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Intelligence Insider CONFIRMS NWO Agenda

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By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-


I just had an amazing encounter with someone providing information, formerly  from the inside of the NWO apparatus.


This information source confirmed that all of my research regarding NW Montana and the martial law NWO agenda for this region is correct.


Read on to find out more…


Sitting in a local coffee house establishment, I cannot help but feel sorrow as I gaze out the window. Just beyond the trees and tops of houses is the local Anaconda aluminum manufacturing plant. It was closed a few years ago. Although talks have gone on about re-opening this plant, it’s future remains uncertain.

 Anaconda aluminum plant, Columbia Falls, Montana

(Next to white-appearing strip at right by river

are railroad tracks)


At least, as far as it’s future in manufacturing aluminum products.


The dark future of this plant and it’s huge furnace as a crematory oven is quite another subject. I was informed by a military insider source many years ago, that this local plant would be used to dispose of the dead bodies as they pile up in the future, specifically under martial law.

The human crematory oven of Columbia Falls, Montana

The fiery furnace is going to be used to cremate the dead locals, as the NWO forces of enslavement attack both them and their cherished liberties. The presence of the American Patriot is very strong here in the NW region of Montana. I have previously interviewed many active militia members in this region. 

These Patriot militia typically all have but one message for the NWO leftist and/or fascist bureaucrats back in Washington DC: 

“Yeah, I know all about the NWO plans, and it will be outta my cold dead hands they pry my gun…and I will never surrender my weapons and be taken alive to the FEMA camps.” I heard words to this effect from countless people I have talked to in this state. The people in this state of Montana are not stupid. They are preparing. THEY KNOW WHAT IS COMING.

Deadly chemtrails over America

The Pentagon knows that they know. Military and federal government spying and infiltration of locals here is very heavy. After leaving a radio broadcasting station following a two hour special interview, the owner warned me, “Be careful…this area is swarming with Fed spies everywhere…” 

I knew this already.

However, I may be on their hit list, but they are on my PRAYER list. (Aren’t you glad Jesus died for ALL to be saved??? There is nothing sadder than people deceived into working for the NWO agenda. It will cost their very souls in the end. I pray for them constantly for salvation…always remembering my father once WAS one of those tragically deceived by the NWO, and how Jesus finally saved this man from eternal destruction.)

And the Pentagon quite evidently plans to use deadly military chemical and biological warfare agents against all anticipated civilian resistance uprising here in Montana under martial law. They have brazenly been using the locals anyhow as human guinea pigs, in low altitude spraying for years now, as I have previously documented in my article “Deadly Pentagon Spraying Over Montana.”


Someday, these deadly chem-bio weapons will be released to bring death to the NWO resisters here. Former CIA microbiologist Larry Wayne Harris told me all about this deadly NWO agenda, to target civilian resistance under martial law with deadly chemical and biological warfare agents, to be released against the American people.

Rather than sacrifice their NWO agenda military men in armed combat confrontation with local NWO resistance, the US military apparently to release their deadly military chem-bio weapons instead…and bring in their mop-up crews the next day to shovel up the dead bodies, put them in the “FEMA coffins” or body bags and haul them off to the local crematory oven at the aluminum plant.


FEMA plastic containers to hold dead bodies

Locals have already reported to me sightings of WHITE REFRIGERATOR MORGUE TRAIN CARS on the railroad tracks inside the aluminum plant. Such railway cars are designed to safely contain dead bodies until they can be disposed of, by freezing them to prevent further decomposition or spread of deadly disease. Dead bodies can be transported to this furnace quickly and efficiently under martial law by this method.

Decaying bodies of people killed with biological warfare agents, can spread disease quickly. But frozen bodies really cannot do the same thing.

White refrigerator railway car

And then, the local aluminum plant’s furnace will dispose of their dead bodies.


This was previously explained to me by former military attache, then metal worker, Lee Harrington of Valier, Montana. He knew alot about the boxcars and shackles and the NWO agenda for America, when I interviewed him many years ago. And much more besides. He had insider knowledge that they would use this closed 

facility’s furnace to cremate the dead bodies expected to pile up under martial law.


Even as I write this sobering information, my mind is traveling back to my childhood years, several of them lived in Germany. I was an extremely precocious child, and a very early reader. My father had fought in WWII, and had a library collection of war books. They included books written by immediate Holocaust survivors who survived the Nazi camps.

