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The enemy inside

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The enemy inside

Updated on March 16, 2017 at 07:45 UTC
Simili similis gaudet

Simili similis gaudet –  like rejoices in like.

In many aspects Dirk Laureyssens and the villain of this story manifest many similarities. No wonder they rejoiced happily in bashing the Keshe Foundation. We would not be surprised to eventually find out later, that their relationship started much earlier, not just around trading a certain Korean brand water filter, or offering platforms to attract inventors around themselves and grab new intellectual property hints.

As Dirk Laureyssens tried to cause havoc to the Keshe Foundation by his designed logo copyright retraction, similarly  our villain tried to cause financial havoc by claiming via lawyers an enormous amount of money, worth of a luxury house in his country of origin. (Keshe Foundation’s answer to the copyright retraction is available in form of public notice).

Renegades of their ancestors’ or their neighbors’ belief systems, both sought their ways through the Buddhism, but in a personal interpretation, Dirk Laureyssens via his holonic interpretation of the Universe, and his friend via the controversial path of Lama Drukpa Kunley.

The villain of the story the alleged “Sir” Sylvester Belso, real name Belső Szilveszter, a Hungarian national, who resides lately in Korea. In Hungarian language Belső means “interior”, “inner” or “inside”.

Nomen est omen – name is destiny.

A nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and he carries his banners openly against the city.

But the traitor moves among those within the gates freely, his sly whispers rustling through all alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.

For the traitor appears no traitor; he speaks in the accents familiar to his victim, and he wears their face and their garments and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men.

He rots the soul of a nation; he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city; he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared. The traitor is the plague. — Marcus Tullius Cicero, from a speech given to the Roman Senate, recorded in approximately 42 B.C. by Sallust.

A “Sir” meets Keshe Foundation

The man, who presents himself as Sir Sylvester Belso has approached the Keshe Foundation by email with subject “I would like to run a Keshe Foundation” on date of October 26th, 2015 and later via the Hungarian Language Keshe Study Group on November 9th 2015.

He asked for opportunity to talk with Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, and he got that in the public, interactive lecture of November 19th 2015. He introduced himself as a nanotechnology expert with over 10 years’ experience and he offered help by his professional team of designers and product developers, who used to work for his companies. He also recommended his wife as she is willing to learn everything directly form the source.

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe answered him that the Keshe Foundation welcomes those with good expertise in nanotechnology.

On November 21st Sir Sylvester Belso was called in a closed meeting with Mehran Tavakoli Keshe and members of management of the Foundation. At this meeting, Sir Sylvester Belso has presented his professional history and his deemed skills as being expert in nanotechnology with ten years of R&D experience. He also told about his wish to contribute by his skills to the development of the Keshe Foundation.

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe told him about the Keshe Foundation has an open position for somebody, who to lead the creation of a worldwide network of manufacturing companies under the condition of expected turnover of EUR 1-3 billion by 2016 and EUR 300 billion by 2017-2018. He offered a top manager level annual compensation, along with a trial period of 6 months to 12 months.

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe proposed him to come to meet at Barletta (BA) Italy, ETA by Monday, November 23rd night or latest by Tuesday, November 24th morning to discuss the details.

Sylvester Belso accepted to take responsibility for the management position for the establishment of a global manufacturing network of products based on application of the new technologies discovered by Mehran Tavakoli Keshe and developed under the Keshe Foundation, he said he was not surprised, as his intention was anyway to get such an offer.

In spite of his shiny self-introduction and his busyness in work it became proven that he is not that expert that he claims to be, and his talents are not enough to get even close to achieve the targets he has assumed under his responsibility. Nevertheless, the Foundation thanked his efforts and compensated him with a fair amount of money.

His claimed expertise in nanotechnology were unveiled to be confined to the obfuscating use of some bogus technical words, and we suspect that his interest to help was limited to the intention to get close to the Foundation’s know-how and trade secrets, and eventually to integrate them into his own private business.

When he did talk about his experience in nanotechnology, he did not give the credits and respect to the real developer and inventor, Mr. Hiroshi Katayama of Threehills Co., Ltd.

When Sir Sylvester Belso introduced himself to the Keshe Foundation, he misrepresented himself regarding his membership in the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem Knights of Malta Federation of Autonomous Priories (KMFAP).

