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Flat Earth is a PsyOp to Attack Documentary "The Principle"

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UPDATE January 26, 2016:

Flat Earth PsyOp Against Documentary “THE PRINCIPLE” Goes into Overdrive!

UPDATE: please also see the follow-on articles:

Trump, Clinton, Lawrence Krauss, Jeffrey Epstein and Copernicus in 2016

Is Geocentrism Linked to Flat Earth?

The flat earth explosion that started towards the end of 2014 is a direct attack to keep America and the world from seeing the documentary THE PRINCIPLE featuring (somewhat to their embarrassment) Lawrence Krauss, Michio Kaku, George FR Ellis, Julian Barbour, Max Tegmark, John Hartnett, Bernard Carr, Ronald Hatch, and others.

This image of a google trends report for “flat earth” shows very clearly that the attack started when THE PRINCIPLE was being screened in Chicago in October 2014. At the same time the SPLC attacked THE PRINCIPLE’s executive producer, Robert Sungenis, as being anti-semitic (as though THE PRINCIPLE has ANYTHING to do with the Jews!).

This is a documentary that some VERY POWERFUL people do not want you to see. It is a very serious scientific documentary that they are trying to obscure using flat earth as a canard.




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    • Anonymous

      Talk about desperation! Just show us a video of a spinning earth from space, Fool. Actually just show us a still from any height that shows sky scrapers pointed in all different directions like they would have to be on a ball. Ever notice that none of the altitude photos ever show buildings spread out?

      • JohnQPublic

        Look at the evidence. There is not a coincidence here.

        • Anonymous

          I am looking at evidence and more of it every week. Experiments show no spin and no curve. Here on the coast we can send a boat out for miles and still see it with binoks so where is the curve?

          • JohnQPublic

            You are an agent of it, but may be a true believer.

            • PaulTarsuss

              The entire “flat earth” topic is a waste of anyone’s time. Truth is, it doesn’t matter if the earth is a speck of dust at the tip of a cosmic unicorn’s horn…

              What matters is how WE deal. Now, now, and N-O-W.

              All is to be revealed in due time, and that time rapidly approaches. Until then, dwell on answering the questions that truly matter, the one’s worth our dwindling time…


              Good Journies

            • JohnQPublic

              Anon: There are plenty of pictures of a spherical (circular projection) earth from the moon and from planetary probes. It is just a matter of whether you trust them.

            • Sean

              The Flat Earth: King James Bible


            • igot1thatcansee

              The world is full of these globed earth idiots. Gravity, LOL :lol: what a lame a$$ excuse to come up with to explain the ocean being upside down. :razz:

          • vaalix

            I think the Earth is simply bigger than we are told which is why you don’t notice the curve or drop off.

            Wouldn’t it be surprising to know the earth is 3 times the size they tell us it is? Would that not explain still being able to see something from 100 miles away with no drop or curve?

            The only real thing that gets me is, why they haven’t shown a pic of the earth that isn’t a painting or faked somehow? To me that says they can’t get past the radiation belts to do it, and they can’t admit that fact otherwise the moon landing is a complete hoax then the tax payers would be up in arms about where the money went etc..

            Most if not all of these flat earth arguments can be shut down by simply agreeing that the earth is much much bigger than we think or are being told.

            • Vic

              Just as anonymous has said on his post, If the earth was a ball, buildings would have to stick out at different angles. People down at New Zealand would be nearly upside down.

              The excuse of gravity would be nonsense. How can the vast ocean of waters stick on the sides of a globe. If you lift your foot up, can you feel gravity pulling your foot down ? If gravity is so strong to hold the
              oceans and buildings to earth, why can a feather float in the air ?

              The earth is flat and everything stays on the earth because it has physical weight.

              Airplanes fly thousands of miles on a level and constant height. If the earth had curvature, the plane would head on out to space. To sound silly, a plane pilot would have to keep pushing the nose of the plane down continually to follow the curve. ( unless of course some magic force pulls the plane around the earth without the pilot knowing ) Ha, Ha.

            • JohnQPublic

              Vic- if it has “weight”, this implies gravity. :shock:

            • Anonymous

              When I started looking for the curve and spin, I considered the same that it just may be bigger. But they have already painted themselves into a corner with the one complete revolution in 24 hours at a speed of 1000mph. It can’t be any bigger by those set rules so somebody is lying about something. So far billions of dollars have been sucked out of the population for this scam. If they cannot even show us a genuine video of a rotating round ball from space, we have a major crime here. It should not be hard to do after spending billions of dollars.

            • HereAmI

              We know the distances between various places, eg Europe to the US, and the US to Japan, etc.
              Add them all together, and you find that the earth is pretty much as big as they say it is.
              So if the curvature is still not evident on a much smaller earth, then that can only mean one thing.
              It isn’t curved.

            • TDS

              Interesting argument considering that the elites thrive on artificial scarcity and monopoly cartels

          • sitrep

            Believers of flat earth, should know that it was an assignment for agents to seek out individuals that would fall for anything, right now they are seeking rocket jockey engineers.

