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By Last Days Watchman (Reporter)
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Not by might, nor power, not by Supreme Court, not by legal means, but by God’s Spirit

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Not by might, nor power, not by Supreme Court, not by legal means, but by God’s Spirit

By Julio Severo

There are a people praying in America, and they praying fervently. And pray never returns unanswered.

Right now, after the U.S. election, everything seems impossible, especially because the left-wing media and establishment declared their own president. But do we forget that the specialty of God is the impossible? After all, we know that the final victory is ours. The Book of Revelation shows very clearly that the final victory if of Christ and his conquerors. It is not of feminists, atheists, homosexualists, pro-abortion activists, occultists shrewdly masked as conservatives and right-wingers, etc. All of they are losers and condemned to Hell. The final victory is for real Christians, who follow Him wholeheartedly.

Yet, before the final victory, God always give us some glimpses of His victories. He has done it several times during the History. Against all odds, he put Joseph as governor of the Egyptian Empire. Against all odds, he put Moses to lead the Hebrew people to the Promised Land. Against all odds, he used David to defeat the giant Goliath and put him as King of Israel. He put pagan Cyrus as a king to help Israel.

So He has made marvelous works during the history, as a powerful reminder that He can do much more during our History. I am sure that there were a praying people behind each of these marvelous events.

Why am I writing these testimonies? Because I believe that, by the prayer of his American people, God can do also marvelous things in this dark season, so that a powerful light might bright.

Firstly, let me explain prophecy. In the Old Testament, prophecy had to be 100 percent accurate. If not, the prophet would be executed. Yet, there was a powerful exception. God gave a direct order to Elijah: “Then the LORD said to him: ‘Go, return on your way to the Wilderness of Damascus; and when you arrive, anoint Hazael [as] king over Syria.’” (1 Kings 19:15 NKJV)

The problem is: Elijah never anointed Hazael. Elisha fulfilled this word, but God’s direct word was not to Elisha. It was to Elijah. This is an excessively serious problem to theological purists.

Would anyone of you venture to execute Elijah for never fulfilling God’s direct order?

For those ignoring the Bible, the New Testament softened the hard punishment on prophecy. Apostle Paul said,

“But if [anything] is revealed to another who sits by, let the first keep silent. For you can all prophesy one by one, that all may learn and all may be encouraged. And the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets. For God is not [the author] of confusion but of peace, as in all the churches of the saints.” (1 Corinthians 14:30-33 NKJV)

So no death penalty, no harsh punishment. Jut analysis and encouragement to grow in the prophetic. Have you got wrong in your prophecies? Apostle Paul will help you to grow in healthy prophecy.

Now, let us get to the point. Brother Dutch Sheets shared an important prophecy, which you should see in the light of New Testament, even though hard-core Calvinists would love to see it in the light of the Old Testament to impose immediate execution in the “false” prophet, just as his supreme master John Calvin did to Servet, by condemning him to execution for “heresy.”

If you want to watch the English video of Dutch Sheets, sharing Kent Christmas, access this link:

Anyway, I have transcribed their words. They can or not happen, but everything depends on God’s people praying fervently. Even if you do not see the answer you expect, God’s answer shall come. God will never let your people without answers and miracles and wonders.

Here are the words of Dutch Sheets:

Hello and welcome to give him 15 for Thursday December the 17th and I’m going to do something a little different today than I have done in the past I’m going to play a prophecy for you I heard this couple days ago and it really stirred my spirit tremendously so I’ve gotten permission to use it as the give him 15 post today so we’re going to play the entire word it’s about 12 minutes and then I’ll come to you again at the end and we’ll pray together but this was released by Kent Christmas and that’s his name Kent Christmas, appropriate time of year to be releasing this uh wonderful brother pastors uh church in Nashville Tennessee called Regeneration Nashville. He and his wife Candy and he has given me permission to release it to you this uh this word. It is not just about the elections it’s such a broad word that I think it. it really summarizes and encompasses so much of what God is doing right now because it’s not just about America it’s about the nations not just about the election but it’s about the awakening revival that’s coming so I know this word will encourage you and I want you to let it be guide you in your prayer time today.

