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By Decode the World (Staff)
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DEFCON2; Nukes are Ready to Go

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This came in earlier today from a collegue who is former military.  He sent a text by accident that spilled the beans.  Apparently the Russians lit up their nukes to prepare for what Obama is going to pull right before the election (assuming there is still an election).  The U.S. had to respond and did the same and that’s called DEFCON2.  DEFCON1 means you are at war….we’re not yet there.

Why would the U.S. want a war with Russia at this time?

One reason is the election isn’t going so well for Hillary.  Not the polls, the real numbers.  They can estimate the reality based on what people are clicking on and looking at on the web.  They can probably forecast election results within +/-2% and they know the real number and what they can probably steal.

This election is very important. Trump has already said there will be a special investigation of Hillary and everyone involved and thanks to Wikileaks we now know the commander in chief and Nobel Peace Prize winner is up to his neck in this one, too.  That means potential jail time, firing squad, etc.  It means time to light off a huge war.  Distract, distract, distract.

There’s one other big factor coming.  Nibiru.  That inbound 9th planetary system could be coming in very soon.  That means it’s time to lock people in place and pacify.  A big war is a good way to do that.

Here is the message:

Defcon2 has been established since Russia’s nukes are on immediate alert standby – period.  Likely on Thursday or Friday.  There is no announcement of this publicly.  They won’t say publicly if it’s gone to defcon2, that’s telegraphing your punch, get it?  This is internal.  This is getting super dangerous mate.
This is about a “retaliation” get it?  We provoke by attacking them.  They hit us back.  We’re already depleted and our forces have been turned to pussyfied fags and transgenders and most of the mast chiefs on down including huge numbers of Constitutional officers have been purged.  I think the final decapitation is now imminent.  Holy shyte man I truly think these aholes are gonna false flag this shyte into WW3.
If you haven’t done so, it’s probably a good idea to set aside some supplies;  food, clothing, building materials, etc.  You can assume deliveries will slow or cease once things get going.  Also, if you need to buy anything that’s made in China or needs a long ocean shipping journey, those items will probably get in short supply.

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    • Airdisaster

      Bullshit I just checked it’s still on 3!!!

      • The Clucker

        True… news…


        • HitleryforPrison

          Fuc you butt plunger…You can thank Butt-Rock O-vomit and I for this $hit hole America is in!

          • Uriel#73

            The really sad part is that it’s always everyday people that pay the price because of the elite a$$holes running the world.

          • jknbt

            clean it up, trash-mouth…if you don’t have anything intelligent to say, shut up.

        • Eggzactly

          Yep, The True News Debunked! :grin:

        • HitleryforPrison

          Flies accumulate around your beak just like my face and mouth…pure $hit for brains! What difference at this point does it make!!!?

      • 2QIK4U

        I’m reading 2 in Australia. The NWO guinea pig country

      • intrepideagle

        Strong words from somebody quoting a non-governmental agency when their disclaimer at the bottom of their website disclaimer clearly states “…it does not represent the alert status of any military branch” and their evaluation is “based on current events.” How about doing some substantive research before you go off shouting willy nilly nonsense. Maybe you’re right or not but not because you have it from an authoritative source. Their entire disclaimer is pasted below and don’t overlook the British spelling of “organisation.”

        The DEFCON Warning System is an analytical reporting organisation which focuses on nuclear threats against the US and offers an alert code to the public based on current events It is not affiliated with any government agency and does not represent the alert status of any military branch. The public should make their own evaluations and not rely on the DEFCON Warning System for any strategic planning. At all times, citizens are urged to learn what steps to take in the event of a nuclear attack.

      • Sensor

        The DEFCON will not have time to indicate either the DEFCON 2 nor the DEFCON 1
        You never know in advance!
        The two grades in one work!

      • Sensor

        “Theorists have even claimed a move to DEFCON 2 is being muted, based on Putin’s call for Russians to return home.

        Though the threat of war seems to be rising, the DEFCON level indication reported by the website is only speculation.

        The US military do not share the actual DEFCON status with the public for obvious security reasons.”


      • ItsEverywhere

        TPTB will NOT warn the Public or the Russians with the warning of Deacon 2. You’re an idiot if you believe the site you checked. It’ll say DEFCON 3 until the birds are in flight. Then, maybe then, they might change it. Maybe.

      • Decode the World

        Did you read the text? PUBLICLY they have remained at DEFCON3. PRIVATELY they have moved to DEFCON2

        • LifeIs

          The US government does not tell the public what the status is. The DEFCON websites are guessing.

      • LifeIs

        Airdisaster that website is not the US military. Here is who they are:

    • Wity

      You wankies sorry yankies have got it all wrong as usual….

