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Chris Spivey is being prosecuted for researching the most obvious fals flag ever!

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False Flag Woolwich…….with race baiting.


The mayor of Watford, Dorothy Thornhill, told the local newspaper today she fears violent protests at the upcoming Bilderberg conference. The mayor would be wise to consider signing up for a crash-course on how not to escalate an event before it even takes place.
“I have my concerns about it because it does attract people who can and do cause violence and disturbance.”, Thornhill told the Watford Observer. 
(Hello ALL MI-5 anti-social Welfare State nutjobs—you will be given a free car, stipend, free meals, free hotel booking, some jolly good fun, and some media lime light…if you COME to Watford. The same goes for ALL AGENT PROVOCATEURS from the police.)12th MAY 2013………………..22/5/2013.

This latest spook False Flag in London will focus the minds and to an extent the agenda of the Bilderberg Group meeting in Watford London between 5th–9th June….amongst whose discussion agenda’s include:

(i) Prosecuting the war in Syria with more vigor; 

(ii) military action against Iran, once Syria is done with.

(iii) More NATO/USA military adventures in AFRICA, for the minerals…..The AFRICANS DON’T NEED THEM. Primitive grass skirted jungle bunny machete wielding savages, don’t deserve to benefit from their own mineral resources….Libya, Mali, Somalia, Sudan, DRC etc.

(iv) David Cameron is a war hero defending the nation in its hour of need……and psssst! can we forget the trillion $ banker frauds please……and the penalty/austerity over many years which must be paid by the working class, elderly and the Middle class (95%) for the mistakes of the ‘The City’ bankers……..just fly the flag and think of England. Neo-liberalism, Reaganomics, Monetarism is working for Britain to a tea.

‘al-CIA-duh’ terrorists funded by the USA/UK is doing the same thing in Syria to Syrian soldiers, and civilians every day….where 94,000 people have died. BUT not a justification for doing likewise in the UK……BUT merely a reminder how the SAME PEOPLE, use the same methods to bait the public and induce fear in targeted countries……more videos of the same at the very end. Keep it in context, about these spook trained thugs. 
MI-5′s EDL which is highly visible, and media attention seeking with a few hundred members, stiring the pot…….the proto-Nazi party of Germany in 1919, funded by the Abhwer, and filled with crypto-Jews. The UK is far too wise to go into that Jew trick again as it happened in Germany, severely weakened by WWI. The Weakening of the UK will take place through artificial economic neo-liberal shock therapy recession, and secession by Scotland, which will increase insecurity, fear and poverty in the country. MI-5′s treacherous false flag using patsies of ethnic background is part of that overall design.




Lee and Rebecca, who have split.

Lee Rigby, allegedly killed in the Woolwich incident in London, has a girlfriend who has been serving in Afghanistan.
Lee Rigby has a two-year-old son, Jack, but Lee has split from the boy’s mother Rebecca, 30.


On 22 May 2013, Lee Rigby is allegedly killed in Woolwich in London.
On 22 May 2013, Lee Rigby’s battalion is training in Cyprus.
Woolwich: Lee Rigby Named As Soldier Victim – Sky News


Michael Adebolajo

Michael Adebolajo, 28, is the man videoed by witnesses with his hands coloured red.
“Virtually all the friends on his Facebook page have traditional British names such as Louise, Kelly, Robert, Craig, Gemma, Lauren and Paul, to name a few. Among them is Matthew Selt, now a professional snooker player.”
‘He was a Christian. A nice, normal guy. All his friends were white and used to go round to each other’s houses all the time,’ a former friend said.

Six years ago Adebolajo was arrested after being involved in protests outside the court known as the Old Bailey.

Did the security services subject Michael Adebolajo to mind control while he was in prison.


Michael Adebowale
Michael Adebowale is the other attacker.


“The 2nd attacker is shown wearing the beige/brown jacket talking to Ingrid Loyau-Kennett but minutes later is on the ground apparently wearing a black jacket. How does that work?
“The ‘pool of blood’ does not trail over to where the body was left in the road. Tap is saying the blood on the ground by the car only appeared after the body was moved.”
Carol A. Valentine


Above: Ingrid Loyau-Kennett talks to one alleged murderer (left). 
Gemini Donnelly-Martin, 20, and her mother Amanda, talk to the second alleged murderer (right)

The attackers seem to be mind controlled – to not harm women (no male is allowed near the body only women).
Loyau-Kennett who talked to the murderer face to face was far too confident that he would not harm a woman. 
She looks to me to be security service…
Kal Dani
Ingrid Loyau-Kennett, from Helston in Cornwall, had been visiting London to see her children, Basil and Pawony Baradaran, when the drama unfolded.
Helston woman confronts machete w


Strangely, no sign of blood



Adebolajo home.