He was seen wearing on the lapel of his jacket a small, round and red badge with a white Cross of Malta symbol, sometimes near another badge representing a compass and ruler, and he signed his letters “Sir Sylvester Belso”, “Sir” being a title used by knights. People of the Foundation asked him about is he a knight or not. He gave inconsistent, contradictory statements.

On Feb. 13 he declared that based on his request he is NOT MEMBER of the KMFAP organization.

Later on Apr. 11 he declared that he is INACTIVE MEMBER of KMFAP, which is in contradiction with his previous declaration.

A fake knight and a cheated real knight

In order to clarify Sylvester Belso’s credibility, the Foundation did a research to find out what is the truth.

When members of the Foundation asked him, why he wears the badge representing a Cross of Malta on red background, he explained that he was invited by some friends to become a Knight of Malta in order to get protection against criminals, who tried to ruin his business and threatened him with death. Later he told the story that he left the Knights of Malta because he did not agree to pay the required annual membership fee in amount of 20,000 EUR (at another time he told inconsistently about 10,000 EUR membership fee). He told a story about those, who introduced him to the Knights of Malta tried to extort him and threatened him, and these people are criminal, that’s why he left the Knights of Malta. This is another inconsistency, as once he said that he became Knight in order to get personal protection, and later he said that the Knights were threatening him, and are criminals. Furthermore, he never explained why he keeps wearing the Sir title as Sir Sylvester, and why he wears the insignia of the Knights, if he is not anymore a member. The website of the Knights of Malta states that the annual membership fee is of only 200 EUR per year, and certainly not 20,000 EUR and not 10,000 EUR as Sir Sylvester lied.

As the KMFAP.HU website states, the Hungarian Grand Priory can charge a particular membership fee of an amount of 20 000 HUF, Hungarian Forints worth of about 65 EUR, but not 20 000 EUR.

Why should somebody lie about such minor matters, as the amount of membership fee? What reason could lead one to exaggerate the figures 100 times?

If the figures told about the amount of the membership fee are not true, what is the truth of the other affirmations concerning Sir Sylvester’s Knighthood, and his relations with Knight of Malta (KMFAP)?

Did Sylvester join KMFAP to get personal protection? On the other hand, has he needed protection against the so-called criminals, who invited him into the KMFAP?

Is he respecting his oath to support and protect the prestige of the Order of Knights with words and deeds, when he allegedly calls its members criminals?

Has Sylvester left the Knights of Malta, or is he a member of the organization? If he has left them, why is he pretending to be a Knight by wearing their badge and the Sir title?

Is he respecting his oath to support and protect the prestige of the Order of Knights with words and deeds, when he allegedly calls its members criminals?

Has Sylvester left the Knights of Malta, or is he a member of the organization? If he has left them, why is he pretending to be a Knight by wearing their badge and the Sir title?

“We do not care if somebody is member of Cavalry or not, but we care whether one is truthful or deceiver.”

For your information, we are attaching here a copy of a recent correspondence with  ███ ██████████████ – █████████████████████ of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta, Federation of the Autonomous Priories (KMFAP) (name and title blanked upon request).

On 05 Sep 2016, at 17:29, Mehran Tavakoli Keshe <███████████████> wrote:

Dear Mr ████████!Thank you for the conversation. Here are some of on line recording of Sylvester below. As you told me he was kicked out for gross misconduct and we need to know how and why?

He has told us that he left because you asked for 10000 and in other case 20000 euro for membership and threatening to kill him as you see in his own word.

That he had to take refuge against you by Masons, and he has repeated this many times to my team.

We have been told these are lies and he has field in application form on these bases and your organization has been laid to believe by us that are criminals.

I have long-standing understanding of the Knight and respect your position. What is important for us is that he has lied to get access to our security and sensitive information for Masons as he says he has left them too.

Please we need as much information about this case urgently that we can assess our position as he has defrauded our foundation too. We have all his pictures of roping and others too

Yours faithfully

M T Keshe

This is in our internal memo reference which I have enclosed below

On 8/31/16 3:15 PM,  ███████████████ wrote:


Knights of Malta –  for this they introduced me to a ceremony, which was organized in Slovakia, where I was knighted. But they said they are doing this for 10 000 EUR. I told them I will not pay.
These persons belong to criminal groups.

████ ████ [wearing the sword in the above picture] is the strawman of █████ █████ [in the picture below]. My lawyers have records of how they tried to take away from me my nano technology developments [innovations].

