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Gordon Duff Blows Up VT Radio! Tatum, Webb Unite Veterans! Red Alert!

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Stew Webb started his new show, “Stew Webb Raw” last week  on his and Gene Tatum’s new Stew Webb broke off his relationship with Gordon Duff and VeteransToday for many reasons that I will go over in this article.  I will also give my opinion on VeteransToday, Gordon Duff and where we must go from here.  This is probably the only time I will write on this subject.  I wrote this article to get everything off my chest and put this issue to bed and so I’m on the record.  I’m just a normal guy looking at this thing from the outside and this is how I see what has happened with Gordon Duff.  These are my opinions and observations.  I will say that I like Gordon Duff as a person.  He has some good qualities to be sure but I can no longer trust him for what he’s done.  


I still can’t believe how much has changed in just a few days! Stew talks about some of this in the first 15 minutes of the show above which was the first show after Gordon Duff literally thew a temper tantrum and blew up VT Radio that Stew Webb and Chip Tatum had built and promoted with their own money and time.  I’m going to tell what I saw from my own perspective and how I feel about Gordon Duff’s actions and the truth movement right now.

I’ve bit my lip for quite some time on Gordon’s comments thinking he would eventually wake up to the total scam vaccines and to the reality of Jesus and God but here’s what happened last Thursday and why I don’t trust Gordon Duff anymore to do anything but talk just like the other fakes such as the “Tip of the Spear” man in Texas.  I now believe Gordon Duff has an agenda of some type and it’s certainly not saving this country, making arrests or winning this fight.  I’ll explain why in this article.  I’m going by Gordon Duff’s actions and what I’ve heard and seen over the last few years.


The Day Gordon Duff Blew Up VT Radio!

On the Thursdays show on April 9th, Gordon got on the radio with Stew and immediately starts bitching about the network  using a 30 second delay that has been in place the entire time.  Stew Webb and Gene Tatum had a 30 second delay in place in case any caller started cussing which would have shut down the network when it began broadcasting on regular radio stations.  Gordon knows this is necessary but chose to make a big deal about it on the air for some reason.  


Anyway so I hear him basically say something like “Call me when you take the delay off!” and hang up rudely and leave Stew hanging there at the beginning of the show without a guest.  Later Stew shows me the Skype message where Gordon tells Stew he’s “fired”!  How do you fire somebody that isn’t paid anyway?  At this point I was trying to see if thing thing could still be salvaged so I confronted Duff about his “firing” of Stew by Skype and he said that this was “fantasy” and he never fired Stew!  This is basically a lie, he did say he was fired over Skype and never said he was joking.  I tried talking to Mike Harris and others to try to reason with Gordon to fix things but Gordon never called Stew over the weekend. Then Gordon apparently began blaming Stew over another talk show host with the first name of Pete that stooged Gordon years ago.  Stew told me he had heard that Gordon was telling people to stay away from Stew because he couldn’t be trusted.  Through all the years I’ve been in the truth movement, the one thing I’ve seen over and over again is that the fakes and “controlled opposition” always seem to turn on Stew Webb at one point or another.  


Stew is the true kryptonite to the stooge!   Everybody real in the truth movement has real respect for Stew Webb and of course Gene Tatum because nobody puts out more truth.  Stew has been fighting this battle against the Illuminati scum for over 30 years now and they’ve tried to kill him many times now!  Stew and Gene walk the walk and put their time and treasure into the fight!


Why I Don’t Trust Gordon Duff Anymore

Anyway, this entire episode by Gordon seems really fishy to me. Gordon of course demanded Stew stop using the VT name after his tantrum so Stew and Chip now now have which is a GREAT name.  All patriots reading this article already know that Stew Webb has worked hard promoting the VT brand as I have done also.  We did this for only one reason, we thought Gordon Duff would take action and not be another fake out there acting as controlled opposition.  I respect most of the writers with Veterans Today.  Gordon has gathered some good ones but now I question everything about Gordon Duff due to his actions with Stew.  Would George Washington act like a spoiled child and throw a temper tantrum on the air over things that happen constantly when your radio network puts out the most hardcore truth on this planet?  George Washington would not do what Gordon Duff just did to Stew Webb.  He would use every volunteer to the best of his ability to WIN the fight!  And he sure wouldn’t be talking about arrests, he would be gathering forces and making it happen with his older friends in the military who are ready for their final battle against evil!