The alleged killer comes from a wealthy Christian family.


“Louise, 26, from Romford, knew Michael Adebolajo and his brother from Marshalls Park school.

“She described him as clever… and ‘such a nice person; everyone got along with him…

“‘Everyone knew him. He was funny, hilarious. He was a down to earth, nice guy, there was nothing out of the ordinary, nothing you would have thought obviously this would have happened.’

“She said that Adebolajo’s mother was strict and a regular churchgoer.”

London attack: Police make two further arrests after Woolwich killing


No blood on his jacket.
The two ‘terrorists’ in Woolwich, on 22 May 2013, were known to Britain’s security services before the attack.
The MI5 and MI6 intelligence agencies had collected data on the suspected attackers before the incident.
In other words the ‘terrorists’ were being used by the security services.



The terror event in Woolwich in London may seem a little fishy?

One of the alleged ‘Moslem terrorists’ can be heard saying:


“You think David Cameron is going to get caught in the street when we start busting our guns; you think politicians are going to die?

“It’s going to be the average guy, like you, and your children….”
It may seem strange that the ‘terrorists’ never seem to attack the top people.


This ‘spook’ is seen here apparently rehearsing his lines. 

So, those who gain from the latest incident are:


1. Israel, which wants to paint Moslems as the enemy.


2. David Cameron, who can now ‘do a Thatcher’ and appear to stand up for Britain.


3. The military, which gains in sympathy.

You can tell a lot from photos


“The political statements made by the suspect … will provide the state and the media all the cannon fodder it needs to link anti-government rhetoric with violent terrorism.”

London “Terror Attack” Blamed on Anti-Government Sentiment

“Lord Carlile, a former independent (he’s a Jew) reviewer of terror laws, has said the killing should cause the Government to rethink the decision to drop the planned Communications Data Bill from the Queen’s Speech, which would have extended email and internet monitoring to the security services.”

The Telegraph


Woolwich Attacks – Video Mirrors Exact Same Ending as Video of Boston Bombings Shootout


by Scott Creighton at American everyman.

UPDATE: Someone asked about the layout of the location in relation to the cameras filming the scene so I put this together.

Second suspect named – The man wearing the light brown coat seen talking to the cub scout leader has been identified as 22 year-old Michael Oluwatobi Adebowale. Again, another supposed convert to Islam.
Two new videos of the shooting of the suspects have emerged.
New videos – The first one is less dramatic but still it may tell us a lot. The second is of the actual shooting itself showing the two suspects making a “bum rush” for the police cars and getting shot in the street 20 yards or so from where they were waiting for the cops to show up for 20 minutes.
In some ways the videos conflict with each other a bit. One was taken from a bird’s-eye view in the building beside where the attacks took place, the other from street level (first one) but that one didn’t capture the action sequence, only the sounds of the shooting and the aftermath. The bird’s eye view video is almost like a Hollywood movie scene showing the suspect’s mad rush at the cops and you couldn’t get a better vantage point for the video if you had a camera on a crane.
But here’s something I just realized… this is the exact same script as the Boston Bombing shootout with the suspects on that Thursday night.  It’s the same ending with a few minor adjustments. From waiting around when they could easily have gotten away to the rushing toward the cops so they could be shot, to the camera high above to video it all from the best possible vantage point. It’s the same script.  And judging from the way it looks and the reactions from the players, it was completely staged for effect.

