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Killing ISIS is like slaying the hydra - a primer for Americans

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But ISIS has a dark secret… that makes it the most dangerous organization of the century.
It’s the real reason why it can’t be destroyed – and why every American should be afraid.
It all lies within a cryptic “end of the world” Muslim prophecy that will affect the lives of millions of Christians, a prophecy that has president Obama playing one of the key roles.
It doesn’t matter if this unholy prophecy sounds believable to you or not… THEY BELIEVE IN IT and that’s why nothing is going to stop ISIS from bringing down America.
The prophecy, reprinted by Forbes magazine, says: “If you see the black flags coming from Khorasan, join that army even if you have to crawl, because that’s the Caliph army, The Mahdi, and nobody can stop that army.” 

ISIS sees the recent events taking place in the Middle East as some of the 7 signs forecasting the Apocalypse… the coming of Mahdi, the Islamic messiah… Who will lead the battle against all non-Muslims.
They believe Mahdi will lead the world from Iraq and that the prophecy will come true this year.
Little do the American people know that in order to honor Mahdi’s arrival… ISIS wants to put the entire American nation on our knees… using a revolutionary weapon that could permanently cripple the entire country.

It’s a smart-bomb that can instantly end modern life in the entire U.S. by knocking out our power grid. Nothing that has electronic components will ever work again. Cars won’t start, TVs, phones, the Internet will all be dead.
They’re going to send us back to the middle ages…
In fact… just seconds after this calamity hits, all social structures will be reversed… and the information I’m about to disclose will put you at the top of the “food chain”.
There’s nothing you and I can do to stop it… BUT there is an answer… And if you stick with me until the end of this presentation, you’ll discover an already proven way to shield yourself, your loved ones, and even your community from America’s morbid coming mayhem.
Who Am I To Tell You All Of This?My name is James Franklin Jr.  I’m one of the Co-Publishers of, one of the leading self-reliance websites in America.
Our mission is all about being ready, staying ahead of the game and being prepared for anything… never caught flat-footed or off-guard.
We believe in becoming self-reliant and independent, and that’s what we encourage American patriots to do… so you and your family can thrive in any situation.
That’s why I’ve made it my life’s purpose to expose to true patriots the hidden dangers that threaten our rights… and our very existence. 

Over the last few months I’ve been running an independent investigation about the Islamic State. I couldn’t understand how they grow more powerful by the minute despite the fact that so many countries have joined the fight against terrorism. 

What I discovered left me shocked and speechless. For the first time in ages… I was actually terrified for my life and for the lives of my family and friends.
I had no idea that Muslim fanatics could actually go this far…
It Turns Out ISIS Found a Way To Take Down An Entire Country As Big As The U.S. With Only 1 AttackWithout having any money, resources or new-tech military equipment…
In fact, this might sound strange but there’s no need for any military force what so ever…
All it takes is just 1 critical strike to our power grid and all the American systems will fall down one by one, just like dominos… 

Everything from banking to hospitals, transportation, media and communication will be dead… even our lights will be shut off forever. That’s all it takes to permanently destabilize our entire country because we don’t have any contingency plans for something like this… we’re completely unprepared, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

Here’s the truly horrifying part: when modern life ends, people turn into animals. Just think about it… some people riot on black Friday over a toaster… can you imagine what will happen when there’s no electricity for months or even years? 

You see… that’s why there’s no point for an actual military attack… we’ll be too busy fighting each other to survive.

Look… I know all of this might be hard to swallow, you might think it’s all nonsense. But in just a few seconds I’m going to show how ISIS already launched small-scale “rehearsal” attacks on power grids in other countries like Yemen, Pakistan and Turkey. And I’ll give you real proof that they’re preparing to take us down.
First let me tell you a bit more about the Muslim prophecy that fuels ISIS.
You see… it’s their ideology that gives them the strength to fight all these nations at once. And their prophecy says that a “promised warrior” is coming to help Muslims conquer the world. 

Let me explain… there are over 1.6 million Muslims in the world. Even if not all of them are radical, they all hate our guts. How much do they hate us? Enough to send 2 planes into the Twin Towers on 9/11 and to decapitate every American they can get their hands on. 

Why? What’s their end-game?
The truth is… till this day their most precious dream is recreating an Arab state, a state where they could live as they did many centuries ago in a single enormous powerful Caliphate.
And they see America as the only thing standing in their way. After the Gulf war and the War on Iraq they see us as the force that’s dividing the Arab world. 

That’s how ISIS was born.
And that’s what the prophecy is all about.
They’re waiting for the Arrival of Mahdi… Their Savior Who Will Unite All the Arab Nations under the Same Caliphate and Rule the World

The bad news is… the recent events that took place in the Arab world are interpreted as signs for the coming apocalypse… which culminates with the rise of Imam Mahdi – the Islamic messiah.
Most Muslims have long believed, based on Islamic prophecies, that King Abdullah’s death in 2005 would set off a chain of events that would destabilize Saudi Arabia and bring together the Caliphate. 

