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Jesus Christ & Lucifer * Crucified & Fallen

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An Anti-Psychological Study of Institutionalized Cultures; Indoctrinated Peoples &

Mainstream Media’s War Propaganda:  Beating On A Dead Horse


Good Friday 2013 BIN Exclusives:  The Cross that those X’d out of all societies bare:


History Channels: “The Bible Series” cast were upset when the day after the episode with Jesus in it aired, all that the media and the viewers were focusing on and talking about was the Devil in the episode’s striking resemblance to President Obama.

People can only see what they want to see.

Logic dictates that most absolutes or extreme prejudices are almost always incorrect.  For many people, just the mentioning of the name Charles Manson brings up a brick wall of disgust and stubborn resistance to any kind of open discussion on the enigma.  Manson has been equated as the definition of pure evil.  While it should be impossible for the mass majority of people to still believe the biggest mainstream media lies ever that were designed as the death toll on the ideals of the Flower Power generations.

Charles “Tex” Watson who killed most of the people who Manson is serving time for killing says that Manson ‘made him do it’ because he believed Charles Manson was Jesus Christ whilst the media has insisted that Manson is the Devil.

Manson is a bastard child whose mother once offered to trade her son for a pitcher of beer; whose biological father, Colonel Walker Scott disappeared before the boy ever knew him without leaving one photograph to be found anywhere.  Manson whose only legal wife left him while she was pregnant with his first born son, Charles Manson Jr. (who according to the media committed suicide) has been betrayed by almost everyone who ever claimed to be his family and friend.

Raised by institutions most all of his life, at the age of 78 years old; 45 years since Charles “Tex” Watson, Susan Atkins, Richard Nixon and bestselling author Vincent Bugliosi murdered the ideals of the Flower Power generation and blamed it all on Manson, the great scapegoat is still . . . all the way alive!  And still the favorite “Big Bad Wolf” of the media to this very day.

Sunday March 24th 2013:

One of Charles Manson’s truest friends of over 40 years called Graywolf by Manson, was arrested for possession of a wristwatch cell phone.  Mainstream media and the authorities would have the mass majority of sheep believe that the phone was intended for Charlie; and that it is extremely dangerous for Charles Manson to be in possession of cell phones.

The recent article linked below is typically titled for the maximum impact of false fears: “Charles Manson follower arrested for allegedly trying to smuggle cell phone to cult leader in prison.”  People on Twitter have “followers” and “follow” other people.  Manson has “friends” and even Facebook friends, whether people like it and/or believe it, or not.  Manson never was a “cult leader” he was a beatnik musician who ran into a bunch of drop out hippies, runaways and cast-out disposable children during a time of war, lies and Revolution in America.

Charles Manson remains the branded name image of the anti-Christ or the Jesus Christ that Watson said he believed in.  Watson was re-born to Christ soon after the crimes, under the famous prison Chaplin Ray who helped Watson pen his book titled: “Will you die for me?”

Tuesday March 26th, 2013:

L.A.P.D. to hear Watson Tapes.  Maybe after this nonsense is done the right people will figure out that Charles Watson is the name of the real serial killer.

Charles Manson has in fact, inspired many people in positive ways for over 60 years from inside of the steel and stone institutions of America that have been his home.  At the age of 78 this patsy of the A.C.J.S. is still inspiring people to do good while the majority of sleeping sheep people still believe the media hyperbole; are terrified of Manson’s image; and have been trained like Pavlov’s Dog to feel fear and outrage if or when, anyone says the branded name.

If we listen to when people pronounce the name “Manson” it is phonetically spoken like this: “Man-Sin” while the root or origin of the syllable “Char” equals: “Burn” then “Charlie Manson” equals: “Burn-Lie-Man-Sin.”  Stephen King actually pointed the significances of this out in some of his non-fiction works discussing the use of “fictional tools”.

Manson explains in interviews throughout the years, that a ‘mountain-man’, “. . . out of the Kentucky Mountains, my Uncle said, ‘Don’t you go to those Yankee school’s boy.  We’re still Rebel’s.  And we’ll be rebels till the day we die.’”  Manson goes on to imply that due to those instructions from his blood kin and a family elder, at the age of nine years old he burnt the school down!

“School’s been blown to pieces!” –Alice Copper

It has been said that at the end of the sixties other people considered Charles Manson to actually be a reincarnation of Jesus Christ.  My personal friend, associate source and evil twin, Robin Graves, spent sometimes behind bars and met an inmate and up incoming punk rock star named, G.G. Allin.  G.G.’s birth name was:  Jesus Christ Allin.  His younger brother could not pronounce the name properly so he inadvertently nicknamed his sibling, “G.G.” when trying to pronounce the name of Jesus Christ.

