but she was hesitant to stay out of the building too long after having noted a spiral of black energy amongst some of the trees ahead of us so we returned to our balcony look out spot (whereupon she noted some strange scratches had manifested on her hand that I had been holding on the walk). As midnight approached we woke the girls, as they had asked us to do, so that we could all be together for the start of the last day of the Bak’tun. Unknown to each other we were all thinking the same thing, there was a need to apologise and a need to forgive, I blurted out first but even as I began our elder girl also said that she had been feeling all day the need to say sorry, Daniella nodded and agreed stating the strong feeling of how important it was to do this at that very moment in time, as a cycle ended. We then knew exactly what the energy of 21-12-2012 was all about, at the end of the cycle we needed to forgive everyone that had ever caused us a perceived hurt, and apologise to everyone that we had somehow caused a grievance, every person we had interacted with during our many lives of through the thousands of years of the last great cycle that was about to close. The most obvious people to do this with were those immediately next to us, also it is obvious to us that they are also the ones we have interacted with most in that vast wheel of time (hence being with them at the end of it), after all we also have strong memories and experiences regarding past lives together, especially of the one in Mayan Palenque of the 7th century. There were tears, tears of true emotion being let flow, tears of regret and forgiveness, and a lightening of all our hearts occurred. Ancient wounds were healed between us, and that energy was put out into the world, sending our apologies and forgiveness to all members of the human family on Earth. The final stage of our end of the cycle cleansing was almost complete, we had heard the voice of divine presence and acted on its clear inherent wisdom. For me though there was a further requirement, and the source for its inspiration was surprising indeed.
As the clock reached twelve our youngest girl asked for silence so that she could do her prayers, a quite long process as she has specific things involved, we all fell into contemplative silence. After some time I turned and looked at her, I observed her carrying out many complex movements and gestures, the more I watched the more my mind blew, it was clearly some kind of form of Qi-Gong or a similar practice (she is nine years old). When she finished I asked her about it and she told me she had not learnt it from anyone but that it was her own method of energy cleaning. I asked her if I could learn it from her, to which I she agreed. As the lesson begun I witnessed her change from a nine year old to a Qi-Gong master teacher, not physically but her total demeanour and style of communication, it was obvious I was in the presence of an incarnated master teacher of some form of energy healing likely long lost to the world (or perhaps just unknown to me). The system involved breaking the body into four sections, each to be treated and cleaned individually, working down from the head to the feet, and ending with a type of meditation. She explained that because she was young she would need time to develop her power and that presently she could only help me clean my energy of this life, but that if she had time to develop she could help more with cleansing my past life energies also!
We retired to our beds, I felt compelled to talk out the things going through my head, which did keep everyone up for a while, but eventually I was alone with my thoughts. Later in the early hours Daniella and I watched an incredible silent lightning storm over the jungle and then what resembled a tornado cloud being blown at high speed over the trees. When it reached just minutes before 11:11am GMT everyone awoke to the alarm we had set, we went outside to be ready for the energies of the winter solstice galactic alignment moment, each in their own quiet meditation. The jungle spoke, it’s silent voice made it clear that mankind still needed to make peace with nature or face a massive and shocking event that would force them back into line with all life on the planet. 21-12-2012 was not the end, it was the beginning, but that humanity had to choose immediately as to the beginning of what exactly? Did we want it to be the beginning of a golden age of spiritual harmony, or the beginning of a period of horrific culling? The choice was firmly in our hands and if we did not select well it would be only weeks or months at most, before the pain began in earnest for our species. The true vibrations of the incoming energies for 21-12-2012 were that of forgiveness, both seeking it and giving it, on a planetary and multidimensional level. If enough of us had received the message and acted on it then the timeline would be improved radically, the big question then was just how many people picked up on it? Were too few people even interested in the end of the Long Count? Of those interested how many were lost in mundane concerns or worries about a doomsday? It seems we will only find out by coming events.

           The prophecies are clear, humanity faces the strong possibility of several extreme events, all of which I cover in my book, but that the horrific devastation potential from these is currently only a strong possibility due to our bad behaviour, not a fixed punishment from above. The prophecies are there to warn us to act; we are not meant to be trying to manifest the painful happenings spoken of, at the moment it looks like we are doing exactly that on a planetary level. We can reduce the effects of these events, we can’t prevent them completely as they are already set in motion, but we can make them become background cosmic events. At this point in time though, short of a miraculous turn around by several billion people, we are facing major turmoil’s from a combination of Galactic Superwave, Magnetic Pole Reversal and Axial Pole Shift along with strong potentials for asteroid incursions. All I can say is that if you have made good your apologies and forgiveness, if you have tuned back into channel Pacha Mama, if you are living from your heart, there really is nothing to fear – for you brave sould yu have already chosen to be in the coming golden age. To all the rest, all I can say is, “may heaven help you.”

           There is still time to change, but it is short, make the change today. In our reckoning this is the final Tzolkin of cleansing, when it culminates on 13-Ahau of 31-3-2013 we will know for sure which way the majority of Earth’s populace has chosen, but before that we will see things occur that will blow a lot of minds, things will happen not seen since the fall of Atlantis. I for one embrace the shift, no fear, no ego, no further evangelising, my job as messenger is complete. For me new horizons are opening up and I intend to voyage into them.

I hope that some of you come with me whilst others go their own new directions, but to all of you respectively I give my love and gratitude, my apologies and my forgiveness.

Jesus said, “If those who lead you say, ‘See, the Kingdom is in the sky,’ then the birds of the sky will precede you. If they say to you, ‘It is in the sea,’ then the fish will precede you. Rather, the Kingdom is inside of you, and it is outside of you. When you come to know yourselves, then you will become known, and you will realize that it is you who are the sons of the living Father. But if you will not know yourselves, you dwell in poverty and it is you who are that poverty.” – Gnostic Gospel of Thomas

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