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Must Watch! A New Update About Madonna and Her Daughter, They Are Little Dudes - It’s Just a Conspiracy Theory

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A freemartin or free-martin is an infertile female cattle with masculinized behavior and non-functioning ovaries. Phenotypically, the animal appears female, but various aspects of female reproductive development are altered due to acquisition of anti-Müllerian hormone from the male twin. Wikipedia.

I’ve always believed Anne Hathaway is a male to female transgender. There are many deceivers hiding in plain sight in case you haven’t noticed. Well well well, he admitted to it at a speech given in 2018 at Human Rights Campaign where he was honored with a National Ally for Equality Award. More horse shit.

In this speech, Anne Hathaway eludes to embracing pedophiles and trans people because love is love. But not when it comes to the new born children.

“Abortion can be another word for mercy.” Anne Hathaway a dude pretending to be a women speaking on abortion.

What is wrong with these people? Why are all the “stars and celebrities” always allied with pro LGBTQ and the alphabet soup? They are also all pro abortion? They all seem to work for Disney groomers? It’s like there is an agenda of sorts and someone is behind all of this and they own every single one of these grifters.

Anne Hathaway Honored with 2018 National Ally for Equality Award

Her acceptance speech starts at 8:11. At 14:20 Anne Hathaway admits to being a CIS Gender Male!

“With the exception of being a CIS gender male, everything about how I was born has put me at the current center of a damaging and wildly accepted myth.” Anne Hathaway

“That myth is that gayness orbits around greatness, transgender orbits around CIS gender and that all races orbit around whiteness. This myth is wrong. But this myth is too real for too many. It’s is ancient so it is trusted, it is a habit, so it’s assumed to be the way things are. It’s inherited so is thought immutable. It’s consequences are dangerous because it priorities a certain type of love. A certain kind of body, a certain kind of skin colour, and does not value in the same way anything it deems to be other to itself. It is a myth that has been with us since birth and a myth that keeps the money and power in the hands of the few instead of being invested in the lives of the free.” Anne Hathaway

“I’m giving major side eye to people that think differently. What I love most about this community is the way you own the alphabet. LGBTTQQIAAP – no letter left behind!” Anne Hathaway fully accepting the P for pedophillia.

“This declaration that one’s worth is not effected by one’s sexual orientation or gender, is a trail blazing concept. that lifts humanity into its full expression of itself. This is the declaration that precipitates deep lasting change. This change once embraced will make us free.” Anne Hathaway

“Every single one of her statements is absolute horse shit and full of meaningless platitudes that should go on deaf ears with the exception where he admits to being a dude and embracing the P in LGBTQP for pedophiles.” Marz Loves Freedom

Anne Hathaway Says Killing Babies Is Merciful

She moronically talks about Roe vs Wade being overturned and how your reproductive destiny matters a great deal and how it devastates girls as young as 16 yrs old. Let me remind you a 16 years old is a child, why are they having sex in the first place and who are they having sex with? Where are their fathers? Where are their mothers?

Anne says she thinks about it all the time, and she thinks we all think about it all the time. This is not a moral conversation about abortion, it’s a practical conversation about women’s rights. She reminds us that women’s rights are human rights.

UM no we don’t – who in their right mind obsessively thinks about abortion and your right to murder your own child because YOU are too stupid to figure out your cycle. Heads up ladies: your eggs drop once a week every month, if you have unprotected sex you can make a baby. That’s it. No need for in womb dismemberment of a live baby without pain medication. Also if you become pregnant with an unwanted baby, give it up for adoption, no need to murder it. Abortion is the death penalty of a baby because you had unprotected sex while your eggs drop.

“Abortion can be another word for mercy.” Anne Hathaway a dude pretending to be a women speaking on abortion.

When you allow for ‘choice’, you allow for flexibility which is what we need in order to be human.” Anne Hathaway a dude

Not today Satan. First off, the government, does not matter what side Democrats, Republicans, Liberals, Conservatives are all run by the Jews who are interested in depopulating the white race. The government has no business mandating any laws or options regarding an individual’s reproduction health or any healthcare period. Mind your own fucking business and stay out of ours. But they love to push this as a Republican or Conservative issue where old white men in Congress are trying to control your bodies, yet the masses were perfectly fine with them mandating vaccines, masks, lockdowns, travel restrictions and multiple boosters.

The most shocking weight loss secrets of the stars who manage to maintain themselves without much effort!

Rihanna talks about her recipe in an interview!

You can access the entire video right here, or by watching it below!

Kleenex Is Going Woke Partnering With Disney To Shove The LGBTQ Agenda On Children

Here’s a HOT tip if you have a wood burning stove with a glass window. The glass builds up with creosol and becomes black over time. There are toxic products that will remove this build up but they only work if the glass door is cold and they are toxic. All you need to do is use the ash from inside the stove with a damp paper towel, the black buildup of creosol comes off magically. Then wipe with water and dry with paper towel. NO COST and NO TOXINS and you get a beautiful clear window to view your fire.

Adrenochrome The Last Red Pill

Building Collapses in New York’s Orthodox Jewish Neighborhood: What We Know

At least one person is dead after a building partially collapsed Friday in Brooklyn’s Borough Park, according to the New York Fire Department (FDNY).

