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Chapter 25 of The New Scriptures, by Sananda/Jesus - The Temple of Light, and the Day of Reckoning

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Chapter 25 of The New Scriptures, by Sananda/Jesus.  

The Temple of Light, and the Day of Reckoning

In the months that have passed since we first wrote the first 24 chapters of the New Scriptures, a new day has dawned on Planet Earth.  I will not enumerate all the monumental events that have transpired, but I can assure you, you will be amazed when you learn the true history of this period, and what the “boots on the ground” have been able to accomplish.  

You are beginning to grasp the importance of our cooperative arrangement between the Company of Heaven, Mother and Father/Source, our Galactic Brothers and Sisters, and all of you, in your human Earth bodies.  The ongoing lessons we have presented to you in the form of channeled messages and radio shows were carefully designed to gradually bring through the energy coding, the healing techniques, and the guidance to facilitate your enlightenment.  I will now continue those revelations by describing to you some of what has transpired in the Temple of Light, which is anchored on the ground in and around Kathryn’s New York home, and in the higher dimensions with us, at Mother and Father’s side.

It has been a long-running source of humor among our Lightworker family that the work they do day and night, for months on end, and for which they feel great commitment and fulfillment, is completely invisible to the greater collective on the planet.  Of course all have felt the benefits of the event in which the Reptilians were all brought to the Light, and they are beginning to experience the enormous lifting of conflicting energies that resulted when the Fallen Archangel Sisters returned after millions of years, and the entire Archon Alliance declared Peace and came to the Temple of Light to be restored and returned to Mother and Father’s embrace.  We now joke with Kathryn when we tell her we are about to announce a spectacular event that no one has seen but is nevertheless absolutely true and Earth-changing.

It is with this in mind that I will explain to you why all this unseen work behind the scenes has been a necessary part of what will appear to be a sudden and monumental Shift when it all unfolds in your 3-dimensional reality.  Because of the heavy Veil behind which most of you have lived your lives, it was barely recognized that there was anything beyond what you could see, hear and touch.  Your scientists mostly disregard any evidence that does not fit with this limited view, and your religions have made it gospel that you are alone here, toiling to please an authoritarian God.  We have had to help you raise your sights little by little, to allow you to absorb the idea that there are worlds beyond your limited vision, and Universes teeming with life just out of view in higher dimensions.

Keeping humankind ignorant of the grandeur of Creation and the existence of benevolent Brothers and Sisters all around you in your skies was a paramount goal of the Masters who controlled the Matrix, which in turn controlled all the resources, the riches and therefor all the beings on the planet.  

These simple correlations will make it obvious to all:  The existence of spacecraft that can travel from other galaxies implies: a) the existence of civilizations of much higher development than your own, b) free energy systems that would put oil and gas production out of existence in a moment,  c) friendly Star nations who are waiting patiently to be of service to humanity and d) the revelation that nearly everything you were taught was untrue – a deliberate manipulation to keep you “in the dark.”

We have healing techniques that will make your reliance on pharmaceuticals completely obsolete, and systems of governance that maintain peace along with respecting the sacred individuality and free will of all.  There are methods of food production that eliminate all pesticides, and all control over the food supply.  Profit, privatization of communal services, and private ownership of sacred Earth resources are completely nonexistent in higher dimensional societies, of which there are many in your own Solar System. 

Yes, Dear Humankind, there were 144 planets in your Solar System when it was created billions of years ago.  Most of them remain out of your sight in the 5th dimension and higher.  There are now 143 planets, since Maldek, the twin of Planet Earth, was destroyed during the time of Atlantis.  It has been in hospital, you might say, undergoing intricate healing and restoration since it was literally blown apart by the same type of weapon you have again seen in use on your planet on 9/11, and when our beloved Christine, Archangel Uriel, Kathryn and six others of the Company of Heaven were severely injured in three separate attacks.  The use of these weapons is strictly forbidden in the Multiverse, and these recent events have created new considerations about the meaning of free will and how it should be interpreted by Mother and Father.