          • yen ain\\\'t happening

            Who the hell cares – round or flat, It a stupid thing to argue about, just about as stupid in arguing whether or not there is a god. Truth be told is – it’s all a matter of perception….PERIOD…. :shock: :razz:

        • The Reveal



        • igot1thatcansee

          I have looked at the evidence and its the same old lie, I do not even know why this is even a debate, its stupid to even suggest that earth is a spinning ball and somehow the ocean is upside down, freaking stupid. Guess what, no one on here believes their BS or yours. How in the world can the earth be a spinning ball at 1200 MPH orbiting the sun and moon? its ridiculous, and stop it with there is footage of the earth from space, the only image they show the sheep is called CGI. The earth has a firmament (dome), here is a video of a rocket shot in the sky and the rocket hits the dome. Explain this genius?

          • JohnQPublic

            Firmament is the aether not a hard dome.

      • PeoplePower

        EARTH is FLAT! 100% PROOF! Mind Blown! NASA EXPOSED:

        • JohnQPublic


        • sitrep

          Oh wow, the Flat earthen people posted a link so it must be true, Right, Ehhhh, Right?

      • PeoplePower

        Sun, Moon, and Stars Prove the Flat Earth: – Eric Dubay

        Let’s stick to the facts of the matter, in regards to the biggest hoax off all time being exposed for the world to see. Nothing can stop the truth from getting out now..

      • Tedx

        Definition of a straight line: Circumference of a circle with an infinite radius.

      • Nyyk4

        Then why can’t you see from edge to edge with a telescope? If the Earth is flat there shouldn’t be any issue seeing straight across the entire world!

        • HereAmI

          We are all familiar with the idea that things at a distance look smaller than things close up.
          So as the distance increases, the object gets closer to the horizon line; and this happens very rapidly.
          So everything that is a few miles away effectively becomes incorporated into the horizon line; this explains why you can’t see all the way to the other side of a flat earth.

      • TuffENuff

        … and yet YouTube is filled with videos of the spinning sun, 93 million miles away, but not of the earth under our feet.

    • Syco

      Proving the curvature of the earth is as simple as placing two sticks in the dirt and measuring the shadows, you will note two completely different measurements even with identical sticks, say a cut to needed length dowel rod. This is how they first calculated the circumference of our little dirt ball in space. Or here is a slightly more “advanced” way to tell, buy a cheap walmart telescope, now use said scope to view Australia from Texas, what you can’t??? ohh that is because of the curve. If it can see the moon 238,900 miles away, Australia should be simple right??? Or Mars 249 million miles away but still can’t see Australia??? Hmm, me thinks it might be time for the flat earthers to seek psychological assistance.

      • JohnQPublic

        Bingo! They just do not understand how gradual the curvature is. The earth is really big, and we are small. Local variations in ground height on land wipe out any ability to see the curvature there.

      • Anonymous

        You can’t even prove the moon is 238,000 miles away and a sextant shows it to be 3000 miles away. On the coast I can see land from 10 miles out with binoculars. That should be about 28 feet below the “curve” and impossible but it is plainly visible.

        • Syco

          Yes, because the sextant is so much more accurate that a series of orbital satellites and deep space probes…

          • Anonymous

            How do you explain the entire state of Kansas being officially listed as “flatter than a pancake”?


            • JohnQPublic

              How “flat” is a pancake?

            • sitrep

              I make round pancakes, can you post a link back to your post as some sort of proof, or something, Ehhhhh?

          • Anonymous

            So where are these “series of orbital satellites”? You haven’t noticed that when they give you the CGI space station pics, they always forget to include the 33,000 satellites that are supposed to be playing ring around the rosie?

        • Syco

          By the way sparky, sextant does not measure distance.

          The primary use of a sextant is to determine the angle between an astronomical object and the horizon for the purposes of celestial navigation. The determination of this angle, the altitude, is known as sighting (or shooting) the object, or taking a sight.

          It measures angles… Navigational aid, not measuring device. Dude I own and sail on my own 32 foot sloop regularly, I actually own and at night use one.

        • JohnQPublic

          Land is above sea level, and so are you. The curvature is a bit less then 8″/mile, so you are talking 7’8″ roughly at sea level, not 28′.

          • Beligio

            It’s not a linear relationship like that. It is about 8 inches drop in one mile, but it is not 10 times that in 10 miles. It is much more.

          • Anonymous

            The formula can be found here.


            • Syco

              You can clearly see the curvature pictured in the example photos from the plane and from the ISS, it is a matter of perspective. Big damned ball, tiny human. Just because somebody has a mind to feeble to understand nuclear fission doesn’t mean we don’t have nuclear power. Same applies here.

            • LifeIs

              Anonymous, do you not understand, the curvature paradox you cite does not make the Earth flat.

              And there is an explanation for it.

              Yes, we have about 8 inches per mile of curvature.

              Yes, the curvature of a sphere is distance squared times that 8 inches per mile.