“I Survived Hitler’s Ovens”

Later republished as 

“5 Chimneys: The Story of Auschwitz”


This book was originally published in English in 1947. We had a copy of it in our home many years ago. It was the book I read as a child that would open my eyes to the horrors of oppressive regimes and the terror of their detention camps forever.


I highly recommend this book for everyone who wants to better understand the coming horrors of the FEMA/DHS camps in America under martial law. You can download it quickly through for your computer or Kindle, or order the actual book. I am now re-reading this book after over 50 years of not seeing it. And amazingly, my mind is remembering what I read as a child so many years ago.

The original book I read as a child and would never forget

No child of tender heart and discerning mind should ever be allowed to read such disturbing memoirs of Nazi deathcamp survivors. But my ever-prying child’s eyes could not miss the sensational cover of the book, “I Survived Hitler’s Ovens” among all his books. It’s blood-red cover was frightening and intriguing, and I just HAD to read this and find out what it was all about.

It was unplanned events like this in my life, a “God moment,” that helped to lay the very groundwork for the passionate reporting I perform to this very day, exposing America’s future holocaust of the innocents under their NEW WORLD ORDER.

Hitler’s Ovens

EVEN A CHILD can understand the horrors of the Nazi deathcamps. Even a child can know how terribly wrong they were. My deeply impressionable mind would never forget, even years later, the horrific accounts of this survivor of Auschwitz.

Children separated from parents to be gassed and cremated

Shocked and horrified and saddened…these are all words that accurately describe my reaction to this account. And ANGER as well. HOW could anyone simply sit back and LET this happen to innocent people?


And reading the first Holocaust book led to yet another…and another…and another. My curiosity became insatiable. Daddy had many books about the Holocaust, all written by immediate survivors, Jew and Gentile alike.

And as I poured over my daddy’s WWII “Soldier’s Album”filled with grainy black and white photographs from the war, and other books, I saw the pictures of the skinny inmates, some clothed, and others naked. I saw tattoos on many arms. I saw photographs of little children as well, all behind barbed wire fences. And I also saw THE CHIMNEYS in the background, belching out black smoke.



Chimneys from one concentration camp


And as a child, I understood perfectly where that smoke came from. And I knew that this mass annihilation of people was terribly wrong.


Finally, the anger and righteous indignation over these atrocities rose up within me one day. I remember standing up and looking up to heaven, and saying, 

Dachau’s crematory oven

“God, I promise: if people are ever in danger again from another Holocaust, I PROMISE I will never be silent, and I will never sit back and do nothing. I will do everything I can to save people from the camps…“ 

And I meant every word I said.


This was a simple child’s promise to Almighty God, made in all innocence and sincerity after being sufficiently horrified by accounts of what the Nazis had done to countless innocent victims in their camps. 


I had no way of knowing as a simple child, that the same forces of darkness that inspired the FIRST Fascist holocaust, would re-emerge decades later under the imported Nazi Fascist elements of the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda for North America (CIA “OPERATION PAPERCLIP” etc.), to once again present the grim  threat of prisoner trains, detention camps, and human crematory ovens…THIS time on American soil.

Unfortunately, they are not the only ones who have a NWO agenda in mind for “Amerika.” The Leftist/Neocon globalists have their distinct NWO version for America as well. The Illuminati has many people groups they have raised up to help bring forth THEIR New World Order for America…and the world. 


Communist GULAG

Whether leftist Communists/globalists (which includes modern Zionists/Neocons), or right wing Nazi Fascists, the spiritual root beneath BOTH is Lucifer, spiritual darkness and an insane quest to establish  their agenda world-wide . And once again, at the cost of countless innocent lives…every dead body they produce to count as “…one more sacrifice to Lucifer to obtain power to bring forth his NEW WORLD ORDER.” (Former CIA admission from one interview I held.)

Jewish Bolshevik communists destroyed tens of millions of lives under COMMUNISM. Gentile Nazi Fascists destroyed millions of innocent lives under FASCISM. Although seemingly at odds with one another,  both Marxist Communism and Nazi Fascism are direct products of THE ILLUMINATI and the spawn of Lucifer himself. 

As former satanists and Illuminati alike admitted freely to me, the NEW WORLD ORDER is actually Satan’s manifest kingdom on earth, and they they Satanists/Illuminati are the backbone…and hence all opponents must be removed and eliminated. Hence, THE CAMPS. 