      Screw America and its DEFCON one, nine or twelve & a half…..

      Its not up to you anymore or your bullshit army generals making up bullshit as they go along…
      They can all place their heads between their legs and kiss their sorry asses goodby…

      Russia China and all the many countries you have f* cked up….
      Are at their DEFON 1′s ready to EMP and Nuke NATO NWO666 into oblivion….

      Soon youall gonna glow in the dark ~ paybacks a Bitch….

      • HitleryforPrison

        Edd… Your almost as ignorant as the butt plucker… This stupidity appears to be contagious. Maybe you should contribute to my criminal Clinton Foundation? What difference at this point does it make!!!?

      • Köle

        Fuck yeah baby time to split that U.S. bitch up for good!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

        That dumb bitch obama has already signed articles of surrender to the Chinese & Russians when he flew to Alaska to bitch about snow melting in direct sunlight in the morning.

        Articles of surrender motha-fuck-a. That means pentagon whores, military whores & so forth will definitely — lets say — BREAK. Historical times to see America get dissolved.

        You have over 500,000 non-domestic troops stationed in various areas throughout numerous states. All this is quite common knowledge, but also remember that only 3% of the american fat ass public owns firearms. Time for you to right wrongs is over. Gone with the wind. Now the world will pull the plug on you & start a worldwide revolution against this nation way passed given in to pure wicked evil.

        Get ready bitch, this tiger is going down. Probably the only good thing about the last 8 years — seeing it go from utter greatness & unrivaled potential to a whimpering pathetic excuse for a nation state. You did it to yourselves. Start learning Mandarin & Russian.

        • Köle

        • Uriel#73

          Such hatred. Good luck with that in the end. Whats coming isn’t going to just hit America. Judgment is coming on the whole human race. Like I said, good luck with that kind of hatred in your heart.

        • Cmonsense101

          Kole, you dumbass Americunt which part of America was so great just 8 years ago when white nigga Bush J was rubbing his pussy against busted housing bubbles. Mr. Ohomo inherited lots bullshit in the form prestitutional privilege when he was wrongfully elected. Learn to share the blame with your pink white cunt brotherhoods before pointing fingers at some random sand nigga.

        • trashman

          Kole you are full of crap! 3 percent of americans own guns?!!!? LOLOL I live here! You fuzzy little foreigner ! Truth be known, roughly 75 percent of americans own guns of one sort or another!< furthermore KOLE If it wasnt for us Horrible americans, the NWO would already OWN your sorry Butt! The only thing that has delayed the NWO, is the fact that so many of us Here in the, ( as you call it Horrific american land ), have weapons and the sheer number of us owning such guns has deterred them!! BTW! , buttmunch, WE the american people are the worst VICTIMS OF THIS ALL!!! The SHADOW GOVERNMENT is the one that is doing this too the world!,, NOT the american people!! We the american people have had our homes stolen, kids stolen through a so-called legal process, which is rigged, we have been beaten, raped , money taken, SO DO US ALL A FAVOR,AND Shut Up. WE ARE THE VICTIMS!! Instead of cussing the american people why dont you do us a big favor, and grab a weapon, and start helping us!!! Instead you remind me of the Neighbor who is always cussing his neighbor, because his dog craps on his lawn , and he gets more and more pissed off because of the dog crapping , day after day, but never does anything too stop it!!!! If you want too do us all a favor, JOIN THE FIGHT !!!!!, otherwise pls shut up!! While the rest of the world cusses the american people they dont see whats going on inside!! The Government is the nazis, and we are the Jews!! The difference now though , is we have many many many weapons, and tons of ammo , and the sheer number of people willing too defend! Pierce Morgan tried too tell us how horrible we was as americans for having so many guns, and how we should get rid of them, but you see hes British, and we dont like foreigners telling us what too do!! So a petition was signed too have him deported, and guess what? HES GONE!!! You KOLE or anyone else who cusses us here, and puts us in a category of loving the Government here obviously dont know a damn thing!!

          • FAT AXL!!!

            “Truth be known, roughly 75 percent of americans own guns…”

            Maybe so, but 194 percent of TEXANS own guns, and of those, 544 percent own more than SEVEN guns — not counting .38 caliber and below.

      • Arte Vespule

        Another candy azz brit that would be speaking German if it wasn’t for the USA…

    • Anonymous

      Apparently there are different defcon warning systems, and most aren’t connected with the US military.

    • VirusGuard

      Yeah sure someone sent a text by accident because it happens all the time and the queen didn’t turn up for tea and biskets so she much be in her bunker and my friend just thorwn a wild party as if he know he’s about to die or something.