I returned them the knight nomination and everything, which was related.

Here [at Knights of Malta] I knew Z██████████l of Transylvania, who was the 33°grand master of a masonic order [lodge].

I got deadly threatening.

I was able to parry them grace to Dr. Z██████████l.

This was the order [lodge] “Three White Lilies”, the first Hungarian masonic order.

I told about these to █████████, █████████ and █████████.

I would have not liked to have issues later.

I am condemning those leaders of the masonic lodge, who are crippling the world. Already there are those [new] leaders who are trying to repair.

In the beginnings [masonic lodges] had no evil.

I left all the secret organizations [societies].

The answer with the shocking truth came shortly.



Dear Mr. Keshe 

Thanks for all information, I see the whole story now!

We have a Knight sir ██████, who proposed Szilveszter Belső for knighthood! We had several personal meetings with Szilveszter that time and honestly several other Knights of us told that something is not OK with him, he was talking too much and it seems  that not everything is true!

Anyhow we informed him that the necessary administrative fee in case of entry to the Order is 5000 EUR which covers all related expenses. (Decorations, cape, hotel video, photo, ball, etc..

He promised to pay  it and we were trusting him!)

Later I discovered that he was thinking that ██████ will pay this instead of him!

██████ that time became his partner by giving him 260.000 EUR!

After certain time ██████ did see that Szilveszter was spending the money for expensive car and luxury travels, while there was no business development at all!

About same time as nobody paid the promised 5000 EUR fee- the leadership of the Order decided to make the investiture of Szilvester NOT valid and he returned all decorations and cape!

As there was already a strong fight between the business partners,  we requested Sir Z████████l to try to find a solution which will satisfy all partners involved! He tried to do his best to realise the business of Szilveszter and help him to pay back the money for██████!

Some Years ago Z████████l passed away but as I know ██████ did not trust much in his efforts!

We, leaders of the Order from the beginning stated that we have nothing to do with their business conflicts!

We also several times proposed to ██████ that if he is sure he must turn to the Police and to the Court! I do not know if he did or not!

I do not know the other partners of ██████ and also have no information about their steps.

I have no contacts with the Free Masons but I am quite sure Szilveszter was never a member!

KMFAP is not a secret Organisation, you can find everything on:

Our Order just made his investiture invalid and by this we closed any relations with him.

I do not understand why he is saying what he did but he is not a businessman who can be trusted!

I would propose not to have any business with him!

If he is in danger, why does he not go to the Police???

Something is wrong about him and I am not believing he is in any danger other that soon or later police will take him and he will end in Jail!

I hope I could help You with my answers, if You need anything else, please let me know, how ever I do not have time for such persons and their conflicts!

Best regards



This sounds not like Sylvester Belso left the Knights of Malta, because the Knights caused harm to him, but he has been removed from among the Knights due to ethical issues, not limited to the deception of his partner by the amount of 260 000 EUR.

Offshore tax haven companies

With the over quarter million Euros got from the cheated knight friend, “Sir” Silvester moved his assets into USA and Seychelles based companies, while his company in Hungary went into bankruptcy and left a debt of over 12 million Hungarian Forints (about 40,000 EUR).

He has established first a company Kent Holding Inc. in U.S.A., which now is defunct, and later he established a company Kent Holdings Limited in Seychelles, with practically untraceable records and books.

His company of Seychelles deems an annual revenue of over million dollars. If this is true, has he not forgotten to declare his incomes to the tax office of his homeland?

Kent Holdings Limited, owner of two trademarked brands, calls itself inventor, while its research and patents are invisible. This is another similarity to the self proclaimed inventor of the foam cube puzzles and various electronics and computing applications, Mr. Dirk Laureyssens.

An abused Japanese invention

Since 2004 Mr. Belso trades some battery life extender foil stickers, the origin of which are much obscured by his vague and bogus, nontechnical descriptions.

In his first promotional text, Mr. Belso describes his “battery renovator” as being made of mainly Radium containing volcanic rock. “It radiates Alpha, Beta and Gamma rays and electrons, dissolving the slug from inside the electrodes, and prevents the formation of the new slag”.

For his bogus claims, one of his distributors of New Zealand was accused by misleading advertising, and had to remove the claimed text from his web shop.

His sales pitch used to advertise his product reveals what level his knowledge in Nano-technology reaches. The above-illustrated advertisement was officially removed in New Zealand due to customer complaint, and it’s content labeled as meaningless technical language, and nonsensical obfuscation.

