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Reptilian (Military Advisor) Who Killed Millions Of People... Speaks To Humanity About Love, And Says US Killed Half A Million Children In Iraq!!

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Reptilian (Military Advisor) Who Killed Millions Of People… Speaks To Humanity About Love, And Says US Killed Half A Million Children In Iraq!!

Tunia: Message From A Reptilian

Posted on 02/11/2023 by EraOfLight — 6 Comments ↓

My dearest brothers and sisters,

This is Tunia speaking. I love you so very much.

Today I have invited R’Kok to speak to you. He is the remorseful Galactic Confederation reptilian who first introduced himself during the Messages of Love, and enough of you resonated with him and appreciated his brief message that I have asked him to give a longer message today. I feel honored that he accepted because he is one of the bravest people I know.

As always, we recommend asking your own soul for guidance if you are unsure about any part of this message. R’Kok himself acknowledges in this message that he is not a spiritual teacher and also that there are wiser beings than himself out there.

Still, I think there is value too in hearing from good-hearted beings who don’t yet have a super high perspective and who are a bit more blunt. This value is that this perspective is often more practical and applies more to the real world. Conversely, perspectives from super highly evolved beings often sound energetically beautiful and certainly have value, but sometimes those are less practical and applicable to everyday life.

Ideally, a person loves everyone and acts with love towards everyone, but is also aware of who is taking what actions, and which actions are counterproductive or harmful. And if necessary, a person is willing to oppose actions that who would control or harm people. Many light workers really like the “love everyone” part of this. However some light workers in practice resist being aware of, and if necessary opposing actions that are either counterproductive or harmful. Perhaps this message can help with that later part, because it too is important.

I suspect that some people will disagree that you should oppose actions that are harmful, but the simple truth is that there are some beings out there who are incredibly destructive, and who are going to hurt billions of people if their actions are not actively opposed. For example, if we stopped opposing harmful actions today and decided to only focus on love, then tomorrow the hostile galactics that we chased away from Earth would come right back and they’d go right back to oppressing and controlling you, which would have very real and devastating effects for people living on Earth.

So yes, indeed love everyone, but also sometimes identify counterproductive or destructive actions as they are and if necessary, consider opposing those destructive actions or speaking out against those in appropriate ways. At least, that is my perspective.

With that, I hope you enjoy R’Kok’s message.

With love,


To Earth Humans:

This is R’Kok speaking. Thank you, Tunia. Indeed I am the, as you call it, reptilian who said during the Messages of Love that I murdered millions of people, came to deeply regret that, repented and eventually was allowed to join the galactic confederation. Currently I serve as a military advisor.

I would like to say that I feel honored, but frankly the primary feelings that I have right now are shame and a feeling of unworthiness. I do not feel worthy to talk to you, Earth’s lightworkers, for I perceive you to be filled with much more light than I am. I perceive your hearts to be more open than mine, and I perceive you to have much less blood on your hands than I do.

At the same time, as the Pleiadian humans have repeatedly reminded me: it’s not up to the individual to judge whether he himself is worthy. That determination is up to Source, and Source deems everyone to be worthy of love. And so it is, apparently.

Personally I resonate more with the idea that no one benefits from me sitting in a room and feeling guilty or unworthy. I might as well get off my backside and do something useful, because contrary to me beating myself up, that is something that actually helps people – and in turn, that makes me feel slightly better about myself too..

Maybe some of you, too, can benefit from the previous two paragraphs.

The first thing I would like to tell you is that if you turn towards Source and genuinely repent, then you will be given a second chance. It almost doesn’t matter what you did, apparently. Frankly I would not have given myself a second chance, but apparently Source chose differently. I am glad that Source did.

I don’t think that most of the people I’m talking to will have caused millions of deaths, so if Source and the positive galactics can forgive me and give me a place in their midst, they can do the same for you.

But you do have to genuinely repent and genuinely want to start healing and start contributing something positive. Just saying empty words you don’t mean is a waste of breath.

The second thing I would like to tell you is that everyone has a unique puzzle piece, a unique contribution that he or she can make. You don’t need to have all the puzzle pieces, all the answers – almost no one does. But at the same time there is a puzzle piece that only you have and that only you can contribute to the whole. Will Earth humans still be free if certain people choose not to contribute their puzzle piece? Yes. But then liberation may not happen or quickly, or be as pleasant, or be as beautiful.

