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Orlando Mass Shooting: This Is Who and Why They Did It

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Orlando Mass Shooting:
Another Obvious False Flag
and Government Psyop

* * *

Why did they carry out a ‘mass shooting’ in a gay night club?


State of the Nation

There should be no doubt that the alleged mass shooting in the Orlando gay night club is a classic false flag operation and government-coordinated psyop.  Not only does it have all the typical signatures of a purposely hole-ridden narrative, it has an extremely explicit purpose behind it.

All of the initial news accounts speak of a lone gunman who killed 50 people and sent score to the hospital.  Why do these ridiculous false flags ALWAYS begin with a lone gunman.   These G-men co-conspirators just can’t seem to shake their Lee Harvey Oswald (LHO) inspired Lone Patsy Syndrome.

A close reading of the multitude of press reports clearly indicates gross inconsistencies and impossible facts that have rendered the official account from Orlando law enforcement completely implausible, as well as impossible.  There are so many details which make no sense that the fix is quite obvious.  The following link contains a series of those various and sometimes conflicting media reports.

Shooting at a night club in Orlando with reports of another shooter at a nearby hospital.

This whole process of official obfuscation is critical to the very nature of a false flag operation. The many seeds of doubt that are sown by the MSM set up the whole nation so that the real perps will NEVER get caught.  Just like the LHO lone patsy, they love to put the blame on just one individual — 20 dead and 42 hospitalized!  Did he have a military machine gun or a newfangled gattling gun?!

Who & Why?

In any event the only questions that ever really matter when trying to solve such a transparent false flag shooting event is WHO really did it and WHY did they do it.

It ought to be quite obvious by now that Obama was put into the White House by his masters to accomplish five primary goals: (i) Enact Obamacare (ii) Restart the Cold War with Russia (iii) Crash the Economy (iv) Promote Gay Marriage and (v) Nullify the 2nd Amendment.

He has been wildly successful at achieving four of these goals.  The last one has remained elusive.  This particular challenge has not NOT been met because of his lack of presidential initiative and personal will however.  He just hasn’t found the right formula necessary to unlawfully abrogate the Second Amendment.  So many false flags executed during Obama’s 2 terms have been engineered — from Sandy Hook to San Bernardino — to do just that incidentally.


Special Note:
It’s no secret that Obama has zealously used the latest version of the NDAA to implement false flag operations anywhere, anytime, he so chooses.  The NDAA has illicitly legislated powers to the Executive Branch to execute false flag shootings, bombings and assassinations within the 50 states for propaganda purposes in the interest of ‘National Security’.   This is precisely the reason for the dramatic increase and intensity of mass shootings throughout the country.  Yes, the U.S. Federal Government has unlawfully arrogated power unto itself to commit heinous atrocities against the American people in order to ‘protect’ the citizenry and homeland.  Only in AMERIKA, also known as the USSA!

“FALSE FLAGS” are LEGAL PROPAGANDA PRODUCED by the Department of Defense

The Gay Mafia and the LGBT Movement

With this total gun control goal in mind, the POTUS et al. have decided to conscript the most powerful political force in the nation—the Gay Mafia.  To the uninitiated, it ought to be clearly understood that the worldwide LGBTTTT movement was specifically created to function as the most powerful political force on the planet.  In this way the continuing social engineering experiments being conducted around the globe can be greatly accelerated, and unimpeded when necessary, by the Gay Mafia.

LGBT MOVEMENT: The Most Powerful Political Force In America Today

Please be aware that no one gets the job done like the LGBTTTT wrecking crew.  They will now take up the anti-gun cause like there’s no tomorrow.  Their extensive MSM network now walks in lockstep and executes like clockwork, so organized and unified are their respective forces.  Any resistance to their agenda will be met with ad hominem attacks about being a “HATER” or some similar absurd pejorative.  Absurd or not, those despicable labels work like a charm.  Much of America has been hardwired to react negatively to such highly charged negative language.

Now we know why Christina Grimmie was also shot in Orlando just one day before

It is no coincidence that a very charismatic Christian female singer was horrifically gunned down at an Orlando venue just one day ago.  This coordinated and calculated shooting was just part of the very same psyop run by the same G-men.

Charismatic Christian Singer Gunned Down ‘For NO Reason’

Question: What won’t the Obama Administration do to illegally take the guns from law-abiding American citizens?

Answer:  There is absolutely nothing they won’t do to grab the guns before his term ends.

Therefore, one can only expect a sharp uptick in mass shootings and assassinations by firearms just like those in Orlando this weekend

Orlando, Florida: Home of Disney World and all things fake and fabulous

For those who really think outside the box, it’s important to perceive the purpose behind the cynical utilization of Orlando, Florida.  Home to Disney World and therefore the destination of so many families and their children over generations, it has become the one place you go to get away from it all.  You leave the home behind and all of the negative evening news and you travel to the land of make-believe to immerse yourself in childhood fun and fantasy.

What’s the point?  Well, what better way to galvanize the parents and children across America to take up the issue of gun control in earnest than by shooting up their adult and childhood playground?  Put them together with the Gay Mafia (working behind the scenes) and the LGBT Movement (working out in front) and you have yourself quite a formidable force to be reckoned with.