The worst part is… that’s exactly what happened. While Saudi Arabia began its decline… ISIS started rising, giving the Muslin world all the more reasons to believe in the coming of Mahdi.
Even what’s happening in the West was mentioned with incredible accuracy in the Islamic prophecy. You see… it is foreseen that at the “End of Times”, just before the return of the Mahdi, a “tall black man will assume the reins of government in the West” commanding “the strongest army on earth.”

Obama is viewed as a hero to Muslims.  In general they see him as their ally. After all… he’s always saying that “The United States has been enriched by Muslim Americans”.
He even went as far as saying that the nuclear deal with Iran is the greatest accomplishment of his presidency. And if you think about it… the entire deal is just looking out for Iran, not the U.S. nation. It actually lifts economic sanctions and gives Iran the power to still research nuclear weapons… We don’t have anything to gain from it and, in fact, instead of protecting us, it’s making us vulnerable.
And that’s not all… Obama’s soft agenda on radical Islam and the end of ‘the war on terrorism’ is viewed as a sign that the U.S. is ready to admit defeat and bow their heads to Mahdi. After Obama’s 2nd ‘election’, the victories in Iraq and Afghanistan started to look more like defeat. The American retreat from the Middle East is the only thing to blame for the rise of ISIS.

So Muslim extremists have all the reasons to think Obama’s double election and our ground-breaking military advances are prophetic signs of the West’s decline, the triumph of Islam and the coming of Mahdi.
Mahdi is said to have been born in the mid-9th century, but to have then disappeared from humanity. The prophecy says he will reappear in “The End Times”.
During an apocalyptic time of war, he will bring justice to the world-by converting all people to Islam, and that’s what the Muslims are trying to trigger… an apocalyptic war. They believe they have a responsibility to consciously fulfill the prophecy in order to honor Mahdi’s arrival.

Here’s the kicker: The prophecy foresees Muslims battling 80 armies… so the fact that more and more nations are joining the fight against terrorism gives them all the more reason to keep fighting.
Fighting fire with fire only makes them stronger…And even though it all sounds like a bunch of made-up stories… ISIS takes this prophecy very seriously.

They even use it to justify the enslavement of women.
When ISIS captured villages in northern Iraq, they detained Christian and Yazidi women. They said the revival of slavery is a sign of the “Last Days”, the coming of Mahdi.

They’re so desperate to fulfill the prophecy they won’t let anything stand in their way.
The city of Dabiq, for instance, is a huge part of the prophecy. It came as a surprise last August when ISIS suddenly targeted the city, which seemed to have little strategic importance.
What most people don’t know is that this city is constantly mentioned in Islamic prophecies. “The forces of Islam will face a horde of infidels at Dabiq in a decisive battle signifying the return of their Messiah”.
ISIS won that battle and now, while they’re “on top of their game,” there’s only one thing left to do… Destroy the U.S. 

And they already have a “bullet-proof” strategy to do it. They plan to permanently shut down the electricity in our entire country.

The recent temporary blackout in Washington that affected the White House, the Congress and interrupted a State Department press conference created controversy in the media about the vulnerability of our electric grid to terrorist attacks.
It should have been a wake-up call to the White House and the Congress about…
The Threat of an EMP Terrorist Attack…which would have catastrophic consequences for our society.
Let me explain… An EMP is an electrical pulse that wipes out and permanently shuts down any-kind of electrical devices. It’s like a nuclear explosion but instead of radiation… think of a shock wave that fries everything electrical in site. 

Within minutes… even seconds… an EMP discharge would fry all our electronic devices. Most modern day appliances, the gadgets we use daily, and even the U.S. power grid will be useless.
Think of a normal black-out when you don’t have any lights, heating, or internet… only an EMP black-out is permanent and on a larger scale… this means you can also say goodbye to telecommunications, transportation and even utilities like water.
Imagine not having any electricity for days, weeks, months or even years… 

no lights, no communication channels, no water, no refrigeration, no navigation systems, no gas pumping, no food transportation, no waste pumping or garbage collecting.
No one in our country can survive something like this. During an EMP, civilization will be sent back to the middle ages and most people won’t be able to cope. Imagine the smart-phone generation forced to live like cavemen...
That’s why the CIA fears an EMP bomb might send us back to the middle ages, and they fear that it will happen this year. 

The Congressional Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Commission warned that an EMP attack “could black out the U.S for a year or more… killing up to 9 out of 10 Americans by starvation and societal collapse”.

And the worst part is building an EMP bomb is easier and cheaper than any other kind of terrorist attack. Terrorists that have relatively unsophisticated missiles can gain the greatest political-military utility from one EMP strike. In fact, the EMP Commission says even China and Russia have considered the use of EMPs.