G.G. was corresponding with Charles Manson when Robin Graves was serving time with him in 1991-2.  Now Robin Graves corresponds directly with Charles Manson.

Since the institutions of public schools in America do not teach things like:  Body Language, loyalty to family, voice analysis, or the alternate realities of each individuals personal perceptions let us explore some of these subjects by listening to the first telephone calls Robin Graves received from Charles Manson.

October 27th 2012

The conversations above in most part are concerning an article that Graves wrote to generate donations to A.T.W.A. (Air Tree’s Water & Animals) an ecological non-profit organization with the motto: “Revolution against pollution is the only solution.”  Robin Graves, a contributor editor and News Anchor for the international criminal attorney (who was currently on trail for supposedly not even being a real attorney):  Giovanni Di Stefano; the Devil’s Advocate, was in reality on trail for daring to accuse Tony Blair and the UK/USA for their ‘Drug War’ hypocrisies, propaganda and lies!

If Di Stefano is actually not a real attorney, then that should bring into question why he was allowed to defend the war criminal Saddam Hussein?

Thursday March 28th 2013:

Giovanni di Stefano who tried to represent Charles Manson was found guilty of not being a real attorney and sentenced to 14 years in prison.

Stefano has said that, “Manson has been made out in America to be the Satan of the Criminal Justice System.” and the Devil’s Advocate made all the efforts below to seek justice and freedom for Charles Manson without Manson’s exact permission.  Therefore, was all of the Devil’s Advocate’s work, the work of a madman bent on associating himself with the Devil’s name brand, Charles Manson?


12-31-2010 The Devil’s Advocate’s letter to Charles Manson

01-28-2011 Fax to the Inter American Human Rights Commission  Re: Charles Manson

02-21-2011 The Devil’s Advocate’s 1st letter to President Obama  Re: Charles Manson

02-28-2011 The Devil’s Advocate’s 2nd letter to President Obama  Re: Charles Manson

04-18-2011 The White House Reply

04-19-2011 Letter to the Inter American Human Rights Commission

04-24-2011 Letter to California Governor Jerry Brown


Below is a link to the “Water War’s” article for A.T.W.A. at Giovanni’s and the image of the “green canoe” that Charles Manson is referring to in the phone call above.  As we can tell by the call, perhaps the name “Robin Graves” has unsettled Manson in the way that words and names can carry many more meanings then simply being just a name.

At the beginning of the call above, Graves is excited and trying to tell Manson about a coincidence or a sign that was experienced and seen when a spider arrived inside Robin’s home at the same moment as that first call.  Graves will not kill a spider.  Robin’s daughter is terrified of spiders as are a great majority of people.  She wonders and watches her father catch the creatures and release them into the wild, unharmed.

Manson cuts the excited Graves off and establishes a “Can you hear me?” agreement and silences Graves temporarily about the spider subject.

Manson has mentioned in interviews that he is, “Spiritually allied with the scorpions and the wolves.”  Scorpions and spiders come from the arachnid family which usually means that they have eight legs and an exoskeleton.  Their skeletons are on the outside of their bodies to protect them like the armor that men ware to protect them during wars.

Arachnophobia is similar to judging a book by its cover, or judging a human beings modus operandi based on the testimony of the actually physical killers.  Murderers who would gain immunity for testifying to fictional and circumstantial evidence framing and convicting Manson; and then become a bestselling book of their perceptions or collective fictions categorized as a “non-fiction, true crime” novel.

F.E.A.R. could be an acronym for: “Forget Everything And Run” just as easily as it could be an acronym for: “False Evidence Appearing Real”.

Almost midway through the conversation Manson begins to discuss the “cell number 23” that he was in when he received the “Water War’s” article and a $23 dollar money order from Robin Graves.  The coincidence is noticed and prompts Manson to ask, “And I was just wondering if you were robbing my graves?”

At this point Graves goes back to discussing the spider and showing images of the many spiders that Manson has made out of hair, socks, toilet paper and whatever other materials were available.

These rare and controversial creations made at the risk and Manson suffering months and years of solitary confinement for breaking institutional contraband rules in the making of the spiders and all of his other many artistic creations, cannot be stopped!  And of course, individual creativity should not be stopped but encouraged in the fullest possilby to be used to finance the ecological genius of the idea that, “Revolution against pollution, it’s the only solution.” –Charles Manson

Allowing the greatest ideas of A.T.W.A. to be supported by making laws that insist that at any given time hereto forth while the other-side of Charles Manson remains All The Way Alive and A.T.W.A. shows honest progress (like George Water’s for A.T.W.A. and A.T.W.A. Brazil).  Anytime anyone makes a profit by using the brand name of Charles Manson; and Charles Manson’s images, ideals or plot lines, let A.T.W.A. receive a percentage of the TRADEMARK royalties; to fight the Revolution against pollution!