Multiple emergency crews were on the scene after reports of a basement floor collapse at a building said to be under construction at 1266 50th Street in Brooklyn.The person who died was possibly a construction worker. There were no other injuries.

Borough Park is home to one of the largest Orthodox and Hasidic Jewish populations in the U.S., according to the Brooklyn Jewish Historical Initiative’s webpage.

Worker killed in construction site collapse in Borough Park that DOB says was illegal


Mayorkas Gets Challenged On Open Border Policies – Clutches Pearls and Lets Us Know He’s a Jew, Who’s Family Died in the Holocaust


Texas Convoy Guy Calls Out NGO HIAS – People Are Starting To Wake Up

HIAS is a Jewish American nonprofit organization that provides humanitarian aid and assistance to refugees. NGO is non government organization. Why are the Jews so interested in refugees invading every other country except Israel?

If You Live In A Western Nation, Take A Look Around And Tell Me What You See

Trump Border Control Ideas – These Are Magnificent

Donald Trump & MAGA Border Solutions

I can get behind everyone of these border solutions. You will got shot, electrocuted or eaten by alligators and drowned if you try to cross the border illegally. Perfect.

The “Purple Revolution:” U.S. Hybrid Warfare Coming Home To Roost? by Cynthia McKinney, Ph.D.

Adolf Hitler – Preservation of Europe’s Ancient Culture Speech

He is an absolute legend, what a magnificent orator. Makes me proud, I’m so happy I woke up to the Jew lies and deception. Forces you to think clearly and question everything. The deprogramming never ever stops.

Father Coughlin – What happened to our churches? 1931


Jews And Slavery

“Somebody’s gotta tell the truth or die trying!”

Ian Carroll Out Here Naming Them – Has More Balls Than 90% Of These Cowardly Influencers Telling you it’s “Muh Globalists” ~Bullzeye

Abby Martin “It’s just a conspiracy theory.”


The Communist Directive 1943: “Label Them A Nazi Or Fascist

Why Are There Over 400 Feature Length Film That Scream “NAZI BAD” At You NonStop and They All Seem To Win Awards

Hollywood Gatekeepers Want You To Believe Germany Got Slaughtered When The Reality Is They Were The Most Advanced Fighting Force To Ever Exist.” ~Bullzeye

What’s Her Face On WW2 – Largest Mass Rape In History

Hitler Had The Most Diverse Army In The World And Over 30 Countries of Many Different Nationalities Joined Him To Fight Communism

“Israel Needs To Face Reality. They Are The Nazis.” Ryan Dawson

How did Israel Gain so much Power over the US? Parts 1 & 2 of 5

Hitler Warned Us About Them – He Speaks Absolute Truth


They’re All Grifters Owned By The Jews

Why did they burn the books you ask? Which books do you think they burned? All degenerate behaviours!

Dom Lucre Another Grifter Is Getting What He Deserves


We did it guys! We saved the children!

🤡 Gatekeepers 🤡 by Bullzeye



There is a lot of ‘influencers’ out there who are controlled opposition.


Amazing Polly Calls Out X22 Another Account Advertising With Wellness Company – It’s Like They Are All Connected

Wellness Company Owner Acts Like Whiney Bitch When Called Out for Double Standard

An example of Tucker Being Honest

Tucker Can’t Be Honest About 911


Thread on Tucker Carson

911 The Dancing Israelis

The Cross-Promoting Narrative Network


HOW WE CAN WIN – But you’re not going to like it by Amazing Polly

Get rid of your smart phone. It’s the only way to beat them at their own game.



The Holocaust Is Real, I Was There, I Saw It With My Own Eyes!

They have relentlessly mocked us for decades, ridiculed us, called us cattle and shut down our freedom of speech and God given rights to be sovereign citizens of our land. Time to call them out and laugh at their ridiculous Holohoax bullshit.


Ukrainian Asks When He Is Going To Get His Reparations for 7 Million Ukrainians Killed By Jews #Holomodor


The Holocaust as a symbol doesn’t date from World War II. The word wasn’t used in those days. It dates from the late 1960s, when Jewish power reached its present height in Western politics, the universities, and the media. ~ Joseph Sobran, “The Holocaust as Excuse” (June 1995)



Free yourself from a lifetime of Holo-brainwashing about “Six Million” Jews “gassed” in “Gas Chambers Disguised as Shower Rooms”


Watch Based Black Guy Drop Truth Bombs All Over This Holocaust “survivor”

Rabbi Shumley that will never forget, was selling anal lube and sex toys last week with his daughter.

Just Patiently Waiting For The 100th Monkey Effect To Take Place

Ilhan Omar “I will always put Somalia first.” Pardon? Then go back to Somalia. Besides why are you married to your brother? Oh incest is legal in the Talmud.


Conservatives Will Gladly Call Out Omar’s Somalia First Rhetoric But Never Talk About Chuck Schummer’s Israel First Rhetoric

Not Ever.


Rabbi Says That The Talmud Permits Jewish Incest

Top Notch GateKeeping – Watch The Video From Pentagon’s Psychological Operations Admit Turning Taylor Swift Into An Asset For The Military



Man Hands!

“Taylor Swift Is Not A Psy-Op” Every Corporate News Show

No Talent Satan Worshipper Taylor Swift


Will Taylor Swift Endorse Joe Biden?

2017.09.27 – MrE – Taylor Swift is a Man Wearing Lipstick


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