State of the Nation
June 12, 2016

Author’s Note

The ruling elites and banksters are truly scared sh*tless!  They know that the whole world is on to their multi-decade con game.  TPTB also know that when the SYSTEM goes bust, they’re toast … literally.  From 9/11 to JFK, from Oklahoma City to Waco, everyone knows that the elites have always employed the US Gov’t to do their dirty work.  It’s crucial to understand that the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 was specifically carried out by the U.S. Federal Government in order to terminate the militia movement after the Saving & Loan scandal. TPTB knew the anger was growing by the day and that it had to be somehow short-circuited or else they would be under legitimate threat. 

BEWARE: Obama is now on the home stretch.  He only has 6 months left to grab the guns.  Please understand that there is no room for mission failure; he is under dire threat should he not succeed.  Hence, there is a great likelihood that we will see an unparalleled spate of false flag mass shootings around the country.  The planned usurpation of the right to bear arms is the single most important reason for the installation of a Manchurian Candidate.  He cannot fail unless the American people are properly forewarned of his premeditated treason and betrayal of the Constitution.

Editor’s Note

The following CNN news report was lifted before it was scrubbed from the Internet.  The entire article is a total joke and stands as a testament to the transparent collusion between the MSM and the NWO G-Men.


The True Purpose(s) Behind The Many False Flag Mass Shootings And Bombings

This Is Why The Mass Shootings Are Being Staged On College Campuses


Police: 20 feared dead after Florida nightclub terror attack

By Ashley Fantz, Faith Karimi and Eliott C. McLaughlin, CNN

Orlando, Florida (CNN)Approximately 20 people are dead inside Pulse nightclub, Orlando Police Chief John Mina said Sunday morning, just hours after a shooter opened fire in the club. At least 42 people have been transported for medical treatment, he said.

Police have shot and killed the gunman, Mina told reporters.
“It’s appears he was organized and well-prepared,” the chief said, adding that the shooter had an assault-type weapon, a handgun and “some type of (other) device on him.”

Orlando authorities said they consider the violence an act of domestic terror. The FBI is involved.

The shooting began around 2 a.m., and an officer responded, Mina said. The officer engaged in a shootout outside the club, after which the gunman ran into the club.
“That turned into a hostage situation,” Mina said. Authorities were getting calls from people inside the club but away from the gunman, the chief said.

More police rushed to the scene and broke down a door with an armored vehicle, helping some 30 clubgoers flee to safety, Mina said. At that point police shot and killed the gunman, he said.

CNN affiliate WKMG video captured clubgoers carrying injured people from the club.
“It’s just shocking,” said Christopher Hansen who was inside Pulse. He heard gunshots, “just one after another after another. It could have lasted a whole song,” he said.

“Everyone get out of Pulse and keep running,” the nightclub posted on its Facebook page shortly after the violence began.

Orlando police warned residents to stay away from the area, and urged people not to call their offices. They declined to provide the number of casualties, saying details will be available later. Bomb sniffing dogs are on the scene.


‘Just bang, bang, bang!’
Pulse describes itself as “the hottest gay bar” in the heart of Orlando.
Hours before the shooting, the club urged partygoers to attend its “Latin flavor” event Saturday night.

Jovial, well-dressed crowds heeded the call in an event that turned into a nightmare.
“It was just, bang, bang, bang!” partygoer Hansen said of the gunfire.
Ricardo Negron Almodovar said he was in the club when the shooting started about 2 a.m. He barely escaped.

“People on the dance floor and bar got down on the floor and some of us who were near the bar and back exit managed to go out through the outdoor area and just ran,” he posted on the club’s Facebook page.

“I am safely home and hoping everyone gets home safely as well.”
Worst mass shootings in U.S.

Photos: Worst mass shootings in U.S.

Anthony Torres, who was at the club with friends, said he heard shots as he hurriedly drove off.

“The shots did not sound like a regular handgun, it sounded like it was shooting repetitively and it wouldn’t stop,” he said.

“So we knew what it was and we left there pretty quick. It was over 70 cop cars that were arriving there … It happened so quick that people got separated from each other.”

Tearful relatives waited outside the club as lights from police cars flashed in the background. Some implored the media to help them get word on their loved ones.


‘Just a lot of people screaming’
The sound of gunshots echoed beyond the club.

Jose Torres was clocking in to work at a Dunkin’ Donuts across the street when he heard them.

“It was something that I never heard before,” Torres said. “I had to run inside the store, and I saw just a lot of people screaming, crying. Just screaming and coming out running like crazy.”

Torres said he ducked into the Dunkin’ Donuts and called 911 as several people dashed out of the club, bleeding. Police and SWAT teams rushed to the scene.

“They don’t let nobody in or out,” he said. “The SWAT team is inside there.”
FBI agents were also assisting at the scene, agency spokeswoman Amy Pittman said.
Authorities have conducted a controlled explosion near the nightclub, according to Orlando police.

Tom Fuentes, a CNN law enforcement analyst, said controlled explosions are used to breach a door or when a subject is barricaded in a room and police want to use a stun grenade to temporarily freeze their central nervous system.
Hospitals on lockdown

Authorities urged caution as police officers hovered nearby with weapons and dogs.
A few miles away, the Orlando Regional Medical Center was placed on lockdown, the hospital said in a statement. Only essential workers are being allowed access into the building.

Arnold Palmer Hospital and Winnie Palmer Hospital were also placed on lockdown out of an abundance of caution, officials said.



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    • Man

      a true conspiracy written here….

      you might not have thought about this, but there are gays, lesbians and transgenders that do like their second amendment right.

      but it is funny to read about the gay maffia…. LOL

      • Ambicatus

        WHEEE! i like to think, of what it says in the sacret texts of my kickass belief system! if you beleieve in the afterlife, then, you can finds out exactly where all these dead fags have gone!! have a read homos!

