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Hydrogen Peroxide: Cancer Killing Nasal Sprayer & Garden Applications

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Hydrogen Peroxide: Cancer Killing Nasal Sprayer & Garden Applications
(15 Years later, it’s still the cheapest prostate cancer “spontaneous remission” around )

[Editor's Note: Disclaimer~This article is posted here for educational purposes only. The ideas presented in this article represent the author's experiences in unique applications of hydrogen peroxide. If you decide to try these ideas, understand that you do so at your own risk and volition. The posting of this article is not to be construed as an endorsement, recommendation, or advisement to try these ideas, since that decision is yours alone. You need to decide for yourself and thoroughly understand that no one else is liable for your actions, but you. Personally, I have no qualms about inhaling 3% hydrogen peroxide. I believe that it's highly beneficial (forgive the strident disclaimer, but it's a necessity here in Gestapo Land)

Update: May 14, 2014: The info presented below about the use of 3% hydrogen peroxide is wonderful and inspiring. Before I found out about MMS and CDS water, peroxide was a great choice as it's inexpensive and easily obtainable. I later discovered that MMS and CDS water are superior to hydrogen peroide for either ingesting or inhaling. It's still perfectly OK to inhale H2O2 if you wish, but MMS and CDS water work better and are easier on the body than hydrogen peroxide. Someone tried to contact Bill Munro and found his web site and email no longer work. Bill would be about 89 years old at this time. Over 1/4 of a million people have viewed the video you see embedded in this article. We all owe Bill a great debt of gratitude for sharing his wonderful story of recovery from prostate cancer by inhaling hydrogen peroxide His research on land rights shows his great dedication to the preservation of our liberties and rights under our founding Constitution from government encroachment and subjugation.

Amended Update: Since writing these words, I later discovered that Bill Munro had died in January 2014 at 90 years of age. God Bless Bill for his altruistic efforts in assisting humanity. I'm grateful that he contacted me in February of 2005 and gave me an opportunity to play a role in helping him get out the word on his wonderful therapeutic discoveries with inhaling 3% hydrogen peroxide mist.

Bill Munro's web site from 1998 until 2013 is archived at this link:*/http:/

Bill Munro'sWeb Site, Archived on March 8, 2013

. ... ...Ken Adachi ]

By Bill Munro < [email protected] >

February 7, 2005

Hydrogen Peroxide: Cancer Killing Nasal Sprayer & Garden Applications by Bill Munro (Feb. 7, 2005)

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Hydrogen Peroxide is the most over looked chemical used by man. New uses of it are coming to light every day. Bad bugs be they, in your garden or your body, they cannot live in an oxygen rich environment.

At 69 years old my muscles were so tight that to get out of bed I would lay on my stomach and back out on to the floor, push down on the bed and stand up. I knew there was something to correct this bad situation. One morning while having coffee with a friend, I noticed he had brought a small stack of books with him. Being curious, I asked if I could look at the books. The one that stood out to me was “O2xygen Therapies
( )

As I was scanning it, it became more interesting to me. I asked him if I could take it home. It was a week before returning the book. Being convinced Hydrogen Peroxide was what I was looking for, it was now going to into my system? The book gave three choices. Put 8 to 10 drops in an 8 oz cup and drink it, four times a day. Next was, put a pint of 35% in the bathtub and soak for 1 hour once a week. Or go to a doctor for intravenous infusion once a week. None of these had any appeal to me.

After a week or two I decided that the easiest, and most efficient way was to inhale the 3% peroxide into my mouth and on into my lungs. I just happened to have a “Nasal Spray Pump” (see sample picture below). I dumped the contents out, put in the 3% peroxide as it comes from the drugstore. Now, how many times do I pump? I settled for one pump per inhale, and 4 times a day. That went on for about a month. As I was laying down for a short rest, I noticed that I was breathing freely. No forced inhale or exhale. That was the first thing that I noticed while inhaling the peroxide. I then changed the time when to inhale the peroxide. Now I inhale 2 times in the morning and at night. While deep inhaling I pump the pump as many times as I can, usually 8 to 10 pumps each inhale. Another thing I noticed was, I sleep all night with my mouth closed. I used to have heart aches that were very uncomfortable, no more.

