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Slave minds working to enslave the minds of children in Brazil

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Slave minds working to enslave the minds of children in Brazil

By Julio Severo

On Teacher’s Day on October 15, 2020, the Brazilian government publisheda video with several references and quotes from writers recommended by Olavo de Carvalho, considered the Rasputin of President Jair Bolsonaro. Carvalho is a self-exiled Brazilian immigrant to the United States since 2005.

The video was prepared by Carlos Nadalim, National Literacy Secretary in the Ministry of Education who is a staunch adherent of Carvalho. The video was shared on the profile of the Special Communication Secretariat (SECOM) of the Presidency of the Republic.

According to SECOM, the video is part of the Masters of Brazil series, which will pay homage to “some of the most exemplary luminaries of knowledge in Brazil, who, in different ways, have made this country their classroom.”

Among the mentions in the video are Mario Ferreira dos Santos and Eric Voegelin, names often cited and praised by Carvalho, who used to quote more frequently René Guénon, the Islamic occultist who founded the Traditionalist School and a prominent figure in perennialism.

Voegelin is also part of perennialism. Considering that there are connections between Carvalho and Guénon, it is not surprising to find such connections between Voegelin and Guénon. A Voegelin website unites the two who, although of different styles, did not differ in their occult soul. Apparently, the same maze of confusions and contradictions that was present in Guénon was also present in Voegelin. And it is undoubtedly present in Carvalho.

According to the Cambridge University Press in its work “An Agnostic View of Voegelin’s Gnostic Calvin,” written by William R. Stevenson, Voegelin believed that “the ‘Gnosticism’ of the Modern age had its roots in the Christian experience, and that the Protestant Reformation most explicitly nourished its growth.”

Since Voegelin saw communism and Nazism as the greatest forms of Gnosticism, he was accusing Protestantism of having produced communism and Nazism.

But Stevenson makes it clear that “Voegelin’s characterizing John Calvin’s project in particular as Gnostic anti-intellectualism manifesting an obvious will to power has no sound basis in Calvin’s writings.”

Voegelin saw the Protestant Reformation as the “Great Confusion” saying that the Reformation was “probably the biggest piece of political mischief concocted by a man [Luther], short of the Communist Manifesto.”

He did not spare attacks on Luther, saying that with the Reformation “Luther destroyed the balance of human existence.” Although Luther wrote a lot and had many books published, having been the great unifier of the German language through his translation of the Bible, Voegelin did not hide his total contempt for Luther’s intelligence.

Voegelin attacked Luther for his “antiphilosophism.” That is, for him Luther was against philosophy. He mentioned “[Luther’s] almost incredible lack of wisdom.”

He also said:

“Luther did not possess the powers of intellect that enable a man to grasp the essence of a problem… he was singularly lacking in intellectual insight and imagination.”

In the defense of Voegelin, Carvalho and his adherents claim that he fought Gnosticism. But Voegelin’s interpretation of Gnosticism was pure fanaticism: He saw Protestantism as the greatest producer of Gnosticism and accused that Protestantism’s anti-Gnosticism was anti-intellectualism. It is like a witch accusing Christians of witches and claiming that witchcraft is true intellectualism and accusing that any attack on witchcraft is anti-intellectualism.

Voegelin’s views are of an incredible intellectual vulgarity, not to mention, intellectual dishonesty. How can he dishonestly attack Protestantism when the largest Protestant nation in the world, the United States, is also the most capitalist and anti-Marxist nation in the world? When Voegelin needed political asylum, the United States granted it to him. This is the great weakness of the U.S.: To give shelter to the enemies of the American bases. Communists receive such shelter, and even Carvalho received it.

The historic capitalism that made the United States great had Protestant bases. Still, Carvalho considers Voegelin to be a conservative greater than all American conservatives. He recommends as a model an esoteric opposite to the main bases of American conservatism and capitalism.

So, thanks to Nadalim’s idolatry for Olavo de Carvalho, the Bolsonaro administration is honoring as an intellectual model for Brazil an esoteric who dishonestly portrayed:

* Luther as a man without any intelligence.

