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ObamaCare Poised to End As Justice Department Is Unwilling to Defend a 20 State Lawsuit Citing Its Unconstitutionality

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ObamaCare Poised to End As Justice Department Is Unwilling to Defend a 20 State Lawsuit Citing Its Unconstitutionality

[Editor's Note: The United States is a representative Republic whose governmental structure and laws are based on the articles and amendments contained in the U.S. Constitution. No where in the US Constitution does the government acquire the authority to force the American People to buy any product or service from any business, vendor or organization under penalty of fine or imprisonment. What Nancy Pelosi and the Indonesian Usurper criminally posing as US President did, along with the Supreme Court Jewish-controlled infiltraitors, was to bring into existence a law that mandates that all US citizens MUST purchase "health" insurance (and extorting billions in illicit profiteering for the "health" insurance industry), or face paying a steep penalty via the IRS. Such a law is more than unconstitutional - it is the essence of communism, where the state is supreme ruler and "decider" over the People, rather than the other way around.

The most egregious acts of betrayal against the Constitution and the American People began in earnest with George Bush Sr. from 1988-1992. The treachery and treason was far worse yet under the Clinton Treason/Crime Wave from 1992-2000. George Bush Jr. bought us the Jewish supremacist "Neocons," 911 betrayal, Homeland Security, the Patriot Act and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as mercenaries and war expense funders for Greater Israel. And then Obama and the Soros gang. We get a little breathing space with Trump and at least one glaring act of unconstitutionality is now a bad memory. However, the enslavement and undermining of America will continue and deepen until the majority of the American people realize that a subversive and destructive Jewish Zionist Power structure (JWO) is behind the undermining of America in order to destroy this country from within and transform it into a Marxist (communist) police state similar in structure to former East Germany of the Cold War era. All expressions of communist subversion in this country, cultural and otherwise, are being guided into completion by this hidden power cabal. This Jewish power structure must be dismantled and driven from all vectors of power and influence in America. We need to start by removing Israeli Dual citizens from the Legislative, Judiciary, & Executive, along with ALL governmental positions of authority. ...Ken Adachi]

By Betsy McCaughey

ObamaCare Poised to End As Justice Department Is Unwilling to Defend a 20 State Lawsuit Citing Its Unconstitutionality (June 9, 2018)

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ObamaCare Could End As Justice Department Abandons Its Defense

Special to the Sun | June 8, 2018


ObamaCare could soon be history, thanks to a lawsuit filed by 20 states that claim the Affordable Care Act is no longer constitutional. Attorney General Sessions is so sure the states are right that he’s folding his cards. In a rare move, the Justice Department won’t defend a federal law.

The lawsuit argues that last December, when Congress repealed the penalty for not having ObamaCare insurance, it removed the only constitutional grounds for ObamaCare.

Remember that in 2012, the first time the constitutionality of the health law was challenged, Chief Justice Roberts slyly called the penalty for not having insurance a “tax” and justified a five to four ruling in favor of the law by arguing that the Constitution gives the federal government the power to tax.

Voila, the tax is gone, and with it the flimsy constitutional underpinning of the ObamaCare scheme.

President Trump was on the mark, declaring that “ObamaCare is over” as he signed the tax-reform bill that included repeal of the health care “tax” penalty. At his State of the Union Address, he stated again that “we essentially repealed ObamaCare because we got rid of the individual mandate.”

The press and Democrats ridiculed these statements as typical Trump hyperbole. But Mr. Trump’s insight is the central argument being made by the 20 states: Texas and Wisconsin are joined in their lawsuit by Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah and West Virginia.

The case is a slam-dunk. Remember that moment on June 28, 2012, when Chief Justice Roberts pulled off one of the biggest bait-and-switches? As the nation listened, he began explaining the court’s ruling on the constitutional challenge to ObamaCare.

He went to great lengths to knock down the Obama administration’s argument that it had the power under the Constitution’s Commerce Clause to compel individuals to buy health insurance and dictate what kind they buy. The chief justice spoke for several minutes on how the federal government’s powers are limited and enumerated: “The Commerce Clause is not a general license to regulate an individual from cradle to grave.”

Then suddenly, Chief Justice Roberts shifted, explaining that the court regarded the penalty for not having ObamaCare as a “tax.” The Constitution unambiguously gives Congress the power to tax, and therefore the health law is constitutional. ObamaCare stayed the law of the land.

Chief Justice Roberts finessed the court out of what he likely feared was a dangerous political situation. The justices were being asked to nix President Obama’s signature legislation. Yet allowing a further expansion of the Commerce Clause would have done severe damage, too, eviscerating any pretext that the federal government’s powers are limited. If Congress can make you buy health insurance, how about American cars or Treasury bills?

But Chief Justice Roberts’ flim-flam ruling couldn’t endure. He built the entire constitutional justification for ObamaCare’s vast takeover of the individual insurance market on a penalty that even ObamaCare’s architects were reluctant to call a “tax.”

Once it was repealed last December, states were bound to challenge the rest of ObamaCare’s insurance regulations, including rules on how to price policies and what must be covered.

Nancy Pelosi claims the challengers are “trying to destroy protections for Americans with pre-existing conditions.” Nonsense.

The House minority leader wants to keep the ObamaCare rule that forces healthy people to pay the same premiums as those with serious illnesses. But 5% of the population uses 50% of the health care. The unfairness is obvious.

States are already fixing this problem — not abandoning the seriously ill but reimbursing insurers for their care out of general revenues rather than trying to foist the cost on other health-insurance buyers.

States are poised to take back the job of regulating health insurance, once the phony justification for ObamaCare is discarded. Proving once again that in politics, as in baseball, it’s not over till it’s over.

Look for more choices and lower premiums in many states — but no loss of coverage, since nearly all the newly insured are on Medicaid, which will be untouched by the court’s ruling.

Ms. McCaughey is a senior fellow at the London Center for Policy Research.



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