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Dutch Parliament Members Scatter Like Cockroaches When Confronted By "Conspiracy Theory"!!

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Dutch Parliament Members Scatter Like Cockroaches When Confronted By “Conspiracy Theory”!! pureblood

IITM:  Let’s see… Oxford University… St. Antony’s College… British Spy Intelligence…. I couldn’t find anything, but I did find THIS courtesy of Jacques’ newsletter: 

Invites to Davos Show Direct Collusion Between WEF and the Dutch Government ^ | 12/20/21 | RHODA WILSON

Posted on 12/21/2021, 7:21:27 AM by ransomnote


“In addition to Sigrid Kaag, Minister Wopke Hoekstra is working with the WEF on the Great Reset: “your contribution to the work of the Great Reset will be especially critical” and “your participation becomes a major force in shaping the Great Reset.” Resist. Become a member,” Dutch Member of Parliament Pepijn van Houwelingen tweeted earlier today.

Pepijn van Houwelingen is a member of the Dutch House of Representatives.  He obtained a copy of the invite in response to written Parliamentary questions addressed to Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

On 28 May 2021 van Houwelingen submitted written “Parliamentary questions” regarding “The Character of, and Relations of Cabinet Members with, the World Economic Forum.” 

The Dutch cabinet responded but van Houwelingen submitted further written questions on 12 August and then again on 21 September.  His final request listed 42 questions of which Question 12 read: “Can we get those invites [from WEF] for inspection?

The House of Representative questions can be found by following this LINK and downloading the document after following the “parliamentary question” link for any particular question..  The documents are in Dutch.  We have translated van Houwelingen’s questions of 21 September into English, using Google translate, and attached the English version below.


On 10 July 2020, the World Economic Forum (“WEF”) wrote to Dutch Finance Minister Wopke Hoestra to invite him to the 51st WEF annual forum.

“The discussions will focus on shaping policies for the post-Covid-19 era under the theme of the Great Reset …  As a member of the Regional Action Group for Europe and Eurasia, your contribution to the work of the Great Reset will be especially critical at the annual meeting … your participation will be crucial to shaping the future of the global financial system … The Forum will work with your staff to ensure your participation will become a major force in shaping the Great Reset.”

Minutes before, van Houwelingen tweeted an image of the WEF invite to the then Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs Sigrid Kaag.

Kaag’s invite, dated 1 July 2020, from WEF included the generic words of Hoestra’s but was tailored to include: “As you co-chair the Forum’s Global Action Group and are a member of the Regional Action Group for the Middle East and North Africa your contributions to the work of the Great Reset will be especially critical at the Annual Meeting.  Your participation in the deliberations in Davos would also ensure that the Netherlands take a large role in shaping the future of the global trading system.”

startpoint search Kaag


WEF Secret “Smart City” In Netherlands!! “Project Genesis” 5G Network Goes Live In 120 US Cities!!  China Promotes 5G City As City Of Joy!! Canada Expands 5G Rollout!!

Globalist Surveillance State: WEF Begins Secret “Smart City” Operations in the Netherlands



Jacques: Question for you

All conspiracy theories again? also the official WEF documents?

Can you answer that one?

So much for that being a conspiracy theory. It is recommended not to believe anything we write but to do the research yourself and to make your own conclusions. Do you know how often I hear that people are in fact too lazy or cognitive dissonant to do their own research? So then do not criticize! What is your take on the above information?

Soooo are these two different subjects or related subjects?  Or is this yet another example that the globalists have their minions planted throughout world governments… who can’t bear to stand in the same room as a ‘conspiracy theory’?

Why are their direct connections to Davos and the WEF and government representatives… PEOPLE TO TOOK OATHS TO SERVE THEIR COUNTRY!!

Hello Indian,

As it is so significant here the transcript! Just for your information!





In ancient times, Gnostics believed that knowledge was the key to eternal life. That the world, nature, could be recreated according to one’s own idea. It is the old astray of the Tower of Babel; the pride of man as we speak is embodied by contemporary gnostics such as Yuval Hariri, guru of Davos, and, in its wake, by all those members of the global elites whose members of our government are again the executors, the subordinates.

But this wrong path has indeed been around for a long time; it is the age-old struggle between grounded people, those who accept the limits that nature, biology, and God place on life; and the Gnostics, the proud, the alchemists, who want to become God themselves, and who in their overestimation and megalomania cause immeasurable damage – again and again – to life.

Consider, for example, the French Revolution, based on the megalomaniac delusion that society must be destroyed in order to be recreated; a revolution that led to the first organized genocide in modern history.

Or look at how the same idea then continued with the positivists of the early 1800s, who wanted a world ruled by industrialists – just as the World Economic Forum advocates today.

Then it developed into utopian socialism, with figures like Robert Owen and Louis Blanc building model societies—which failed, of course, because nothing right has ever been hammered out of the crooked wood of humanity.

But still it was not defeated, because after that all the revolutionary socialism of Marx, Engels and finally the murderous rule of Lenin developed.