I mention these things to you to give you a preliminary view of the level of activities going on all around you, just beyond your 3-dimensional awareness.  As you raise your consciousness, you too will begin to open your Vision to wondrous and sacred Truths that have slumbered quietly in your unconscious minds, awaiting this gentle reminder.  Do not permit your fear of the unknown to prevent you from feeling the stirrings within you to reconnect with your Soul family of Light, and to join in exploring the wonders of the unseen Universes. 

Just as many around you are practicing meditation, Visual Centering and other forms of mind-expansion, I recommend that you open your sights by allowing direct communication with your own Higher Self and your Twin Soul, or Twin Ray as it is sometimes called, to see for yourself these things I am describing to you here.

It is no longer the province of specially talented Lightworkers to hear the words of their Guides and Helpers who communicate with them through dimensional portals.  It has been an ability that earlier humans enjoyed.  You are now beginning to restore those talents; you can learn to talk with me telepathically, to converse and joke with your Higher Self and your Twin, and to enjoy the benefits of having friends in high places.

The Temple of Light Brings New Life

Come with me now, and I will walk with you through some of the historic moments in the Temple of Light that occurred during the first few months of 2015.  

The Temple of Light was established when Kathryn and her team created the pillar of Light to have a healing temple for the Higher Selves of the cabal.  Christine joined her, and together with us, they established the Temple of Light where Masters and Angels began the round-the-clock healing for all the souls who were willing (or who had been convinced they had no other choice) to come to the Light.  

The first rounds of souls who entered the Temple were the Higher Selves of the cabal who came to the Light as a result of the knowledge that their days of control on Planet Earth were over.  They had been given the ultimatum by Mother/Father Source that they could come to the Light or be dissolved forever.  They came, and were taken for their reviews and restoration.  The first five million of the darkest, most damaged souls were restored to the Light, and then the difficult work began to convince their incarnations to do the same.  Since then, more than 200 million Higher Selves have come through the Temple. It has been a difficult transition, but some are beginning to make headway in breaking through to their soul/bodies on the ground.  

It is now time for their Incarnates to learn of their limited choices.  We have not left it up to chance to see if they will listen to the small voice within them or not (since they are still operating under the free will contracts you all came with).  There are many ways of managing, and we are always working with the greatest probabilities, with backup plans always at the ready.

Enormous change has occurred because of the work in the Temple of Light.  Here are some of the activities that have transpired as the Temple of Light team has been working non-stop through the last three months to bring healing and restoration where darkness once prevailed.  The following entities, beings and thought forms were brought to the Temple for healing:

– Many of the distorted codes that sustained the dark Matrix have been healed, such as the Tree   of Life which had been distorted to accommodate dark teachings and structures, the codes for the Flower of Life, the codes for Duality, and the Master Dark Cell.

– The thought forms which produce the darkest Feeling states such as depression and murderous rage – these were discernible to the team because the thought forms had created intense, distorted and disturbingly shrill sound frequencies.  Note: Collective humanity continues to produce thought forms that cause intensely dark emotions, however the original, potent versions of these thought forms were taken to the Light.

– A “conveyor belt” in each quadrant of Earth was created as part of the “We have your back” program to carry away dark thought forms as they are being created to prevent them from entering the River of Life.

 - Satan and then Lilith, the most complex thought forms representing evil and imbalance that have been created by human thought and emotion. They had consciousness, complexity, everything but the spark of Life from Mother and Father.

– The Eighteen Fallen Sisters, (Higher Selves) who agreed to come to the Temple when they learned they had no option but to be dissolved, or be spared and granted new soul status.

– The entire Archon Alliance, including Hanron, the Supreme Commander of the Archon Fleet, who came with the entire fleet and their families, and their Prime Creator, who declared peace on the steps as he entered the Temple.

– The Animal Kingdoms – wild and domesticated, including birds and insects, came for healing.

– The Flora of Planet Earth, who have suffered from pollution and decimation of the soils, and the Vegetable Kingdoms, who offer themselves as food for all the humans, animals and insects.

– A Council was then formed with representatives of both animal and vegetable kingdoms to begin the negotiations to provide food substances for the animals who will be shifting to plant-based diets rather than eating each other.

– The Elementals, Dark and Light Fairies, Gnomes, elves, trolls, all the legendary creatures who have been damaged and frightened by the aggressive and thoughtless acts of humankind.

