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The Q Storm Is April 1st

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Since Trump took office in 2017 to drain the swamp. The Q Community has been following the number of sealed indictments active within the US Legal System. If the normal number averages 2,500 active cases across the entire nation, then why is the number now over 157,000 active sealed indictments?

Consider that on January 31, 2020 Trump Issued an Executive Order to prioritize the prosecution of Human Trafficking (including crimes against children). Many believe that US politicians have been blackmailed by the Deep State.  Epstein Island would be an example of a large operation to video record and blackmail important US figures. To drain the swamp, requires that these operations be terminated to remove the ability of blackmail and hence corruption. 

Is the KEYSTONE that keeps the deep state operating, human trafficking?  We remove the keystone and the entire Deep State structure collapses?  This also crosses over into the harvesting of Adrenochrome from children.

It gets darker, when you consider that the 5th Amendment to the constitution states– that no person shall be tried for a “capital or infamous crime” unless indicted by a Grand Jury to determine if there is enough evidence to proceed. This means that these sealed indictments are literally 157,000 capital crime criminals, this sounds indeed like human trafficking or crimes against children. 

A sealed indictment stays non-public, until it is unsealed. Many believe the arrest and unsealing of the indictments is “The Storm” as Q has described it. President Trump has also used the words “Calm before The Storm” and many people believe that Trump is appointing secret prosecutors to create these indictments through secret grand juries. It sounds too good to be true, but the fact remains that you can go directly to each State’s court system and confirm the number of sealed indictments, this is very real.

Here are some possibilities should The Storm arrive when these sealed indictments are unsealed to the public and these targets are arrested for trial.

1. The indictments are for many of America’s Elite (Celebrities, Politicians, CEO’s) Lots of CEO Resignations lately. 

2. The indictments are for dangerous illegal Aliens (MS13 Comes to mind).

3. The Indictments are for radical groups like Soro’s funded ANTIFA.

4. The Indictments are for those on the political left who have sold out America.

5. The indictments include many of the above categories.

We have seen mass arrests in other countries since Trump took office. Hillary Clinton stated- “we will all hang” if Trump becomes President. The possibility that there is a multi-country operation to take down a global deep state is plausible.

At the same time, we must also monitor our favorite Independent Truth Seekers, in case there is a double-cross whereby the sealed indictments are for key Patriots, make sure your favorite streams remain streaming. 

One thing for certain, celebrities are acting very strange lately, Tom Hanks ran to Australia and his next movie apparently canceled, Oprah Winfrey’s home in Florida may have been raided, and Madonna is babbling in her bathtub.  Lots of weird stuff.

Military Medical Ships are pulling up to the coasts of New York and Los Angeles, but we seeing reports that these ships were converted to prisons; and may actually be hauling prisoners off to Guantanamo Bay Naval Base for military tribunals.  Could they be taken out in body bags or covered stretchers to hide their arrests?

New York is building four COVID-19 Hospitals including their Javits Center, but they don’t have any patients, could these be staging and holding areas for people to be loaded on these ships?  Could they be taken out in body bags or covered stretchers to hide their arrests, recall when Epstein was rolled out on a stretcher, some say he is in Gitmo. 

Was COVID-19 a last ditch effort by the Deep State to stop the unsealing of the indictments. President Trump has recently talked about Easter and Q Anon has referred to Ten Days of Darkness.

Could this be the plan– that the deep state arrests will occur in early April during the COVID-19 lockdown, and America will rise on Easter Sunday as a rebirth, a nation free of deep state corruption.

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    • raburgeson

      Believe it when I see it. The people’s storm has already caused events, trying to hold out till Jan 2021, never going to make it. Get ready for Earth changes, real ones.

      • TRUTHY1

        “Believe it when I see it.”

        On April Fools day !! A perfect day to expose the hoax or continue to believe a lie.

        When they figure out that they have been Hoodwinked there is going to be some very very upset people who will feel reallly stupid for being duped by the ones that they trusted.

    • feral pa paw

      The real mystery here is how do these Morons keep a straight face while telling other Morons about all this stuff they know is fixing to happen? When in fact not a single shred of evidence that ANY OF IT will happen exists.. And to make it even more curious Nobody has identified who said Q actually is yet…. But they follow it as if it is the divine word of God.Go figure?