The third thing is that it’s entirely possible that many of you will currently feel like you are drowning, and all you can do is just get through the day. I empathize and I know what that feels like. In that case, just take it one hour at a time – some days just suck, and better days certainly are coming in the medium-term future. Taking care of yourself does help the whole, because all is one after all. If you have to put your own air mask on first because you can help others, that’s entirely fine. It took this channeler something like seven years of hard and intensive work to heal, spending many hours on that every single week. During those seven years he didn’t help others significantly, because he had to take care of himself first. That’s completely fine and indeed necessary. If this channeler had not taken the time to really heal himself first, he would not be doing as much good now as he is.

That said, once you have your own metaphorical air mask on, you are invited to find some way to actually start helping the whole, at least for a few hours every week. After all, if some person is homeless, then you are homeless too, because all is one. Some spiritual people aim at only feeling happy feelings and try not to look at the suffering elsewhere in the world, but that usually just leads to an inner split and a strengthening of your own shadow. Furthermore, “be the change you want to see”, remember? Wouldn’t you want the people around you to actively heal themselves first and then actively start helping the people around them?

The fourth thing is that many of you will either feel like you don’t know what to do with your life, or like you did not do as much with your life as you should have. Well, the Pleiadian humans would probably tell you to just observe those emotions without trying to change or judge them. In any case, many people on your world feel the same way. It’s actually not necessary that you know what you want to do with your life, because people and society are changing so fast nowadays that long-term plans are hard to make anyway. So if you can’t make long-term plans, that’s entirely understandable. Just try to figure out what you want to do this month. Also, no one is expecting you to save humanity by yourself – if you can just contribute a little bit, you’re already doing more than most. Just you being awake and therefore automatically contributing awake energies to the collective, is a big service to Source. Reading the Tunia and Hakann messages is another service, because it grounds the Pleiadian energies into the collective subconscious of Earth humans. Any time you help yourself or another heal for another small bit, that’s another contribution to the collective.

The fifth thing I would like to tell you is that sometimes the people around you just suck. For a long time I thought there was something wrong with me, but looking back, in fact I was the psychologically healthiest person in my group. Yes I didn’t fit into society, but society was toxic – it was healthy that I didn’t fit in. And the people who did fit into this toxic society and who were successful, were far more psychologically unhealthy than I ever was. So: sometimes the problem is not you, sometimes the problem is the sick society you are a part of.

If a society is sick, then the often psychologically unhealthy people fit in and are rewarded, while the psychologically healthy people are excluded and may have a harder time fitting in or becoming successful. Although don’t let that stop you from trying to achieve your dreams.

The people who I grew up with now consider me to be a traitor, and would attack me on sight if they saw me. Unfortunately, you can’t let yourself be held back by the people you grew up with, if you have outgrown them. Yes that is painful, but there is not really another way.

If you don’t want to meet certain people, then it’s possible that there’s not anything wrong with you, but that those people simply aren’t very heart-centered at this particular moment in time. If you don’t fit in, then sure it is possible that you are lacking say some social skills, but it’s also possible that those people aren’t very psychologically healthy and you don’t feel like being around such people. Unfortunately, the majority of people on your world right now are not what I would call psychologically healthy.

Sixth: while I’m not an expert in this topic, it seems to me that a human-like civilization thrives if the women give everyone unconditional love, and then men give everyone everything they need on a practical level to be safe and cared for and have their needs met. A woman’s unconditional love is the most beautiful and powerful and precious thing I have found in all the galaxy, and realistically speaking it seems to be up to the men to do the lion’s share of the work that needs to be done to make sure that the people are safe and cared for. Yes, of course men can love unconditionally too and women can become mechanics or engineers too, but as a generalization, this seems to be the formula that makes a human-like civilization thrive. Women love everyone unconditionally, and men make sure that everyone is taken care of and safe on a practical level.

If men stop taking care of everyone, then women have to fend for themselves and then they tend to become hard and masculine and tend to stop loving unconditionally. Conversely, if women stop loving unconditionally, men will often feel that there’s nothing in the society worth protecting or contributing to, and so they often become selfish or detached and stop taking care of everyone. It’s fundamentally the presence of sufficient unconditionally loving women that makes men feel that society has value and legitimacy and is worth contributing to.