        20. And over against that place I saw another, squalid, and it was the place of punishment; and those who were punished there and the punishing angels had their raiment dark like the air of the place.

        21. And there were certain there hanging by the tongue: and these were the blasphemers of the way of righteousness; and under them lay fire, burning and punishing them. 22. And there was a great lake, full of flaming mire, in which were certain men that pervert righteousness, and tormenting angels afflicted them.

        23. And there were also others, women, hanged by their hair over that mire that bubbled up: and these were they who adorned themselves for adultery; and the men who mingled with them in the defilement of adultery, were hanging by the feet and their heads in that mire. And I said: I did not believe that I should come into this place.

        24. And I saw the murderers and those who conspired with them, cast into a certain strait place, full of evil snakes, and smitten by those beasts, and thus turning to and fro in that punishment; and worms, as it were clouds of darkness, afflicted them. And the souls of the murdered stood and looked upon the punishment of those murderers and said: O God, thy judgment is just.

        25. And near that place I saw another strait place into which the gore and the filth of those who were being punished ran down and became there as it were a lake: and there sat women having the gore up to their necks, and over against them sat many children who were born to them out of due time, crying; and there came forth from them sparks of fire and smote the women in the eyes: and these were the accursed who conceived and caused abortion.

        26. And other men and women were burning up to the middle and were cast into a dark place and were beaten by evil spirits, and their inwards were eaten by restless worms: and these were they who persecuted the righteous and delivered them up.

        27. And near those there were again women and men gnawing their own lips, and being punished and receiving a red-hot iron in their eyes: and these were they who blasphemed and slandered the way of righteousness.

        28. And over against these again other men and women gnawing their tongues and having flaming fire in their mouths: and these were the false witnesses.

        29. And in a certain other place there were pebbles sharper than swords or any spit, red-hot, and women and men in tattered and filthy raiment rolled about on them in punishment: and these were the rich who trusted in their riches and had no pity for orphans and widows, and despised the commandment of God.

        30. And in another great lake, full of pitch and blood and mire bubbling up, there stood men and women up to their knees: and these were the usurers and those who take interest on interest.

        31. And other men and women were being hurled down from a great cliff and reached the bottom, and again were driven by those who were set over them to climb up upon the cliff, and thence were hurled down again, and had no rest from this punishment: and these were they who defiled their bodies acting as women; and the women who were with them were those who lay with one another as a man with a woman.

        32. And alongside of that cliff there was a place full of much fire, and there stood men who with their own hands had made for themselves carven images instead of God. And alongside of these were other men and women, having rods and striking each other and never ceasing from such punishment.

        • Ambicatus

          so i see the muslims are doin yer job for you eh nazis of america, PWAHAHAHAHA WHAT DO YOU CALL IT< WHEN SOME SKINNY SAND NEGGER HAS TO KILL THE SONS OF BELIAL FOR YOU???



          • Ambicatus

            “cue MONTHS of dead gay jokes”

            like, check his PULSE KWAAAAAA and like, whats funnier than a pile of dead gays?

            xD not much.

            um, and, u,m, JA! old but still AWESOME!!!! WHATS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN 50 DEAD GAYS, and an onion??


            • Damien

              How old ARE you?

              Every. Single. Post. :roll:

            • Ambicatus

              im fkn 38 biatch, but internally 8 anna half, cause i died in 07 of alcohol poisoning, then i went ot hell, and got kicked out for being “annoying” now im here. o and BTW



            • Ambicatus

              sorry, excuse, me, for the sake of accuracy!

              PENTAKILL x 10!!!!!!

              he took baron an got 10 X PENTAKILL!!! FAAAAK


            • Damien

              Oh well … Slainte!

              Though prsonally I don’t think a real alchy would know what the hell alcohol poisoning is. I think that that is justa trm ime Murican made up.

            • Ambicatus

              you dont know what alcohol poisoning is?? well, then, xD you obviously party like a gay, go down a quart of moonshine and youll know all aboot alcohol poisoning, nerd

            • Damien

              Aww Did oo upchuck a little?

            • Ambicatus

              JA! and from my years of boozin, i have mastered projectile vomiting, and i can vomit on command, so when i grab some stroppy, ho, i force their mouths open an haves a phat kotch right in their speaking pipe and water board them with my stomach contents. duurh

          • 2QIK4U

            Agree with u on that one but the bible humpers dont seem to like it? :lol:

        • TheJayWalker

          You just called everyone here a fag. What that says about you is that your an ignorant bastard. I feel sorry for you!

      • King of Shambhala

        Homos pass on HIV says Obama’s disease control website CDC: old black homos like are most at risk of passing on HIV says Obama’s own CDC website.
        The CDC also says one in two black homos will contract HIV.
        I don’t say it it’s the CDC Obama’s website that gives those horrible statistics.

        • 2QIK4U

          Once every blue moon you say something you haven’t repeated a million times

        • King of Shambhala

          The false christs heckling my comments are demonics working for Obama the Devil.
          Watch out.
          They’ll take you straight to hell.

          • Rollo57

            ‘STRAIGHT’ – as in George!