Let me explain why the CIA is so worried…In 2013 in San Francisco, someone took out 17 giant transformers with surgical precision. Here’s the strange part… nobody was talking about it. The attack wasn’t meant to make the headlines… it was just a first attempt to demonstrate how easy it is to take out the US grid. 

And that’s not the only time terrorists chose electric grids as their targets.
In June, 2014, a terrorist attack knocked out the power grid in Yemen – a traditional anti-terrorism US-ally. The entire grid! 23 million people were sent back to living like the early pioneers.
Fast forward to January the 25th, 2015. Towns and cities across Pakistan – yet another crucial United States ally in its “War on Terror”- plunged into darkness because of another attack on a transmission line that short-circuited the national electricity grid. 140 million people were affected.
2 months later, on the 31st of March, a massive nationwide power outage left three-quarters of Turkey with no electricity. 40 provinces – including Istanbul and Ankara – and more than 20 million people had their power cut off.
No wonder that Frank Gaffney – founder and president of the Center for Security Policy in Washington – talks about a coming “grid jihad.”

Since 2008 The White House has failed to implement any of the recommendations of its own Congressional EMP Commission. They passed bills such as the “Grid Act”, the “Critical Infrastructure Protection Act” and the “Shield Act” without even being brought to a vote.
The fact is… our entire power grid infrastructure is rated a D+. The CIA knows, that’s why they shiver at the thought of an EMP attack.
America relies on an electric grid based on 1880s systems…
It’s so bad, it could give out at any moment WITHOUT an EMP attack. In just a few years the power grid might be overwhelmed by national demands and just collapse.

When I realized just how likely an EMP attack on our power grid is and the fact that I was completely unprepared, I started to panic. I was absolutely horrified. I was outraged that nobody is doing anything about it.
The true wake-up call was when I realized that a permanent black-out in the U.S. isn’t just a blackout. It triggers a chain reaction starting with mass riots and chaos, a sanitary crisis which will lead to deadly viruses and diseases rapidly spreading and an economic collapse. You see… electricity runs our entire country whether we like it or not. All our infrastructures rely on electricity and when it stops everything falls apart. 

It’s truly terrifying when you think about how we’re so dependent on something so fragile. I wasn’t going to wait and see what happens. I decided to shield myself and look for practical solutions instead of being a big bulls-eye, openly vulnerable like our entire country is right now….
So I Started To Look For My Own AnswersI spent hours in libraries reading books… I watched all the documentaries and interviews I could find… I looked for courses… I talked to all the experts I could get ahold of… I kept looking for solutions and each and every one of them seemed worse than the last one. I got nothing… I couldn’t find anybody that would give me practical know-how advice on how to survive and thrive in a long-term blackout like an EMP would cause. 

I almost gave up after spending months pouring over research to prepare for an EMP attack. Most information was useless. I had nowhere else to go. I was about to throw in the towel… but somehow I couldn’t…
I had no idea what to do… I was completely oblivious till one night when I decided to ask my readers about it. I posted 2 simple questions “Is there any way to survive an EMP attack? How can you thrive in a permanent black-out?”
The Very Next Day After Going Through A Couple Of Emails I Started Reading Matt Maddock’s ResponseHe’s a reader of mine who uses this pen name and he wanted to share his take and his solutions for this entire mess.
As I read his email, I realized right away this guy’s no amateur on dealing with blackout scenarios… from that email alone, I knew I needed to get in touch with Matt to see what other tricks he was hiding under his sleeve. I really had a lot to learn from him and it was exactly the stuff I was looking for. I’m going to share with you everything he showed me in just a minute, first let me tell you a bit about Matt…
It turns out Matt was stationed in Yemen before the civil war started in March 2015. He was hired alongside US military personnel, including some special forces, to train Yemeni fighters and support their fight against terrorism.

Here’s the interesting part: when Saudi Arabia started to bomb Yemen… all hell broke loose. He had to survive in a war-zone without any electricity… for weeks on end before we withdrew our military from the country. And we’re not talking about a small blackout when you pull out some candles and read a good book… this was full-on civil war.
Matt shared with me everything he’d been through. As I was reading his story, I felt like I was there… witnessing first-hand what it’s like to live without electricity when chaos unravels in front of your eyes. Matt told me what he did and what you can do to shield yourself and stay safe. He wrote me “Look, we’re not comparing apples to oranges. Even though a nation-wide permanent blackout scenario is a thousand times more devastating… the same principles and strategies I used still apply… and they’ll keep you safe and protected. I want people to learn from my experience”.
Now… for safety and privacy reasons I’m not going to share with you everything Matt went through. However, I am going to tell you this:
In The First Days after the Power Stopped Nobody Knew What Was Really Happening 
It took a while before people realized what was going on. Once they understood how bad the situation was, panic started spreading like wildfire and that’s when the real mess began. After a week everybody had to make their way through puddles of raw sewage and around mountains of piled trash to get somewhere safe. People were sleeping in the streets. Almost everybody was getting sick really fast and Matt believes it was because of a virus outbreak and the poor conditions everybody had to endure. The problem was nobody knew where they could find shelter or how to get to safety… 

