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Big Solar Storm Heading Toward Earth Predicted By Dr. Turi a year earlier! Be ready for some serious disasters!

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Comeback regularly scroll down as I post the results of my predictions! you will be amazed by my accuracy!


More unarguable predictions for you to check! 

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 The gravitational forces that move all galaxies is a scientific fact;   But the greatness of the spiritual cosmic manifesto is yet a mystery to science and humanity at large. God’s enslaved all his children to uncover his cosmic  Divinity and with it,  a life filled with health, love, safety, warnings,  respect, peace and harmony for all.

— Dr. Turi

Big solar storm heading toward Earth

Dear readers;

Please come back to this article , scroll down as I post the predictions underlined in red! Thank you!

Yes this is another unarguable fact, and it is not the first time that I announced space events well before NASA experts saw them through the Hubble telescope! But only if you bought a copy of my 2014 Moon Power, or if you are a VIP will my claim be justified and appreciated! 

“Experts say the combined energy from two recent solar events will arrive at Earth on September 13, prompting the Space Weather Prediction Center to issue a strong Geomagnetic Storm Watch.”

While science can logically explain what CME’s is all about, they still have NO clue of its spiritual and physical implications upon earth and its impact upon all its inhabitants!

 Indeed our solar system has a soul something Neil deGrasse, Chad Meyers and the entire scientific community seems oblivious of and slowly acknowledging through my steady flow of cosmic code newsletters. 

Full moon may disrupt may Dr. Turi says it does

“The energy from those two CMEs is heading toward Earth. Space weather experts aren’t sure yet what this solar storm will do. “This is a pretty strong solar storm and we just won’t know until it gets here” what it will do, said CNN Meteorologist Chad Meyers.”


2014  Third SUPERNOVA window –  From 09/28/2014 through 10/31/2014

Not only did I give you the exact timing for this Supernova window but, at the bottom of this article, you can read all my expectations during the period mentioned above! 

It is important for the reader to realize those dates were published last year, making me well ahead of traditional science, especially with earthquakes predictions. 

Author says earthquakes are predictable, Dr. Turi did so since 1991!

Ridiculous science and correct prediction of big earthquakes and next volcano eruption!

California Deadliest Earthquake Exodus Prediction

Higher Education: Matrix Brainwashing 101

In fact, the date of one of the most powerful solar storm ever was offered in one of my TV shows, but my accomplishments never impressed the stubborn cosmic unconscious scientific “experts!”   I can not help wondering, faced with so many facts, what excuses the skeptics will come up with to deny the conspicuous?

Dr. Turi on William Shatner’s TV Show
Discovery Channel – Dr. Turi’s Predictions

Thus, in my endless drive to help and warn my fellow human being, you will find below, a sample of one of my 2014 forecasts generated from my “Cyber Cosmic University” to my VIP’s. 

How more self evident science can be? In no way will they take any chance at all, because, unlike me, they do not know anything about the spiritual conception of our local solar system! Sad enough, my cosmic wisdom and confidence is often mistaken for an ego trip by the envious young souls depraved of real wisdom…

“Space weather experts aren’t sure yet what this solar storm will do!” 

Telling you some solar flares are about to hit earth only a few days before without further explanations is a total WASTE OF TIME for society tax “investment.”  Its like telling you a big meteorite is about to hit the earth next week!  What good this announcement can offer us if there is no other explanations or expectations of its impact? But we already know that one for sure, we do not need NASA to explain further for sure!

To me,  the well read Space Weather Prediction Center experts are the 40 year old kids making up  the generation of Born OCD, where the essence of the spirit is non existent and must be automatically ridicule!

But be sure of one thing readers, the supremely wealthy scientific matrix will keep sucking your taxes offering you NO valid “cosmic” explanations you can use,  when I do a much more reliable job, and all for free!

But do you think science would ever consider sharing some of this huge financial pie with me to serve you better? Absolutely not, remember all my work is a wasteful ridiculous pseudo-science! Or is it? You’ll be the judge if you do your homework to realize I am real and worth reading… 

There are millions of cosmic unconscious Americans endlessly traveling the world, and many will perish in natural disasters, planes accidents and forecast-ed pile up accidents on many US roads.

Those taxpayers NEED real timely warnings, such as the detailed ones you are about to read from me later on. Millions will be stuck in airports, forced on the ground because of volcanoes eruptions, bad weather and “impressible Acts of God” they were not prepared for!