      • King of Shambhala

        I totally agree that Obama’s the Antichrist. All proof says so: Obama’s the Antichrist and I alone am the Messiah because I’m alone worldwide in revealing him based upon proof sent by heaven’s miraculous lottery draw of 666 in Obama’s homestate the day after his election.
        He must stand court for High Treason and be sent to jail.
        That’s a sure fact.

        • Sun Rabbit

          Not according to the Bible! Book of Revelations says that he antichrist will bring about 7 years of peace, and I don’t see Obama bin Biden doing that anytime soon.

      • NM156

        I’ll go through this with gematria and I’ll get to the” bottom” of this. Just be patient and look for an orlando alert. Give me few days.

        • Sun Rabbit

          A clue might be the fact that the lake to the west of the bar looks like a classical hair pick used by black people. Also the lake is called “Clear” Lake, a possible reference to Scientology, whose HQ is in Clearwater not far from there. Orlando itself sounds hokey. That’s where Ponce de Leon was looking for the Fountain of Youth, the name possibly being derived from “Oro” meaning Gold in Spanish. Don’t know how any of that is related, but who knows. If you rearrange the letters it spells Ronaldo, On Dolar, No Dolar, etc.

          • NM156

            Thanks.. Orlando is olde german and spanish. roland and rowland all meaning the same renowned land. renowned-known or TALKED ABOUT BY MANY( :grin: ) Orlando is also the home of disney world ( walt disney 33 mason). This happened on Haley street. Haley is also the name of a comet, and Haley(hayley) is an area in WARFIELD. God ass. numbers are 33,47,74. 44 is ass. with kill. let’s begin Orlando JEWISH 245(12)English’474, simple’79(63)(18)(6)(3). What do you see???? This the reduction method for this instance. Jewish 245-24×5=120(zero has no value) so its 12 then 6 then 3, 474 speaks for itself ( god numbers 47 and 74)and 7×9=63=18 then 6 then 3,……..The bilderberg sacrifices continue……..There is more. but for now this is plenty…Run gematria on all keywords in the above and tell me what you find. Im always avail.512 295 2625

            • NM156

              Alert Christ(ina) victor(ia) Grimmie Born 3-12-1992 to 6-11-16. Ill go over this tomorrow the mirror that exist in the first date. and then show everyone a reverse flip……….Yall aren”t going to believe this…..But are encouraged to try…….See ya tomorrow with puzzle answer. :cool:

            • NM156

              ass. is short for association FYI :grin:

            • NM156

              Clearwater-1196(11=human sacrifice)636 breaks down to 6 and 106 =60 or 6 and next 3 So we have 11 /6(3) / 6(3) you could read the parenthesis 666, and 666 6 three times and 6 three times…….Now go to the death day of Christ victor EERRRRRR Christina Victoria 6-11-16. Nuff said for today I have to get some rest.

            • Sun Rabbit

              47 is the atomic number of Silver. 79 is the atomic number of Gold> I can see you have a lot of observations but without you doing a presentation in front of a blackboard I absolutely can’t follow your train of thought. If you could link this to a YouTube video where we can all take notes we could all follow but you’re thinking too fast. I’d call your number but I live in Europe and by the time you wrote that I was asleep.
              As to a Jewish connection? No. Orlado is also LLorando (crying) so there’s more of a Hispanic connection there. Sure, I added a letter or two there but the intent is pure.
              Like, sure, everybody automatically assumes false flag, Larry Silverstein, the whole Schemiel. Look, I grew up in NYC, and what it’s become is just abhorrent. I grew up in all that entails including whatever, everything.
              Just look at the fact that Bruce Jenner graduated from Newtown Ct HS. Like that’s not suspicious. They make NYC out to be the cesspool of humanity but it’s not that. I lived on 53rd st for 31 years right next to a synagogue. No problems. Ever.
              Since I also ran a short-lived bookstore round the corner I can speak, read, and write Hebrew, and the Jewish people in my building actually helped me dispel a lot of those Zechariah Sitchin myths that abound the internet.
              I know, I am the small “stupid” voice in the wilderness, in that solemn place of failed wetting dreams.

            • NM156

              Just keep following the number it’ll make sense after a while. Zachery hubbard is about to write a book on the subject and I have been communicating with him in the comment section. He has seen my math and sees great connections with my work. Once you get the hang of this then you can see the numbers actually breaking down. In gematria 1-9 all have specific meanings. You’ll know your at the right site when 1=unity.5=grace 6= man or sin. 9 and 19 equal judgement 11= sacrifice and so . So for now stick with zachery hubbard and watch his videos. Give it some time. Your very smart. It wont take you long God bless and good luck. Be watching for me in some comment section tomorrow with the mirror and reverse flip. it’ll be worth it.

            • NM156

              HERE WE GO Christina Grimmie=510/1050/175 all are divisible by 5 and 5= grace….She was a Christian singer. Now look at her birthdate 3-12-1992….Take 1992 and Multiply 199×2=398 39×8=312(3-12) So far so good? that was the mirror. Now look at the death 61116. In 3s read right to left and then left to right. It should read 611 and 611. The devil(acc. to the bible) takes what is top becomes bottom.and vice versa. He also takes what is right and makes it left and vice versa. SO When you flip 611 and 116(from left to right) it reads 611……THE REVERSE FLIP is 911 and 911 upside down becomes top 911 and left becomes right 911. Anyways you can clearly see the numbers and why she was chosen for sacrifice….Hope this helps. PS Yeah I know its kinda weird and hard to follow but there it is. :eek:

            • NM156

              its Kaley324/54/113 Doesn’t make much difference in this case

      • EOD\\\'s

        Wot can l say…..
        Been waiting for the next FALSE FLAG AND HERE IT IS……

        There are thousands if not millions of Yankies who dont like America right across the political
        religious and racial divide……Obamas importing them as fast as he can as well….

