The Visible Hand in Economics
About February 4th, 2010 Matt Nolan is an economist at Infometrics (email: [email protected]; [email protected]. Work phone: 04-496-5290) James Zuccollo is an economist at NZIER. Agnitio : Some people think he is Matt’s intensely sarcastic, economically right of center alter ego, while that would be kind of cool (maybe I should create my own non-sarcastic left of center alter ego?), Agnitio must remain an enigma for various reasons. For those who care, he is currently doing a PhD in financial economics and his days are spent smiting the misapplication of economic theory. Goonix is an economist working in industry. His classic liberal views means that he is typically the most skeptical of the TVHE authors when it comes to government intervention in a market. The Hand is a catch all guest post spot. Generally when there is an issue we don’t care about, can’t really touch on, or don’t know enough about, we will try to get someone else to write on it. If this person doesn’t want to use their own “name” then they can use this. There are a few other commentators who are going to remain anonymous, but you can still trust them . Our commentators all have an economics bent (ie they understand the value of methodological individualism as a form of analysis), even if they are not all necessarily economists. Anything we write is our own opinion, and has NOTHING to do with the organisations we are with, or even the other members of the blog- hence why we always argue with each other If any other New Zealand economists would like to either write a guest piece, or a regular column, just send an email to Matt.
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