But like the scientific community, much of humanity is not aware that; there are NO accidents, only ethereal circumstances unknown to them all…  Who’s to blame anyone when the cosmic conscious teachers were never there to teach them and my cosmic work still rebuffed by the American Department of Education?  

Planning your life outside of the cosmic code jurisdictions is the same idiocy as playing Russian roulette readers! Its just a matter of time before you pay the price of your ignorance!

A life without knowledge of the stars’ plan is contrary to all law and order” Nostradamus

But while I am offering you those warnings, WHO, when the supernova end on 10/31/2014, will bother to return to this article to read the compilations of news to get the final confirmation of my predictive work and legitimacy? 

But I know human own a very short span of attention, mostly because many are mentally lazy! And this is why, as all will transpire and end on CNN news, I will be there, all along to refresh your memory.  Then when all is said and done, as usual I will keep a solid well documented record for your eyes.

I know my lifetime work can only benefit the wiser older souls and the children of the future, but I am also aware that; my cosmic God will lead many inquisitive people to get real answers from me… 

The well established scientific matrix mindset is too far gone, deeply stuck into its concrete “educated” inclinations and this stubborn spiritual pride and deplorable attitude can never be changed. They simply and truly believe they know better than a 65 years old man, just because of their academical background,  that’s all!

How can Dr. Turi knows better about space science when he was not part, nor graduated from any accredited college or university?  If you really want to infuriate those mentally rigid, spiritually dry people  talk about UFO and watch them explode like a geomagnetic storm of stupidity! Them alone exist in the for ever space and them alone know better because they are “educated” and non gullible!

There is so much those young souls have to learn about the cosmos, space and endless   extraterrestrials colonies readers and all they need is time…

Even with the obvious presented to them with my work on earth, and a mean to honor the word science by investigating my claims, many will hide their ignorance through their silent grim and ditch behind the word ridicule…  

While born atheists, skeptics, agnostics and scientists alike reject religions and their impractical false Gods, the chances for them all to grasp the practicality of a real cosmic God is also being rejected.

There are times where I wonder how long it will take for today’s scientific community to stop throwing out the baby with the bath water!   

Indeed its a miracle for curiosity to survive education… Meantime I hope you will pay attention to my warnings. share my work with your loved ones and friends and acknowledge God cosmic divinity through my efforts to levitate your psychical vibrations to a higher level of cosmic perception.

“Let who ignore my warnings be cursed by the eternal rites of the cosmic code ceremonies for a cosmic God does not speak to fools…” Dr. Turi.



Mercury Retrograde Explanations

There will be three major negative SUPERNOVA windows in 2014. Each destructive “window” is operational for three to four weeks, thus caution is strongly advised during this period.   Heavy loss of lives due to nature’s devastating forces, aeronautical disasters and structural damage is to be expected. Once more realize that I do not use traditional dates found in popular ephemera. Years of practical observations lead me to extend the Mercury retrograde motion and period of time.

 2014 First SUPERNOVA window – From 01/30/2014 through 03/05/2014

2014  Second SUPERNOVA window – 06/01/2014 through 07/06/2014

2014  Third SUPERNOVA window –  From 09/28/2014 through 10/31/2014


Concentration of negative celestial energy approaching Be extremely prudent in driving, Celebs survive weekend car crash and expect chain-reaction accidents. Be prepared for delays, - strikes, miscommunications and nature producing awful weather, including hurricanes , Hurricane strands tourists in Mexico  - volcano eruption  -

Volcano erupts in Japan


 - ‘Volcanic unrest’ shakes California - Bardarbunga volcano eruption ‘Critical’ alert issued for volcano zone - very large earthquakes  -  GUAM REGION Magnitude: 7.1 and 6.7,  and tornadoes. Tornado rips through neighborhood   -

The same energy that produced the Titanic disaster, miscommunication, the Northridge, Los Angeles, and Kobe, Japan, earthquakes is approaching again.


Scary, damaging, costly but real predictions hit Dr. Turi’s home!

Double-check all your appointments, and if you can, postpone sports events, traveling and flying during this Supernova “window”. 

  Maui Marathon – Car Plows Through Crowd at Starting Line 

May the world should read my predictions and pass them on? 