And what happened next? Despite the artificial and superficial ‘contradiction’ between capitalism and communism, Marxism was very much alive in the West during the Cold War – namely, in the form of cultural Marxism, which was rampant in universities, in trade unions, in the media and in the secret services. .

Whole generations of Europeans were thus taught by Marxists, be they pro-Soviet or pro-Mao. A good example is St Antony’s College, Oxford, where Sigrid Kaag her M.Phil. has done, and which is little more than a training facility for Western secret services – that is, for precisely the globalist elites who want to plan and control our lives behind the scenes.

Well, those people, the heirs of this criminal ideology, which caused the French and Russian revolutions, and which transformed into cultural Marxism in the second half of the 20th century – these people set the agenda of modern globalism.

Marx and Engels said, “The worker has no land.” That was their ideal. Marx and Engels saw socialism as a weapon, in fact a means, to destroy the nation and the family. But essentially Marx and Engels were internationalists.

Makeability thinkers.

They hated the nation and the family because they are natural structures, arising from the essence of human nature, and thus cannot be the product of human planning.

So when the Cold War ended, this ideology did not disappear from the world stage. On the contrary, the ideology of global markets has merged with the ideology of the regulated welfare state.

We got Globalism, the diabolical form of government in which Big Business and Big Government merge.

Globalism in other words, as the heir of capitalism on the one hand and communism on the other.

Engels wrote: “The disintegration of humanity into a mass of isolated, mutually repulsive atoms means in itself the destruction of all corporate, national and even all private interests, and is the last necessary step towards the free and spontaneous association of people.”

The old dream of the alchemists. Dissolve and let it solidify. Solve et coagula. Destroy to rebuild.

Covid therefore also as an opportunity – The Great Reset. Build Back Better. Every word out of Klaus Schwab’s mouth is based on the assumption that human society is dangerously anarchic and that it must be centrally managed, directed, controlled, by a few major players operating on a global level.

So that globalists are hostile to national sovereignty is not because they are for individual freedom and against the perceived authoritarianism of states. It’s because sovereignty for them embodies the very freedom, and thus the unpredictability, that they can’t bear — because it gets in the way of their supposedly rational plans.

Indeed, those plans had been eagerly pursued since the end of World War II.

Thus, national coal and steel industries were dismantled and placed under central bureaucratic control.

For example, national markets were dismantled and an internal European ‘market’ was created under central bureaucratic control.

European national currencies were dismantled and placed under central bureaucratic control.

Covid was the ultimate (and perhaps planned) opportunity for the globalists to push this control further.

Britain’s Jaap van Dissel, Neil Ferguson, even openly admitted that he took inspiration from China, the world’s largest and most terrifying totalitarian state, to introduce lockdowns in Europe.

Indeed, the globalists love China because it embodies exactly that combination of capitalism on the one hand and totalitarian control on the other that they dream of. The unfree top-down state of China does not frighten the globalists, it fascinates them and they want to imitate it.

Indeed, they love China as much as they hate Russia. Russia, which not only openly and blatantly disobeys them, but which itself represents an alternative model that they are therefore trying to destroy before people can come to admire it.

One of the first sanctions the EU imposed was therefore also aimed at Russian media – imagine Europeans hearing the Russian side of the story!

Yes, mastering the narrative is essential to continue to represent and propagate the virtual reality in which the globalists want us to believe. So they don’t just want to control people’s energy consumption, know and record their social interaction and thoughts, they don’t just want the planned economy: they want the planned society; planned humanity.

And what exactly is wrong with all this? Why not try to control the world? Why are the globalists wrong? Why is the Great Reset the greatest existential threat to human freedom and European civilization we have ever faced?

Chairman: you will know them by their fruits.

Our countries are drowning in debt.

Inflation is destroying our savings at the rate of 10% per year. For years, economic growth has barely exceeded 1%, if at all. That means that people lose between 9 and 10% per year in income.

The euro has fallen below 1 dollar after Mario Draghi said he would save it at any cost.

Our debt burden is now so great that it can never be repaid.

Trillions of debt has built up for our children to pay off, and our retirees are seeing their savings evaporate due to inflation.

This inflation is theft – theft of our assets by the governments and banks that control the money presses.

This, therefore, is a spiritual struggle—a struggle to save the human mind from the ravages of its potential engineers.

A struggle in which human nature is at stake.

Where humanity is at stake.

We must stop the mass immigration and stop the war against the native Dutch and the European peoples.

We must dismantle supranational organizations and return to free cooperation between sovereign nation states.

We need to free ourselves from Big Pharma, Big Capital and Big Tech.

For the safety of present and future generations, we need sound money, not the EU’s politicized Weimar currency.

We need policies that favor families, as in Hungary and Russia.

We must make peace with Russia, stop with the insane climate mysticism, the LGBT alchemy and the modern anti-aesthetics.

We must save European civilization.

And that is exactly what the Forum for Democracy program is.

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