Maybe make a few notes and things you want to pray about things that encourage you, perhaps, or even listen to it two or three times and allow it to just really get in your heart and produce faith in you because it’s an incredibly encouraging word and the title of this post is a gift you will never forget.

Here are the prophetic words of Kent Christmas:

The Lord says what I am doing now. What you’re seeing is not resurrection of something old, but God said I am birthing something new in the earth that you have not seen. !n my mercy, God says I have been silent because I have been giving evil men time to repent but just now as evil has declared war on me and on the church, so do I declare war on them, says the Lord.

I am sending my word forth into the earth and it will not return unto me unfulfilled but all that I have declared over the decades, saith the Lord, is going to come to pass in this hour and it will come quickly for you were in the third day, says God, and in these days a day of resurrection of the glory and of the power of the Holy Ghost.

My servants who are my prophets that have spoken my word to the nations have not prophesied in their own name they have not spoken fables but they have declared that thus saith he Lord in my name. Know this says the Lord of Hosts: I will not let evil men and so-called believers who are full of unbelief make me a liar for I am not a man that I should repent, saith God, for I am still God and when send forth my word it goes forth as a sword, saith the Lord, and it is going to pierce the very strongholds of the power of darkness just as I came to the earth the first time as God in flesh.

So am I now coming to you and to this nation and across the earth in this Christmas season to give you a gift, says the Lord, that you will never forget. What you have been watching in the media is the spirit of that woman Jezebel trying to replace the woman called the church in the earth.

But the voice of the church in this hour are my prophets, saith God, and they will not be silenced in the word of the Lord that I have released in this hour though it looks impossible, says God. It will come to pass for all that I declare to you, says the Lord. It will not come by the power of men. It will not come through politics or law or even the Supreme Court, says the Lord, but it will come forth by the power of the Holy Ghost in this hour, just as Jezebel in the days of Elijah drove the prophets into caves, so she in 2020 drove my church into hiding.

But just as I was only in the cave for three days, says the Lord, so is my church coming out of the cave and coming out of hiding, for the voice of righteousness will not be silenced, says the Lord, and you will not muzzle me, say it God. I will not sit down as a small child in a corner, says the Lord, and not yield to a power that is not as great as I am, for I am still God, saith the Lord.

In the year 2021 of January the angel Michael is sounding the ram’s horn as a call to war against false religion and counterfeit churches in the earth. Every pastor in church that has crawled into bed with this spirit, saith God, I am now going to uncover and I’m going to judge, says the Lord, for there are many buildings that are built that have the word church on them and a cross, says God, but they do not honor my name. They are not about my presence and they do not care for the poor and those who have been laden with sin.

Yet, in this day, saith God, I am raising up a church that is glorious without spot, wrinkle or blemish. Just as the devil has tried to put despair and intimidation on my people, I now release from my throne room, saith God, a holy garment of boldness on them, says the Lord, for there is a spirit of power and authority that is going to arise on you and I put the spirit of fear and intimidation on those that have tried to shut up the house of the Lord and as I have watched hallelujah, saith God.

The houses of the enemy become silent. There is now a sound of the line of Judah that’s getting ready to come up out of the house of the Lord. You will no longer be known as a house that is heavy and in despair but there is joy, saith God, for even as I came to the earth the first time and the angels shouted there is joy in the earth, so am I coming to you in this Christmas season, saith the Lord.

I have not forgotten what I have promised you and though it looks impossible and though the media says it will not happen and though they’ve already crowned one man a king I say to you he is a false king for the King of kings and the Lord of lords is yet to be raised up for the throne room of the Lord. But it will not be occupied by an impostor, says God, it will be set upon by the glorious God of all eternity.

Know this, saith God, have I not always told you that though I tarry long when you pray that when I do come I will show up quickly what I’m getting ready to do in the next few weeks, saith God, will be a quick work it will not be done in part it will not leave a back door for an enemy to come through but this time, saith God, I am going to finish what I started and for four years the glory of the Lord shall descend upon the earth in a way that you have never seen it, saith the Lord, for I have waited to show myself in this time of destiny because I wanted the enemy to show himself first now that he is uncovered.

You’re going to see the anointing of Elijah being released in the earth, says the Lord. And harvest will begin just as I had to wait until Goliath’s sword could be put in the hand of David before the enemy was destroyed just as I waited for Jordan to flood before Israel could cross over just as I waited for Mordechai to be promoted until Haman’s gallows were built.