Communication and electricity will be cut off, miscommunications and misunderstandings will become obvious.  $680,000 home built on wrong lot  Ohio Walmart video reveals moments before officer killed man on cellphone - Kanye West Sydney wheelchair misunderstanding  Embarrassed: Rapper Stops Show Because These Fans Won’t Stand!

General loss of power is to be expected. Appliances, computers, telephones, planes  2 dead after midair collision    - 1,950 Chicago flights canceled - Propeller breaks 13,000 feet in air   - JetBlue’s engine ‘exploded’ *2 Navy jets crash in Pacific, trains, cars,  Toyota recalls 1.75M cars  buses, Semi hits college bus, kills 4 - Crash kills 3 on school bus  - Freak accident kills hero bus driver   - Driver crashes into mom, daughters   all of these “tools” will be negatively affected by this cosmic energy. They will be stopped in one way or another.  Deadliest disasters in Himalayas   - Lights should’ve warned pilots   BUT THEY DID NOT! They were OUT OF COMMISSION!

The people and their affairs of the past will make the news - Gupta: Pay the past a visit - Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps arrested AGAIN on DUI charge  - New jurors for Jodi Arias retrial   - Miley Cyrus twerked  - Boko Haram willing to trade girls? - 30 years later, Cosby sweater still rules - Clinton in Iowa; Fresh start or deja vu? - Mayweather: No pictures, no proof   and will reenter your life. Expect trouble with the post office, education, students, strikes, prisoners’ escape, Prison warned of breakout plan? newspapers, broadcasting industries and computer viruses may bother us again.

Many a failed mission and expensive electronic equipment (Mars probe etc.) and our tax dollars have been wasted because of the scientist’s lack of knowledge of the stars. As usual NASA, which is not aware of the science of astrology, will waste our tax money with failed missions due to bad weather and electronic malfunctions. In the name of ignorance a few years ago, in the Challenger explosion seven astronauts lost their lives when NASA launched the shuttle under a “Supernova Window”. 

The True $$$$$$$$$$pirit of NASA

Note: Regardless of Dr. Turi’s expectations posted on his website for the second time and his desperate attempts over the years to make NASA officials aware of dangerous Super Nova Windows, the Columbia was also launched during this window and re-entered the last night of it producing the death of all courageous astronauts. 

Marine life sharks, whales etc may also beach themselves due to Mercury retrograde affecting their natural inborn navigational systems. Whale dead after beaching in Tampa Bay area -All these malevolent predictions and waste of lives and equipment do not have to occur. Those predictions do not have to affect you directly as they unfold. Instead, they are printed to prepare you for setbacks and frustrations, thus advising you to be patient and prudent during this trend.

There is no room for ignorance, and those who are not aware of the celestial order, including the NASA space-program management team, will continue to pay a heavy price. In all mankind’s affairs, ignorance is true evil. Why any scientists who are against my research do not honor the word science, which is based upon solid investigation, is solid proof of mental snobbery. By omitting any physical or spiritual laws can only bring penalty; for science’s purpose is to explore all possibilities, even those laws written in light via the stars. 

Check the full results of a Supernova window

Dr. Turi Predicted Tropical Cyclone Phailin on George Noory Nationa…


Mercury, the planet regulating general communications, transportation and all moving parts now in its retrograde motion. This mean, a chance for the people and affairs of the past to comeback into your life  Monica Lewinsky’s emotional plea - Pistorius to learn his sentence - Jodi Arias jury retrial to begin - Roma family in Ireland, daughter reunite - but to also experience all sorts of problems, on the road and in some cases death! I-10 closed for crash with multiple fatalities -  89 killed in India temple stampede  - Mercury will try all he can to stop you and all moving things!  and ALL you are trying to on earth in the water Craft capsizes off Miami; 4 dead or in the air – Spirit Air passengers delayed 12 hrs. - 2 killed in crash of vintage aircraft - Plane blows engine, lands on road - 3 killed in medical copter crash - Plane full of skydivers crashes - Parachutist dies at Florida air show -  Dozens reported killed in Laos plane crash - Wingsuit flier Victor Kovats dies after cliff crash horror  -  Passenger lands plane after pilot falls ill -  L.A. airport has ‘small evacuation’  -  Obamacare site is a disaster  - Glitches could kill Obamacare  - Computer Glitch Blamed For Nationwide EBT System Shutdown On Saturday - Two 747s nearly collide   NO skeptics this does not happen everyday! 