        And lets be honest guns are available to anybody in any number…

        But for one person to shoot dead 50 people and wound 53 others in a dank little moffie club
        late at night is virtually impossible what and a 3 hour shoot out with such a kill ratio would make Rambo Chuck and Terminator proud ( and Terminator used a chaingun ) in the movie….



      • King of Shambhala

        Look at this!
        Maybe Obama Was Involved In Orlando Shooting: Trump (Video) Trump Forces Hillary Clinton To Say “Islamic Terrorism” /alternative/2016/06/maybe-obama-was-involved-in-the-orlando-shooting-trump-video-trump-forces-hillary-clinton-to-say-islamic-terrorism-3368807.html

        One in eight say Obama’s the Antichrist!

      • Judge Roy Bean

        Lots of Jews are gay and the Mafia is Jew and that is not BS.

      • EOD\\\'s


        So Thats Why You Say To The Guys Behind You In The Combat Zone….

        ” COVER MY ASS “…

        So you don’t take one up the poop-shute from a Coffee-Moffie ~ while sighting up the other enemy….

      • EOD\\\'s

        WTF is ” Gay ” Why are Powder Moffies aka Homo’s called ” Gay ” ???
        Aint nothing ” Gay ” about forcing your pennis up another mans dirty backside !

        According to the English Dictionary ~ Having a ” Gay ” time means having fun
        Not drilling into some one else’s poopshoot @#$%^&*! Sic….

        AIDS aint gay/nice or fun… AIDS MEANS YOU ARE SICK & DYING…..

        So what if your a Soft Nice Pretty Boy ~ There are Nice Sexy Soft Pretty Girls as well
        Take you winky in hand and go strike up a relationship with one….4-crying-in-bucket !

    • The Thinning Veil Report

      yes, definitely another staged shooting for the sheeple.

      • Ambicatus

        fk u, this sht is real yo, dont you be shatterin my dreams of piles of dead transenvests you buzzkill

      • The Clucker

        Spoken like a true flat Earther, Thinning Veil.

        • Ambicatus

          AHA!!! AND !! the purpose of flat earth is revealed!!! ALLLLLL the cool freaky stuff can be discounted as NOT REAL! because of that! totalyy PARALYSED! cant stand up for anything, if you have become a NIHILIST!! CAUSE, i think, flat earthism, is a weird freaked out branch of nihilism, ya know? those gimps with the ferret in the movie? when like our great deeds are published later! they say “fake! lensflare! earth flat!” paralysed! made to naught, not dangerous, not helpfull, nothing! but BELIAL!

          • The Clucker

            Nobody wants a ferret with them in the bathtub.

          • RAINSCRYPT

            the purpose of flat earth is revealed!!! ALLLLLL the cool freaky stuff can be discounted as NOT REAL!

            Yeah, that warranted repeating. Yowza.

          • RAINSCRYPT

            btw, I hear that U.S. and Brit “intelligence” have also claimed a potential threat to cape town and jo’berg.. like in a mall or something..

            • Ambicatus

              YUP! them tricky jesuits gonna hit us too soon, since that report came oot, i cant go to the mall! not that i go to the mall! xD its basically the cia said “yeah, so we gonna blow up stuff there by youse in south africa, cause your governement TOTALLY laughs off the NWO an takes all they money an just buys johnny walker black” our gov. rocks man. Actually, its about the bashir thing, you dont just ignore rome, they did, and now its time for regime change. so im expecting great fun, BUT. no one ever saw the vikings coming, we just lurk, till ash rain, red sky, then a sign, then party on. o and we hoping they blow something up in capetown just like that movie, cape town sucks, its the sydney of south africa

            • Sun Rabbit

              A 20 km wide bulldozer should be built specifically just to take that city off the map. In left-to-right swaths I must add,
              the Russians will do a very good job.
              All I can say after having visited all the world’s squalour capitals is that “all men are created EVIL.”

      • Black Humor

        Dear Sir, when you start accepting immigrants whom come from the most incest infested corners of the world, you dont get just malformed infants needing constant medical assistance… – You also get organic stupidity, organic insanity and my personal favorite: Greatly increased risk of stress related mental problems. Last one meaning your worker or colleague is fine monday, sulky tuesday and wednesday is Mickey Mouse day and anything can happen.
        When we are talking about areas where 30%-60% of all marriages are entwined between first cousins, generation after generation we are not talking about guns or religion, we are talking about basic biology.
        If you support immigration from these areas, you support ”inbred proof nanny state”.
        I dont want to give up my rights as plenipotentiary member of human race to support incest with my tax money. As long as we accept ”Islamic cousin marriage” (which you can not find from Quran), we only help retards hurt their children and diminish the libertys our fore fathers fought for us.
        But hey, on the upside, the genetic damage of multigenerational incest takes only seven generations to mend itself. :lol:


        hmm.. thing is, this could easily have been FBI “inspired”, rather than isis, so Veil deserves credit for raising the possibility or probability.
        We may disagree completely concerning flat earth, but when it comes to a mass shooter previously “known to law enforcement” and “known to be unstable” chances are the guy was pushed into it not by “allegiance” but by a more nefarious agenda.

