Who am I? I am a member of the \"Collective Assembly\" of the people of True Israel of the First Diaspora (the scattering of ancient Israel). Israel of the First Diaspora originates from the 10-1/2 tribes that came from the original 12 tribes of the 12 sons of the patriarch Ya\'acov (Jacob) of the Hebrew Scriptures who was renamed “Israel”. The 10-1/2 tribes were captured and removed into Assyria in 721 BC, because they sinned against their Sovereign Yahweh. While dwelling there they grew to an innumerable number of people, they subsequently migrated over the entire globe leaving only 2-1/2 tribes remaining on the ancient land. The remaining 2-1/2 tribes stayed on the ancient land until 586 BC. Then they were also removed from the land to Babylon for their sins against Yahweh. From these millions of ancient Israelites that were removed from the ancient land, only 42,303 returned. The rest have dispersed over the entire planet and are now known as the “Lost Tribes of Israel.” Most of the Israelites that remained until the invasion by the Jews in 1946 were most likely found among the Palestinians.
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