The GULAGS that Russia and the Soviet Union used to eliminate religious/political opposition, will someday be manifested in modernized version IN AMERICA. The CONCENTRATION CAMPS that Hitler and the Nazis used to remove religious/political opposition, will someday be manifested IN AMERICA. 

And in fact America’s version of gulags and detention camps are ALREADY IN PLACE and waiting to receive hapless Americans under martial law…



I have learned, many years after promising God, that God holds His people to their promises, even when uttered as a child. And that is exactly what this work you are reading today is all about.


I will never sit back and allow yet another holocaust of the innocents to take place unchallenged

this time on American soil  

Nazi camp guards had their dogs too



And now, what the Intelligence Community insider admitted recently…

A personal friend of mine was in contact with a retiree of the intelligence community locally. There are many retirees from the intelligence community and the Federal government and military here in NW Montana. When my friend realized that this retiree was in a position to know if my reporting was correct regarding martial law preparations for this region, my friend began to ask questions.


“I heard that the aluminum plant is to be used as a CREMATORY OVEN for dead people under martial law…” This retiree was amazed that my friend knew about this! And this intelligence retiree insider source quickly confirmed that this was the truth.


My friend then mentioned many more things I had shared about martial law preparations for NW Montana. And with everything she mentioned, this retiree appeared shocked that my friend knew, and confirmed each piece of information I had shared with my friend.

In fact, this insider source admitted that FOUR NEW DETENTION CAMPS had been built for martial law, near the Canadian border, above Eureka, Montana. Eureka is famed for being a stronghold for NWO resisters and militia in this state.


I looked at my friend and said, “Well, have I been telling America the truth…is my reporting accurate?” She nodded her head, finally realizing once and for all that it was true.


And then my friend admitted that the retiree revealed EVEN MORE SHOCKER INFO.

NOMAD Command post vehicle for FEMA

There is a company in Kalispell, MT, called NOMAD. They produce reinforced vehicles for FEMA/DHS disaster  and military command post use. But locals have become suspicious. Apparently NOMAD is producing something ELSE besides.


This insider revealed they they are also producing PRISONER TRANSPORT VEHICLES  with shackles to take people on the highways to the camps once the arrests of NWO resisters begins under martial law. Or once people are forced to “evacuate” due to some kind of “emergency” (that the military/government will deliberately create, better known as a “false flag” disaster.)


My contact in Indiana, militia leader Will Flatt, had warned me recently that there were not only prisoner boxcars with shackles to transport people to detention camps, Nazi or Bolshevik style (as I have reported for many years now). 

They also have prisoner buses with shackles as well for highway use. And apparently, they are also producing these prisoner transport vehicles RIGHT HERE in NW Montana, through NOMAD.




NOMAD vehicles, Kalispell, Montana


And when my friend mentioned to this insider contact something about the deep underground military base beneath Glacier NP, this contact became visibly agitated and realized that too much had already been admitted  to my friend. The insider merely assumed a smile and a crafty look as if to say, “how the heck do YOU know all this?”


And then, it was clearly time for the insider to go. “Eyes wide shut” time had finally come.”I don’t know nuthin’ ’bout nuthin’ ” time! But my friend was finally satisfied that everything she had heard from me about martial law in this region was truth. 

Heck, I already knew it was all true….and much more besides.




It looks like uncovering the mystery of the NWO agenda for America is becoming more and more like solving a gigantic “whodunit” mystery, or putting together a puzzle with a billion pieces….only YOU have to painstakingly FIND those pieces!


And it seems like more and more of us independent thinkers across the nation are being forced to become “junior detectives” in the making. And we can’t help it. Because SOMETHING big and bad is about to happen in America!


And I suspect it is indeed AN AMERICAN HOLOCAUST is in the makings…and about to come down in full NWO Commu-Nazi fury. 


And of course, with a twisted Zionist/Bolshevik Neocon twist for added flavor. Jewish Zionist leftists will never be outdone by right wing Gentile Fascists! For BOTH groups claim the NWO to be THEIR OWN. The NWO GUILLOTINES I have been reporting on extensively, pertain the the Zionist version of the NWO, wherein everyone who confesses Jesus Christ as their Savior is doomed to beheading under THEIR Jewish Noahide Laws. 