    • ericbear

      if the bodies are still in the building, then its a false flag event. During a real crisis, bodies are not declared dead until they get to the hospital.

      • srsly1

        Completely untrue. An individual can be pronounced dead at his or her residence, at a scene, or at the hospital. An emergency response team responding to a a crime scene can pronounce death.

        • Rollo57

          I thought in America only the ‘coroner’ can pronounce death?
          You are right as to the ‘locations’, but I’m sure it has to be coroner, as we found in the ‘Scalia’ case.
          In UK it has to be the doctor, as Para Medics can’t sign a ‘Death Certificate’.

    • Judge Roy Bean

      LGBT is an abomination in Yahweh’s eyes, however we are suppose to let the wheat and tares grow to together until the harvest. The tares are then gathered out of the kingdoms by the angels and destroyed.

      Matt 13:24-30

      24 Another parable put he forth unto them, saying, The kingdom of heaven is likened unto a man which sowed good seed in his field:

      25 But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way.

      26 But when the blade was sprung up, and brought forth fruit, then appeared the tares also.

      27 So the servants of the householder came and said unto him, Sir, didst not thou sow good seed in thy field? from whence then hath it tares?

      28 He said unto them, An enemy hath done this. The servants said unto him, Wilt thou then that we go and gather them up?

      29 But he said, Nay; lest while ye gather up the tares, ye root up also the wheat with them.

      30 Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn.

      • King of Shambhala

        95% of HIV is due to homos says Obama’s own CDC disease-control website; it also says old black homos like Obama are most at risk of passing on HIV.
        Islam’s the worst thing existing in the world.
        These killing in Orlando are the sign of the end of times.
        Islam’s evil.
        The moment is NOW! Hurry up! Spread this news!
        The Apocalypse is now!
        This news about the lottery means Obama’s Mark of 666 is his money and thus we must refuse his handouts and spending.
        Obama’s the Antichrist and I alone am the Messiah because I’m alone worldwide in revealing him based upon proof sent by heaven’s miraculous lottery draw of 666 in Obama’s homestate the day after his election.
        He must be sent to jail.

    • King of Shambhala

      Islam’s the worst thing existing in the world.
      The moment is NOW! Hurry up! Spread this news!
      The Apocalypse is now!
      This news about the lottery means Obama’s Mark of 666 is his money and thus we must refuse his handouts and spending.
      Obama’s the Antichrist and I alone am the Messiah because I’m alone worldwide in revealing him based upon proof sent by heaven’s miraculous lottery draw of 666 in Obama’s homestate the day after his election.
      He must stand court for High Treason and be sent to jail.

    • Judge Roy Bean

      What’s going on in Orlando?

      Branches of evil.

      • Ambicatus

        :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :twisted: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
        :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :mrgreen: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

        “i see dead people”


        • Ambicatus

          how many people do you need to test yer new ar15 on?

          aboot 50 xD

          and like just because:

          “Q: Why don’t black people take cruises?

          A: They fell for that trick once already!”


        • srsly1

          Nothing funnier than watching a middle aged dbag trying to act like an obnoxious 15 year old, and doing it poorly. You’re trying so hard to be funny, and when nobody laughs, you double down with the retardation and self implode.

    • Damien

      Why he might have done it is because Man’s miltary – after it ousted the Taliban from power for something it never did so it could restart and militarily support the heroin trade the Taliban had eliminated – also restarted the practice of feminized boytoy prostitution that the Taliban had also stopped.

    • Ambicatus
      • Damien

        He’s not an Arab. He was of Afghani parentage. His name was Omar Mateen.

        • Ambicatus

          scuse e moi, but those are arabs, turks are arabs, pakastanis are arabs, moors are arabs, all the sons of japheth an ishmael are ARABS. “sand neggers” if your in polite company tnx.

          • Damien

            Who saw that coming! ANOTHER Moishet Christard in the BIN!

    • my2pesos

      “A Horrific Act ‘n’ Heartbroken Again.”

      • my2pesos

        Cui Bono A ~ CIAO ‘UN’ BO ~ Coo! Nubia
        Nile ~ Line
        Nile De ~ End Lie

        • my2pesos

          Nightmare ~ Amen Right!
          Nightmare A ~ Giant Harem
          On Elm Street ~ Molest ‘RE’ Ten ~ One Lets ‘MR’ ET

    • HAPPY chem TRAILS 2 you

      Whether this is real or fal$e flag the results will be the same, it’s all part of R0mes end game to bring martial law, and enforce the mark, confusion, violence, social unrest, ‘terr0rism’. We’ve come along way from the original pr0testant colonies that first made up the America. Those cops and sheriffs in some of the news photos, are more decked out with armor than soldiers in Afghani$tan. These kind of incidents have multiple uses for control grabbers, Of course one of the uses will be to further the gun c0ntrol agenda, that’s a no brainer, but also to garner more sympathy and protection for the ” alternative life style” people, and if there’s a backlash against the m00slem community then more sympathy and protection for them as well, and as usual the Christians get demonized and accused of being hostile around for not supporting either group, all the while our government that is supposed to be protecting us, LOL is facilitating the bringing in of more of these so called “refugees”, as is cath0lic “charities as well.

    • Scoob Adler

      I’m in Orlando. I know it’s a false flag…but the question is…did anyone really die or not?