              8 inches per mile is what a 3 dimensional sphere would have. The circumference would be the edge of a two dimensional slice, that passes through the center.

              Our observable distance-squared times 8 inches per mile is the edge of a 3 dimensional slice. Of a 4 dimensional sphere.

              There is no such thing in the real world, as a 3 dimensional sphere. Because an object of n dimensions is bounded by surfaces of n minus 1 dimensions.

              If an object is 3 dimensional, its surfaces are 2 dimensional. You could go east, west, north, south. A 2 dimensional surface has no up or down to it.

              Space has 4 dimensions, and the 3-D theory is just as obviously wrong as the flat earth one.

              The answer to the Bedford Level experiments, and the ships over the horizon, but still in sight, and the buildings at a distance not pointing away from you is: Light is 4-dimensional.

              You are focusing on a 3 dimensional slice of a 4 dimensional flow of energy. That’s what is “flat,” your slice of the image.

              That also explains the “wave-particle duality” by the way. A particle is a 3 dimensional slice and the wave is 4 dimensional.

          • HereAmI

            Not so, John.
            The earth’s curvature, obviously enough, is an exponential function, not a linear or geometric one.
            Thus the horizon drops away at 8″ per mile squared.
            So at a distance of 10 miles, an object has dropped 66′ below the horizon.
            Except that it hasn’t.
            You can still see it using binoculars.
            The earth is flat.

            • JohnQPublic

              Oops. You are right on the math.

              y=sqrt(R^2-x^2) circle centered on (0,0), solve for y

              r=3959 mi

              at 10 mi, y=.01263 mi = 66.7′

              But in the horizon calculation you need to account for your height above 0 at the viewing point. If you are at sea level, your horizon is at 0′ away. At 6′ height your horizon is 3 miles. If you eyes are 6′ above sea level, and the object is 40′ high, you can see it 10.8 mi. away.


        • sitrep

          Ah, The Anonymous Speaks, although everyone knows there are a lot of Variables Using a sextant.
          yeah you Flat earthen people try that one with 100 Zulu warriors chasing you to the edge of a cliff, then come back, and tell us how now you seen the light, Ehhhh?

          You Flat Earthen cannot even explain the coal, and oil deposits. If the Earth was flat, there would not be any Oil deposits.
          Elements will explain most of the facts.

          It is easy Just do a basic science test,Yes use science 101. Follow all safety requirements as outlined in your chemistry kits, and or Look up safety instructions on your own, I suggest you hire a professional to be on the safe side, taking in consideration there are some Flat Earthers here.

          For this test you will need a Bunsen burner, salt, round magnet, scrap wood, and copper pipe and a compass, one aluminium can, copper plate 2″x2″.
          No, Wait I better not give my research out. I apologize, I truly wanted to let people try out this new scientific discovery that is no longer just theory.
          If I let people try out my new discovery some big Corporation would steal my Design, and sell it for profit.
          My new Discovery has many uses, and will prove that The flat Eartheners are wrong.

        • Syco

          easy show my a spherical flag, dumbass (in voice of Jeff Dunhams Walter)

      • HereAmI

        FE says the moon and the sun are only a few thousand miles above our heads, so of course you can see them. They are 30 miles in diameter, and so are quite big. Last time I checked, nothing in Australia was 30 miles high.

    • Maya3ahau

      Why hasn’t any satellite or space station taken any panoramic views of earth? They could totally take a photo from one pole to the other and zoom in so you could see actual structures? There are plenty of huge structures that are recognizable from space supposedly. I don’t really know if this is possible, not any kind of physics genius, LOL, it was a thought.

      • DK

        They do all the time, that is why Google Earth has 1000′s of images merged together, its just that the Billion trillion megapixel camera to do this in one shot does not exist. It’s not like Blade Runner is real, I had this problem with teachers asking for license number plates of cheap 1.3 mp net cams. :roll:

        • HereAmI

          If we have actually gone into space, then you really don’t need a fancy camera to take a picture of earth. Anything will do the job, even a pinhole camera.
          That we have no such pictures, but that all the ones we are given are composites, and with multiple repeats of single cloud formations, and a view of the continents which is in harmony with the Mercator Projection, whereas it seems that the Peters projection is more accurate, tells us that the whole space travel / moon landing, asteroid-and-comet- visiting, Pluto-imaging, Mars-landing story is complete balderdash.
          There may very well be a dome above us.
          The Bible describes the situation quite laconically;
          “And no man hath ascended into heaven, but He that came down from heaven, even the Son of Man Which is in heaven”.

          This of course is anathema to the hubristic heart of fallen man, who will brook no constraints upon his self-image, but who nevertheless is precisely how God describes him , a fallen sinner, and in need of divine redemption.

    • truthlovingsoul

      i have concluded that the earth is indeed, flat.
      this should not alter anyone’s plans to arrest, try and hang the bankers and treasonous elected officials.

      i am convinced that there is something incredible at the NORTH pole and this flat earth deluge of info never seems to talk about that…..

      keep us looking around the edge instead of the center?

      keep us thinking about space, or lack thereof, instead of looking in our seas and hidden land masses?

      misdirection. controlling the opposition. setting the narrative…….you know, the USUAL.

      flat earth has many reasons for coming out now, but i know for certain that any film/doc with micjio KAKA or neil DISGRACE tyson should be ignored.