      • Newsploy Staff

        You say “not a shred of evidence” check the sealed indictment levels in your State Court System.

    • dave42

      I have come to openly cringe every time I hear “Trump and The Patriots”
      So far this country and we the people have been told by Q to wait for some false savior or another.
      We saw Sessions, Muelar, Durham, Horowitz,and now Bar outright lie and redirect protecting their own criminal cabal within the just US department.
      We have seen Caarter Page, Manafort, Flinn and Stone prosecuted on a Hillary lie.
      We have seen evidence destroyed purger in the supreme court and Jackson scoff law openly.

      While the Q crowd clings to patience and hope by Live Action Role Playing and a dammed secret decoder ring 4 chan hoax the natural reaction to stand the f___ up and take care of business ourselves is curtailed.

      The whole Q thing however it started , whoever it may be has not provided anything that was not verifiably in main stream news days or weeks before. For goldfish memories it all seems magical and gives a lot of people hope in the future during dire times but it causes those people to wait for the magical day that never arrives.

      I see people in alt media I respect have cognitive dissociation when relaying the latest tid bit from the Q boards.
      So this virus the demons are using to ruin us all was first created by splicing HIV1 into Sars where is the Q post about using Kalestra to prevent infection back in november or december ? The stuffs been in the catalogs since 2004.
      Or how about the fact that it affects people worse with ACE2 problems and that common hi blood pressure drugs keep you alive?
      Or how about the fact that the Sars group of viri did not effect malaria prone areas due to the wide use of the cheap drug Plaquel in Columbia this drug was $5 per month, they are selling here by CDC special order for $476 so where was Q pn anything before it already happened?

      So we all watched Jerome Robert Corsi try and create a religion off his original Q 4 chan account.
      When things did’nt line up with reality the Q channel was hacked and he lost access to it.
      When Roger Stone was falsely accused of hacking the DNC Corsi turned sates evidence and testified falsely that Roger was cooking up a cover up.
      All of a sudden Corsi is pals with the actual Deep State criminals and known of the Q people even know he existed.
      But trust the plan right?

      So while all you people sit around watching the Q boards and some magical purge is always coming we the people of the USA sink into unrecoverable ruin directly because of good men and women doing nothing.

      The whole thing about doing weird snot in strange places for the alphabet gang is after every mission they rinse your mind clean of all the crap. You do not get more than a fleeting echo of what the hell happened in your own life. They patch up your injuries if they are going to use you again but just under the surface all the physical damage leaves scars. It is only when we are in operation does the crystal clear info come back of what to do next.
      Case in point I have a memory of a battle dream where I was hit in my armor chest plate it broke and I flew back 75 ft. I awoke with a needle in my neck and ran returning fire at the point that I saw the first flash. I was struck 5 more times by rifle fire. In another dream I git hit in the forehead by a Kbar like knife. Funny thing is it was just dreams right? So I have MRI scans done in 2015 I have huge rectangular scars in my abdominal muscles and 3 penetration scars plus my skull has 6 staples and I have a groove 5 inches long in the bone of my forehead. No surface scarring like the skin is untouched WTF. I have 13 years of my life completely missing from my memory. But my passport card still gets me automatic planefare upgrades and walk around at the TSA, I also found that I have a class3 FFL and a concealed carry and NEVER signed up for them. In the past while working for GSAT providers I have had the mythical Q clearance but it only gives you special access for what you happen to be working on not everything and not permanent.

      • GuitarLots

        What you talkin’ ’bout Willis? :?:

    • tibbs 1964

      OMG how long and how many times have we heard sealed indictments r coming! They r going to arrest them Clinton, Obama on and on! You know what I totally am loosing any faith in Trump! He’s changed everything he said before his election. It’s as though we were frigging deaf! He’s so self centered it’s sickening! If he only was for the people you would of seen these arrests already! He’s part of this whole one world take over that just happened during this virus pandemic. Look one way while they change or do things in opposite direction. This America we knew is GONE! WIPPED OUT! YOU WILL NOW SEE THINGS YOU NEVER EVER THOUGHT WOULD COME! But people it’s here! Hang on we r in for a new world order already been done! The changes have been happening during this crisis right in front of our eyes! Be ready our life has been changed and it’s not for the better!

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