* The Protestant Reformation as the Great Confusion.

* The evangelical movement as virtually the mother of communism and Nazism.

Voegelin’s confused views, whom Carvalho elevates as a “conservative” greater than all American conservatives, are a total insult to all evangelicals who elected Bolsonaro.

Nadalim’s video shared by SECOM is a slap in the face of Bolsonaro’s evangelical supporters, as Voegelin’s occult connections make him a suspicious character, but his slander and accusations against the evangelical movement make him a man disqualified to be used as a model by a government elected mainly by evangelicals.

Occultists accumulate a lot of knowledge, but as they have not the fear of the Lord, all their knowledge and practice turn into chaos and confusion.

Voegelin has the distinction of posing as a man who fought some forms of the occult. But this distinction was not unique to him. Although Guénon’s name is known among occultists, he also posed as a man who fought some forms of the occult. Carvalho inherited from Guénon that same pose and characteristic.

Carvalho’s taste is essentially occult and when he recommends a writer, it is almost impossible not to find anything occult. A genuine conservative Christian recommends genuine conservative Christians. But what to expect from an occultist? If a fish cannot be expected to leave its fish nature to stop swimming, it cannot be expected that an occultist will stop exuding occultism, even when speaking of philosophy.

For years, Carvalho recommended Guénon’s books in his “philosophy classes.” In fact, Guénon’s first book in Portuguese was translated by Carvalho, who studied Guénon through Guénon’s direct disciples, including Martin Lings and Michel Veber, whom Carvalho treated as “my teacher.”

As for Mario Ferreira dos Santos, Carvalho said in 2017 that “It is ok that people are interested in the writings of the so-called ‘traditionalist school,’ but everything that René Guénon, Titus Burckhardt and ‘tutti quanti’ wrote about the symbolism of numbers — the essential language of all esotericism — it’s just a kindergarten game when compared to what Mário Ferreira dos Santos did.”

So Carvalho placed Mario Ferreira dos Santos as an occultist above Guénon himself. And, unlike what he recommended, it is not at all okay for people to be interested in the writings of the Traditionalist School, an occult movement that includes Guénon, Julius Evola, Steve Bannon and Alexander Dugin.

The minds of Carvalho and his adherents are enslaved to occultism disguised as philosophy and they do nothing without enslaving others to their own intellectual and spiritual slavery.

For lack of culture and investigative spirit, many Brazilians seem to have difficulty understanding Carvalho’s occult nature. For several years he maintained an Inter-American Institute in the U.S., whose American evangelical members, attracted by an apostate Calvinist, could not understand the real Carvalho for one reason: They could not read Portuguese and all the controversial writings of Carvalho are in Portuguese.

So I gave them a great help: I sent them my translation of the controversial writings and they questioned who Carvalho was. Result: The institute closed.

While Nadalim extols Carvalho as a great intellect, Americans question everything about Carvalho, an attitude that any intelligent person has.

Although Carvalho says he is much persecuted, the vast majority of reports and articles about him in English accurately present him as a man with an occult history. One of the greatest books against the occult, “War For Eternity: Inside Bannon’s Far-Right Circle of Global Power Brokers,” by Benjamin R. Teitelbaum, presents the main names of Guénon’s Traditionalist School, including Steve Bannon, Julius Evola, Alexander Dugin and Carvalho, who was only mentioned, albeit rarely, because of the much propaganda Bolsonaro does for him.

Teitelbaum is an American Jewish writer and his book deals with occultism on the right in the U.S., Russia and Brazil.

Carvalho has not threatened Teitelbaum and other Americans who exposed their occult connections, but he has, in several videos, threatened me, asking the Bolsonaro government and the Federal Police to investigate me. His claim is that my exposés against him involving the Inquisition and esotericism are a threat to Brazil’s national security.

The difference between him and me is big. He says he is persecuted when the U.S. press exposes his occult connections, while for years I have been attacked by the leftist press in the United States solely because of my conservative evangelical stances against abortion and homosexual sin.