      • JohnQPublic

        You are of course free to your opinion. I see no reason to consider flat earth. Not Scriptural, not Church Authority, not theological, not scientific.

        Neil deGrasse Tyson is not in the film. Kaku represents the establishment view against the new observations in the film; though he does admit some interesting things. Same with Lawrence Krauss. Lawrence Krauss especially complained loudly about his role in the film (after he cashed the check).

      • AntiZionist

        Let me help you out TLS;

        I`m sure Cass Sunstein is having a blast………..

        “the best response consists in cognitive infiltration of extremist groups”,[35] where they suggest, among other tactics, “Government agents (and their allies) might enter chat rooms, online social networks, or even real-space groups and attempt to undermine percolating conspiracy theories by raising doubts about their factual premises, causal logic or implications for political action.”

        • truthlovingsoul


          i don’t claim to know anything 100% but i can say that it is 99% chance flat earth.

          you can insult my cognitive abilities if you like, but methinks a) thou doth protest too much and b) what you are doing is projecting your knowledge that you are mind-conditioned or are only capable of discussing one topic at a time.

          i never thought the earth may be flat until a short time ago but after much investigation i do now.

          if i am wrong, so what?

          so what if the earth is flat? we still have to arrest the bankers and politicians etc.

          the flat earth changes everything and nothing at the same time.

          • The Clucker

            “the flat earth changes everything and nothing at the same time.”

            Uh… alrighty then.

          • AntiZionist

            The flat earth hoax will be used against “us”; “how can you trust a man who think`s the earth is flat?” It ruins our credebility.

            So if the earth is flat, show me a picture of the end and what`s on the other side.
            This dosn`t look like a flat-earth to me:

            Anyway, I`ll say thanks to all the videos you have brought to my attention, but this flat earth thing does make me wonder.

            I`ll strongly suggest you watch some of JEff C`s work, esp. this:
            Cass Sunstein and Cognitive Infiltration + John Le Bon Shill EXPOSED What the Hell is Going On

      • LifeIs

        The fact that we have high tides both under the Moon and on the opposite side of the Earth at the same time proves:

        The Earth and Moon both orbit their common center of mass, which is below the surface of the Earth. Centrifugal force produces the high tide that is opposite the Moon.

        And THAT proves a spherical Earth. The high tide that is opposite the position of the Moon.

    • Snowball

      Just listen to “Globebusters Episode 10″ to hear Sungenis absolutely destroy a flat earth
      theorist. 4 hours of embarassment for flat earth shills.

    • A Commentator

      Too bad every scientist in this movie has said the people that interviewed them misconstrued their responses, and used editing and narration to paint the picture they wanted.

      None of the big name science guys featured agree with this movies agenda, and all feel they were deceived.

      The Earth is a sphere, that spins in space, in orbit around a star, along with other spheres.

      If you really think it’s flat, get yourself a good seaworthy boat, and sail out to the edge and take some pictures. Maybe you can fly a drone down over the edge and show us where the water goes as it pours off the sides of the flat Earth.

      • JohnQPublic

        Wrong about the scientists. None of them had even seen the movie when they said that, plus I linked an article explaining what happened. Any claims that they have been edited are nonsense. Here is a concise overview:

        • A Commentator

          A concise, unbiased overview, provided by the movies official website.


          • JohnQPublic

            A concise, WELL DOCUMENTED slighty biased overview, provided by the movies official website.

            There fixed it for you. :grin:

      • JohnQPublic

        I presume your flat earth comments are agreeing with this article, or did you bother to read it? The scientists involved in attacking the movie did not bother to watch it before claiming they were edited, etc. Not a very scientific approach.

      • JohnQPublic

        Actually, I did not link the article here, but you have the link now. :)

      • HereAmI

        “When He gave to the sea His decree, that the waters should not pass His commandment; when He appointed the foundations of the earth”.
        Strange though it may seem to you, every thing, whether animate or inanimate, obeys the commandment of the Lord God.
        Thus the Lord Jesus Christ, when entering in to Jerusalem on the back of a donkey, stated that if the people were to be forbidden from welcoming Him, the very stones would cry out.
        Similarly, the Sea of Reeds rose up and stood aside when the Children of Israel passed through, on their way to the Promised Land, and the sun stood still for Joshua, about the space of a whole day, and reversed its course for Hezekiah.

        It seems that Antarctica is edged by a great ice cliff of several hundred feet in height; this in itself holds back the waters, and prevents them from performing the action you hypothesize.