How perfectly this fulfills Revelation 20:4. The souls of those beheaded under an antichrist world government under satan himself.  NWO Jews have bragged to me, stating that everything I am reporting is true, “…and the antichrist you Christians fear will be our new messiah, to lead us to world victory and to get RID of you Christians who stand in our way!”

Honestly, I don’t know who is more dangerous: modern NWO Neo-Nazis as are rising in Europe and Germany (and secretly throughout America as well) today, or Zionist Jews coming out to help round up and behead the Christians under martial law. Both plan to do a thorough job of eliminating common enemies: THE CHRISTIANS. (And guess what: I PRAY FOR BOTH to come to salvation through Jesus Christ.)

And it won’t be the first time that Nazi fascists and Jewish Zionists leftists  have conspired together to bring forth their hidden agendas…like the founding of ISRAEL through very dark and corrupt means, including Labor Zionists collaborating with Nazis to have many Jews murdered in the Nazi camps to justify the re-establishing ISRAEL as a homeland for Jews in the Middle East.


Some people I talk to even call the NWO plan, a “COMMU-NAZI” takeover of America. I personally see elements of both being woven into the globalist agenda for America. But then again, the Illuminati are the actual founders and funders of both Fascism and Communism. It is often written that the Illuminati raise up both opposing sides, for their own agendas. And this is evidently quite true.


So what’s the difference? The Communists sent political and religious opponents of their regime TO THE CAMPS to suffer brutal rape, torture and death. The Fascist Nazis sent political and religious opponents of their regime TO THE CAMPS to also suffer brutal rape, torture and death.


And now the NWO gang in America plan to send the political and religious resisters of their evil agenda TO THE CAMPS, to suffer exactly the same thing…just as I have reported for many years now.


There is no difference. It is all of Satan himself, and his deluded followers seeking to establish his NWO of Revelation 13 in the world, including through Globalists and their biased ethnocentric and unscriptural version of “Zionism” that demands all Christians worldwide be sent to camps and beheaded to make way for world Jewish reign. 

None of it is of the God of the Bible, and all of it is of Satan, or Lucifer, the TRUE demonic father of the NEW WORLD ORDER.

And thus, the NEW WORLD ORDER is all doomed to judgment and destruction at the hands of an angry God who is not mocked. 

The true and living God will not tolerate mankind substituting his eternal enemy Lucifer, to be forcibly worshiped by mankind in His place! And this is the intention of the NEW WORLD ORDER.


A Fascist-based world government built upon the dead bodies of millions of innocent victims is never of God and inevitably doomed to destruction.


 A Zionist/globalist leftist world government built upon the dead bodies of millions of innocent victims, blasphemously replacing God with Lucifer even, is certainly never of God. And it is only doomed to judgment and destruction in the end. (Or didn’t you realize that many modern day Zionists are Sabbatean satanists, following the false messiah Sabtai Z’vi. Or outright followers of the Rothschilds Illuminati, whose NWO is really is as well?) Read more about Jews and Communism and genocide.

Molech and human sacrifice

Simply read the Old Testament and see what a Holy God did to the Jews who sought to replace His worship with their Baals and Molechs demanding human sacrifice and other abominations! Many modern Zionist NWO Jews of today are heavily into Sabbatean satanism and other forms of the occult. 


And through their Noahide Laws, they plan to order the mass beheading of millions of Christians worldwide with the very military guillotines I report on. 

And thus shall they bring the just wrath of a righteous God upon them at last in this generation. Jerusalem and the Zionists of this agenda will be judged for every drop of innocent blood they cause to be shed, including the future murders of millions of Christians worldwide. When the Bible speaks of war and great judgments coming upon modern day Israel in these end-times, there is a very good reason behind WHY GOD WILL ALLOW IT.


Prisoner train arriving at Communist GULAG


Enough innocent people have been destroyed  under the COMMUNISTS and the globalists. Enough innocent people were destroyed under the NAZI FASCISTS. Enough is enough! And now they plan to bring their NWO insanity to America…and seek to destroy OUR Christian heritage in America??? Yes..this is exactly what they plan to do (and are already working hard to do.)

Prisoner train arriving at Auschwitz

Friends and readers, pray as never before. Pray that the plans and purposes of sinners alienated from God, and serving the purposes of the wicked one instead, will be utterly defeated and destroyed throughout our nation, in Jesus’ holy Name.


See crematory oven and facility on YOUTUBE




-Pamela Rae Schuffert-


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