While Carvalho is “persecuted” for his occult connections, I am persecuted by the left and by Carvalho himself for my Christian connections. All criticism of the U.S. press against Carvalho is not because of Christianity, but because of occultism and extremist rightism. All criticism of the U.S. press against me is because of Christianity.

If Nadalim were an intelligent man like the Americans who investigate what Carvalho says, he would see that it makes no sense for Carvalho to defend the Inquisition in the 21st century. Carvalho is the greatest Brazilian revisionist of the Inquisition, who tortured and killed thousands of Jews and Protestants.

Revisionism is an essentially Marxist method seeking to rewrite history. Leaning on revisionist authors, Carvalho rewrites the history of the Inquisition, claiming that the tortures and murders of the Inquisition for centuries are lies invented by American evangelicals. He portrays the Inquisition as a human rights court that never tried, condemned, tortured and killed Jews and Protestants.

It was not difficult for me to refute Carvalho’s lies about the Inquisition. I used the 1911 edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica, considered the most conservative and the most used in the homeschooling movement.

Obviously, his revisionism is as much a lie as it is Marxist. Nadalim is not intellectually prepared to deal with his master’s aberrations, limiting himself to propagandize him everywhere and at all times.

It is nonsense to think that only Marxism is a source of mental slavery. What is happening in the Ministry of Education of Brazil, where the greatest revisionist of the Inquisition and one of the greatest occultists in Brazil has been exalted, goes against true intellectual knowledge. Such revisionism is as harmful as Marxism itself.

A Ministry of Education or government that exalts an Inquisition revisionist and occultist has problems of an intellectual nature.

Carvalho used to quote Guénon frequently, and only stopped after my constant exposés. Even so, on October 17, 2020, he said:

“If there is one thing I learned from René Guénon once and for all it is: ‘The secret is OF THE SAME ESSENCE of power.’”

For Carvalho, secrecy and power have the same essence. And he skillfully makes use of secrecy (which is the essence of the occult) to gain power. It is an occult skill that he learned from Guénon.

In fact, he learned many things from Guénon, including the art of being an occultist posing as an intellectual who fights the occult. This is one of the shrewdest arts that an occultist could practice, and Carvalho practices it extremely well. But not well enough for the minds of American readers. Despite Carvalho’s many efforts to hide and disguise his occultism, the U.S. press has not been convinced and continues to expose his dark side.

It is possible that now that I am denouncing the occult connections of Mario Ferreira dos Santos and Eric Voegelin that Carvalho will do with them what he did with Guénon after my exposés and quote them infrequently.

As for Carlos Nadalim, he is under total intellectual slavery to Carvalho, serving only as Carvalho’s echo chamber in the Ministry of Education. He also uses the homeschooling movement as a mere echo chamber of Carvalho’s ideology. He was, until 2019, partner of the owner of the Brasil Sem Medo website, launched by Carvalho and self-proclaimed as the “largest conservative newspaper on the Brazilian internet.”

Nadalim is not really at the service of homeschooling or Christian conservatism, but only placing homeschooling and conservatism at the service of Carvalho’s ideology.

There is a saying, “Empty mind is Satan’s workshop.” Nadalim’s mind is merely Carvalho’s workshop. In this sense, Nadalim and other adherents of Carvalho seek to transform the Bolsonaro administration into the Great Workshop of Carvalho.

The most tragic of all is that the current Brazilian government was elected largely by votes from conservative evangelicals. And now, riding on the conservative evangelical wave, Carvalho’s extremist adherents suck at the tits of the State and pose as saviors — a salvation full of confusion.

It is not the first time that evangelicals have been exploited. Paulo Freire (1921-1997), a Brazilian Marxist who became famous after “creating” a Marxist literacy method, plagiarized the literary method of the U.S. evangelical missionary Frank Charles Laubach (1884–1970), who visited Brazil in 1946, where he launched the Laubach Method Literacy.

According to Dr. David Gueiros Vieira, the Paulo Freire Method is nothing more than a perverted pirate copy of the Laubach Method.

In an article on the Escola Sem Partido website entitled “Paulo Freire Method or Laubach Method?” Vieira explained that the Laubach Method was created by Laubach to help illiterate populations in the Third World to read the Bible.