– The Mineral Kingdoms that have been damaged and depleted by mining, fracking and drilling.

– The conscious and energy-giving Crystals, which have been largely unacknowledged for their sacred powers where they lie in the ground.

– The Cetacean Nation and all oceanic life, victims of life-threatening sonar technologies.

– The Mer people, sensitive, aware, advanced beings who have learned to fear humans.

– Molecules and elements, viruses and bacterium, unacknowledged basic elements of life.

– The beginning of the repair and restoration of the Atlantis crystal, which lay broken into 3three massive pieces – east, west and south, creating the distorted energy field in what is now called the Bermuda triangle.

Now I will tell you more of the back-story that was taking place just before and during these historic moments in the Temple of Light.  The impetus for much of the movement involving the Higher Selves who came for healing, or to face their reviews with Mother and Father, came from the Temple of Light on the ground.
Kathryn had taken her argument to the Council that attacks on Lightworkers must be stopped, after she learned that the earlier injuries to Christine had been accomplished by the same micro-wave type weapon that injured her, Kathryn, and many others, in her attempt to protect me.  We have just recently allowed them both to see the true damage of that heinous act of betrayal.  The energy of the weapon was so intense that everyone in the area was injured, some more seriously than others.  

There were seven of us altogether who were seriously injured in the same moment, as we approached the 4th dimensional meeting place to negotiate with the dark councils, in an effort to achieve peace in the Multiverse.  The injured beings of Light were St. Germain, Kathryn and me, Jophiel, Sanat Kumara, Serapis Bey and Archangel Michael.  Still others were disoriented, also needing time and careful medical attention to be restored to full integrity.

It may seem unusual to you to think that a Lightbody could be injured, but of course we are physical beings, made of molecules in complex arrangement, just as you are.  The essence of a being is physical as much as it is spiritual, even at the higher vibrations of Light.

It has been more than three months since the attack on all of us, and we are still working to complete the healing of our Lightbodies.  In the case of Christine, who was hit by the weapon during her Lightwork in the desert, it was her body that was seriously damaged by the laser-type beam you sometimes call a scalar weapon.  We are learning more as we go along about the most effective techniques for restoring a soul to wholeness after suffering a great tear in the matter of our being.  

In the worst injuries, a Lightbody can be so badly shattered that the molecules are dispersed into the atmosphere.  We are fortunate that we were all immediately cared for.  The healing teams that arrived almost instantly wrapped us in cocoons of Light to keep the disrupted fragments of our Beings isolated for later repair and restoration.  

I can tell you now, with my heart still wrenched nearly from my being, that the scene of the attack was like the most awful massacre you have ever witnessed in newsreels or film.  My beloved Kathryn was torn to shreds, and my dearest family were all around me, in states of pain and anguish, for themselves and the others they saw so terribly injured.  We wanted to help each other, but could barely make sense of what we saw and felt.  The brothers who have been my closest companions and trusted friends were near death all around me.  It was unthinkable, unbelievable, inconceivable.  

Each one of us cried out, even before we felt our own wounds, and were caught mid-air by teams of angels and healers, with Mother and Father at our sides.  You see, we always know we have the ultimate protection – our Creators, who are the source of miracles, who have the power to set all things right.  They are doing so now, as they will always do.  

We rest peacefully in the knowledge that we had offered, as a group, to serve any purpose in the Light, to do anything, anything necessary, to stop the destruction and ongoing suffering on Earth and in the Multiverse.  All this suffering is a result of the dark and perverse acts of those who have been so damaged by their participation in evil that they cannot see any other path.  We pledged to do whatever it would take to put an end to the suffering.  We did not know how difficult that would be until the ultimate act of betrayal brought so many of us to the brink of  soul death.

Of course we have received the best healing techniques and the constant attention of the Arcturians, the Great White Brotherhood medical teams, and the endless love of Mother and Father.  Those who were badly injured were put on “life support” – given the essence of Life we need to continue our existence – by their own Twin Souls and by Mother and Father.  The healing continues for all of us.  As you can imagine, it was a difficult time for us, but one we moved through with Faith and great Love and appreciation for one another.  If anything, such a life-threatening incident brought us even closer in our absolute Love and respect for each other, and in our gratitude to Mother and Father, whose unending Love ultimately heals all.  