[Note from Ken Adachi: Bill uses drug store brand 3% hydrogen peroxide (which contains stabilizers (read label) and metal contaminants, according to the research of Dr Hulda Clark) and there's no question that it saved his life when he was given a terminnal Exit Slip by his oncologist many years ago, but it's probably wiser (if you have the choice) to obtain 35% Food Grade hydrogen peroxide (which is cleaner) and dilute it down (with distilled water - add 11 parts of distilled water to 1 part of 35% hydrogen peroxide) to make 3.285% and inhale that. However, if the only thing available to me is drug store hydrogen peroxide, then I would use drug store peroxide, rather than not use it at all.]

Bill Munro Demonstrating how he inhales H2O2 using a nasal pump sprayer

My wife and I have been inhaling peroxide for 9 years now and no colds, sore muscles, aches or pains. I take no medication or vitamins. I am less than two years to 80 years old. My lungs don’t give out when I work in my garden or other things around the house. My house is 160 years old, so the work never stops. Peroxide keeps our oxygen blood count in the high 90’s.

One of the first people that used the peroxide as I do was very interesting. He had a low self-esteem. I found out that he was on kidney dialysis. I discussed the peroxide several times with him. Finally one day I went to his house with a nasal spray pump. He opened it and poured out the contents and filled it back up with 3% peroxide. He sprayed it in to his mouth and into his lungs. I said you know how to do it, and I left. Three days later I called him to see if anything had happened. He said that he could breath easier. Four days latter he called me, he was so excited all he could say was “It’s working, It’s working”. I asked “What did it do?”. He said he was waking up about an hour and a half before normal and that he was coughing up all the bad stuff that was in his lungs. He went back to bed and when he woke up, he said he had not felt that good in years. From that time on his spirit was always good and his voice was up beat.

A couple of people told me after four or five years of using the peroxide they stopped. I ask why and both said they did not get sick, and they don’t think it was working. You can make that judgement. One friend of ours goes to the doctor for pacemaker check ups and the doctor tells him the peroxide will not help him but it will not do him any harm. He is using his second pacemaker. He has told me several times; if it were not for his inhaling the peroxide he would not be here today.

Nasal Pump Use
The nasal spray pump plays a big part in my use of peroxide. I use it to propel the peroxide into my lungs by spraying it into the back of my throat. I also spray my toothbrush to clean my teeth, to clean my glasses, spray minor cuts and scrapes, and wet postage stamps. Peroxide can be used as an aftershave tonic. Spray it on your face and rub it in. BE SURE you close your eyes when you spray your face. It will be uncomfortable if you don’t. Peroxide may be a factor in retarding aging.

I have an additional nasal pump that is full of distilled water and I use it to flush out my eyes when they feel a little dry. I spray my eyes and let the water drain down my cheeks. I wipe the water off my cheeks only, with a tissue. There are no chemicals in distilled water.

I think in the future many of the prescription drugs will come in a spray pump. Several do now but we will be seeing more. This allows the drugs to start to work instantly. They will go right into your system and not have to ward off the acids in your stomach. They can be easily dispensed almost anywhere.

Do you have a suggestion for the use of a nasal pump? I’d be interested in hearing from you.

Gardening with Hydrogen Peroxide
This will be the most phenomenal article you will ever read. It deals with something as simple as H2O2 (Peroxide) and is harmless to all good things. I have been gardening for about 40 years and was wondering why bad bugs had to have a very specific pesticide to control them. I had been inhaling peroxide for aches, pains and allergies and it seemed to control all of them. Not having any source to go to for the information on how to use peroxide in the garden, I decided on the trial and error method. I have never started a project that I new how to get to the end, and this was no exception.

The beauty supply store would have the peroxide that I needed. The 40% peroxide cost about $2.50 a quart. I bought the least expensive they had, because I did not need any additives. Having no knowledge of what strength to use, I used 8% for my plants. They did not die so that is the strength I have used ever since.