Know this: the enemy has built a gallows to hang the church but I’m getting ready to reverse, saith God, what has been declared in this nation and I’m going to take the weapon that the enemy formed against the house of the Lord and I’m going to cause the enemy to be destroyed by the very weapon that he forged in the fires of hell to destroy the people of God in the next four years.

I’m giving the nations to the church as their inheritance not just a few not just a bit not just. Those that are not under the yarn curtain I’m invading the Muslim nations up. I’m invading the communist nations up. I’m tearing down the yarn curtain, says the Lord.

I am also taking the wealth of the wicked up and I am transferring it to the saints of the Most High. I did not cause you to be poor. I take pleasure in the prosperity of my servant. Land, titles, deeds, money, wealth, and inventions are now being released out of the heavens unto the saints of the Most High for what I’m going to do will not be a cheap move but it will be the riches of glory be displayed in the earth for what I am going to accomplish, says God.

What I am now going to do will be like an explosion of my power and my glory in the earth. I am going to China for what they have done to the nations because they have tried to remove me from the earth I am also going to deal with their leadership and there’s going to be a release of the presence of God and revival in the nation of China. Hell released a global epidemic in the earth to advance the purpose of Satan. I am now releasing in every nation my presence and my glory to bring forth the kingdom of Jesus Christ as you have seen a wave of death in the earth.

Now shall you see life and divine healing released in the earth and the sound that’s coming out of the people of God is going to tear down the ancient strongholds that have ruled the nations. So get ready, says God, not months from now but you’re on the preface, says the Lord, of the greatest outpouring of the glory of God and today lift off of you, saith the Lord, the spirit of heaviness, and I release upon you up the garment of praise shout unto the Lord, say God, for this is the hour in which my mercy is being released upon my people, saith God, hallelujah.

Again, the words of Dutch Sheets:

Well I’m sure you enjoyed that strong word I hope that it stirred you as much as it stirred me and let’s pray into it right now and just ask the Lord to do a few things together here. Lord, we thank you for this encouraging word. Thank you for our brother Kent and the Kent great encouragement that you brought to us, Lord, you said you’re about to do something that will be so powerful that we will never forget it or we’re aware very aware that in this situation of Kent the elections in America we’re in a situation that uh will require a miracle to turn it. We’ve known that since day one.

But Lord, Kent have stirred the prophets to continue to speak uh encouraging words telling us to stand and we are and we are taking your words and we’re decreeing them and using them as a sword. So Lord we do that again today. We say that all of the of the deception the corruption all the things that have taken place to uh to bring an inappropriate outcome is going to be turned by you that you’re going to do great things. You’re going to expose. You’re going to turn things around, Lord, you’re not limited to natural means.

You, Kent, can do supernatural things and we come into agreement today for that we say you are going to move by our spirit and Lord you even said in this word that what you do won’t be done by laws and even the Supreme Court but by the power of your Spirit. You’re going to do something so that’s exactly what we ask we ask for the key that you’ve spoken of over and over or keys we believe Lord that’s two things that key is something being unlocked something being revealed that’s hidden also Lord we know the key you’re referring to is Kent the declaration the decrees of the ecclesia you’ve given us keys you gave us the key in Isaiah 22 22.

And Isaiah I believe it was released to the church in Matthew 16 so Lord we take the keys and we decree that you are going to expose all the corruption you’re going to turn things and Lord you’re going to further your kingdom purpose in this nation and you’re going to do it in this election so we thank you for that in Jesus name amen I appreciate you listening to this today I’m sure you enjoyed it and we’ll see you again tomorrow.

Conclusion by Julio Severo:

My sincere prayer? That Kent’s words may be fulfilled. Yet, even if they are not fulfilled, I am sure that God will not let the fervent prayer of his people unanswered. In some way, he will answer and do what he has always done for his people: Signs, wonders, miracles, and great things.

God is greater than Trump and America, and I believe that He is going, through the prayer of his faithful people, to do greater things than we can imagine.

Portuguese version of this article: Não por força, nem poder, não pelo Supremo Tribunal, não por meios legais, mas pelo Espírito de Deus

Source: Last Days Watchman

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