What’s Wrong With Gordon Duff 


I have bit my tongue for a while now on a few things that have bugged me about Gordon and now with what he’s done to Stew I’m putting them out there in one article and I’m done with it.  Here’s the things that bother me greatly about Gordon and why I can’t trust him again unless all of this changes which I don’t see happening.


Gordon Duff has a huge ego and lots of money but uses none of it in the fight!

Everybody knows about the ego already.  I can overlook egos if they came with results but I certainly can’t overlook the fact that Gordon Duff has told people he has tens of millions of dollars and yet uses none of it in the fight against the bad guys as far as I have seen!  Gordon Duff didn’t spend one penny to help pay for hardware or software on the VT radio network.  Instead, two REAL patriots, Gene Tatum and Stew Webb spent the money and their time getting it set up and operation as the most hardcore radio network on the planet!    During the American Revolution, many rich men gave ALL their fortunes to buy guns for our side against the British.  When I see rich patriots giving none of their treasure into the fight, that’s a huge indicator of either outright selfishness or an agenda.  Danger Will Robinson Danger!


He promised Stew arrests over hacking of his site and the radio network – nothing happened!

Stew spent a year or more gathering IPs, tracking them and compiling the data.  The technical people that looked into it said he had uncovered the largest cyber terrorism attack using government computers in history! They even talked of paying him for his time.  Gordon promised arrests and prosecutions but nothing ever happened!  They caught everybody red handed, promised arrests and have done nothing and the hacking continues and is increasing!  Why?  Stew said the day after the Gordon Duff melt down, NSA was all over his site!  If Gordon has as much power as he claims, why can’t he initiate arrests with smoking gun evidence?  If not, what good exactly is he?  We aren’t in this fight for talk anymore, only action matters!


Gordon Says To Get Your Vaccines, Jesus is Imaginary and Jade Helm is No Big Deal!

What’s really strange is that Gordon seemed to change over the last month.  He used to put out intel almost every single time he got on Stew’s show.   But over the last month or two, Gordon would talk just mostly about his personal life.  People on the youtube channel noticed it and were getting angry about it.   Then he began telling lies such as there was no such man named Jesus and that God wasn’t real.  I was hoping Gordon would eventually come to Christ as that is our only hope but he seemed to relish to attack God more and more over the last two months.  Only people under demonic control feel the need to attack God and Jesus and God’s word which is true every word!  

I really don’t care if some of you reading this don’t believe in God either, if you don’t it simply means you fell for the biggest Illuminati mind control of all.  I hope all of you non believers do wake up and repent.  If you don’t wake up and you deny God, his word and his Son Jesus then you will burn in the same pit as the Illuminati and it won’t matter one bit that you knew all about Chemtrails, GMOs and vaccines!  Why do you think the Illuminati attack Jesus anyway?   Are you really that stupid to not understand that anything the Illuminati attack is a threat to them?  Dr Dunegan was told the entire game plan in a lecture by Dr. Day and Dr. Day admitted that they would probably have to kill all the Christians before it was over.

Gordon also lied about vaccines and told everybody they were crazy if they didn’t give their kids their vaccines!  We know there are many nasties in these vaccines as well as SV-40 cancer viruses but Gordon wouldn’t listen to anybody else because he knows all – he thinks!  We’re supposed to trust a demonic Rockefeller based M.D. new world order hell system where autism is about 1 in 66 kids now while the Amish give no vaccines and have zero autism!  I think not!

Gordon also put out disinformation and said there were no cures for cancer.  Dr. Coldwell has hundreds of cures for cancer and cures over 98% of those that seek his help and don’t do the chemo!  Stew told me that Gordon had told him that some bad guys were arrested at some CIA building during the last couple of months but when Stew called one of his contacts that worked there he said it was not true!  I can’t verify that last one, just telling you what Stew told me.  I do believe Gordon puts out some truth of course and believe 9/11 was nuclear and Israel did most of it along with the Neocons.  But when I hear things I know aren’t true, warning bells go off.  When I hear Gordon say there was no Jesus when Jesus is our ONLY hope, then I know Gordon is basically working for satan whether he realizes it or not.  