    • Antique White

      to abstract complexed u need 2 brake it down to its simplest elements

      • JohnQPublic

        An Independent Documentary on cosmology was made. Lawrence Krauss, Michio Kaku, George FR Ellis, and others were interviewed aminly in 2011. Max Tegmark was interviewed in 2011 and 2013. They talked about amazing new observations that place earth in a preffered location in the universe (anti-Copernican). In 2011, they thought that the upcoming (at that time) Planck satellite would expalin away the observations- it did not, it oinly made them worse. First the participants (Krauss, etc.) attacked the film in April 2014, then the press went quiet. When the fim opened in Chicago, the SPLC attacked the Executive Producer (Robert Sungenis) plus flat earth trending went exponential. Many opponents have been attacking THE PRINCIPLE by comparing it to flat earth. There appears to be a strong correlation with the massive uptick in flat earth interest and THE PRINCIPLE.

        • PaulTarsuss

          The ‘revelation’ that the earth is at the center of the known universe, would be no more earth shattering (punny) than finding out that all life is composed of Highly advanced nano machines….yet that is exactly what happened. Harvard published a video revealing the “inner life of a cell”, revealing that each of our trillions of cells is a veritable city. With ‘skyscrapers’, instantly assembling/disassembling highways, creatures walking about on those highways upright on TWO LEGS pulling ‘giant’ sacks of cargo.

          They also revealed that there are germs swimming about our veins that use highly advanced, self replicating, electric motors with propellers, complete with magnets, stators, rotors, drive shafts, bushings, universal joints, sensors, switches, etc….


          To those that have faith, proof is but another reason to increase faith. To those that have no faith, no amount of proof is enough, for what use has the man without faith for proofs of any kind?

          The very axis of our spinning globe revolves by faith….

          The earth reels like a drunkard, it sways like a hut in the wind; so heavy upon it is the guilt of its rebellion that it falls–never to rise again. Isaiah 24:20


          Good Journeys

    • zero

      The earth IS the center of OUR universe. That’s inarguable – it’s where we live, there is no other place that’s more central to our existence.

      However the earth in not flat, that’s illogical and provably false. When you look out to sea, the horizon is not the edge of the world, it’s the point at which the curvature of the earth prevents us from seeing any further. The degree to which observable facts need to be distorted in order to believe the earth is flat is truly astonishing.

      That doesn’t mean our existence isn’t a miracle, or that the universe isn’t the result of intelligence. On the contrary, what we have here is very special and a gift from God. To me, the fact that the world is incredibly ancient only makes it more precious. If your dad spent and entire week making a gift for you, would you treat that gift with respect? God spent billions of years creating this gift for us, we should treat it with the utmost respect. The fact that our miraculous home is only one tiny corner of Creation is a testament to the unfathomable power and majesty of our Creator.

      • Vic

        If you claim to believe the word of God, then find all the other verses that tell you how he made the earth.
        The Bible tells you that the earth can’t move.

        He set the earth on its foundations, so that it should never be moved.
        Revelation 7:1

        After this I saw four angels standing at the four corners of the earth, holding back the four winds of the earth, that no wind might blow on earth or sea or against any tree.
        Job 26:7

        Their voice goes out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world. In them he has set a tent for the sun, which comes out like a bridegroom leaving his chamber, and, like a strong man, runs its course with joy. Its rising is from the end of the heavens, and its circuit to the end of them, and there is nothing hidden from its heat.

        Do you not know? Do you not hear? Has it not been told you from the beginning? Have you not understood from the foundations of the earth? It is he who sits above the circle of the earth, and its inhabitants are like grasshoppers; who stretches out the heavens like a curtain, and spreads them like a tent to dwell in;
        Isaiah 11:12

        For he looks to the ends of the earth and sees everything under the heavens.
        Genesis 1:1-31

        When the earth totters, and all its inhabitants, it is I who keep steady its pillars. Selah
        Psalm 22:27

        Tremble before him, all the earth; yes, the world is established; it shall never be moved.
        Deuteronomy 33:17

        The sun rises, and the sun goes down, and hastens to the place where it rises.
        Psalm 103:12

        And the stars of the sky fell to the earth as the fig tree sheds its winter fruit when shaken by a gale.
        Ezekiel 10:1 Who has seen what a star actually looks like ? All those images you are shown are imaginations of men.

      • truthseeker4809

        You have to define what “center” means first.

      • HereAmI

        What is even more astonishing is your belief that FE-ers believe that the horizon is the edge of the world.
        They believe that there is an edge to the world, but that it lies somewhat inland from the shoreline of Antarctica.
        The horizon they simply see as the “vanishing point”, ie the point where perspective lines coalesce.
        The god you seem to give adherence to is not the one that Christians worship; that God made the heavens and the earth and all that in them lies in six days and six nights, not millions of years ago, but six thousand years ago, as He tells us quite specifically.

    • Mark

      As I always say, Flat Earth = Flat Brain (such as a sheet of paper …) :lol: :lol: :lol:

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, You say that a lot. The question is why? It certainly doesn’t make you look smart. It just looks like you throw out the same mindless insults because you have nothing else to bring to the table.

