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By Mort Amsel (Reporter)
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NASA: Planetary Alignment On Jan 4, 2015 Will Decrease Gravity For 5 Minutes Causing Partial Weightlessness???

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via Daily Buzz Live

Strange natural occurrences are happening in the world today. But nothing more magnificent than the one you might experience on January 4, 2015 if this story is true.

According to British astronomer Patrick Moore, at exactly 9:47 PST AM on January 4th, Pluto will pass directly behind Jupiter, in relation to Earth. This rare alignment will mean that the combined gravitational force of the two planets would exert a stronger tidal pull, temporarily counteracting the Earth’s own gravity and making people virtually weightless. Moore calls this the Jovian-Plutonian Gravitational Effect.

Moore told scientists that they could experience the phenomenon by jumping in the air at the precise moment the alignment occurred. If they do so, he promised, they would experience a strange floating sensation.

Who is going to try this??   Cause I most definately am! 2 weeks from today folks!

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    • Wildfire

      Count me in…

      • PixiePaul

        I posted this comment at the end of the comments: For those who are not going to read the comments further down; this article is based on a total fabrication. The original story was an April fools joke way back in 1976. A variation of the hoax was posted a few days ago on the website Daily Buzz Live, that has a disclaimer, which basically states it publishes fake news.

        • Anonymous

          Do you mean before it’s news has competition???
          Say it aint so!

        • Gil Carlson

          What can we believe? Well I know aliens are real no matter what the government says! And once you read the Blue Planet project you will never be the same again:

        • srsly1

          What can we believe? Well we all know Gil Carlson is a raging homosexual, no matter how much he tries to deny it or what the government says.

        • HiPower

          Can I get Gil’s number. Raging homosexuals are my cup of tea…..sweety!

    • Anonymous

      Hot Dog! I’m 5’6″ and always wanted to do a slam dunk. I’ll get my ball ready.

    • mfritz0

      If you notice any effect at all it will be because of the dwarf star Nemesis and the planet Nibiru are coming by the Earth at this time. Otherwise I can’t imagine them having any effect on us, other than the tidal effect causing major EarthQuakes from the movement of the Earth’s tectonic plates.

      • HiPower

        Have you seen a doctor about getting that bone removed from your head.

    • mrseagram

      Idiots. Way to destroy what little credibility you have . It’s a hoax

      • PaulTarsuss

        wow. Just wow. The movie: “Idiocracy” wasn’t a future parody afterall. It’s all true. And it came true not 500 years in the future, but 6.

        Jupiter and pluto….really….

        Velikovsky, Sagan, Newton, etc. are all self orbiting in their graves right now.

        And I predict that their combined gravitic energies will offset the predicted weightlessness on January 4th, 2015

        The Future is now…..ouch.

        (insert cymbal clash here)

        • BEEF SUPREME

          Brought to you by Carl’s Junior.

        • taptaptap

          “welcome to costco, i love you”

      • mfritz0

        I cannot imagine NASA allowing anyone to put their label on an article of this nature. This coming from NASA really does make the article seem believable, but there is no planetary alignment possible in this solar system that could casue this phenomenon other than the addition of a roving dwarf star (Nemesis) and an additional planet greater than the mass of Jupiter, (Nibiru). So if this article is real it’s time for NASA to spill the beans and stop lying to the public.

    • srsly1

      Hoax, yet people here will fall for it. Originated in 1976 and repeated last year…an yet again this year. Patrick Moore actually died in 2012. Congratulations retards.

      • Bill Lyle

        C’mon, dude. Let the little guy have his dream… lol

    • Jaco

      Don’t think: Pluto’s just a small object, very far away, and has little or no impact at all.

      Pluto is orbiting (close to) a dark object, a very HEAVY object, according to this video by BP:

      They discovered this in 2006, and ever since it’s not called a planet anymore.

    • icrcc

      It was an April fools joke from many years ago. Total hoax.

    • Jaco

      but, on January 4th, Pluto will NOT pass directly behind Jupiter, in relation to Earth

    • Vein Arde

      I will be sure to jump as high as I can at that time! Weeeeeeee! I’m flyin! I’m FLYINNNN!!! OK. So we won’t be able to fly. But I guess I could weigh myself before the time and also at the time and see how much difference there is if any.