“Sir” Sylvester Belso recommended himself to the Keshe Foundation by misleading statements and misrepresenting himself as having extensive experience in Nano-technology Research & Development, but when one reads his soup of nonsense technical words, it becomes suspicious about his pretended technical knowledge.

A research lead to the conclusion that he has no schools of technical nature, and he has been educated as musician, more exactly he was a trumpeter.

Where from has he got the technology that he is exploiting?

We found the real inventor and patent holder is a Japanese scientist, Mr. Hiroshi Katayama, who owns the priority and the rights by the Japanese patent No. 4482882.

Meanwhile Mr. Belso’s company Kent Holdings Limited advertises that it grants licenses to their exclusively developed and copyrighted inventions to startup companies, that demonstrate financial capabilities…

All that Kent Holding owns as intellectual property are its registered trademarks, hence the technology itself belongs to its Japanese inventor.

Mr. Hiroshi Katayama declares in a notarial act on August 6th, 2014 that he is the patent holder of the Energizing battery sheet, called AKU+, AkkuFresh, Denpita, Bat-max etc., and company COREnergy Kft. is the sole and exclusive distributor of the Energizing battery sheet in the territory of worldwide except Japan, China, Vietnam, South Korea, Indonesia, Australia, Canada and U.S.A.  Kent Holdings Limited is not mentioned.

Sylvester Belso’s battery renovator foil, which he claims it is an exclusive product, is only one of the several brands that have been marketed in the world by several companies, and all say theirs is legitimate.

The Keshe Foundation’s experience with Sylvester Belso

A management member of the Keshe Foundation said:

“Sylvester Belso has induced us in error regarding his technical knowledge and expertise by misrepresenting himself as being lead researcher of R&D in nanotechnology.
When Sylvester came into our organization, we had to teach him about everything related to nanotechnology that we apply.”

“His original discussions were oriented toward insisting to get the members of his web design team employed by the Foundation and have access to the data of our websites and intranet. He also tried to recommend for work in the security team of the Foundation his friend Peter Nemenyi, a Hungarian dissident, who is well known in Hungary for his racist toned rebel political blogs, written from abroad, as an expatriate. We perceived that offer as an attempt to infiltrate and overtake our Foundation by weakening our defense structure. Right now he mobilized the same person along with his other close friends to join his recently conducted defamation campaign against the Keshe Foundation.

We have knowledge reports about Sylvester Belso has proposed to our contracted manufacturer to combine our technology with Sylvester’s technologies with for his private interest.”

Another report reveals that he invited key staff to leave the Keshe Foundation and work for his private company.

Mr. Belso has a trail of successive and repeated copyright infringements

Isn’t he able to understand, what Intellectual Property means above of being a possible source of income?

His YouTube videos and channels disabled for copyright infringement tell us, that he did not learn from his past mistakes.


The Keshe Foundation’s Statement regarding Sir Sylvester Belso

“We do not owe any money to Mr. Sylvester Belso.

Whatever amounts we paid him, he obtained by defrauding us by deception and fraudulent personal misrepresentation claiming expertise and skills he has not.

Mr. Sylvester Belso owns to return us the money he has obtained in fraudulent ways.

We are investigating to establish the degree of damage caused by unauthorized copy and private use of vital data as clients’ contact details, trade secrets and sensitive documents, and misuse of Keshe Foundation’s logo in unauthorized way.

Furthermore, Mr. Sylvester Belso has joined and he actively aids persons, who are acting against our organization, and who are under investigation in Italy for terrorism.

We are suspecting Mr. Sylvester Belso with aiding these persons by supplying them insider information regarding our organization and regarding position of our members.

As far as we know, Mr. Sylvester Belso is under investigation by Italian Police in the murder case of Fabio Alfonso, an Italian citizen of Casamassima 70010 BA, who died violently under unclarified circumstances at about ten meters in the front of his car crashed by a TIR truck on Strada Statale 16, at km 784, on July 6th, 2016.”

“We feel deeply disappointed by Sylvester Belso’s misrepresentations, his lack of the claimed expertise, and his harmful activities, which he is pursuing against the Keshe Foundation. We had suspicion about his deceptive ways since January, and because of his degree of infiltration, we continued monitoring him. These were the reasons for why the Keshe Foundation decided to get rid of him. He has been offered a trial period to let him prove the worth of his work, and remove our suspicions. Compared to its worth, Sylvester’s work for the Foundation was generously compensated.