      Russia would be well advised to always keep it’s missiles on alert given how the USA acts under the control of the bankers since they took over on 9/11 and Russia does not care what new puppet wins the election because they don’t make the rules, Congress does and i don’t think many of them have foreskins since they work so close with the worlds bankers.

    • Richard Parker

      I can’t decide who lies more, Obama or Hillary. Of course the rest are liars too. https.//

    • edj1983

      Your completely full of shit.

    • C.C. Forche

      If you hate this news why do you waste your life and bother? If this is true, it is inside info accidentally leaked as stated in the article. Many people are of the mind set that they would really like a head’s up if there seems to be credible intel of this happening. That is what you got, inside intel..maybe. Do you want to wait until the manipulated and lied to public finds out? Then why are you on “BEFORE ITS NEWS?” before..get it? before… We may never know. Maybe it was defcon 2 for a while or it will change periodically based on the situation. People addicted to feeling right about information are what the Mains Stream liars/news count on. People that see only what they want to see and disregard the rest. That is the definition of a lemming… following the crowd…what feels right….right off a cliff. Ask this…How long was it as defcon 3 before the public started getting wind of it? It happened Thursday night around 8 or 9. Friday is when the news started getting out. So practice deductive reasoning. Use parts of your brain that aren’t answered by key stroke look ups. We are being played from all directions..try to think clearly for you own safety. God Bless C.C. Forche author of the Christian book of arguments w/ 666 decoded in ( languages and 5 alphabets, what are those odds?

      • Anonymous

        Maybe he likes BINNERLAND for the entertainment. I mean, it is listed as a satire site, which it is. I am still waiting for 30,000,000 to die from ebola a few years ago. Remember when Obama was shipping in ebola victims into the US to kill us all? Forche, I know you take this site serious and that’s OK, but don’t get mad when we don’t. Some just read BIN like we used to watch cartoons when we woke up in the morning. It’s good, clean fun. I wish there were more sites like this on the net.

        • C.C. Forche

          Yes , I take it seriously BECAUSE PEOPLE BELIEVE ANYTHING ANYMORE BECAUSE WE ARE BEING PLAYED/LIED TO ALL THE TIME FROM MOST SOURCES. If you really read what I said and remove your emotions and the addiction to “feeling right”, you will see I am trying to shout filter and discern before things turn to crap and people aren’t prepared. The thing is, it will only take ONE lunatic to set off a wave of destruction leading from one thing to another. Did you see the shelves in the groceries before hurricane Matthew? Imagine a real or imagined threat nationwide?! World Wide!? Nothing ever has to happen except self destructive panic. Knowing the truth without the element of surprise will help tremendously on the individual level and social.Both truth and lies are sounding insane these days. this site represents both. I try to help, so visiting this site is not a ” waste of my life”.. If you truly believe you can’t believe anything on this site…. if there is no mix of truth and lies as in regular news, why do you choose to waste your life? Just to watch cartoons. The world is insanely on fire. I suggest to you …lead..follow or get out of the way….stop it with the cartoons mentality… find real take care

    • Leo

      hummm, either way serious situation :cool:

    • Anonymous

      I remember the very first time I stumbled into the BINNERLAND hellhole. I accidentally wound up here to read what looked like a semi-serious article written by some stupid fucktard, posted by another stupid fucktard that said how North Korea was going to nuke LA and they even gave a date. The first second I read this I thought, oh oh. Then I remembered that North Korea couldn’t even hit South Korea let alone LA and thought “what in the hell is this BINNERLAND? Next it was 30,000,000 million in the US will be dead from ebola and aliens are flying comet Ison into the ‘Erf. Then, it was aliens on the dark side of the moon and animals on Mars. Then it was 1,000,000 Russian troops living in your town ready to throw us all into Wal-Mart FEMA camps. Then, a killer asteroid was due to hit off the east coast. And OMG, Nibiru the Mysterious Killer PLanet on the way to smite us. The government is now killing us with these unfathonable chemtrails. Obama is the anti-Christ and ISIS according to BINNERLAND are both on the way to smite our ass. Also, we have killer death rays set up to turn our brains into jelly from huge microwave towers. That was pretty scary!