      If we lose to much gravity, won’t the waters in the ocean head towards the sky for 5 minutes and then pour down upon the earth with salt water and cause a lot of plant deaths? Or maybe cause the atmosphere to rise causing a lot of oxygen to be taken away from our breathing? Oh yeah! I wonder if pigs will be able to fly for those 5 minutes? ;) And won’t chickens be in shock when they flap their wings and actually fly? Would also be a good time for the Olympics jumping competition!

      All in all. We never really know what the universe has in store for us now do we? :mrgreen:

    • No time

      I have a five minute gravity decrease every time I hug Mama.

    • HfjNUlYZ

      B/S … Pluto doesn’t have enough mass to effect anything, it would take more like three planets (not including Pluto..) to do this, we have had planetary alinements before and this has never been reported….

    • Room With a View

      I betcha all the deceived christians will think the Rapture is happening.

    • Jim Lahey

      I promise this won’t happen.


      They it’s hoax and I can’t find jack from NASA officially.

      So this is fake crap! :???: :???:

    • Andoron

      I experience partial weightlessness whenever I eat too much broccoli.


        If you add canned salmon together with beans and rice, you can actually achieve lift-off.

    • PixiePaul

      For those who are not going to read the comments further down; this article is based on a total fabrication. The original story was an April fools joke way back in 1976. A variation of the hoax was posted a few days ago on the website Daily Buzz Live, that has a disclaimer, which basically states it publishes fake news.

    • HfjNUlYZ

      bs gravity is a force cuased by centripetal subatomic atoms ( neg/pos) forces example your made of electricity / water / iron(blood) and the inside and outside of the earth creats alot of electricity by rotation around the iron core making electro magnetism while still pulling us all and everything down (but the space ship)

    • LOL

      Fake!!!!! There is no post like that on NASA Twitter, check the 14th of Dec. This is a bloody Lie!

    • BreakingNews

      Please delete this HOAX, you are ruining this site with NONSENSE

    • svviper

      old patrick died a few years ago. hate to see his name used in pure nonsense

    • Okeyd57

      WOW ! PT Barnham could have made a good living off this site alone. Suckers everywhere. :lol:

    • DTS & Associates

      I’ve searched
      for that twitter image above.

      It does not exist. Nor does a google of the primary domain return any related story.


      • DOOMSDAY!


        IT’S BOGUS!

    • Anonymous


      • HiPower


    • Manichee

      So it was you mitch51 who went wizzing past me….. :lol: Merry Christmas :wink:

    • GC-Project


      • Norry

        @Glen Canady Glen ,I am a little disappointed that you don’t allow comments for your stories. The Truth Glen should be able to stand any heat. I skip your stories now, and it seems to be becoming a trend at the BIN to not allow comments ! Not impressed with that type of behaviour, you obviously can’t handle debating or criticism.
        And as for the fools that comment here at BIN , realise Glen they are just that, Fools. Hit those fools with the truth and you won’t hear from them again !
        And as you would know Glen you never argue with a Fool !

    • FromDeath 2Life

      Omgosh. Does anyone know what exact time? I m going to try to dunk within those five seconds. :mrgreen:

    • Anonymous

      Hogwash. Planetary alignments happen all the time. Jupiter and Pluto are so far away any change in gravitational pull would be like how much you’d raise the sea level by spitting in the ocean. Besides, Pluto is so small it doesn’t even rate as a planet any more.

    • Spacebook

      your stupid

      • HiPower

        no ur stoopid

    • Wildfire

      With all that goes on in tulsa lol anything is possible. This is possibly a hoax but ya never know here. Wild stuff !

    • Svartvatten

      Hoax !

    • Anonymous

      As Patric Moore died some time back it’s quite obvious this is a load of horse hockey

    • Mr Fred Rogers

      :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

      • HiPower

        Welcome back from the dead……flamer!

    • Mark

      Scientist? what a joke… :lol: :lol: :lol:

    • Big dog.../small fish...

      I didn’t feel anything yesterday. See another HOAX from BEFORE IT’S NEWS!!

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