Gordon Says Jade Helm No Big Deal but Gene Tatum says they are training for a reason!

Gordon also stated on the air that the Jade Helm exercise was no big deal.  But former CIA asset Gene Chip Tatum says they are training for a reason!  Listen at the 2:06 mark in the video above and Chip tells you what he’s been told about Jade Helm! 


Here’s what Chip Tatum says about Jade Helm directly from the people involved (2:06 mark in video above)

“It’s not an exercise to take out the bad guys.  it’s an exercise to take out every single person who opposes in any way what’s coming.  That’s exactly what it is.  You can either hear other things from other people but I’m going to tell you what it is.  I have friends who are in special operations at McDill and I know exactly what they’re up to.  It’s not nice!”


Gordon Duff Admits He Controls Free Energy But Won’t Release It!


Gordon has admitted many times the people he works with know all about the free energy devices and have them in their possession.  I remember in my interview with Gordon I asked Gordon “When will we get access to free energy” and he told me Never!  I certainly didn’t like that answer!  He has told Stew and others they are trying to make sure that the free energy devices can’t be turned into weapons and that’s why they can’t release anything yet.  I’m doubting this is true now and believe Gordon and his group will never release free energy.  The people are going to have to do it.


Why is Gordon now firmly in the bed with Fulford?

Recently Gordon stated on a program that he talks to Benjamin Fulford every day!  Why?  This is the same man that told us 100,000 Ninjas were poised to kill the Illuminati!  He told us George H.W. Bush was dead!  He told us that he had trillionaires lined up to crank out the free energy devices!  We’re still waiting on that one about 5 years later and not a peep about it.  Fulford has absolutely no credibility in my book and yet he is going on Mike Harris’ show now and Gordon talks to him every day?  I still don’t get that one.  I really can’t tell you one piece of Intel that Fulford dropped that ever came true.  The guy charges for his “reports”, he’s never right about anything and of course like all fakes he never takes any action whatsoever!


Gordon Duff promised Legal Help for Stew Webb but his lawyer did nothing!


Gordon originally promised Stew Webb legal action with his recommended high power lawyer to help get Stew justice for what has been done to him by the government but this never happened either!  Gordon’s recommended lawyer did nothing for Stew and no action was taken on his behalf.  Gordon Duff also has not helped free Dave Hinkson who was put in jail illegally by Ted Gunderson and Anthony Hilder who are good buddies with the “Tip of the Spear” guy in Austin!   Gordon admits Dave Hinkson is in jail on bogus charges but Stew is the only one trying to get him out with no support from Gordon.  I guess huge power and tens of millions of dollars in your bank account means you don’t have to help anybody. 


I’m worried about Lee Wanta!

Stew discovered that he is blocked from contacting Wanta’s phone for some time now!  Why would Stew be blocked from talking with Wanta who he has known for decades?  If Gordon is fake and will take no action for this country then could Wanta and his funds be in danger?  Or will Wanta just die from “natural causes” and his money is never heard from again?  Will some people head to South America with a lot more money?  I’m not accusing Gordon of anything here I’m just thinking out loud here.  Wanta has been getting the run around for decades now and Gordon was supposed to change all that but why is there still no money?  Why is NOTHING happening with Wanta except that he’s locked away and being prevented from talking to Stew?  Gordon and his team are responsible for his safety and for securing the money from what I’ve been told.  I have no idea if this is true, it’s just what I’ve been told. 


Hear more from Stew on why he won’t represent Veterans Today anymore at the 49:00 mark.  He is joined by Dean Henderson.


Where We Go from Here!

Obviously I’m disappointed with Gordon Duff and what’ he’s done to Stew Webb and to the movement with his latest action against Stew Webb and his former radio network.  You don’t rip apart something like this if you’re a true patriot in my opinion.  I believe that God opened Stew’s eyes and my own with what just happened.  Never again will I trust ANYBODY unless I see action immediately.  Here’s what I’m going to go by from now on.  Are they actively promoting recalls, organizing protests and taking direct actions of some type?  Are they using their own money in the fight?  Do they say they have power but yet can make no arrests with smoking gun evidence?  Do they act cocky and controlling and tell people what they can’t talk about anymore?  (Gordon Duff told Stew not to talk about Leonard Millman and Larry Mizel anymore who are major kingpins!) Do they tell people known lies such as the vaccines are good for you and that Jade Helm are just routine training exercises?   