Manson also wonders if Graves is just an “asshole”.  Then, on the dime, Graves is slightly offended in voicing self depreciating laughter at that moment of insult and silence.  Manson changes gears and vocal tone while trying to teach Graves something about not trusting people.

Graves: “You think the girls are playing me?”

Manson: “Yeah, well it don’t look like you’re going to be the next President.”


Graves said that it should be ironically noted that the slide of his daughter Sadie screaming, is an image of her fear of the giant mouse mascot and franchise named “Chucky Cheese” who is standing in the left corner of the slide.

One could say that Chucky Cheese and the serial killers voodoo doll in the horror movie of the same name “Chucky” and “Charlie’s Angels”; “Charlie’s In Charge”; Ion Television’s “Criminal Minds” and “NUMB3RS” with its mathematically insane F.B.I. crime solving Charlie.  Are all just a few among the many others who should retroactively owe some debit under Charlie’s archetype brand name law, said Graves.

Personally, I would sue for continuous slander if I was Charles Manson.

At the end of the first part of this call from October 27th, 2012 it sounds as if Manson is not interested in Robin Graves’s ideas about him or A.T.W.A. then the call is abruptly ended when Graves insists that he wants to: “. . . help in some way?”

Charles Manson Call’s Oct. 27th, 2012 Part II

 A war child raised by outlaws.  Charles Manson cares about the military men and women.  The soldiers of the world.

 “All the tortures this one man has weathered for four decades.  It is tragic that people’s imaginations about Charlie get the best of them.  Deaf, dumb and blind people can hear, know and see better than the average person.  When Manson has a cell phone, he does not harm anyone or order people killed.  He records music!  He talks to people who care about him and who he cares about.” –Robin Graves


B.I.N. Exclusive:

Part III The Lords Prayer

A prayer for Graywolf, Tex Watson and maybe even for Stefano . . . and all the rest of humanity.


“I am loved.  I am love.  I am love.  All the way.   I’m around the world with it, ain’t you seen it, ten, fifteen times?  I’m standing in the fire with it!  Meanwhile I’m taking up all the slack for you assholes!  I’m carrying you around, Nixon, hey Ronnie, hey Reagan, I didn’t tell them that was your gun came out that trailer . . . I held my mud on you, old crime partner.  In other words, I’m intertwined in your very soul, man.  You give me my rights.  My father died in the battlefield for my rights.  Then I go down to L.A. and some district attorney wants to get rich, make a lot of money, he’s got something that’s selling good.  You don’t take my rights!  You’d rumble the graveyard from here to the unknown soldier.” –Charles Manson

Over 2000 years ago today Jesus was crucified and then lived.  41 years ago today Charles Manson was sentenced to death in the gas chambers . . . of the world-minds of wars . . . and then the death penalty was lifted as we never learn by histories.  We repeat history over and over . . . again . . . and again . . . and he lives!  Happy Easter, Season, Spring, under the Native American Indian’s ‘Worm Moon’ when the robin returns . . . re-born . . . out of an Easter Bunnies war painted and cracked egg . . . reborn . . . to fly free . . .

BIN Exclusives

Sunday March 31st, 2013:

Warden Connie Gipson suspended Charles Manson’s visiting privileges “until further notice”.  This suspension is said to be due to a ‘pending investigation’.

Eight days of Manson (each event two days apart).  This last week is going to bring a tidalwave of fake fears for the mainstream media to flood the world with and then fed on like sharks . . . until they see Charles Manson dead and raise up a new name brand for fear.

This nightmare for the people who visit and care about Charlie reminds me of the 1970′s Tom Snyder interview where Snyder says, “If you got out today Charlie, would ya go after anybody . . . do you feel, you have any scores to settle with any people on the outside?” and “Why shouldn’t people be scared by you?” and “There are a lot of people on the outside that are genuinely scared of the possibility of you getting out.” says Snyder with a cigerette in his mouth to Manson laughing at him, sitting on a stool in bell-bottom blue geans.

Manson replies for them all out in there in the mainstream land, “Boy, how inscure are we as human beings, to put all our fears into just one little guy, afraid to let him out, he might break all the toys!”


“True love casts out all fear.  If you’re afraid of me then there’s something wrong with you.” –Charles Manson

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