There is an ongoing investigation to establish the degree of damage caused by unauthorized copy and private use of vital data as clients’ contact details, trade secrets and sensitive documents, and misuse of Keshe Foundation’s logo in unauthorized way.

We do not owe any money to Mr. Sylvester Belso.

Whatever amounts we paid him, he obtained by defrauding us by deception and fraudulent personal misrepresentation claiming expertise and skills he has not.

Mr. Sylvester Belso owns to return us the money he has obtained in fraudulent ways.

We are investigating to establish the degree of damage caused by unauthorized copy and private use of vital data as clients’ contact details, trade secrets and sensitive documents, and misuse of Keshe Foundation’s logo in unauthorized way.

Furthermore, Mr. Sylvester Belso has joined and he actively aids persons, who are acting against our organization, and who are under investigation in Italy for terrorism.

We are suspecting Mr. Sylvester Belso with aiding these persons by supplying them insider information regarding our organization and regarding position of our members.

As he allegedly defrauded a fellow knight with 260 000 EUR, while he abandoned his domestic creditors and he moved to off-shore companies, of which at least one has been abandoned in the first year leads to suspicion of laundering the money obtained by fraudulent activities and tax avoidance.”

“We learned he likes to decorate himself with Cross of Malta and Masonic badges, luxury watch, expensive Louis Vuitton handbags, bow tie and colorful pocket-handkerchiefs, which confers him an aristocratic outlook. In business talks he says “my secretary just called me”. Meanwhile he is not a Knight, he is not a Mason, he is not as rich as he shows himself, and he has no secretary. A bit of everything he pretends to be, fails at a second check.”

Is he a knight? Nope. Is he a freemason? Sometimes he says yes, and he says he is not, when that status would not be favorable for him. Is he Illuminati? That may be not impossible. Using some badges with Cross of Malta and square and compasses may be a decoy. Alternatively, is he working for some other secret services? Is he a Zionist agent?

There are too many question marks yet.


Shoah victim ancestors, fake nationalism, and real antisemitic agents provocateurs

We know Belso ancestors are listed as Holocaust victims by Yad Vashem archives.









Is Sylvester Belso aware of his family history?

He has the habit of talking in mimicked nationalistic tones, emphasizing anachronistic ideas of the Hungarist Movement.

He used to greet and to end conversations with a hypocrite, stereotype blessing:“God bless all the Hungarian people, who peg away at the elevation of Hungarity”, which sounds from his mouth like a blasphemy.

Real Hungarians consider all the fellow Men as brothers and they aim the elevation of the entire Humanity.


On his new websites he uses images of faked text trying to resemble to the Old Hungarian Script, but his tentative is really comic, as the text in runes starts at the bottom line and it goes up, and many of the letters are completely mistaken.



Who is he trying to fool with such fake appearances?

Why such hyperventilated expression of fake nationalism?

Is he a Zionist agent provocateur? His close friend Nemenyi / Neumann fits to this assumption, with his past of anti-Semitic journalism done as an expatriate.

Some of the Belso brothers are even weirder, when it comes to false nationalism.

We don’t know whether Sylvester agrees with such activities of some of the Belso family members, who are inciting to kill the Jews, while their grandfather was a victim of Nazis, and their father was a political prisoner of the Communists.

We would be not surprised if we would read in future news about they took part in some false flag actions. However, we hope such will not happen, and the competent security services of the affected countries will focus their attention on these strange behaviors, and will do their investigations and the preventive actions as required.

This is something to think deeply about.




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    • nemenyi

      The article mentions my name trying to smear my character. I did not have blogs, but a well-known portal the I did not write into that portal from abroad, because my portal was based in the States and as an American citizen I maintained my sever from my home, the United States. I was not an expatriate but an American subject living in the States. I never wanted to infiltrate into anything. I kept telling Mr. Sylvester not to associate with fraudulent people, and he asked me at least listen to them. Even after the conversation, I warned Mr. Belso not to rub shoulders with shady people, line the Keshe group. Then somehow the article mixes me up with well-known mathematician. Such an amateurish bunch. So far I am patient, but calling Mr. Belso a murderer, went over the limit. I plan to call upon the Italian police, and start a lawsuit. Get ready for it!

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