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Real Covid-19 Story Is Here And Much Worse Than The Public Knows!! Rothschild Files Patent For Covid-19 Testing In 2015!! 16 Agendas Of The Fake Vaxx, And 16 Red Pills Of Greater Agenda!! Be A Superspreader Of Truth Now!!

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Real Covid-19 Story Is Here And Much Worse Than The Public Knows!! Rothschild Files Patent For Covid-19 Testing In 2015!! 16 Agendas Of The Fake Vaxx, And 16 Red Pills Of Greater Agenda!! Be A Superspreader Of Truth Now!!


System and Method for Testing for COVID-19 – Patent US-2020279585-A1 – 2015/10/13!!!!!!! (2015!!! tell us it isn’t so!!!)

Posted By: Lymerick Date: Thursday, 13-Jan-2022 18:32:46

  Why this is utterly shocking!!! A testing method Patent for COVID-19 to a ROTHSCHILD in 2015!!! Could TPTW have planned this whole scheme SO FAR AHEAD!!!??? Getting to be same old same old any more. Lymerick Patent Summary System and Method for Testing for COVID-19 Patent US-2020279585-A1 Inventor ROTHSCHILD RICHARD A (GB) Assignee ROTHSCHILD RICHARD A (GB) Date


Priority 2015/10/13 SNIP This web page summarizes information in PubChem about patent US-2020279585-A1. This includes chemicals mentioned, as reported by PubChem contributors, as well as other content, such as title, abstract, and International Patent Classification (IPC) codes. To read more about how this page was constructed, please visit the PubChem patents help page.  






IITM:  Thanks to Lymerick.  Will the real covid-19 story please stand up!!With the official story, what exactly was covid-19 doing in a laboratory, if it wasn’t manmade in the first place?   As we put together the entire story, I admit it’s confusing, so here’s my theory:  Covid-19 does exist, but not as we are told, it was originally a manmade creation, however the original creation was found to be too deadly… and so they went with the propaganda and the rebranding of the cold and flu.

And so what the public is being scared with is a fake covid narrative:

1. The rebranding of the cold and flu, to super inflate the numbers and to create public hysteria and confusion.

2. Focused beam microwave attacks on specific key people, to help move the narrative forward.  This involves people who see through the narrative and are a threat to the official story, and also, people who are just specifically chosen to be attacked by microwaves, to move the fake story forward.

3. 5G microwave radiation. Please note the Wuhun and Guayaquil, Ecuador were two of the initial cities that supposedly had covid outbreaks, are also 5G TEST CITIES! In these examples, people literally dropped dead in the streets.

4. Graphene oxide is tiny razor blades in the fake vaccines, and in the chemtrails too by the way.  Athletes and others who have blood rushing through their systems are being shredded from the inside out… the official stories are that they have covid.

5. Other ingredients of the fake vaxx, are designed to keep people permanently sick, permanently removed from God consciousness, and are designed to turn people into a patentable species of non-humans, that hook up to bluetooth and the internet.  Yeah you should be very very very concerned.  One side-effect is obviously, DEATH!

6. Overall there are at least 16 agendas of their mystery needle! The vaxx passport thing, is a system to label humans just like they label GMO fruit and veggies in the not-so-supermarket.

How Bad How Bad Is Your Vaccine Batch? Find Out Now… The Numbers On “Vaccine” Passport Are Coded For Biological Activity; (Placebo And Relative Toxicity)… This Is Proof Of Experimentation And Intent To Exterminate!! 


Please visit O.N.E. News for years of accumulated research, and by the way, we weren’t fooled from the very beginning that the official story was fake, and you can follow our intensive research trail which has led to the conclusions stated above.  We are in a silent war, and the truth is winning. Surely you’ve noticed the fake covid narrative is an attempt to goad the world into a one world control system, and that those who are supporting the fake narrative which results in crimes against humanity include: hospitals, politicians, secret societies, fake news, satanic societies, groups like the masons, jesuits, zionists… everyone coming together for their moment of untruth? ALL BASED ON A LIE, FEAR AND THE NIGHTMARES OF ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE AND THIS PLANET! Yes, this post IS a major red pill the world needs to see, kindly share and thanks for helping to free our species, lost in this ridiculous false story, that gets more wacky by the day. Yes there is something beyond covid… a world filled with freedom and wonder beyond our imaginations!

5G/Vaxx Worldwide Holocaust Set To Begin? Leave The Matrix While You Still Can And Get Off Your Duff And Do Something About It!! Here Are 16 Red Pills!!

Greetings peeps!~ I hear many of you struggle to help communicate what is going on, to those who don’t know what is going on. This information has been given before, but I’m gathering up some concepts, to help people see the bigger picture…. it goes like this… Dear cherished human~ It’s no secret that our species is lost, lost in a grand conspiracy so epic, that few can see it. Those few who have been able to see it, have been mocked, laughed at, ignored and much worse… they are disappeared, and sometimes they are removed from their bodies… weapons exist that emulate the so called, ‘covid’ symptoms, that are being use to easily fool a lost and gullible public By the time you reach the bottom of the rabbit hole you too hopefully will reach some of the most horrible conclusions imaginable, and how the average person has most gullibly played a role, in perpetuating the most evil that can be thrust upon us. Now, let’s at first start with the easy stuff and then work our way towards the unimaginable stuff. If you can admit to yourself, when you have fooled yourself, this will be a lot easier for you… if not, then I guess you’re happy, then you no don’t need to read further… there will be nothing here for you.

