Lets Talk Books and Politics.
Hi, my name is Rich. I have had a lifelong love of books and an urge to write. Since I am not a story teller and I am way too old to start a new career I have found an outlet in writing essays combining reviews and my opinions of books and articles on politics and current affairs. My hope is that others will find what I have written interesting and informative, and perhaps lead to some discussion.
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Growing Food in a Warming Climate 8
Politics on Saturday Nov 09 2019 17:50
Suicide: The Coupling of Intent and Opportunity 2
Politics on Wednesday Oct 30 2019 16:51
Policing and the Coupling of Crime and Place 4
Politics on Monday Oct 21 2019 19:30
Nevada, USA: The World’s New Offshore Tax Haven 44
Politics on Sunday Sep 22 2019 16:50
Deadly Airborne Particulates: We Must Stop Burning Things 7
Politics on Tuesday Sep 17 2019 16:09
Global Warming: Carbon Dioxide and Nutrient Collapse 9
Politics on Monday Sep 09 2019 17:30
America’s Two Nationalisms: The Final Battle? 127
Politics on Tuesday Sep 03 2019 15:29
Making the Case for Universal Basic Income 7
Politics on Friday Aug 23 2019 00:51