      These are just a few reasons I read BINNERLAND while taking my morning dump. And now we are at DEFCON 2!!! Well, not really but we are in BINNERLAND. I LOVE BIN!!! :eek: :cool: :lol: :mrgreen:

    • last_layman

      We are already in war with Russia, because our thugs are fighting against their thugs for more than a decade. Are We aggressor, yes but at least as much as Putin and Russia is. Putin has one skeleton in his closet and that was late general Lebed, that brave man was a warrior but also man of peace, he was not backstabbing KGB thug like Putin sadly Lebed is dead for more than 15 years now. In some alternative universe, hm since 1999 with Lebed still alive as President of Russia and with Putin in prison because smuggling of nuclear material, with peaceful and secular Chechnya led by late general Dudayev, with no terror on Caucasus or beyond in that alternative universe there’s no Iranian nuclear problem, and with other dictators gone, west and east, north and south could finally turn 21st century into golden era… Putin was feeding Clinton with lies, Bush was feeding Putin with lies and aggression and vice versa, afterwards Obama and Putin went to fight proxy wars, and if this course is not diverted soon full scale shootout will start. So grow up, there are no knights in shining armor, on this or Russian side, because We have all killed them, instead We are led by the psychopaths, criminals, perverts, and thugs into full scale slaughter, and maybe if survivors pray to God he will deliver to them few real heroes and peacemakers to save mankind or at least this civilization from full scale destruction…. Or if We are really, really lucky some giant alien from Nibiru will teleport himself tonight into the Kremlin and the White House and do some serious ass kicking of Mr. Obama and Mr. Putin till they accept idea of peace. If you have spare time, pray for the soul of poor old Lebed, and please remeber this story. :wink:

    • The Seer

      the easiest way to tell if we are at DEFCON 2 is to look out the window if you see nukes going just one way its at 2
      if nukes are going both ways (incoming and out going ) we are at DEFCON 1

      you will have about 6 mins, the hand picked Clintons will get the 5 mins and the rest will get 1 min (if at all )

    • Debby

      I checked Defcon today and it was 5
      “DEFCON 5
      This is the condition used to designate normal peacetime military readiness. An upgrade in military preparedness is typically made by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and announced by the United States Secretary of Defense.
      DEFCON 4
      This refers to normal, increased intelligence and the heightening of national security measures.
      DEFCON 3
      This refers to an increase to force readiness above normal. Radio call signs used by American forces change to currently-classified call signs.
      DEFCON 2
      This refers to a further increase in force readiness just below maximum readiness. The most notable time it was declared was during the Cuban Missile Crisis, although the declaration was limited to Strategic Air Command. It is not certain how many times this level of readiness has been reached.
      DEFCON 1
      This refers to maximum readiness. It is not certain whether this has ever been used, but it is reserved for imminent or ongoing attack on US military forces or US territory by a foreign military power.”

    • MorningWood

      Since this is it and I’m going to be bunkered down for a long time, any tips on how to find that chick in the “23 Girls Who Got Caught in the Wrong Pose, and Loved It” photo? Looks like she’d make for some fine End of Times company, if you know what I mean. But time is short and I need to work fast! :twisted:

    • questioneverything

      If you believe everything the mainstream media says, you are an idiot.

      If you believe everything alternative media says, you are an idiot.

      There’s only one, that’s omnipotent and knows all things. Even if there was, a nuke, or hell, even planet Nibiru headed straight for you, what can any of us do about it? Even if there is, a shadow government or the world is ran by evil reptiles, what can you do about it?While I agree, it would be nice to know what’s really going on behind the curtains, so you could at least make an intelligent decision based on reality, I’m not so sure that it would really matter. People like myself and you guys, who feel like we are more aware of what is really going on verses the blind sheep, are in no better condition than them because, while we are sitting here commenting on these conspiracy theories an asteroid could be headed straight for us and we wouldn’t even know it because we’re looking at our screens. I don’t know, maybe ignorance is bliss because being aware of any of this, it’s not really helping anyone. It’s only causing ulcers and more discord amongst people. Anyone, that is so completely convicted that any theory that they believe is absolute truth is only based on assumptions, hearsay, feelings and whatever your brain perceives it as. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that some of these theories are not or cannot be true, I’m just saying, there is no way to be sure of any of it.
      I cannot speak for the rest of the world, but as a US citizen I can say, I smell something that stinks! I do feel in my gut that something monumental is about to happen, whether it is good or bad, I do not know. I do believe in God and he tells us this current world will be brought to an end. I think the smartest thing any of us “prep” for, is to get right with the maker, that way it doesn’t matter what happens.

      Anyone who believes the Bible, really shouldn’t be surprised about the evilness and deceit that is in this world. God gave Satan Reign Over this Earth for a Time, but he will have his vengeance on the evilness that is in it. It’s good to be aware of possible scenarios so that when something devastating does happen, we won’t be in complete shock, but I don’t think people should latch on to any one theory, because it is just that, a theory.

      Also, you better believe the government is not going to forewarn you of anything, this causes panic, and they can’t get to their shelters if the roads clogged or if it’s part of their plan, why would they warn you? They’re only looking out for themselves

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