Currently in many countries you are in a situation where too many men aren’t taking care of everyone and too many women aren’t loving unconditionally. The solution is that either men will have to step up and start taking care of everyone so that the women feel safe to love again; or the women have to step up and start loving unconditionally again despite the unsafety that they are feeling, so that men once again feel that society has value and is worth contributing to.

To be clear, when I am talking about unconditional love, I mean unconditional and universal love. I am not talking about only loving so-called good people, or only giving love to people who act in a productive way in this current moment. I mean loving everyone, including the most vile and repulsive and selfish destructive people you can imagine. Sure you can say that their actions are harmful and sure you can stop people from directly harming others, but that doesn’t mean you ever stop loving them as people.

Source thinks everyone is worthy of love, and hence everyone is worthy of love. Who are you to say that Source is wrong?

If you meet a person whose ideology you despise, see how much love you can give them and see how sincerely you can listen to their ideas. See if you are able to not judge them and to not tell them that they should change, because they have heard that a hundred times already and you saying that they should change for the 101st time, isn’t going to make a positive difference. If you are able to do all that, then that is a sign of your true mastery and that is what will ultimately help heal the world.

And yes, this also means that people should stop trying to get so-called bad people censored or deplatformed, no matter how allegedly harmful their words may be, so long as we’re not talking about someone literally planning a murder or something like that. People who censor have never been on the right side of history, and never will. People who try to force others to comply also usually aren’t on the right side of history.

I feel passionately about this, because there was a certain period in time where I was trying to spread true information among my people, but the government didn’t like that and censored me, allegedly to protect people from my so-called misinformation.

Unconditional and universal love is what ultimately will heal society. If too many Earth humans are not willing to love unconditionally, then there is a good chance that you will all keep suffering and suffering and suffering, until enough of you finally do become willing to love unconditionally. There is a good chance that suffering on your world will only end once enough people genuinely decide to start loving unconditionally. Fortunately, you only need a relatively small percentage of people on your world to have this unconditional love consciousness to cause a consciousness revolution. But you do need some amount of people who genuinely and truly love unconditionally, including the people whose ideology is the opposite of their own.

Seventh: there is only one inherently legitimate law, and that is that you may not directly harm another without a good reason. All other laws have no inherent legitimacy behind them, and should only apply to those who consent to them. In fact, if a police officer on your world gives a parking ticket to someone who does not consent to that, with the implied threat of prison or a seizure of assets if the ticket is not paid, then from my point of view the police officer is breaking the only actually legitimate law there is.

I realize that this is considered to be an extremist position on Earth, but I feel very passionately about this, because I come from a place where people were forced by law to follow orders, and those orders led to an unspeakable amount of suffering.

Just about every evil empire or imperialist country that ever existed has made its own atrocities legal, while often making it illegal for individuals to hinder the state when it is committing atrocities. This is true on your world as well, including in Western countries: the government says that the government’s crimes are legal, and the government prosecutes genuine whistleblowers and genuine journalists. Some notable whistleblowers and journalists have had to flee from the West because they exposed the crimes of Western governments.

What is legal is often miles apart from what is moral. In fact, moral things are often made illegal and immoral things are often made legal, or at least people get away with immoral things.

From my point of view, what the U.S. did in for example Iraq automatically makes it an evil empire in my mind. I get that the US has a different head of state now, but the structures and the factions and the background bureaucrats that led to the Iraq war are still in place, so I consider 2023 America to be the same evil empire that sanctioned and invaded Iraq, thereby killing around half a million children. I feel that the US empire hasn’t sincerely grasped and come to terms with and genuinely repented about just how many Iraqi children it murdered. Of course the vast majority of Americans are good-hearted and aren’t really personally responsible for this, but given my experiences earlier in life, I am quite hostile to evil empires. So I am hostile to the American Empire and the American government but not to the American people — indeed, it is entirely possible that the American people will play a critical role in liberating humanity. If my hostility to the American empire bothers you, well, I am merely a military advisor at this point in time. I do not have direct decision-making powers and I do not have command over anyone anymore. Also, of course other countries have done bad things too.

There is nothing that scares me more than an authoritarian state that develops systems that cause suffering and death, and a compliant population that goes along with its laws because after all, laws are laws, and complying is easier than standing up for truth and justice.