I look at what just happened as VERY GOOD thing!  I personally think Gordon Duff is another talker but his actions or lack of them will be the final determination.  Stew Webb is done with talking and supporting those that tell things we know aren’t true.  What’s funny is that 99% of the audience and VT staff knew Gordon was wrong about his statements saying vaccines are wonderful!   Everybody is waking up and we’re not going to support fakes, stooges, talkers and people that aren’t using their own money in this fight.  As much as I dislike some of the disinformation and protecting Israel that has been done by the “Tip of the Spear” guy in Austin, at least he put some of his own money into the fight!  


Push For Action By Everybody!  If they Aren’t Taking Action They are Fake!


I urge everybody to do nothing but push for action.  Push Gordon Duff and ALL others in alternative media for action.  Nothing else matters.  No more talking or listening to radio shows passively.  If action isn’t being planned then you are WASTING YOUR TIME!  The Illuminati is planning for action that’s for sure so why would we support Duff or anybody else for that matter who has no game plan for taking action that everybody can rally behind?  That’s why I left the “Tip of the Spear” plantation – lies and no action.  Gordon Duff seems to be “Tip of the Spear” 2.0 guy for the people that wake up to Fake #1 they give you much smoother Fake #2 who gives out more truth, promises arrests and Wanta money so you believe him and think he’s going to do something!  Well I’ve given him years to do something and nothing has been done.  Is his job to keep you in the boiling pot just long enough to get cooked while you wait for “action” that never comes but he keeps promising is just around the corner?


So ask anybody in alternative media that wants you to listen to them what are THEY doing!  Stew and Gene are uniting the veterans for taking action so that’s why I’m sticking with them.  If they aren’t doing something and organizing real actions and using their own money in the fight then they are fake period.  I will not trust Gordon Duff again until he stops talking and I see action and see some of his big money coming into the fight!  Stew Webb and Gene Tatum have broken all ties with Gordon Duff for his recent actions.  They will continue to put on the most hardcore truth on and their main goal is now ACTION!  They are organizing all the veterans to take direct action which is something I believe Gordon Duff would have been doing for years now if he was real and had no other agendas.  I support ANYBODY taking some kind of action because that’s all that matters.  


Stew Webb is now UNLEASHED!  I am supporting Stew, Gene and all the others now joining their no holds barred radio network.  I thought Gordon Duff could be a positive force but I was dead wrong.  I’m sorry, I was fooled but I won’t be fooled again.  Gordon Duff was the final firewall in my opinion and it’s just been breached!  The support on my Youtube channel was 99% for Stew Webb and Chip Tatum and for uniting the Veterans and taking action!  More people were getting tired of Gordon that I had even realized.  They saw his cockiness and talking down to Stew.  I remember when Stew was talking one time and Gordon told Stew sternly, “Why Are You Talking?”  What a joke!  George Washington would not have done what Gordon Duff has done.  He would be using his own money and every volunteer he could find in the fight!  No more excuses!  The only thing that matters now is ACTION!  Spread the word about what Gordon has done to Stew and the truth movement in general with all talk and no action!  Let Stew and Gene know you support their plan to unite the Veterans in the fight!  God bless every one of you spreading the truth.  It’s an honor to serve with all of you!


After this latest shocker, my new goal is to focus on making patriots more money since the rich ones out there now won’t use any of their money in the fight!  Watch my video, read this article  Call me at 352-478-8059 or email me at [email protected] if you want to join my team!  Patriots with more money can do more damage our there and my passion now is to help as many patriots as possible!  It’s up to US to wake up the planet to the evil and we can do more with more money!  I’m putting all of my focus on this goal.  I hope all of you will join me!  I’m sick of patriots being poor and I’m doing my best to change it!


No More Fakes Who Are All Talk and No Action!  We Won’t Get Fooled Again!





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