        • Mark

          OK dude! I am a pilot with over 55,000 flight hours, since I went round the world hundreds of times, I can not stand hearing so much idiocy ever and ever repeating itself. Above 12,000 feet you can see the curvature of the Earth and can fly 1000 miles will continue to see the same curvature, ask it to any pilot. Therefore, this flat Earth theory is definitely a great stupidity. Done… again! :cool:

          • HereAmI

            Think a little more logically, Mark.
            If you see curvature, then at every angle you look out from your plane, you will see the same curvature, presumably.
            But this is illogical.
            What you see at each point of the compass, and all those in between, are curved sections of the horizon, apparently.
            But all the curved sections are obliged to eventually meet up again at the position where you first looked out.
            So by averaging all those curves together, and so effectively flattening them out, we arrive at a straight line connecting every single point of the compass.
            A straight line is the same thing as a flat line.
            The horizon is flat, so the earth is flat.
            The illusion of curvature comes in because the fuselage of a plane is tubular, so its windows must be curved so as to fit into the fuselage.
            Curved glass gives the impression of a curved horizon, even though, as I have demonstrated, it is actually as straight as a die.

    • Jango

      Even God knows the earth is flat and under a dome. He made it, and the Bible confirms it. If you want to see the scriptures from the Bible that confirm this you can find them at NASA and the governments have lied to us all these years, God has Not lied to us, He told us the Truth. It’s time to get on the right team and give God the credit He deserves. He made us a beautiful world, it’s governments that messed it up, and now they don’t even want you to know the truth. It’s long overdue that we call them out on it and turn back to our true Creator…..

      • PaulTarsuss

        What does God’s Word have to say on the matter…?

        At a time when children of lesser gods assumed that a giant named “atlas” carried it on his shoulders… a time when other children of lesser gods believed it to rest on the back of a giant cosmic elephant which stood on the backs of four cosmic sea turtles…..

        God revealed in the book of Job that He hung the circle, or “spheros” of the earth upon nothing. He also asked Job if he could “loose the bands” of the constellation, Pleades. A group of stars which were not discovered by man to be “bound” together gravitationally until man invented modern astronomical instruments.

        No, the earth is not flat, and to still believe so requires a blind faith indeed.

        I for one, would rather trust the Word of God, my eyes, and the many simple scientific confirmational methods.

        Good Journeys

      • truthseeker4809

        Unfortunately your God lied.


      Everybody wants to believe we are the center of our universe and that we are the sole reason for all existence. Apply some common damn sense. If our planet and our solar system is all that is, then why would God go to all the trouble to create all these other stars and planets…why??????? Friends, we used to think we were the only people on the Earth until M.Polo found Asia…Columbus found South America…so on and so forth. We will eventually stumble into others out there or they’ll stumble onto us. And all of your moronic, flat earth, center of the universe, tie-down-science-with-God types are just gonna suffer a total mental break. There is a God. We don’t have to be the center of his attention to have value. If you only find reason for life in your belief that we’re significant to God, then you’ve just missed the boat on happiness. God gave us brains for a reason…so we could think and do for ourselves. The Earth is just a planet. Planets form around stars…this happens with every star…proven fact now. When planets are in a certain zone around said stars, they become habitable. We’ve already found several candidates for being Earth-like worlds. And as many as we’ve found thus far…it’s an indication that Earth-like worlds are abundant…perhaps every few star systems may even have one. God did not make all of that just so we’d have pretty lights in the sky. He built stars and planets for life. We are significant but it is because we are a piece of the cosmic wheel. Our importance will not be determined by beliefs or twisting science. It will be defined by what we accomplish as a species. Do we stay put here on this mudball until we run out of resources and wait for God to save us? Or do we build ships and charge out into the great unknown and find what we need? God gave us brains. If those brains can build starships, then obviously it was HIS intent that we do so. Grow up and accept that we are expected by God to do for ourselves whenever we can. Sitting under a rock with our heads in the sand and crying, “flat earth” and such stupidities is nothing more than spitting in the face of the Almighty. Dad gave us the keys to the car. Don’t expect Him to drive us around now. Get your license and let’s take a damn ride already.

      • JohnQPublic

        Let Lawrence Krauss, Michio Kaku, George FR Ellis, Julian Barbour, etc. discuss this if they want. Check their facts.

      • truthseeker4809

        M. Polo didn’t find Asia. Genghis Kahn found Europe and conquered them all and let the Europeans know that there is a continent called East Asia and then M. Polo traveled there to learn what it looks like.

        Under the rule of the Mongols, they guaranteed the safety of the travelers otherwise it would not have been possible to travel all the way to Asia from Europe without being killed in the long journey.

        Mongols are the ones who first instituted the principle of “diplomatic immunity” in the history of mankind. Genghis Kahn also made sure that the religious employee clergies don’t have to pay tax first time in human history. What a brilliant and just ruler he was!!!!

        Other than that, the flat earth believers are pathetic idiots. You can fly and get to Mongolia from the US to the East or to the West. You can get there in about the same time if you fly from Chicago. Could that be enough evidence to prove the earth is round? The earth is not the center of the universe either. If you define the “center” as where the heaviest mass is located in the universe. The solar system is way out close to the rim of our galaxy.