    • my2pesos

      The Island – Movie A ~ Honest I – Devil Aim
      Renevatio – Purification ~
      Renevatio – Reformatio ~
      Renevatio – Instauratio ~
      Renevatio – Mutatio ~
      Renevatio – Accommodatio ~
      Renovatio – Aptatio ~
      Renovatio Evolutio

      • srsly1


    • Pink Slime

      You can bet the Democraps and their sodomite negro of theirs will hold this tragedy DEAR TO THEIR HEARTS because the sodomites got slaughtered by another sodomite and somehow the normal people will have TO PAY FOR THIS!!!

      Hand over your WEAPONS AMERICA!!!! Sodomites have died.

      Do not be surprised in the coming week your DEAR LEADER will announce we have a SERIOUS GUN PROBLEM but won’t mention the MENTAL ILLNESS of sodomites.

      If anything SODOMY should be banned!! Not your weapons. Only one guy had them in the ENTIRE CLUB!! So, if you do ban them, only the NUTS will have them. And you will be left defenseless. 50 people found out the hard way.

      • King of Shambhala

        The Antichrist is a homo aka “The Abomination” is in the Bible’s description of him.
        Obama’s an old black homo who are most at risk of passing on HIV says Obama’s disease control website CDC.
        So Obama’s the Antichrist because he fits the description.

      • JKnTX

        Nobody is going to hand over anything, it won’t work- they have over played their hand.

    • Болеслава

      “Hjilary Get Your Gun” – coming to a voting poll near you – shortly.

      • EOD\\\'s

        bonecnaba ( English keyboard very different to Russian one…. )

        Not quite sure what you are trying to say ???


        By the way really like Russia’s SU27, Mig34 & SU33 Flanker also the kA-52 combat chopper…..

        New AK47 and 74′s also very nice…

    • Vein Arde

      Wife said to watch for Obummer to fly the flag at half mast!

    • Jim

      Did anybody notice if the same woman who was involved in the last three bombings was involved in this one also? not that the PTW would be so stupid enough to try it again! would they? would they, would they? Heck nobody on this planet could be that STUPID! could they? :cool:

    • Sun Rabbit

      There have been false flag attacks in the past, such as Sandy Hook, but just because you have a mass shooting does NOT ipso facto mean that it’s a false flag. Everybody whose knee-jerk reaction is to label it as such has the same bias as the controlled media who will say that it isn’t. Just like on 9-11 when they “instantly” “knew” Bin Laden did it.
      We have to wait and see what comes to light.
      Sure, there are 1000s of inconsistencies regarding 9-11 as well as Sandy Hook, but this just looks like some crazy guy who wanted to exact his vengeance on a vulnerable subset of the American population. If he was a Muslim, all that would show would be his own repressed gayness because most Muslims are secretly gay.
      As for all the Christians gloating about this: didn’t YOUR GOD say that “what you do to the least of my brothers you do unto me?” Where’s the compassion?
      It is the stupidity of the global West that allows Muslims into their (our) countries especially given the fact that they have declared war on all non-Muslims. They are here to kill us, and they are in America to kill you. The only rational approach to Islam would be to put all of them under a big microscope, and stop allowing immigration from countries you are at war with, such as Afghanistan.
      If you were the president of say Greenland, and I came in there wearing a T-shirt that said “Greenlandic SCUM must die!” would you still let me in? And once in, would you still let me stay if I constantly kept saying how I was gonna kill all Greenlanders and how bad a country Greenland was?
      Hint: if you want less immigration from countries like Syria and Afghanistan, then stop bombing countries like Syria and Afghanistan.

      • JKnTX

        Excuse me, but would you please point out the official congressional declaration of war upon Afghanistan? I would like to read that one.

        • Damien

          These American people did go to Party Hardy with the Taliban for the heroin barons of boytoy fame.

          Well that’s ALMOST like war ….ina away ….isn’t it?

          • JKnTX

            It is a “police action” just like Korea and Vietnam. The poppies are growing better than ever!

    • JKnTX

      It won’t work. All this will do is galvanize support behind Trump- it was a last desperate attempt to stop the sea change that is taking place in Amerika- better late than never…

    • drturi

      Read the facts no one but Dr. Turi will make public! Share pls

    • JKnTX

      Fast rewind back to Norway. The same “people” have their fingerprints all over this one.

      “By way of deception, thou shalt do war”.

      • Ambicatus


    • 2QIK4U

      The Gay mafia are also known as ‘Terrorists occupying the white house….

    • Tedx

      If you are going to claim the shooting was a false-flag, at least provide some evidence backing up the claim, rather than waste the reader’s time.

      • Cintus Supremus

        You just eliminated 7/8ths of the articles at this website.

        • Man

          welll you know, better gun control is bad cause these shooters can’t get their guns…

          • Cintus Supremus

            Fine, hooplehead.

            After any person is convicted of perpetrating a mass shooting…

            …you can strip him (or her, or it) of his (or her, or it’s) Second Amendment Rights.

            I think that’s fair.

            (Not to mention social justice compliant.)

      • VirusGuard

        I like a man that speaks his mind and says it as it is.

        Trump is being slagged off for pointing out that muslims were behind the attack but if Mr Clinton said the same thing first then the media would poor praise on her.

        Maybe it was pay-back because the killer was abused by gays at a young age as they tried to turn him as they often do (seen it myself) and could not live with himself as a result.


        Tedx.. you know that in all cases of mass shootings, truth is the first casualty. It’s far too soon for anyone to provide hard evidence of a false flag but if you follow the patterns of past incidences, the potential for this to have actually been a “false flag” are very real.