There was a period where we had to spell one another as we took turns in the healing chambers, working day and night with our medical teams, as Kathryn and Christine have been doing on the ground.  We are now overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude that we can at last tell you the details of what happened.  Now we can assure you we are all either fully or nearly restored to our original strength, and are “back in the saddle again” more resolute than ever.  We are determined to carry through our vow to help raise Planet Earth into Ascension, to implement the Prosperity Programs as they were planned, and to share the triumph of Light here on Earth and in our entire Universe.

Those who were instrumental in carrying out the forbidden attack are aware of the inevitable consequences of taking such an action.  It is blatantly against the Universal Law of One to attempt to destroy a living soul – a deliberate act against Creation and against Mother and Father – the most serious of all transgressions.  It was an act of betrayal, cowardice and desperation, but it did not succeed in achieving anything but increasing our resolve.  The Light on Earth and throughout the Multiverse is on the rise.  Our will is unbroken; our determination increases with every act of healing and every courageous gesture on the part of our heroic brothers and sisters here in higher dimensions and on the ground.
You see, Love is a miracle.  Mother and Father are our miracle.  When we remain in the circle of their Love, we will thrive, no matter what.  No matter what.

I, Sananda, can tell you now that in some ways, we will never be the same.  We who have lived through every possible permutation of free will and its consequences have come to an understanding that will live indelibly in our hearts.  We who have seen our loved ones lying injured, in the worst kind of war any being can imagine, will never again make the argument that we need to experience the limits of darkness in order to appreciate the Light.  We will never again choose to experience the farthest extent of what a soul can bear in order to test ourselves in the presence of darkness, nor will we ever risk our beloved ones to the temptations that lie inherently within the Matrix we are capable of creating with our own free will.

These are lessons that Earth’s children, and the entire Multiverse that watches, will never forget.  There is no one to blame, no post-game analysis that will find one villain, or one idea, or one moment that was the cause of all the suffering humankind has endured – even welcomed – in their openness to experience every possible opportunity to test our will, our stamina and our capacity to Love in the face of any challenge.  

The End of Organized Darkness:  An Ultimatum From Mother and Father

Mother and Father have asked us to use this message to make an announcement to the entire Multiverse.  Those in higher dimensions have already heard this pronouncement, but the lower dimensional souls who are still involved in organized criminal activities are not yet aware, of course, of the edicts of Heaven:

All who took part in the attempted murder of souls, in the incidents we have described here, and others of equal or even more serious magnitude yet unnamed, are hereby notified that there will no longer be any tolerance (in the name of free will) for acts against Soul Life in this Universe or any other.  Those who have taken part in these heinous acts of violence, either in body or in Spirit, are to come immediately to the Temple of Light for healing, or choose the only other option available – complete dissolution.  This dissolution was the intention of their own actions toward others and is therefore nothing more than the reflected karmic response to their own intentional acts of violence.

Many who have spent eons in the thrall of the dark Matrix have come to believe there is no real Mother or Father Source, and that there are no real consequences for their reckless distaste for the Life of others.  Nevertheless, each one was once the Creation of Mother and Father’s Love, and as such, they carry the threefold flame of Life, although for many it is only a forgotten, smoldering spark.  These Created beings are ultimately accountable for their actions, whether they are consciously aware of the implications of their nefarious plans or not.

Jealousy, rage, covetousness, greed and lust for power have fueled their violent actions.  They feel entitled to their dark feelings and the unbridled aggression that results.  Of course, they have lived thousands of lifetimes within the torturous, cruel and punishing prison that is life in the pit of evil.  We understand that, and yet there have been moments for each where they consciously chose to join forces with those who oppose Universal Law, who knew they were opposing Mother and Father and All That Is.

All those who are now called to the Temple of Light are aware of their own part in these crimes, and have also been given special dispensations during this lifetime, to awaken and to change their path of destruction.  They have been given the succor and aid of Light Beings who sacrificed everything to bring Light and Love into their lives.  They have clung to their arrogance and entitlement, at the cost of others, and at the cost of their own souls.  