        So they (the rulers of the universe) decided to use the earth as a prison planet so that the pathetic idiots like the Flat Earthers can be thrown in there to rot for eons.

        • HereAmI

          A person flying in a circular flight path around a flat earth will get to Mongolia exactly the same as a person flying around a flat earth in the opposite direction would.
          So your point was?
          And if you believe that the earth is round, then you have doubtless also swallowed the other lie, ie that it spins.
          So how do the bi-directional journeys to Mongolia both take, as you yourself have stated, the same amount of time?
          Maybe Genghis Khan could have explained it to you.

          • HereAmI

            Incidentally, you apparently believe that earth is “at the rim of our galaxy”.
            How do you know this?
            If you look up, you see something called The Milky Way.
            Who told you that this band of stars above our head forms the shape of a spiral?
            And that we are at the end of one of its arms?

            Was it that teacher way back in junior school?
            And if so, have you never reviewed the information given, subsequently?
            And if not, why not?
            Is everything else you believe simply a melange of information supplied to you by people who claimed to be trustworthy?
            Are you building an entire world-view on nothing more substantial than hearsay; and then having the gall to call other people idiots?

      • HereAmI

        He tells us why He made the stars; He does not mention making planets.
        The heavenly bodies are for signs and for seasons, for days and for years, and to give light upon the earth.
        THIS was the earthly body to which He came, and where He died.
        He shows us His supreme interest in us by allowing Himself to be spat upon, reviled, contradicted, lied about, betrayed, and ultimately crucified, so that we might spend eternity with Him.

        Imagine you fall in love with someone very special.
        Are you more likely to be happy if you find that you are significant to her, or are you perfectly happy for her to be sublimely indifferent to you?
        Truthfully now…?
        And is your joy and happiness not in DIRECT PROPORTION to how special to her you are?
        In Thy Presence is FULLNESS OF JOY…
        Therefore, Someone cares about each one of us VERY MUCH INDEED; otherwise we would not be filled with joy unspeakable.

        Imagine a small child.
        Is he, or is she, better served by being the focus of his parents’ attention, or is she perfectly happy to be unimportant to them?
        My understanding is that a child without parental attention becomes very disruptive and negativistic, and a major trial to himself and all those around him.

        “…Our importance will not be determined by beliefs or twisting science….”
        “The just shall live by faith”.
        “Without faith, it is impossible to please God”.
        “Whoseoever believeth on the Son hath eternal life”.
        Beliefs are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.
        They DEFINE YOU.
        “Our importance is defined according to what we do as a species”.
        And what have we done as a species? How much death and misery and perversity and lying and stealing and destruction of our world have we wrought?
        If this is the measure of our importance, then we are very unimportant indeed.
        Thank God that Someone STILL loves us.
        And came down here 2000 years ago, as prophesied again and again, and from the very first word of Genesis, to die a miserable death that we, without the slightest claim to eternal life, might freely be given it.

    • Luxx

      I’m no scientist, but my gut tells me that our Earth is FLAT.

      • JohnQPublic

        Max Tegmark a physicist from MIT said something similar in THE PRINCIPLE about the “axis of evil” in the CMB. He said his gut told him that the universe could not be aligned to us, but he then said, but I kinow I have to use my head to override my gut, and look at the data. He then had to conclude that he could not dismiss the data, and had to accept the alignment.

    • spure

      i love how flat earthers say the sun is a hologram! Explain the heat that i feel from it then.

      • Anonymous

        I have only heard a disinfo clown make that claim about the sun being a hologram. It is their common “poison the well trick”.

        • spure

          good point

      • Vic

        Explain how the moon gives it’s light. It is not reflected by the sun either. The moon has it’s own light and has been proven to be. Who has seen behind the moon ? There are no photos.

    • bicycledays

      The earth is flat and surrounded by Antartica’s ice walls.

      For compelling evidence of this, and yes, it is free, visit:

      Also, you can download the e-book version of this, free, at:

    • Everette

      I remember setting on our balcony at the ocean . The idea of the flat earth came into my mind . My legs were propped up on the rail and the spokes was my view point . When the idea came into my mind I adjusted my head so that the top rail was even with the ocean . One side to the left was even with the waters edge and the other side to he right was also even with he waters edge . I remember telling myself now this will tell the tale . Well guess what ? I was able to see that the earth had a curvature . It was like a large ball . The ball was curved in the middle higher than the sides . So then I knew that the old earth was actually round as I had been taught in school . Water does not lie . I seeks it’s lower gravity point . Besides if the earth was flat were does the water go once it reaches the sides ? And why has no one reported almost running off the end of the earth . Someone would have to talk , because can everyone keep their mouths shut .