    • Didianna seems to have some proof also about this being false flag;

    • VirusGuard

      All the news stations including russia today are showing the same man with the yellow hat, black and white top, bit fat with a beared so they must all be using the same camera team.

      The gays will be screaming for yet more rights over this but it could just be that the killer went to a night club to kill none muslims en-mass and it just happen to be a gay bar.

      More people need to carry guns so that they can defend themselves but that not what the puppet press will be saying is it now

      • Sun Rabbit

        I know, I’ve seen the same yellow-fedora guy here on all the German sites. I don’t think this is anything to do with gays. The killer wanted to kill people at a bar, so he went to the one he was most comfortable at, which means he was gay himself.
        This was not an act of violence against gays per se, but against AMERICANS.
        If this follows the same pattern as all the other terrorist attacks, where it alternates between USA and Europe I think we’re looking at another one here within 1-5 months.
        It’s weird how the American media totally blacked out the terrorist attack here in Germany where an armed Islamist drove his car through the pedestrian zone of (I forget, a big city up north) killing 6 people while yelling “A**ahu A**bar” where the media here said it wasn’t terrorism, but that the guy was “merely” insane. Yeah, try telling that to all the relatives of the people killed FOR NO REASON and all the guy gets is commitment to a mental institution.

    • King of Shambhala

      You people all know perfectly well Obama’s the Antichrsit.
      But you won’t stand up to say it out loud.
      You’re cowards: you will burn eternally for that fault.

      • Болеслава

        hjlary’s the antichrist

    • jknbt

      don’t blame Obama for the actions of a crazy Islamacist….

    • badgoy

      “ “It’s just shocking,” said Christopher Hansen who was inside Pulse”


      why don’t you take a seat, just take a seat right over there :lol:

    • badgoy

      implying obama has any real power or makes any real decisions, it is the jews behind him that call all the shots, he is just a teleprompter reading monkey like all the rest of them
      this agenda is far older than the obama admin jews have been behind EVERY SINGLE ONE the gun control bills since 1968 ,they wrote and sponsored every last one them elites=SWEJ

    • ConfuciousSay

      OK, so let me get this straight…. You are saying Obama, the Transgender and Gay loving president conspired to hire a Muslim DHS employee to kill a building full of 300 of his voter base?


    • guesswhat

      Yes NOBODY died in Pulse, just like NOBODY died in Sandy Hook.

      Complete FAKE shooting. It’s all theatre to de arm the populace.

      Omar is a CIA agent. Now retired with huge pay off. Just like the 50 crisis actors. All paid off and happy to disappear. All the 53 “injured” are faking it also.

    • Counter Analysis

      If the Orlando massacre is a false flag, and there is evidence of that possibility, then one of its purposes may be to draw all the FBI resources into related investigations and pull manpower away from Clinton investigations. I haven’t heard anyone suggest this, but I think it’s a possibility that should be considered. It seems the elite are desperate to avoid Trump. If the FBI can be delayed and sidetracked long enough, they may be too late to bring her down.

    • JUSTsomeTHOTS

      an interesting experiment
      was watching the enemy broadcast network
      Roachel Madcow or Rachel Maddow to her cult followers and she was rallying around her sheep that went crazy and shot up the night club
      She basically was saying its not wise to call this Omar tard a muslim extremist, islamic terrorist and how anyone doing so was completely wrong.
      THE funny part was if you swapped out all the times she said MUSLIM with GUN you get all the the lefts rhetoric on gun control answered in her ramblings about Omar and muslims.

      Some one should do a youtube remix on this. It’ll work 90% of the time
      swap Gun with Muslim in the lefts immigration and gun control agendas


    • jknbt

      The ultimate blame for the Orlando shootings must be put on the Liberals. Here is why:

      The liberal/humanist/atheist/socialist agenda all liberals have is to deconstruct Bible based Christian civilization in the West, especially in the USA. This takes many subtle forms. There are many big and small fronts in this battle.

      These humanists think that the enemy of their enemy is their friend. That is why they want to bring in Muslims into the country, because they know that radical Islam hates Christianity. They want Muslims to join them in their fight in bringing down the last vestiges of Christianity in the West, especially as it can be found written into the laws.

      The humanists haven’t caught it yet that the radical Muslims HATE atheists even more than they hate Christians. The humanists haven’t quite caught it yet that these people have their own agenda of conquest and subjugation. The humanists, atheists, and militant liberals are on the top of the terrorist’s hit list.

      The law says it is an act of treason to give aid and comfort to the enemy in time of war. The USA has war operations on four fronts these days. The democrats invite enemies into the country and give them refugee status at the same time they send the military to bomb the cities they came from in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya. This is the worst form of governmental psychosis. It is insane. To bomb a terrorist enclave and then to invite the enemy refugees to your country (boo-hoo, poor dears) is ridiculous and treasonable.

      I wish you humanists & atheists would get you heads out of your ###es and wake up to what you are doing.

    • Scorpallain

      So you believe that this is all being orchestrated to make American citizens so angry that they start attacking Muslims and rioting so that Obama can call for Marshall Law and virtually take over the country. I think you could be right, but so far Americans are not taking the bait. This is a good thing. Better to just run out the clock on the whole bunch of criminals, elect a new President and go on from there. This way …they lose, that is why he is so adamant about starting trouble now, he knows his time is running out and they haven’t finished their agenda yet.

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