SHARING EMAILS FROM Beauty Mind & Spirit 

Hi Dr. Turi!It’s been a long time since we’ve spoken. This is Kari Tribble! We knew each other years back. I have always been a supporter of your work. I am currently making beauty videos on YouTube and I’ve started a zodiac makeup look series and within the videos and on my blog, I am recommending that people go and buy my favorite book from you (I Know All About You). I hope this helps bring more people to you and that it continues to do so over time.

You touched my life and many others. I want to do this as a gift and a showing of gratitude for your inspiration and impact you provided me those many moons ago.

I hope you are happy and doing well.

Feel free to pass along my YouTube videos if you’d like.

Here they are:

GRWM: Zodiac Makeup Look for Cancer:

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My Beauty Blog:

Sincerely with hugs and love,

Kari Tribble


Public notice

Hello readers;

I intend to do a live presentation soon for my VIP’s where I will divulge what is in store for the world for 2015 and do personal  birth sign predictions for the attendance . You must become a VIP to attend and get the exact date and time of the meeting -

Please visit - Do not miss this extremely important meeting, you will learn a lot!

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi

Show your support join my Cyber Cosmic University

What does the world say about Dr. Turi

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    • Daniel

      No offense but you’re an idiot!

      • drturi

        “Do not give what is holy to dogs, and do not throw your pearls before swine, or they will trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.

        • PixiePaul

          So where did the serious disasters happen?

      • You People Are Nuts

        Offense intended, you’re an idiot.

        • drturi

          PixiePaul – So where did the serious disasters happen? All news are collected above for you to acknowledge the facts!

    • conscious soul

      Mathew 7:6 in your face. I find this very scripture so very relevant in these last days. GOD bless!

    • Mazakman

      Dr. Turi I remember your articles before you left B.I.N. If I remember correctly it was because there was no hope for us folks who would not listen to your predications. Is that correct?
      I’m not going to call you names it is not helpful or constructive. However I will give you my opinion. I find your articles pretentious and very condescending to the reader. You claim to care so much about people and want to warn them of impending disaster as long as they purchase a VIP membership from you. You are a salesman who feeds on the fear of others to line your pockets. I’m going to take a guess that your VIP subscriptions went down after you left B.I.N. and that is why you are back.


    • Mazakman

      Just an after thought Dr. Turi,
      I would be really impressed if you could give me an exact date of an event and what the event is. You gave a super nova event window 9/28/14 – 10/31/14. The CME ejection from the sun was a X1.6 solar flare and not a super nova event. The dates you gave for a solar event are broad, being that we are at the peak of an 11 year solar cycle.


    • Zabwe

      comet Ison debris, accelerated towards earth by x-flares – goodbye little (satellite) spy in the skies… Mayan prophecy speaks of the return of the son of creator.. so it could well be a bit of precision creation, a warning for pseudo nwo, and who is really enlightened, so is the son of creator about to decimate satellite system with outer space pebbles, destruction derby with trillions of dollars of space trash…. stay tuned for next episode …. The day they gave it all back :cry: … before we take it all back… :razz:

    • Latcho

      I know you will delete this as you do with every comment I make about your post as you cannot handle anything that reflects the scammer and crap artist you are. I must admit I read your post when I need a giggle cause your one funny guy same league as Joan Rivers, may her soul burn hell , I know how much you loved Joan and her views, the stars must stick together ignoring their particular disease called ego and patronize the world for not being like them and you, if only we,d listen to what the stars are trying to tell us Dr Scamaturi we could KNOW whats coming next but I guess that’s just for stars and V.I.P.S as they already know whats coming next.Anyway I have my own range of seeing eye chocolate for sale as well as a book on how to read Sanskrit to a pony bound to be a best seller for sure, oh and some mystic blended sun screen and a pair of xray glasses thrown in.

      • drturi

        95% of my work is FREE! All the articles and teachings are FREE! I give more than anyone has ever given on BIN! What did you guys offered the world lately? Just a few discriminatory words? Is that all you can come up with? My VIP’s are paying for an educational material and guidance only smart people can appreciate“ this mean the majority of the silent people on BINN who can relate to my cosmic wisdom – And for the young, envious, empty, dry souls I can only repeat myself! Do not give what is holy to dogs, and do not throw your pearls before swine, or they will trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.

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