      • HereAmI

        Photographs taken at extreme altitude reveal a flat line for the horizon, so I would reject your anecdotal perspective.
        What you have said is analogous to what Mark the pilot said above; ie that he can see a curve at 12000′.
        I explained that if there is a curve, it should be visible right throughout the 360′ which surrounds you; but by definition, all these curved sections of horizon must come back and reunite at the place where you started; so effectively, all those individual curves must cancel out, and be replaced by a straight line; which is the same as a flat horizon.
        As to where the water goes when it reaches the edge; there is a 200′ ice cliff around Antarctica.
        As far as I know, ships attempting to circumnavigate this “island” can take up to 3 years to complete their journey; rather odd for such a relatively small “island”, don’t you think?
        Anyone attempting to “run off the edge” would be apprehended by officials from the many nations who have declared Antarctica off-limits except to a chosen few, always assuming that they did not fall exhausted and hard-frozen into the snow long before they had managed to get anywhere remotely interesting.


      From the Hidden Texts of Nostradamus
      10 56 2 Grand fleux de fang fortira par sa bouche
      (lithium, mercury, bromide, titanium dioxide and aluminium)
       FOX in other lines is Parvechal who is in
      “the other moonship” with Enlil/YHWH
      4 26 4 Ciutad trahido per cinq lengos non nudos
      AND THINK:
      o for those ‘flat Earthers’ the word Rotund means ‘almost round’ – super volcano eruptions causing our orbit to change, drastically. The sudden darkness would be caused by two things, the orbit in its new ‘ANNUAL’ position and the volcanic pall

    • Luxx

      Not sure if it’s LIVE or not but…

    • Tedx

      Flat Earth theory is a litmus test to measure the effectiveness of water fluoridation and chem-trails on the subjects exposed to the neurological toxins.

      • HereAmI

        The flat earth was espoused for thousands of years before the neurotoxins you mention were ever even thought of.

    • Captain Spaulding

      ill post it again, i believe, what THIS Book says:

      i chose option 3. i step outside the hegalian, and chose something FAR more complex and satisfying, intellectually ( on BIN sheesh, hope my comment dont get deleted for using a BIN swearword “intellectual” of which on this whole site there is like 5 or 6 that i have seen over 6 years trolling this festering latrine.)

      and, that Book explains why the moon terrifys them so much.

      round erth flat erth, NEITHER. a living ORGANISM. and if you dont like what that Book says, better avoid crows eh.

      • Lich king

        How interesting, ALL the other comments, are related to arguing within the parameters of the WORLD given arguments, and yes, i dont think our Master would leave us without a FULL explanation,

        THESE are important questions:

        Why are both poles on a magnetic bar not located at the mathematical center, but
        rather at both ends? Why is the husk of the inner seed not in the center, but only at the
        outer part of the seed, while its center point and opposite pole are located farther
        inwards and outwards from the germ husk? Why is it that a human being and an animal
        do not have the heart in the mathematical center of the body?

    • Andoron

      I humbly beg the flat-earthers to stop breeding and to spare mankind their stupidity.

    • Jools K

      Yes the flat earth stuff is probably a psyop for some purpose, but suggesting that one loony theory (flat Earth) is being used to discredit another loony theory (geocentrism) is a step too far. I am depressed and disheartened by the ignorance, religiosity and irrationality of some of the people who post comments on BIN, even allowing for the fact that half of them are spook shills spreading their disinfo garbage.

      • JohnQPublic

        No. I am showing evidence that a measurable uptick in flat earth activity occurred simultaneously with release of the film, as well as a simultaneous attack by the SPLC. Flat earth psyop pre-existed these events. THE PRINCIPLE is a significant enough challenge to modern cosmology that some people do not want it to be well known. Please read the article and keep things in perspective.

        Let me repeat the first sentence in the article “The flat earth explosion that started towards the end of 2014…”

        • AntiZionist

          Show me a picture of the worlds end and what`s on the other side. Shouldn`t be that hard……

          • HereAmI

            Neither should an unphotoshopped photograph of earth from space.
            That we have neither, is surely significant.

      • HereAmI

        Logical and compelling argument either for or against the idea would be more welcome than ad hominems.
        Which are usually the final point of call for the intellectually exhausted.

    • That_was_Random

      No. The earth IS flat and stationary.
      Seriously, do ANY research yourself and the fact becomes self evident almost instantly.
      psyop my ass.

    • AlienAxioms

      Kaku is an obvious illuminati pawn, so I wouldn’t take anything he says to heart

    • Other Mr. T.

      All this flat earth bu11$4!T goes away as soon as affordable passenger space flight is reality – hurry up Elon, I’m not getting any younger! :lol:

    • The Seer

      If you think the earth is flat then your a nut job :eek:

    • Solar)Geometry

      The Earth is flat and fixed in position.

    • ALF

      Globalists claim God is wrong! Lying atheists make stupid movie for morons! I bet the evil bastard eats whales too.

    • DavId Montayne

      The erth is triangel and their is giant alien space ships that makr gateways so we don’t fall off but instead teleport to another side.

      This ice wall thery is retarded. No on has ever seen an ice wall and how who even made the ice wall?

      Read my books and lern all the ansers.

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