If you have a small garden you will need a hand squeeze sprayer. A little peroxide goes a long way. My lot is about 100 X 85 and I use a six-gallon sprayer. I have it mounted on a 2-wheel handcart. The peroxide comes in several strengths, so the strength you start out with is not that important as long as the final strength is 8%. Peroxide should be kept out of the sun.

When you plant the seedlings dig the hole and spray it with peroxide using your hand sprayer. Wet it good and then wet the roots of the seedlings or small plant.

I don’t use any commercial fertilizers. I have my own well so I have none of those chemicals the government uses in their water. When I prune the fruit trees, I put the trimmings in the chipper and add all the ashes from my wood burner and then till them into the garden in the fall. My garden is composting all year long. The grass clippings are used for the walkways between plants. I started out with clay, now the soil is black and soft.

Corn was the first plant that I used the peroxide on. I marked two rows off and every 12 inches made a hole about 2” or 3” deep. I put one kernel in each hole then poured about third cup of 8% peroxide in each hole and covered them up. In 5 to 6 days the sprouts came up. Fourteen days later I repeated the process without the peroxide. They came up in 12 to 14 days. Fourteen days later I repeated the first with the peroxide and they came up in 5 to 6 days. As the corn grew the corn with out the peroxide did not grow well as the ones with peroxide. I have noticed that the birds do not attack the ears of corn any more, and I assume it is because there are no worms in ears of corn. Birds can fly over the corn and know there are no worms in the corn. Do they have a sense that man does not have?

Acorn squash was next. They were planted with out peroxide. After 3 or 4 leaves formed the bugs made filigree of the leaves. One new leaf was untouched. I sprayed the plants with peroxide and as time went by the plants sprouted new leaves. They produced several squash. I sprayed the plants after every rain. I planted turnips with no peroxide and the bugs over took them. I wet them down with peroxide and that stopped the bugs.

I planted radishes and they grew bigger than golf balls, and had a mild and firm taste. I will be planting radishes and carrots this year. Last year the turnips grew to 6” to 8” in diameter and were mild when cooked.

The next year I decided to try soaking the seeds before I planted them. I soak them for three or four hours just before I planted them. The only seeds that did not survive the soaking were the navy beans. They just slipped out of their skins.

The potatoes have been interesting. The first year I planted potatoes I planted them without soaking them but sprayed them after they came up. I wet them down (not soaking) after they were 6 or 8 inches tall. Then about three weeks later I just sprayed a mist over them. They had some very small holes in them but they produced good potatoes. The next year I soaked them before planting and misted them when they came up. Last year I had several self-sow potatoes. I transplanted them but used no peroxide on them. I have had self-sow squash that came from plants that were peroxide grown and they were bug free without using peroxide.

In 2002 I used one ounce of 40% peroxide per gallon. Just about every thing that was green was sprayed and the results were a big surprise to my wife and me, We had no mosquitoes or any other flying bugs in our yard. There were a few ladybugs but they were few and far between. I don’t think the peroxide had any thing to do with the ladybugs directly. However, the lack of bugs for them to eat would be my guess why there were so few.

The vegetable that gave me a problem was the cabbage. I was determined to conquer the cabbageworm. Years ago I sprayed the cabbage plants with peroxide to no avail. This year I soaked the cabbage seeds before planting them. There were no signs of the bug until the cabbage plants were almost full grown, then I poured about a quarter of cup of 8% peroxide over the cabbage, letting it flow down into the layers of the leaves. That stopped the cabbage bugs. This year I will use hydrogen peroxide more freely on every thing that is alive and green in my yard and garden.

Bill Munro

Email at: [email protected]



Hydrogen Peroxide: Medical Miracle (2003) by Dr William Campbell Douglass (179 pages)

The Many Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide by Dr. David G. Williams (July 17, 2003)

Hydrogen Peroxide v. Prostate Cancer by Bill Munro (October 14, 2005)

Lung Cancer, Hydrogen Peroxide & the Genius of Dr. Hulda Clark (Nov. 4, 2010)

Alternatives in Cancer Therapy – Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide by Walter Grotz (Nov. 20, 2004)

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