  1. Plandemic decades in planning. World takeover planned for 1000’s of years. Before the plandemic, globalist, media, technology, military and deepstate power structures did amalgamate themselves through decades of secret meetings, they noticed that humanity was most certainly asleep and thus, most certainly vulnerable to a stealth planetary takeover. They worked for decades on a plan to bring this about, and their final plan, merged with a plan spanning 1000’s of years, to slowly and stealthily work towards a negative world takeover agenda, which we are now seeing playing out right now. (Punchline: it’s failing so read off of this knowing they came very close, but are failing.)
  2. Free and false entertainment, education and news seeded humanity with their evil plan. The whole plandemic was started years ago, way before the plandemic. The plot was given to humanity as plots for movies and video games. You will have to know that it’s dangerous to watch those movies with diabolical plots because your consciousness does set these agendas into motion, via entertainment… and yes, fake news carries these diabolical plots forward. One example: Before any of this plandemic happened they had to seed humanity’s consciousness with their agenda… still think ‘free entertainment’ is free? I hope not, it certainly isn’t.
  3. Not everything that says it is a vaccine is a vaccine. Oh, this one fooled so many people. Just because someone calls something a vaccine, doesn’t mean it is. This time, it isn’t one. Humanity never really independently investigated any of the vaccine program throughout history, and the secret enemies of humanity saw that they could inject people with literally anything, and no none stopped them. No one tested the batches of so-called vaccines, and no one challenged their words. Face it, evil went unchallenged for decades.
  4. They have stated plans to reduce population by 90%. It’s literally written in stone. So what’s the conspiracy? The conspiracy is that a rather small group of people who gained power over humanity, realized they could use their power to eliminate most of the people… and get this… only a small percentage of humanity would challenge them… this number is now growing, and may even now include you, reading these words.
  5. Medical tyranny isn’t really anything new. Face it dear ones, the medical industry is based on sickness and not wellness, and so they realized that humanity mostly didn’t notice the difference, or even cared if there was a difference… sickcare and healthcare are too different things. The powers-that-want-to-rule-the-world, realized that the medical community mostly didn’t care either, as long as they got their big fat paycheques! Even to this very day, hospitals are paid more to say that people died of covid when they really didn’t.
  6. What is covid-19 and why did the cold and flu statistics dramatically alter? Does anyone really know? Here’s what is known. There IS a covid-19… it is manmade and thus, there IS a patent and thus a papertrail, and may have been intended to be be released to the public, but it was too lethal, and so they had to go with a rebranding of the flu and cold, and the statistics prove this to be true. Now, this is a big detail I’m about to share. Covid-19 stated symptoms, are similar to the cold, and the flu, and get this ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION SICKNESS. This is important because two things are happening: 1. They have already seeded humanity with the lie that future strains are set to be more lethal, and 2. They already know that people will get sick and even die, from 5G radiation sickness.
  7. Humanity has always gotten sick from radiation and unseen technology and now neighbourhoods and homes are being weaponized. Face it peeps… humanity has gotten sick from the introduction of new technologies, mostly of the unseen type, such as radio signals, wifi, nuclear radiation, electric-based radiation, microwaves. They realized this, and they also realize that people will become so damaged with 5G, via radiation and the implanting of thoughts… they can create zombies with frequencies, and they can make your head explode with focused frequencies. 5G came from military sources, microwaves have been weaponized for decades. The people of Iraq would suddenly surrender because of microwave frequency weapons during the Gulf War, and did anyone really question why? That was a big mistake, because now they started to treat the entire world, including everyone’s neighbourhoods and homes even, like places they could install their secret weapons. They even call these ‘smart homes’, and ‘smart communities’… because they truly believe the public will never stop them.
  8. The vaxx connects to 5G. There is plenty of ever-growing evidence that the vaxx contains ingredients like graphene oxide, tiny devices that connect people to the 5G grid… the internet of fully controllable humans.
  9. Booster shots… why bother? Graphene oxide which is a vaxx ingredient is used to carry chemicals throughout the body. It is also helpful in doing 3D modelling of the human body. They can somehow use graphene oxide and frequencies, to target special chemicals, to special parts of the body. Graphene oxide also degrades over time to graphene hydroxide, and thus, they have to boost up the levels of graphene oxide, hence the need for boosters. But there is a flaw in their official story, if the original vaxxes worked, why the boosters, and if they don’t work, why take the boosters? I just told you why.
  10. Vaxx and booster ingredients create a new hybrid human. Well folks, it must be obvious if you are taking in all this information that they want to 1. Harm people, 2, Depopulate people, 3. Make the ones living, sick and powerless. Many of you will have trouble with #4. They want the survivors of their genocide to no longer be human! Yup, unvaxxed semen and eggs are the new bitcoin… but so much more precious than that.
