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Hillary Clinton: 6th Level Illuminati Witch and Sadistic Monarch Slave Handler)

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And you thought you knew all about her …………..
Hillary Clinton (a 6th level Illuminati witch & sadistic Monarch slave handler)


One of the basic ideas of creating a mind-controlled slave is to control the entire milieu of the slave. This is expressed in Nexus Seven. The environment of the slave is designed for what is called story immersion.. A Monarch slave who has been given the basic Alice In Wonderland and Wizard of Oz programming will see objects connected to these story lines in almost every store. Restaurants in Dallas and San Antonio (The Time Machine Restaurants) which are used to reinforce programming, have mirrors on their walls, doors and ceilings and their waitresses dressed like programming script characters–such as Dorothy of the Wizard of Oz.
It is no accident that one of the leading Satanic singers calls himself Ozzy Ozburn, or that a certain Mexican witch calls herself Oz. It is no accident that recently a witch wrote the book The Witches of Oz. It is no accident that the elite have promoted the Wizard of Oz theme with television product advertisements. It is no accident that the U.S. has Oz stamps, that television has Oz cartoons, and Oz characters are appearing all over the place. For a while even Kansas had an Oz theme to their license plates (.Land of Ahs.).
Hillary Clinton, (a 6th level Illuminati witch & sadistic Monarch slave handler) received a witch’s hat in anticipation that she would be called ‘the wicked witch of the West’, and that Mary Matalin (who married Clinton’s top campaign advisor James Carville) had a photograph of Hillary Clinton as ‘the Wicked Witch of the West’ on her wall with the caption: “I will get you, my pretty, and your little dog too!”
The witch’s hat and the caption both are popular with these people associated with the White House because they are so rich in triple and quadruple meanings. The deadliest meaning is that the Monarch Slaves that sexually service Hillary and Bill Clinton have Wizard of Oz programming. Hillary is really ‘the Wicked Witch of the West’ to these poor Beta slaves.
The constant bumping into Wizard of Oz paraphernalia or pictures of it helps focus the slave’s mind onto their Wizard of Oz programming. MGM Grand recently built a multi-million dollar pyramid complex with a theme park which is based on the Wizard of Oz and the Alice in Wonderland themes. The hotel at the MGM Grand is the world’s largest with 5,000 rooms, which shows that mind-control is big business. A team of actors dressed up in the Wizard of Oz theme like Dorothy and her friends (Tin Man & Scarecrow) and walked on a yellow brick road constructed in the MGM complex. Emerald City is part of the theme park. The complex cost $1 billion according to the Las Vegas Review Journal, Dec. 19, 1993, page Al. This complex is given the occult name Luxor and is at 3900 Las Vegas Boulevard South. It has been advertised as the ‘Next Wonder of the World.’ It’s a shame that the 1990′s big wonder is a programming center.
Another part of the control of the Milieu is labelled ‘planned spontaneity’ by the controllers. The Monarch victim repeatedly finds experiences ‘just happening’. These are the ‘coincidences’ that are so mystical that people feel there must be a higher significance to the event. Many of these are well-staged events. A slave may try to escape marrying the person they are commanded to marry. The handlers stay one step ahead of the slave and, through a series of ‘coincidences’, introduce another acceptable person. The slave, in an effort to escape, grabs the first available substitute who has been coached on how to push all the correct green mental buttons to get the escapee to marry them. The slave jumps from the frying pan into the fire.
Things which validate the programming and the mystical beliefs of the cult will be repeatedly introduced. The skill in introducing these secretly into the life of the slave are amazing. There is no limit to what can be attempted, and some of these staged events are worthy of Houdini.
The occult world has placed their symbols all over the United States. The most esteemed institutions, such as Walt Disney, are fountains of the occult. Walt Disney movies are steeped in magic, and yet American society is so drowned in the occult they have been desensitized to how it permeates American culture. The concept of ‘Sacred knowledge’ versus ‘profane knowledge’ is introduced. If the slave should escape, the first choice is to send someone who can pick them up. I have heard of slaves escaping from Europe on the plane only to be picked up by a handler when they land in New York.
Mt. Shasta.s programming site, accessed by helicopter, specializes in reprogramming escaped slaves. Jerry Lee Lewis has a notorious reputation among the Network as being exceptionally sadistic in reprogramming escapees. However, if the slave is not needed and is wanting out –tens of thousands of them have been locked up in mental hospitals as paranoid schizophrenics. In the mental hospitals they can continue to get drugs and electro-shock — the very things that caused their problems in the first place. The insiders have a name for these slaves.  They call them ‘broken butterflies.’
