Carl Calleman with Mayan Calendar Document, Courtesy of an Internet Search

Heroes come in many forms–firemen, teachers, policemen, social workers—but spiritual heroes have been the most important in my life. Think of the Man of Peace (whose teachings, for the record, have been substantially covered up/distorted), Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Paramahansa Yogananda. I’d like to add Carl Johan Calleman to my list, not so much a spiritual guide but rather as an inspiration to humankind.

Calleman is a bestselling author, a scientist and cancer researcher who gave up his work to answer an inner call to understand and explain to us the significance of the end-date (10/28/11) of the Mayan Calendar. He says, “After twenty years in the laboratory this [investigating the calendar] was obviously not the best way of having job security, but it seemed to me that it would be of greater value to humanity if I could solve the Mayan calendar than if I could solve the riddle of cancer.” He was right, for cancer research goes on in many laboratories, but there is only one such modern expert on the significance of a calendar sixteen billion years old that comes to an end in a few months.

I was forwarded an email originating from Calleman yesterday about the importance of today, August 18, 2011, the first day of the Fifth Night of the Ninth Wave. (I had trouble when first reading about the Days, the Nights, the Waves, the Underworlds and the Thirteen Heavens and all the overlapping—“For Pete’s sake!” I thought. In fact, I can’t even begin to understand it—you’ll have to go to his website for the incredibly detailed research—but Calleman explains the underworlds as nine periods of time (or nine waves) on Earth, each period a step up in consciousness on a nine-stepped pyramid, beginning at the bottom step (cellular underworld) when the thirteen day and night periods were each 1.26 billion years long, and ending on the teeny-tiny top step (universal or unity consciousness), which is comprised of thirteen eighteen- day periods, which began this year on March 9th and end this year on October 28, 2011 (not Dec. 21, 2012).

Today, August 18, 2011, the focus of Calleman’s latest letter, is the first day of the dark period, the Fifth Night, labeled Destruction; this period ends September 4, 2011. (September 5th begins a period of Clarity, which lasts through September 22, 2011. After that, there is only one more dark night to get through and one more light day, which ends with the realization of Christ Consciousness near the end of October. Calleman has said that by 11/11/11 great changes in who we are and how we live will have occurred.)

The Mayan calendar is a record of the workings of a universal plan for our world. A plan! Not just war and mayhem, slavery and misuse, chaos and craziness, but a PLAN of growth until we come to recognize our oneness with each other and our Creator. Even if we can’t remember choosing to be born now, we did choose it and we are, therefore, equipped to handle whatever comes our way. We CAN make this transition.

Calleman warns that, historically, Fifth Night periods have been times of great destruction. He believes we may witness not only the collapse of our American economy, but of the world’s economies. Imagine the panic born of the collapse of everyone’s livelihoods, of our lifestyles and our governments. He has said some kind of terrorist event, real or fake, could be the catalyst for the downfall. Calleman adds, “To some this downturn may seem like a destructive event . . . but from the perspective of the emergence of unity consciousness, which is the chief purpose of the Ninth wave, the economic crisis is actually a constructive event that paves the way for the future.”

Add to that the potential for natural disasters and we can see there may be tough times in the weeks ahead. Though none of us knows the future (it shifts with every thought we each have and every action we take), it can’t hurt to prepare ourselves, especially mentally and spiritually. We must ask ourselves, “Should these things come to pass, how will I react? Prayerfully? Cooperatively? Courageously? Grab my gun and start shooting?”

The truth is, we humans have consistently given our power to governments and religions, only to see it misused, and we have focused on materiality as a god, rather than look within for quiet and peace. Apparently it is preordained that we humans grow up and move into a way of being at peace with, and of service to, others. I shout a great big, “YES!” to that. How about you?notesalongthepath