The two guys, not really cornered at all, the Boston Bombing suspects as I have shown in an earlier article, could easily have simply driven away in their cars (two?) straight down the street to a 4 way intersection and gotten away, but they didn’t just like these two suspects stood around making small talk with people on the street for 20 minutes before the cops finally showed up.
In Boston, there was a dramatic gunfight which was reported to be between the cops and two guys with 3 handguns and an assault rifle, but ended up being between the cops and just one guy with one handgun (Tamerlan) with his younger brother unarmed. In the end, Tamerlan rushes the cops (“He’s comin right for us!” and is shot while the whole thing is recorded from an elevated position inside a building which just happens to be in the perfect positioning to capture the “terrorists” at work and the dramatic charge at the cops. One suspect gets away while the other is taken into custody (or run over, but the video does not show that for some reason) and ends up dying. None of the cops were injured (turns out one of them was injured by “friendly fire” or so we are told)
In the ending scene of the Woolwich attacks psyop, you have the same thing. Almost the exact same thing.
The two suspects wait around when they could easily have left. When the cops finally get there, they make a mad dash right at the cops, both this time, and only one of them is armed with a gun. As expected, the cops shoot them down, fully justified (just look at the video) and rather than throwing these supposed monsters a beating (as most cops would in this situation), the IMMEDIATELY start to administer first aid, ONE OF THE COPS SITTING SO CLOSE TO THE YOUNGER WOUNDED SUSPECT, HIS SIDE ARM IS RIGHT BESIDE HIM, EASILY WITHIN REACH.
It’s as if it’s scripted to portray the cops in the best light possible. Remember the young man shot multiple times on the subway while he was lying on the ground? That guy had done nothing. These guys supposedly decapitated a soldier and rushed the cops with a gun and a knife, and the first thing the cops do is administer first aid sitting so close to the suspect that he could easily have grabbed the officer’s gun?
Again, the video is in the elevated position to capture the whole scene. It’s heavily edited and apparently shot on a medium to high quality camera.
In the video, you can see the two suspects walking quickly on the sidewalk right in front of where the camera is set up. They are heading toward the cops. Then the older suspect, Michael Adebolajo breaks off into the middle of the street to rush straight on toward the police car which has it’s doors open. Adebolajo does something very odd… as he is rushing toward the cops, he gets CLOSE to the car but instead of dashing into it, he does this odd little side-shuffle, moving from right to left, right in front of the officer who is firing at him, remaining a target for a split second or two longer. And he only had a knife. Why would he do that? It was at that time that he acts like he’s hit and goes down where he ends up sitting for a moment before he is either shot again or tasered.
Meanwhile, Michael Oluwatobi Adebowale has been moving straight down the sidewalk and when the cops close in on his partner seated on the ground at that point, he fails to shoot them with the gun he has. Instead, he himself is shot and falls on the ground near a sign.
There is also an odd edit in the ground level video. He has the camera turned the wrong way during the shots being fired, then there is an edit and when it comes back on, the group of 3 officers surrounding the first suspect in the street are gone. I don’t know how much time has elapsed, but those guys, the shooters, aren’t still there.

Remember, the suspect had not been searched and I can’t tell if the strap is even fastened on the officer’s gun from this angle. That’s really odd behavior for an officer just involved in the shooting of a suspect who tried to kill cops and beheaded a soldier.
But this is even odder.
The older suspect ran straight down the street toward the cops who shot at him with a semi-automatic rifle. He shot at him straight up the street. Then merely seconds later we see from the ground level video what was still standing behind the suspect:

The same crowd that had gathered there surrounding the victim’s body in the street hasn’t moved. Either that or they ran for cover and then RAN BACK to stand casually around the body in the street just seconds after the shooting?
That suspect was directly between the cops and those people when multiple shots were fired and only a few hit the suspect and they didn’t hit the ground or run for cover with bullets whizzing by them? And the cop opened fire like that with the crowd standing behind the rushing suspect?
None of this makes any sense but it does resemble the ending of the Boston Bombing sage so much I wonder if it’s scripted by the same folks.
I’m not saying the victim isn’t dead. What I’m saying is the staged feel of this cannot be ignored nor can the fact that the suspects are well known to MI5 and they waited around and CHOOSE the confrontation… just like the Boston Bombing suspects did.
The cops behavior indicates to me that he had no concerns about that suspect grabbing his firearm and shooting him or any of his fellow officers.
The crowd standing around the victim appears to have had no concerns about being shot by the cops who fired multiple rounds directly at them, missing the suspect multiple times.
The casual attitude of the cub scout “hero’ and how she played up the suspect’s Muslim jihad angle is telling as well. Once some terrorist who just “decapitated” a guy in the middle of the street tells some middle-class house wife he is on JIHAD to kill the infidels, she ain’t gonna stand there casually chatting with him to “take one for the team” so to speak.
This whole thing is clearly staged. How did they know he was a soldier in the first place? MI5 now says it was a RANDOM ATTACK of a guy they found on the street. But as the “hero” cub scout leader says, there was no way to know the guy was a soldier. So how did they know?
This whole thing is total bullshit. The guy is dead apparently and that is a horrible crime. But what is really behind it is not “jihad”. There’s a lot more to these “converts” to Islam and these two videos seem to prove it.



Posted by Ali.mostaque at 9:01 PM

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