In 1915, Frank Laubach had been sent by an evangelical mission to the island of Mindanao, in the Philippines, which was then under American rule — since the United States defeated Spain in a war. Spanish Catholic domination had left the Filipino population with a legacy of total illiteracy and hatred of Americans. Laubach used his method to teach Filipinos how to read the Bible.

After 1915, the Laubach Method was used with great success throughout Asia and in various parts of Latin America, for almost the entire 20th century.

Vieira said:

In Brazil, this [method] was introduced by Laubach himself, in 1943, at the request of the Brazilian government. That year, this educator came to Brazil to explain his methodology, as he had done in several other Latin American nations.

I remember that visit well, because even though I was very young, attending the third year of high school, all of us students knew that illiteracy in Brazil was still close to 76% — which we were ashamed of — and that this was the biggest impediment to the country’s development.

Laubach’s visit to Pernambuco caused great repercussion in student circles. He gave numerous lectures at schools and colleges.

There was also extensive distribution of Laubach Method booklets, in Spanish, as the Portuguese version was not yet ready. At that time, the Readers Digest magazine published an article about Laubach and his method — widely read and commented on by all Brazilians at the time, who, due to the war, had that magazine as their only literary contact with the outside world.

At the same time, suddenly, booklets similar to those of Laubach began to appear in Pernambuco, but with a totally different philosophical content. Laubach’s, of an evangelical nature, emphasized citizenship, social peace, personal ethics, Christianity and the existence of God. The new booklets, using identical methodology, emphasized the class struggle, propaganda of Marxist theory, atheism and the awareness of the masses about their “status of oppressed.” The author of these other booklets was Paulo Freire, who lent his name to this “new methodology” — from the use of portraits and words in adult literacy — as if it were his own.

The truth then is that the struggle of an American evangelical missionary to teach the Brazilian population to read the Gospel was pirated and corrupted by Paulo Freire on behalf of the propaganda of Marxism. This is called opportunism.

If Paulo Freire’s opportunism at the expense of an American evangelical was terrible, what could result from Olavo de Carvalho’s opportunism at the expense of the victory that evangelicals gave Bolsonaro? What kind of education could his ideological indoctrination bring to children?

What Freire did was to remove Christian and biblical bases from the Laubach Method and introduce Marxist bases instead. It was leftist plagiarism for ideological interest.

What Carlos Nadalim has done is to introduce as references and official educational models only Mario Ferreira dos Santos, Eric Voegelin and other names recommended by Carvalho. Brazil freed itself from Paulo Freire’s opportunism against the evangelical Laubach and embraced Carvalho’s opportunism against evangelicals. Riding on the conservative evangelical wave, Nadalim promotes Carvalho, who attacks this wave.

The Freire case shows that Marxists know how to take advantage of evangelicals. The Carvalho case shows that esoteric right-wingers also know how to take advantage of evangelicals. Both cases are an aberration, as both Marxists and esoteric right-wingers know that conservative evangelicals have important knowledge and influence, but instead of recognizing this, they prefer to exploit evangelicals for their own ideological purposes.

Only after Carvalho’s nominations failed at the Ministry of Education did Bolsonaro remember to honor representatives of the conservative evangelical wave. He eventually appointed an evangelical pastor as Minister of Education.

But how could Carvalho’s nominations be successful? What does he understand about homeschooling? What does he understand about education?

A good way to assess his educational capacity is to see the fruits of this education in the lives of his own children. Two of his children are Muslims. His eldest daughter had been forced by him, when she was a minor, to marry a Muslim in a mosque. Carvalho himself received an award from the Islamic dictatorship of Saudi Arabia for a biography of Muhammad that he wrote.

Carvalho’s history is saturated with esotericism, astrology and esoteric Islam. Even today, he continues with very strong esoteric connections. No well-known U.S. philosopher praises and recommends Carvalho, but Wolfgang Smith, an esoteric American adherent to Guénon, has praised and recommended Carvalho and vice versa.