  11. Vaxx alters DNA, which creates patentable hybrid species. Here’s how it’s done… if they alter nature a little bit, especially at the genetic level, they and the courts believe that the hybrid lifeform, is now longer that lifeform, and thus no longer natural, and thus, they can patent it. They do it with fruit, veggies, plants… and because no one stops them, they now do it with humans. Now you know.
  12. Those who resist the needle are falsely deemed threats. Truth is, the truth is never a threat unless you living a lie. Truthers are the real warriors of light and love. Some of you love to be grateful for your soldiers of war. Well… we are in an unseen war, and there ARE soldiers… they are ones who tell you the truth. They are your protection, and your frontline to the sheer madness I have laid out before you. Under all circumstances, support your soldiers of truth and love.
  13. The war against nature has turned to the war against natural humans and even God. In the invisible and silent war… it has been going on for decades, but only recently has it blatantly turned towards natural humans. You, must help your species now, keep what is natural. Nature is precious, it always has been. Admit that they fooled humanity into thinking that nature is somehow just a commodity to be used and abused. Look within your own life and see how this lie, festers. They colonized the masses’ minds long time ago, and their brainwashing convinces people to shut down their hearts. If your heart is shut down, there’s a 100% chance you are vulnerable to control. If your third eye and pineal gland is shut down, you are likely controlled, and no longer believe in, or trust God.
  14. You will likely die without a relationship with God, and likely already have. The zombification of humanity started way before the vaxx. It started with seemingly little inconsequential ideas that say God doesn’t matter, God isn’t important, God is a pain in the ass, and God doesn’t even exist! If you have been fooled, they already claim you as one of their own. Anyone can break out of this unseen spiritual prison, but many are coerced to stay within it, mainly through the five senses. Is your life all about the five senses, then know you are a prisoner, and maybe always have been, and so you have much trouble even being convinced that you are in a prison of your own making… yes, you made the prison and thus, you can take it down.
  15. The masses are in a matrix of mass psychosis. Now if you look at the world with open eyes, open third eye, open pineal gland, open heart… you won’t be a prisoner of the matrix… rather, you can be someone who can free others. The jaded, the fearfilled, the bitter and hateful parts of us, are the parts that are stuck in the matrix, and the matrix, is where you controlled, you are a slave… maybe a happy and well-fed slave, but a slave nonetheless. You probably have never counted the true cost of your comfortable or uncomfortable slavery. You likely believe other people control you and there is nothing you can do about it. You spend your life in a sort of groundhog day, where each day of problems and horrors, meshes with the next and the next. You believe those who lie to your face and who laugh behind your back. You may have even been so far gone in the matrix, that you have given up your humanity, and you happily convince others to do the same. You try to feed the deadness inside with food, entertainment, porn and mental stimulation. The real cost to all of it, is your own soul, which you don’t even care about connecting with. You much prefer connecting with technology rather than your soul, and it certainly shows, to the awakened.
  16. Believe you can break out of all of this. Even though the situation is extremely dire, and our entire species, needs a red-pilling, I hope you find these words helpful, and maybe you feel inspired to share this brief summary. Your breakthrough is not going to be about receiving infomation… you will need an entire re-evaluation of your life and to passionately not slobbishly develop your spiritual relationship with our Creator. If you don’t trust God and god within, how will you ever be able to take your next steps out of the matrix? You don’t good buddies. I just told you how to escape all of this. Admit you created your own prison, and admit you can create your own freedom and always walk with God… Jesus (Sananda) leads you to God… seek out those authentic teachings, which are not biblical teachings. Religions, and bibles and false idols, are part of the matrix, thus, you can’t escape if you don’t escape the tools of the matrix.

Some links: Stew Peters Fourwinds10 Rumour Phoenix Journals NEW] SANANDA: PETITIONS ENTITLED THE RELEASE OF PAIN FOR ALL AND THAT PETITION – FOR ALL SOULS, ON MOTHER EARTH, ALL LIGHTED REALMS, ALL ONES FROM THE ENTIRE COSMOS SURROUNDING MOTHER EARTH AND IN THE GREAT COSMOS~~~JANUARY 4 ,2022 Sananda: Get Off Your Duff And Do Something About It! Laws Of God And The Creation Nearly endless information is available at several sources confirming all of this, including my websites. I wrote these words as your brother who doesn’t like to see you suffering and enslaved, when I know I can do something about it. I am not in your prison… my words are like the hands that can pass the keys to freedom to you, and I joyfully, and a bit tearfully, extend that hand of freedom to you… life is beautiful and I hope to one day enjoy that beauty with you, in this lifetime and in these bodies that we can repair and rejuvenate, guided by our Creator. Love, Indian (Share these words in any way you want, and send people back to me, for more… your support is appreciated more than you know.)

Love, Indian in the machine

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