If the slave tries to go to court, according to some, the ‘Non Compos Mentis Law’ prevents them from testifying against their abusers! At any rate, with or without this law it would not be easy for a victim to get his testimony accorded the respect it deserves. If they get psychiatric help, their therapist can not tell anyone about what they have suffered, and the therapist is hamstrung about what they can do in court for the client. Recently 15 states have created statutes of limitations on sadistic rape. This is in response to all the Monarch slaves who have begun recovering memories.
The extent that entire culture and society protect the Monarch Programming is enormous. Anyone admitting MPD (aka DID) is in fear of being labelled crazy and losing some of their rights and their job. Because the conspiracy (the Network) is so vast, an examination of how the Illuminati controls society would be needed to cover the subject of milieu control. This would take an entire book. The reader is encouraged to read some of Fritz Springmeier’s other works which expose how the Illuminati’s control extends over all levels of society. Most people have settled their minds on this issue without getting the facts. When the real facts are shown, it blows people’s minds.
Some of the easiest and everyday items to show people are simply a dollar bill with its Illuminati symbol on the back, and a can of vegetables which has a bar code on it. Every bar code has 3 secret and non-functional numbers in the bar code, which are 666.
The silent hammer that strikes out at the Monarch slave is that everywhere they go, the occult world is there. Several cars are named after Satan. The name Saturn, and Belair are well-known as occult names for Satan.
When Freemasonry.s greatest philosopher/ Illuminati Mind-control Programmer/Grand Druid Council member Manly P. Hall wrote Cabalistic Keys to the Lord.s Prayer  (Los Angeles, CA: The Philosophical Research Society, 1964, p. 10) he wrote ‘Saturn = Hallowed be thy name.’ The men who head these auto manufacturing companies are in the Illuminati. There is no question that they were NOT ignorant of the significance of these names.  Many other occult names of big significance to the Illuminati involving eagles have been placed on cars. Electra is a recent car named after a demon. Viper is a slow and deadly creature.  Why would one want to use it to name a car? Viper is also the name of an important demon. Viper is found in Black Widow Monarch slaves.
Some readers may begin to feel that things are being stretched. The connections of numerous car names to the occult could be exposed, but that is not the purpose of this book. We will quote straight from a company their own explanation for their car’s name in this next paragraph simply to make the point.  Whether others perceive it or not, the Monarch slaves have to exist in a world full of satanic/ occult symbology that ordinary people don’t understand. Mazda’s president, Norimasa Furuta, published a book in 1990 which it intended to give to all its employees. The book explains its purpose ….”We have written a booklet to explain how MAZDA became the name of our corporation and what it means in order to help everyone who is related to MAZDA enhance their creativity and develop their potential.”  
The book entitled The Globe: In Search of the Origins of Mazdagoes on to explain about the founder of Mazda car company, Matsuda Jujiro, who is heralded as a great seer who ‘believed in himself, in his friends, and in heaven, and he achieved a truly global vision.’ Mazda company’s book, The Globe, then explains that the company name Mazda comes from the god Ahura-Mazda which was the ‘god of light’ and the ‘god of wisdom’ according to the book. Jujiro believed that Mazda represents the origin of civilization.. The ‘god of light’ (Lucifer) is often credited for starting civilization by those who aren’t Christians.
The name Mazda according The Globe symbolizes ‘unlimited possibility and stimulates people’s dreams.’ Mazda.s book puts down in writing their New Age goals to ‘establish peace for mankind with a global point of view’. and ‘a spiritual foundation’ toward which to work toward a ‘new age.’ The book further states civilization started in Egypt and that Christianity evolved from the pagan mystery religions.
Another book associated with Mazda cars is the book The Meaning of Life given to everyone who test-drives a Mazda–that was as long as book supplies last. I quote the book ….’The time when regions and continents existed keeping a certain distance from each other is a thing of the past. We are eager to transmit the meaning of MAZDA to the children of MAZDA who will create a new MAZDA.’ With a strong desire for peace and through the production and sale of automobiles and machine tools, MAZDA has advanced on a course to unite the people of the world. [bold added] (pp 78-79.) An adept of the Illuminati is taught about Ahura Mazda.


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