You see… Matt’s the kind of guy that can thrive in any situation. Put him in a cage with a lion and you’ll have to be afraid for the lion. And this was overwhelming even for him… it was unlike anything he’d ever been through… 

After living in filth on the streets the first week, he noticed something strange. An old lady well in her 70′s was walking around minding her own business… It didn’t make any sense to him. She should have been sick and starving by now… Everybody else was… but the old lady was well. He started talking to her and after a while Matt convinced her to take him to her home. She was living with her husband inside what looked like a wrecked house but they were safe and protected.
They were virtually camouflaged between the wreckage of the city and they were living better than anybody else. Matt couldn’t believe his eyes. This elderly couple had all the food, water, warmth and even lighting they needed and they were safe there. 

He spent about a week with them until he could reach the military. He used an old radio they had which was still working despite the power being out. Matt told me that week was far more valuable than any military or disaster preparedness trainings he’s ever been through.
He showed me everything he learned from them and how they helped him during this entire time. Let me tell you I was completely amazed. I know a thing or 2 about survival and preparedness but what he learned from this couple completely blew me away. He told me it was like living with the Amish. They weren’t using any electricity yet they still had all the luxuries of modern life.
The Amount of Wisdom and Exclusive Secrets He Learned In Yemen Were Far Better Than Any Course or Military “Experts” I Came AcrossMatt gave me reason to believe that all of us (and this includes seniors and kids) can survive without electricity. All we need to know are a few tricks for when the power goes out.
He revealed to me secrets that only a handful of people know… In fact there are many things you can do right that will do wonders for you and your family.
After Matt showed me everything he learned in Yemen, I knew I could protect my family and even help many of my readers thrive no matter what comes our way.
This information was so good I knew I had to make it available to as many people as possible.
We Handpicked All the Tactics, Techniques And Even Quick-Fixes Tips You Need And Compiled Them into “Pitch Black – Equipping Patriots for the Aftermath of an EMP”Pitch Black is the only course that’s already proven to work. It’s a step-by step- guide to help you survive without electricity.

Pitch Black gives you practical strategies, techniques and quick-fixes to survive without electricity in the LONG TERM.  We cover everything… from mass-blackouts… to dealing with riots, mass pandemics and more. And the best part is you don’t have to spend months of training or invest in expensive equipment.
This step by step guide was designed for everyone. If an old couple in Yemen can stay protected during war without any electricity… anybody can. There’s no need to buy expensive tricky generators or faraday cages. All you need to do is spend 15 minutes a day going through Pitch Black and this course turns you into an off-grid survival expert in as little as 2 weeks.
Here’s just a glimpse at what you’ll find inside this one of a kind course:

  • You’ll find out what sets apart an EMP from your average disaster and what’s the first thing you should do right after an EMP strike. Be very careful… your first reaction can be the difference between life and death.
  • Next, you’ll discover a secret trick Matt learned in Yemen to set up a virtually endless energy stockpile. This means you’ll always have a steady supply that can power up all your electronics and this technique is more effective than a $500 generator.
  • And you’ll find out the exact steps to take if you want to EMP proof your car. This is one of toughest EMP preparedness measures out there. Even so-called “experts” mess this up. But Matt will show you a dead-simple rule of thumb you need to follow to make sure you get everything done correctly right from the first try. No sweat. No hassle. You’ll have the luxury of driving around while the rest of the world will be living like in the middle ages.
  • And there’s more: you’ll find out how to DIY heating and cooling systems that don’t use electricity so you and your family can still maintain a modern lifestyle while society is falling apart.

Food, Water, Shelter, Electricity, Protection… You Name It… You’ll Have It

>>You need to see this now … before it’s buried

Pitch Black is the only true one of a kind step by step guide for surviving without electricity in the worst of situations.
And it’s not available at any bookstore or elsewhere online. The only way to get your digital copy is to click the “Add to Cart” button below now.

For just $39, you’ll get a digital copy of Pitch Black… And you’ll know how to survive an EMP and what to do in a blackout or long-term power outage.

That Will Trash Obama for Good >> 


NESARA, as a rule does not advertise, but due to the criticalness of the times we are now in some of us felt that we would be remiss if we did not provide the above information for your consideration. It is your choice what you decide to do with the information. Those associated with the NESARA blog do NOT make ANY money off the sale of the information. Information about it is being provided strictly for your benefit. May the Lord be with you and yours.  
NESARA- Restore America – Galactic News

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