There remain on the surface of Planet Earth the incarnated representatives of four of the five Archangel Brothers, who fell when they descended into the darkest environments on the planet eons ago to rescue their Twin Flames, the Fallen Sisters.  Their Higher Self Twins, the original Higher Selves of the Fallen Sisters, have gone to the Temple of Light to have a new start as beginning souls rather than be completely dissolved.  This is the example of Mother and Father’s mercy, for rather than having to spend millions of lifetimes experiencing and understanding the impact of their karmic choices, they are granted new life. 
It is a privilege to be allowed the opportunity to understand our Karmic impact through seeing and feeling what it is we have chosen and lived out as our choices.  We take with us unparalleled soul growth as we absorb our own lessons, surrounded by the loving support of our ascended family.  This is the loss they feel when they are “demoted” to beginner souls.  They no longer have the opportunity to gain the maximum ascent from the experiences they have come through, while the rest of us catapult into higher levels of Mastery.

When the dark Sisters were offered to come to the Temple of Light, they bargained for being able to maintain their positions as Archangels and to claim the connection to their Twin Flames.  However, they had devolved while their soul counterparts had evolved, making this a gap that could not be crossed.  Because of the karmic weight of millions of years spent by choice in darkness, they had only two choices – to spend millions upon millions of years experiencing how their choices impacted every being they preyed upon, or begin again. They are also not kept with their original soul families, nor will they be reunited with their soul mates or twins.

Several of their male counterparts, 4th dimensional Higher Selves and their incarnates, the most powerful of the dark forces on Earth, remain as the last bastion of the delusion that is the Matrix – that co-created illusion which supported the simplistic and delusional idea that Evil Is Power.

This free-will choice, to believe in the imaginary “religion” that is anti-Life, has been the downfall of many of the original Archangels and Masters who entered into the experiment that was Planet Earth under the influence of the actions of darkness, which we refer to as evil for lack of a better description.  They believed they could withstand the temptation of falling into the Illusion once they took on the bodies of humans, but one after another they succumbed to the siren call of glamour, power, pride and ego aggrandizement.  

In this moment, Mother and Father Source have declared an end to all organized evil, all profligate disregard for human life and the teeming life of all the inhabitants of Earth and the Universes beyond.  All accounts will be settled, all crimes against souls (including the souls of all living beings, whether animal, vegetable or mineral) are hereby being recorded in finality. 

Those who have participated in the deliberate dissolution or torment of souls in any dimension are hereby called to account.  You may come today to the Temple of Light to meet with Mother and Father and the Company of Heaven, or you may choose to be dissolved into the sea of Creation.
Should anyone, still operating under the delusion that their actions are unknown or overlooked by those in higher dimensions, decide to take part in – or even take part in consciously planning – any act of violence against the soul of a Child of God, their Higher Selves will immediately be dissolved.  

Since no incarnation can survive without the Life force of Source, as it is channeled through the Higher Self, this will mean the decline and death of the Incarnated Self.  There will be individual dispensations for those Incarnations who have managed to live a life in the Light in spite of their destructive Higher Selves.  In these cases, the Incarnates will be given new Life and new life-support through Mother or Father and will be welcomed into the circle of Life, in the Loving embrace of our Creators.

You see, the pilgrimage to the Temple can be initiated by either the Higher Self or the Incarnate, who have the free will to operate independently if it is for the Greater Good of the soul.  All will be welcomed and given fair consideration by Mother and Father, who, in consultation with the Company of Heaven, will consider every individual in the context of their history and personal choices.

We understand that leaders in the dark realms are following the words of these messages, and are fully aware of the closing net that will bring the end of their power on Earth.  We know that this message will travel far and wide, and that all who are beckoned here are aware of the reason for their call to account.  It is time for a final reckoning, as was foretold throughout the eons.  

We welcome all to take part in this final chapter in the Fall and now, the Ascension of Planet Earth.  It has been your free will to run amok on the planet that was Paradise in her early beginnings.  Terra, as we call our beloved Earth Soul, is ready to ascend once more, back into higher dimensions.  Those of you who have worked hard to find your way into the Light are ready to move with her.  If you are awakening only now, join us if you will.  It is time.

I am your brother, Sananda, in service to Mother and Father, our beloved Creators.

By Kathryn E. May, May 8, 2015, New York

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