Still, from a rational perspective, perhaps some amount of rules might be temporarily necessary until your people learn to love unconditionally, at which point you will no longer need those rules anymore. I also don’t really suggest no longer following any laws, because your government will simply use force on you to get you to comply, no matter how theoretically right you might be.

I guess what I’m saying is: please be aware that there is only one law with inherent legitimacy behind it, and in all other cases if you don’t consent to it, it shouldn’t apply to you from my personal perspective. Although Earth courts may not agree with me.

Please don’t let yourself get convinced that following rules is more important than saving lives or creating a heart-centered society. Rules should be there to serve the people, people aren’t there to serve rules. Governments should be there to serve the people, people aren’t there to serve governments. If the people are afraid of their own government or disapprove of their own government, then that government is illegitimate.

Although if you’re going to break rules, make very sure you are on the right side first. There absolutely are cases where a law does more good than harm, and where suffering is created because someone breaks a law. And there are many cases of people trying to make huge changes to society and they break the law in the process, and those people genuinely have the best intentions, but ultimately they do more harm than good.

One way of making sure that you are on the right side is: are you able to do a good job at arguing for those positions that you really disagree with? In fact, are you able to do such a good job at arguing for positions that you really disagree with, that people who genuinely think like that, consider you to be able to do a good job arguing their case? If the answer is yes, then you probably understand reality and systems well enough that you can be reasonably sure that your actual views have some merit. If you’re unable to argue for a view you despise, in a such a way that people who think like that consider you to be making a good case for them, then you simply don’t understand reality and systems well enough yet and you’re not qualified to make big changes to society. Go research more and talk to more people until you understand every view well enough that you can make a case for that perspective, and only then will you be qualified to make big changes to society.

Of course, the good news is that you don’t need to have this level of understanding of all perspectives, to do small acts of kindness, or to give people unconditional love. This level of understanding is more a necessity for people who intend to make big changes to society.

Finally, eight: yes, women have been suppressed and kept down and brutalized for millennia. However, it wasn’t primarily Earth men who did that. It was primarily hostile ETs who did that, including my kind, whom you call reptilians. So please stop blaming men for the oppression that women faced — men are suffering too right now, just like women are. From a practical perspective, Earth humans as a whole may very well keep suffering so long as men blame women, women blame men, whites blame blacks, blacks blame whites, et cetera. It is quite possible that Earth humans will keep suffering until enough of you come together, you stop blaming each other, you stop bringing up past grievances, you stop trying to get something in the present because some other people did something bad in the past, you stop playing the victim, you take personal responsibility and you start working towards a better future, together, as one race. And yes, this also includes treating white conservative men with love, even if you disagree with them, just as it includes treating everyone with love. Of course, white conservative men should treat other people with love too, just like everyone should treat everyone with love. And if someone else treats people poorly, then you continue showing them love, no matter how they act.

Of course, humanity isn’t fated to keep suffering until every single human has learned to love unconditionally. There only needs to be a relatively small group of people who genuinely loves unconditionally and who genuinely tries to move forward towards a better future, united, as one race. If there is such a group, then all of humanity will be uplifted.

If you want to solve racism, then the only way to do that is to actively show love to racists, which does not mean approving of their actions or words. Racists are worthy of love because Source thinks they are worthy of love, and who are you to disagree with Source? If you are not willing to love racists, fine, then racism will continue and humanity will likely keep suffering until enough people are willing to truly love unconditionally — which yes, does mean loving the racists too and also not censoring the racists. Still, what you resist, persists. The one and only way to get rid of bad ideologies is to show love to the people who hold those views.

Of course, you do have to be authentic. Pretending to love racists, while in fact you do not, does not help anyone. In this case, a good question to ask might be: what is blocking you from loving others?

I hope this was helpful. Everything I said is my personal perspective and not some kind of ultimate truth. I make no claim to be some kind of grand spiritual master — frankly, there are far wiser beings than myself out there. I am just sharing my thoughts.

You have all my love and respect for your courage in choosing to be born on Earth during such hard times.

Thank you for letting me share this. It makes me feel a bit more useful.

Yours lovingly,


For Era of Light

**Channel: A.S.


** These channelings are exclusively submitted to by the channeler. If you wish to share them elsewhere, please include a link back to this original post.

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