One of Carvalho’s sons, in a post on October 12, 2018 just before Brazil’s presidential election, recommended Bolsonaro for Islamic reasons. Luiz Gonzaga de Carvalho Filho, a self-styled teacher who teaches astrology and esoteric classes, said:

“Now if you want to be able to have real freedom to create independent Islamic cultural institutions or to do Islamic homeschooling for your children and have true cultural and religious independence from the government, vote for Bolsonaro.”

I voted for Bolsonaro, like millions of Brazilian evangelicals. But I did not vote for him so that his administration would be taken over by adherents of an esotericist whose confused children live and preach Islam and esotericism.

Why doesn’t Nadalim, who seeks to distort homeschooling and education in Brazil, use Carvalho’s own Islamic children as educational models?

If Carvalho’s ideological indoctrination brought confusion to his own children, who became Muslims and astrologers, could it miraculously generate conservatism through the Ministry of Education? Could it generate genuine conservatism in the Brazilian homeschooling movement? Carvalho himself said:

“I have already decided: whoever wants to see in conservative politics the purpose and essence of my writings is a square beast, a son of a bitch and a shit across the board.”

So do not be surprised when Nadalim promotes an alleged “homeschooling” and “conservatism” that in the end will cause confusion for millions of children. His “homeschooling” and “conservatism” are not centered on Jesus Christ and the Gospel, but on an extremely confused and contradictory man who has a mouth that speaks many dirty words daily.

In one thing Laubach was absolutely right: People need to learn to read and write in order to get to know the Bible and its Author better. Only then will they be able to get rid of indoctrination, illiteracy and ideological idolatry — from any source and abyss where they come from.

Woe to anyone who falls into the tale of Carvalho. Those who have already fallen have gained nothing. Early in his administration, Bolsonaro appointed Ricardo Vélez as Minister of Education, who failed. Bolsonaro confessed that he blindly named him, trusting Carvalho, who later did not accept any responsibility, simply saying that he had had no contact with Velez for 20 years.

The fact is that there is so much indigence of genuine intelligence in Carvalho’s movement that he himself has not found a single competent name among his adherents to occupy the Ministry of Education. He had to search through his old contacts for someone who could be much better than his current intellectually slave “students,” and the chosen one was Velez, who has a history of attacking Trump and praising the leftist Hillary Clinton.

To avoid the intellectual confusions of his current adherents, Carvalho sought out an old friend and student, but to no avail, as the result was chaos and confusion.

Another attempt by Bolsonaro to name a “superior intellect” of the Carvalho movement was the choice of Roberto Alvim for the highest position in the Ministry of Culture. Like Nadalim, Alvim is a hard-core adherent of Carvalho. He fell after praising Hitler’s Nazi German propaganda minister.

If an adherent is the result of his master, here are the results.

Even so, fanatics are blind and prefer to flatter to the end. On Teacher’s Day, former Minister of Education Abraham Weintraub compared Carvalho to Jesus Christ, saying about Carvalho: “A teacher is the one who teaches, who is really concerned with passing on knowledge. An activity so sacred that it was what the Apostles called Jesus (rabbi or rabbi = teacher or master). Happy Teacher’s Day!”

One of his strangest acts as a minister was to launch an astrology campaign on the Ministry of Education’s own website.

After witnessing the fanaticism of Carvalho’s adherents in the government, any intelligent person would conclude that in their trail there is much confusion and disaster — normal elements in the trail of any occultist.

Voegelin made a big mistake. It is not in the evangelical movement that there is a lack of intelligence and Gnosticism. It is in the Carvalho movement, where its adherents demonstrate remarkable intellectual slavery.

There must be a lack of intelligence in the Brazilian government, and there must be a lack of prayers from the people of God for God to grant intelligence to the members of the government, because even after Nadalim put Carvalho and Voegelin as “educational models,” few people in the government are seeing, or confessing, that the ideas pf Carvalho are causing confusion and disaster.

With information from Voegelin View.

Portuguese version of this article: Mentes escravas trabalhando para escravizar a mente das crianças do Brasil

Source: Last Days Watchman

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